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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  January 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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i'm judi gatson. i'm charles molineaux. a sleek, new development did not get a final vote in west columbia tonight. council members delayed that vote after hearing a lot of public scrutiny. our chad mills was there and joins us from the newsro with the latest. the development is known as "brookland," and if approved, it would be built in the now vacant piece of land at the intersection of state and meeting streets in west columbia. council had already delayed a final vote on the project, and tonight, they delayed the final vote yet again, but they had a reason. it's this piece of land -- right now empty -- that has neighbors like casey moons concerned. the property just over the gervais street bridge in west columbia could end up looking something like
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with homes for sale and for rent, specialty stores, galleries, cafes and eateries, offices, and community spaces. "there's an old saying, 'if the shoe don't fit, don't wear it.' i mean, yeah, this is a nice shoe. it's pretty. it's polished, but it doesn't fit what we have going on moons is worried about the traffic and parking nightmares that could come with it. "you're not going to provide anywhere for people to come and enjoy what we've spent so much money on to create." moons is one of the nine people who took those concerns to west columbia city council tuesday night. each and every one echoed similar concerns. enough concern to put the brakes on voting for the development yet again. "the item will come up for a final decision on wednesday, january 20th at 6 pm." mayor bobby horton says, right now, the city is looking for more specifics in the development plan from developer estates & companies. councilman tem miles is looking for that too. "i think there's a lot of things
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addressed through tightening their language up, which will not harm the developer and what they want to build, and, at the same time, will take out the possibility of them building something much greater than what they truly want to build, which will go a long way in securing the folks who live around there that their worst case scenario won't be realized." right now, there's a hang-up on how many rental units the project might bring too. miles says s-c-d-o-t reviewed the development plan for 200 units, but now, the developer is seeking a max of 235 units for financial reasons. miles is hoping they'll work out the differences. "you only get one shot at something like this, and if it's wrong, it's wrong forever." moons hopes so too. a spokesman from estates & companies, the developer, told me he's still optimistic that they'll get it to work in a way where the project will be financially feasible. he said, during tonight's public comment period,
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misinformation, and the developer will look to clear that up in the coming weeks. councilman miles, by the way, told me he feels the developer is getting a wonderful deal on a wonderful piece of property and told me he thinks the deal should work economically. the city of columbia is pushing ahead with plans to make its animal shelter a "no kill" refuge. tonight a blue ribbon committee delivered its findings to the city council and said the shelter could become "no kill" within 3 years. the committee called for more cooperation between the shelter and local vets, as well as with richland county where most of the animals in the shelter come from. it calls for more staff at the shelter, lower cost spaying and neutering and stepped up efforts at adopting and fostering pets. the committee also says the city should formally do what it's been doing already,
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"what we're recommending is this 'trap, neuter, release' program where there are cat colonies in a community that they be trapped, neutered and put back, because generally speaking people are feeding them. what we want to stop is the reproduction." the committee did "not" get into how much its proposals might cost. the council passed the recommendations to the city manager to come up with some cost estimates, and draw up possible new city ordinances to make the plan happen. lows will drop down into the lower/mid 20s and even the upper teens in a few locations to start the day wednesday. despite full sunshine, highs will again struggle into the mid/upper 40s wednesday
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lows return to the 30s thursday and the 40s to finish the week with clouds on the increase thursday. expect a 60% chance of showers friday and highs near 60 degrees. former columbia city councilman brian newman was put on probation day wednesday. despite full sunshine, highs will again struggle into the mid/upper 40s wednesday afternoon. lows return to the 30s thursday and the 40s to finish the week with clouds on the increase thursday. expect a 60% chance of showers
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near 60 degrees. former columbia city councilman brian newman was put on probation after admitting he did not file his tax returns for two years. charges against newman and richland county councilman kelvin washington came up after a state investigation into the use of penny sales tax money. today -- newman pleaded guilty to failing to file state tax returns for 2012 and 2013. he has agreed to pay 98- hundred dollars along with officer charged with murdering a man as he ran for a traffic stop will have limited mobility after he was released from jail on bond yesterday. the terms of michael slager's bond state that he can leave his house for a few reasons--including to attend church, visit the doctor, meet with his
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slager was caught on cell phone video shooting walter scott back last april. he was released from jail on 500 thousand dollars surety bond yesterday evening. his trial is set for october. an orangeburg county man charged with attacking a nurse during a medical exam will stay locked up. 28-year-old bryan pierson was ordered held without bond today. he's charged with kidnapping and first- degree assault and battery. orangeburg county deputies say the assault happened at the regional medical center in orangeburg on new year's day pierson grabbed the nurse from behind and put her in a choke hold. he's being held at the orangeburg county detention center. orangeburg county authorities are waiting for dental records to figure out who it was they found dead in a burned home in elloree. firefighters discovered the man yesterday in a house on old number six highway the homeowner was not there at the time of the fire. officials don't know yet how the fire started but
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"the fact that the lady who lived there was not there, she had not been there since i believe sunday, um saturday rather. not being there, there shouldn't have not been a fire there, so just raised suspicion. sled is heading up the ivnestigation with the help of the orangeburg county sheriff's deparment. officials say this is the first fire-related death in south carolina in 2016. governor nikki haley will be the face of the republican party on the national stage next week. today house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced that haley will deliver the party's response to president obama's state of the union address. the governor says she plans to talk about the challenges and opportunities facing our country. haley's name has been floated as a potential pick for vice president on the republican ticket. the state of the union and haley's speech will be
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today a visibly moved president obama announced actions he's taking to try and cut gun violence. at the white house today, the president stood with 12 people who've lost loved ones to gun violence--including jennifer pinckney--the wife the late south carolina senator clementa pinckney. obama try to assure the country and gun owners that his actions will not take away guns or diminish second amendment rights. the actions include tightening the loophole that allows people to buy guns at gun shows without a background check...hiring more people to make the system more efficient ... developing new technologies to make guns safer ... and helping people with mental illness. "each time this comes up we are fed the excuse that common-sense reforms like background checks might not have stopped the last massacre. or the one before that. or the one before that.
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trying? i reject that thinking." south carolina attorney general alan wilson responded to the executive action, saying in part -- "as attorney general, i will review the specifics of the president's executive order. some items, such as more resources for law enforcement are clearly constitutional.others, such as attempting to rewrite the laws congress has refused to pass three separate times are a different matter." the columbia housing authority is asking for one million dollars to help with a plan to tear down the gonzales gardens housing project.. the complex is more than 70 years old--one of the oldest in the nation. housing and urban development gave approval to have it demolished--but that doesn't include the 3 million dollars it would take for demolition and
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there. council did not approve or deny the request in today's work session. "this has been an issue that the city, city council, particular the mayor has wanted to tear down it's 76 years old. it's time to go." there's no timeline yet for the complex that will replace gonzales gardens, but the columbia housing authority says it will be a mixed-income complex with units for seniors and families. the new project is expected to total 60 million dollars. coming up, we're looking a head to a cold forecast ahead--and a deeper freeze next week. plus --- if you're feeling lucky ... a huge jackpot is on the line tomorrow. we'll check out all those zeroes, next. millions of people across the
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assist those whose lives were changed by extreme flooding in october. two federal agencies report they have given
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grants and loans to help people deal with the flooding aftermath. that includes 79 million dollars in grants by fema's individuals and households assistance program. fema's public assistance program has also provided 17 point 2 million dollars in grants to local governments and communities. that's in addition to more than 122 million dollars in low-interest disaster loans that have been approved by the u.s. small business association. millions of people across the country are hoping for a stroke of good luck-- the powerball lottery jackpot is now an estimated 450 million dollars for tomorrow's drawing. that would be the sixth- largest jackpot ever in north america. people are lining up to get lottery tickets--even though the odds of winning are astronomically in 292 point 2 million.
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the cash option of more than 275 million dollars--before taxes are deducted. lows will drop down into the lower/mid 20s and even the upper teens in a few locations to start the day wednesday. despite full sunshine, highs
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into the mid/upper 40s wednesday afternoon. lows return to the 30s thursday and the 40s to finish the week with clouds on the increase thursday. expect a 60% chance of showers friday and highs
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day wednesday. despite full sunshine, highs will again struggle into the mid/upper 40s wednesday afternoon. lows return to the 30s thursday and the 40s to finish the week with clouds on the increase thursday. expect a 60% chance of showers friday and highs
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tonight ... mayor joe riley says he's
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tonight, mayor riley delivered a farewell address to the people of his city. mayor riley sat down with bill sharpe for a one-on- one interview before he leaves office. he said three tragedies he had to deal with during his time--the most recent of which broke his heart. well, it broke my heart and its hard to talk about. as joe riley looked back with me about his 40 years in office, there were 3 events that stand out in his memory as taking the biggest emotional toll on him and others. hurricane hugo-people's lives were at stake, sofa superstore . 9 brave firefighters died and mother emanuel. 9 people in a bible study killed by a hateful bigot... those were the hardest when he talked to me about the mother emanuel tragedy, his voice got quiet and serious. it's really hard to talk about it. on that deadly night in june, he told me he got a call from police cheif greg mullen about 9:20.he said what happened next broke his heart.
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they estimated 8 had died, one was in critical condition and died on the way, and then realizing one of them was sen. pickney and going to have to tell the families, maybe 200 plus had assembled at the hotel around the corner- all they knew was that there had been some shooting at the church and to be there when they realized there loved ones were dead. the mayor made it a point of emphasizing to me that the accused gunman, dylann roof... is not from charleston. and his hate didn't incubate here. it was a hundred plus miles away, but the fact of the matter is that that bad person did not come from another planet or from another country, he came from america and from within south carolina. so, that just reminded me the work is not finished. the mayor says he doesn't have a single regret as has looks back at his 40 years in office.. even when he lost his only election when he ran for governor back in 1994. he says now looking back, he's grateful that defeat gave him more time to
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people of charleston. i came to accept that i did my best, i ran for the office, wasn't successful and then had the blessing of being able to come back here, roll up my sleeves and keep working for this community. that's bill sharpe reporting. mayor riley says after he leaves office--he will still be busy teaching at his alma mater--the citadel, as well as the college of charleston. the countdown to championship night
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as well as the college of
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part of two notch road has been shut down after a major traffic
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is near polo road in northeast richland county, columbia fire confirms three tractor-trailers are on fire crews are working to contain the this time we have a crew heading to the scene the nationally ranked usc men's basketball team opens sec play. the gamecocks won their 13 non- conference games but head coach frank martin sayshis team will be remebered by what they do in league play. so far , so good. 22nd ranked south carolina on the road tonight at auburn..... it doesn't take long for the the gamecocks to take command.....pj dozier to michael carrera..... this time...dozier sets up sindarius thornwell....this was a big night for thornwell. here...the lancaster native drops in a three pointer....carolina is up 18 to nine. thornwell spreading the wealth....the assist to mindaugas kacinas for the dunk.....gamecocks lead by 13 at the break. second half.....thornwell knocks down a of
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three pointers...he scores a game high 22. off the turnover...former keenan star marcus stroman hits the breakaway layup....usc leads 59-45. auburn cuts the margin to six....then thornwell finds laimonas chatkevicius who hammers home a three point play...... usc wins it 81 to 60. they're 14 and and oh in the sec. the clemson men also on the road tonight at syracuse..... first half...jaron blossomgame alley oop...he had 20 points...tigers up eight at recess..... final seconds...tigers down three...gabe devoe...just as cool as the other side of the pillow...drops in a triple with five point five seconds left to play...we go to overtime tied at 61. in ot....landry nnoko with the bucket and one.....he finishes with 19 points.... clemson wins...74-73. the media invaded clemson today to check out the tigers championship game practice.
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monday in the nationa title game in arizona. the tigers wiwil work out at home through thursday....then they'll fly to arizona on friday. head coach dabo swinney was in a good mood today..and why not. his tigers are 14 and win away from claiming the program's second national championship. a lot of eyes were on the knee of tigers defensive end shaq lawson. he hurt it in last week's semifinal victory over oklahoma. shaq said immediately after that game...he would be ready for the championship. he gave us an update before today's practice. that's the news for now. remember you can get breaking
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