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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  December 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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its way down the street. you can see that the trademark t was visible on the tail. earlier today, i caught up with one supporter anxiously waiting for that arrival, waiting to see the president-elect. she said she is excited for his visit to go to tonight's rally. she will be an west allis later tonight. she talked to me about her hope for the country unifying going forward. >> he's been repeating over and over again all this time that since he's been elected that he would like us to come together, and i really, really want to see it happen for our future, for our children, and for us all. sheldon: another live look of
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again, president-elect donald trump has landed in milwaukee. police officers have blocked traffic on this stretch here. this is where the motorcade is expected to make its way to that thank you rally. patrick: thank you very much. david clark just walked out onto the stage. he is a prominent supporter donald trump, walking out to loud applause inside the expo center at state fair park. the crowd has been ready, out here since 4:00 this afternoon. wisconsin is the fifth stop on his thank you tour. donald trump was the first republican presidential candidate to win michigan since 1988. >> you will be the captains of
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together, we will raise incomes and create millions and millions of new jobs. patrick: he has already visited north carolina, ohio, iowa, and michigan. later this week, pennsylvania, florida, and alabama. milwaukee county sheriff david clark is on stage right now. trump will also be joined by high pro r appearance with trump in wisconsin. senator ron johnson and governor scott walker will speak at this rally. >> it is really there a event, so i will talk about a couple of different things. one, welcome all the people there, but thanks first and foremost all the of elections officials, clerks, and other officials for the hard work they
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the president elect picked up 130 one more boats and that recount, asked for and paid for by green party candidate jill stein. those results were certified yesterday, declaring donald trump the winter. it is chilly outside. i want to bring in kent wainscott who talk with some of the people braving the cold today. >> this is supporters. i spoke with some of those folks. they started filing in as soon as the doors open, many of them after waiting in the cold for more than an hour. i spoke with a few on the floor in that crowd and ask them what they hoped to hear from the president-elect tonight and their thoughts since election day.
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, and i think he's showing , a lot of professionalism since he's won. i like the way he's putting together his cabinet. >> just his message that he's going to keep his promises and drain the swamp. i don't want the same old thing. >> i want somebody who can go in there and fix things up and get us back on track again. >> he said this was a lifetime opportunity. patrick: thank you very much. we heard that donald trump is in wisconsin. for a check of how the visit will affect traffic, let's go to matt salemme in newschopper 12. >> whenever the president or president-elect comes to town, they get closure surrounding their motorcade. 94 is shut down east and west
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van buren. it is empty now. they have all the on ramps blocked between pennsylvania and downtown. you can use 43-94 as an alternate. they have some sheriffs deputies lining up along the routes. the closures are temporary, so be patient and they will reopen. 43-94 is your alternate. patrick: thank you. visit to wisconsin brings to an end an already busy day. we'll take a look at the parade of big names that he hosted today at trump tower. that is coming up in just a few minutes. joyce: thank you. and when the event gets underway we will be streaming it live. , you can watch it on the 12 news app and on download it free right now to watch in your apple or android app store. the city of milwaukee cancels its four-inch parking rule.
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been in effect the past 48 hours so public works crews could clear the snow. chief meteorologist mark baden is here. mark, now the focus turns to the cold. mark: there may be another four inch rule in this forecast. in the meantime, yes, the focus is on the cold and the wind picking up tomorrow. it gets worse during the day tomorrow, into tomorrow night, and into thursday morning, when our windchills get to dangerous levels. we are two rochester, minnesota. six degrees below zero in mills milwaukee. when the chills going as low as 10 degrees below zero tonight -- windchills going as low as 10 degrees below zero tonight. kathy: thanks, mark. as the weather gets colder milwaukee homeless shelters are , filling to capacity and some folks are being turned away. but as wisn 12 news mike
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the county says there's no reason anyone should go without a helping hand. >> when the weather get's cold at bayview's tippecanoe presbyterian church, the church gets busy. >> this is where our guests sign in each night. >> the shelter has been open seven years, and they have taken people off the street when the weather has been 30 below, literarily saving already into this current cold snap they're running out of , space and are having to turn people away. they have a capacity of up to 25 guests and a few years back , larry hartmann was one of them. he's now a care taker here trying to help other get on their feet. ,>> you spend all your energy trying to stay warm. >> while the tippecanoe shelter is operating at capacity milwaukee county officials say , other help is available.
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211 if they have an urgent need. there are people who can direct you to capacity that is available. >> the county is also calling on people who might have non profit facilities that can help with warming centers to please get in contact. the more options, the better to help people survive. in milwaukee, mike anderson, wisn 12 news. kathy: if you find yourself in need of immediate shelter, dial 211 for information. joyce: we're following b news, a sheboygan man is charged with threatening to shoot up a school. police arrested 21-year-old joshua bagemehl after receiving an anonymous tip about a facebook post in which he talked about buying a semi-automatic assault rifle and shooting up a school. police say they recovered a rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition during a search of his home. 12 news is working on uncovering new information about this story. see it tonight at 10:00. happening now, a vigil is wrapping up in memory of a 15-year-old milwaukee girl gunned down inside her home. family and friends of melanie
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house near 35th and silver spring within the last hour. johnson was killed last night when someone fired shots into her kitchen. she was remembered by her sisters today. >> she was the best, the best little sister, the best takes sister. she was the best. >> she always had my back. i always had her back. joyce: police say they don't know if johnson was targeted. her family tells 12 news she didn't have any enemies. kathy: muk have to pay part of the cost to replace old lead pipes. a new ordinance was passed today by the common council. new at 6:00, wisn 12 news terry sater reports who will be the first to get the new pipes. >> water coming out of the faucets of some of milwaukee's older homes can be toxic to children because of lead in old pipes. >> donovan, lewis -- >> the common council approved a new plan to replace lead pipes leading to older homes, but work
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water leak emergency or water main repairs are required. under the plan a property owner , would pay for one-third of the cost, roughly $1600 on average. members of the black panthers showed up to protest. >> the tax payers should not be on the hook for the lead and the poisoning of our people. >> coming up with that kind of money would really be a hardship. >> semi-retired and on a fixed income, alice giggar owns a very old home. she could be forced to bnt that's why mayor tom barrett says she could pay over 10 years. >> roughly $160 per year and you divide that by 12 and you're looking at maybe $12 or $13 a month. maybe a cup or two of coffee a week. >> oh, that would be a great help if they could do that. >> it's recommended families living in homes older than 1951 with childer younger than six should install filters until their pipes are replaced. the mayor has planned for more
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homes that need it. in milwaukee, terry sater, wisn 12 news. kathy: state licensed daycares will be the first to get the new pipes. work will begin next year. joyce: tonight at 10:00, a new airline is coming to milwaukee. why they chose our city and the new nonstop flight to a sunny destination. then, a woman dragged off a plane in michigan. the bizarre video and the reason the airline says they were forced to remove her. that's tonight at 10:00. kathy: 6:00, our coverage of donald trump's visit to wisconsin continues. this is a live picture from state fair park. the long list of superstars the president-elect hosted today before getting on a plane to milwaukee. plus, pull your ice skates out of storage.
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shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? . scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports. find the nearest kiosk at joyce: this minutes ago from mitchell international airport, president-elect donald trump's motorcade leaving. this is his first trip to wisconsin since the election. before he got on a plane to
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donald trump filled two more positions in his cabinet. kathy: patrick rejoins us live from state fair park. patrick: as we wait here for the president-elect to arrive, let me tell you about the busy day trump has had already. he announced his choice of exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson for secretary of state. we also learned he has picked former texas governor rick perry to lead the the energy department. trump posted a parade of well-known people at trump tower earlier today. his first visitor was from kanye west. the two men posed for pictures, but didn't say much else. retired football legends jim brown and ray lewis also met with t p to talk about issues affecting the african-american community. >> we're not here because of politics. we are here to help the president of the united states help the people that need help. patrick: according to the new york daily news, trump also met with billionaire bill gates and the editor of vogue, so you can
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back to you. kathy: thank you, patrick. you can watch the president-elect's speech live once it begins on our website , you can also find a link on our 12 news app. joyce: only on 12, local inmates working to better themselves. 50 inmates at the racine correctional institution graduated today. some of them received g.e.d.'s., general education diplomas. culinary arts, custodial services, and machining. >> education empowers people. it gives them the fundamentals of knowledge so they can do something with their brains and their hands something productive in the above ground economy. joyce: the inmates who graduated today are getting out soon. that way they remember what they learned and their new skills are still relevant. kathy: new tonight, downtown milwaukee's ice skating rink opens for the season. the first skaters hit the slice
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skating is always free at the rink. ice skates are available to rent. because of our cold temperatures, the rink has postponed its holiday hoopla celebration until next wednesday, december 21. joyce: do my eyes deceive me, or does that man not have gloves on? i am so cold right now. kathy: it's amazing what some people can take, but you have to cover up the hands and face. rk do me a favor. joyce: it's going to get colder. mark:. i really wld not recommend that thrgh the next -36 hours. fit below temperature -- below ro temperatus on the way. if you don't goelow zero tonight, you will go below zero
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kids, a wind-chill advisory means you still have school. nine degrees right now, love the full moon. this is over discovery world, the pilot house there. the moon is spectacular. it would be nicer if it was warmer. eight degrees in sheboygan. in racine, the moon is westerly wind at eight miles per hour, lovely reflection. to the wind chills we go, where it will be tough to take. 7:00, four below in milwaukee. nine degrees below zero in west bend, so the windchills will be low, and then they get worse. this is tomorrow evening. already seeing the wind pick up tomorrow, 15-25 miles per hour,
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below. it will be that way thursday morning. this is one of those mornings where it was not too bad wind wise, but thursday, hang out with your kids in the car until that bus arrives. that gives them a chance to not be so brutally cold. let's warm things up around here. eight days to winter, 12 to christmas, 19 to the new year. 97 days until we start spring. that was last year. this is today. -- this warms the you up here that was last year. this is today. our next storm will bring us know. that is looking more and more likely, friday into saturday. the possibility is there of getting six inches or more of snow, so that could clearly have some impact on travel.
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the moderate to heavy snow. stay with us, but i'm not throwing out any crazy totals you may have seen elsewhere. 14 on wednesday, nine degrees on thursday. 20 two as snow develops on friday. snow continues on saturday. we may get two waves, one friday night, then again saturday. 12 for the high on sunday, temperatures fall during the day. a degrees on monday, then warming up to 24 des tuesday. kathy: you are saying this will go faster than we thought? mark: think about it. we had november so wonderfully warm. joyce: i did think of that today to make myself feel better. the injuries haven't slowed down aaron rodgers. dan: they have not. how he has managed to play his best ball of the season during the current winning streak in our exclusive one-on-one with mason crosby. plus, martin maldonado probably thought he would be the brewers starting catcher this season.
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who the brewers acquired in a trade for maldonado today.
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seasons, jonathan lucroy and martin maldonado combined to start the majority of games behind the plate for the brewers. now, milwaukee will have a new starting catcher next season. that man is probably jett bandy, who was acquired in a trade with the los angeles angels today. los angeles receives maldonado and minor-league pitcher drew gagnon. bandy is 26 years old, four years younger than maldonado. he hit eight home runs in 70 games last season with the angels, his first full season in the majors. well, it's a long shot, but if the packers win out and make the playoffs, aaron rodgers has to be in consideration for a third nfl mvp award. rogers currently leads the nfl in touchdown passes, and has played his best football of the season the past three weeks. rodgers is the subject of our exclusive one-on-on. here's stephen watson with packers kicker mason crosby. stephen: you have known aaron rodgers may be as long as anyone
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goes out and has a performance like he did on two injured legs? >> he is special. the things he is able to do. it is a team game. the line has been protecting. a great passion rush, a great defense, the way they are protected come his elusiveness in the pocket and finding receivers. putting in that work on and off the field, and i think guys respect that and look at that in say, man, look at our leader there, he is grinding, making sure he is able to play on sunday even when he is not fully healthy. dan: thank you, stephen. the bucks have dropped under .500, and into last place after losing their last three games. the bucks and bulls play back-to-back games this week, thursday in milwaukee, then friday in chicago. the 14th-ranked badgers host green bay tomorrow.
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marquette, when they held the golden eagles to just ten points in the first 12 minutes of the second half, an effort they can build on. >> 100% stops. you get 20, and there is a point you go up by more than 20 or they come back. it always starts with defense. we don't have to score another point if we continue to get stops. dan: marquette is all for the holidays. joyce: time with patrick at state fair park. patrick: right now we are waiting for president donald trump. this is part of his thank you tour, the fifth stop. donald trump is in wisconsin. his plane landed a short time ago at mitchell international airport. we have not seen him yet here in
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listening to a few speakers, david clark, sean duffy and others. you can watch the live stream on mark: temperatures falling back through the single digits, some below zero.
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?? tonight, why kanye met with trump. >> i'm at trump tower. why this was one of kanye's first stops after being hospitalized for a breakdown. >> i'll see you soon. >> we have new details about their private et telling us about his girlfriend katy perry. >> we get to do this together. >> james corden gets his dream guest. >> bruno mars. bruno mars. bruno mars. >> and "e.t." gets four secrets from their epic carpool care yolk. >> look -- plus inside j. law's and chris pratt's insult war. >> where do you keep your office? >> humiliating, but hilarious.


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