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tv   WIS News 10 Live at 500  NBC  January 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm meaghan norman. just one day away from the tide and tiger showdown in arizona -- as both teams fight for the college football national title. wis sports director rick henry is live in glendale, arizona tonight with how the teams are preparing for the matchup. it's the eve of the national championship game here in glendale, arizona. tomorrow night the clemson tigers and alabama crimson tide will be on the same field for the first time since 2008. this morning the head coaches shared the same stage for their final pre- game press conference. they posed with the national championship trophy. alabama's nick saban is looking to take home the big prize for the fourth time in seven years. alabama has a total of 15 national championships. clemson head man, dabo swinney is coaching in his first
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the tigers are seeking the program's second title. dabo says saban and alabama set the standard for college football. saban gives dabo props for leading the tigers to the number one ranking. "our players are very excited about the opportunity they've created for themselves to have a chance to participate in the college football playoff against arguably the best team in college football, which is the clemson tigers. our focus and attention is to try to play the best game we possibly can, which is probably what we're going to need to have success." "this was our goal was to have the opportunity to compete at the highest level, and not only are we getting a chance to do that, but we're getting a chance to play the university of alabama, which to me has been the standard in college football for a long time, but certainly since coach saban has been there. they've just been incredibly consistent. the tigers and crimson tide first played football in 19 hundred. clemson won that game 35-nothing.
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series 12 to three. i'll see you later in sports with more from here in glendale,arizona. on the road with the tigers...rick henry...wis news 10 sports. tune in tomorrow to watch our special coverage -- "chasing a championship." 7:30 monday night -- right here on wis. the game starts at 8:30 on espn. no toss there is a lake wind advisory until midnight for the midlands the wind will help to blow in a reinforcing shot of cold air from the northwest, overnight lows will drop to the upper 20s. high pressure will build into the area, dry and cool conditions will prevail to start the workweek with highs in the lower 50s. a major detour in newberry
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than a year. the college street bridge will be under construction
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that means, the road between caldwell street and tench street will be blocked. a contractor is replacing the bridge that crosses scott's creek. a detour is in place from college to speers street to nance to harrington street and back to college. sc-dot estimates the road will be closed until may of next year. 76-year-old johnnie mae newton died from carbon monoxide poisoning after her home caught fire. it happened friday night on 11-hundred block of quiet lane off decker boulevard in columbia. the fire marshal is still investigating. the new year is getting off to a memorable start for one family in west columbia. thanks to help from his loved ones and social media -- a local veteran has accomplished something he's been try to do for more than two decades. wis' mike desumma joins us now with more on this story. mike -- you were telling me, facebook made the difference here.
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johnson says friends encouraged him to use the site to find what he was looking for. now after 23 years of searching powerful. "we couldn't find you...and " "23 years." in recent days --- 53 year old ronald johnson has spent a lot of hours in front of his computer. time spent...connecting... "i had nothing from kelly...other then the picture that was in my wallet." for the retired army veteran it's been a 23 year journey to find his two children. he says his daughter and son were both taken to germany when he and his first wife separated in the early 90's. after that, johnson says, he could not find them. . "i actually hired a private eye to try and find my kids...13 years ago...and it didn't go anywhere." he says the army could not help either. in the end, his step- children encouraged him to try facebook. finally -- a breatk- through, just days ago. "i got the message on the sixth of january." it was a message from kelly johnson --- who lives in years. "i search i guess 20,000 -- 30,000 ron johnsons." "how much love he gave me." imagine ron's joy to get the message --- with a picture of himself.
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of my daddy." now both are spending time catching up. ron has also reconnected with his son ron jr...and also met his grandson shawn. "are you ready to come see grandpa?" "he has the same eyes...they didn't're still looking good dad." "this is all one big happy family." family love that now --- has more time to grow. ron is trying to bring his kids back home for a reunion in the u-s. he is facing a few roadblocks but hopes it happens soon. for now, meaghan he is happy to have reconnected.
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have reconnected. and he's getting a lot more friends on facebook which is where you can continue to follow his story. von gaskin has a look at your full forecast after the break. plus -- another no-winner powerball -- leaving the jackpot larger than life. the last few showers have moved
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expect highs in the lower 60s. high pressure will build into the area, dry and cool conditions will prevail to start the workweek with highs in the lower 50s. if you haven't checked your powerball lottery tickets yet - don't get your hopes up. expect highs in the lower 60s. high pressure will build into the area, dry and cool conditions will prevail to start the workweek with highs in the lower 50s. if you haven't checked your powerball lottery expect highs in the lower 60s. high pressure will build into the area, dry and cool conditions will prevail to start the workweek with highs in the lower 50s. if you haven't checked your powerball lottery
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high pressure will build into the area, dry and cool conditions will prevail to start the workweek with highs in the lower 50s. if you haven't checked your powerball lottery tickets yet - don't get your
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for the 19-th time nobody won. the new jackpot is over a billion dollars and who knows how high it'll be by wednesday night. nbc's kerry sanders is in florida with more on the historic jackpot. tonight's jackpot has climbed to a record breaking estimated 949,800,000 dollars turns out it these weren't lucky numbers for the millions of ticket holders who played an estimated 65 percent of all possible combinations on that record jackpot with no grand prize winner. meaning powerball fever ... after building for 2 months wednesday's jackpot will be at least one-point-three billion, that's billion with a b, dollars "i think that's more than i can spend probably "2 dollars and a dream it's a dream that lives on for at least another 3 days after what has been an absolute ticket buying frenzy in 44 states across the country. millions of tickets being sold
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"you guys want to buy a lottery ticket? yeahhh! what does a billion dollars buy? well you could get 4 thousand rolls royces to take 9 million friends to disneyworld and feed them 250 million cups of starbucks coffee. but it seems americans are a generous bunch: "charity give to family members i will give my 10 percent to church first i plan to donate to a couple of churches 50 percent to charity give some to charity share it share it with a lot of people and the other big dream many people had while waiting in line for tickets.. "wouldn't have to work anymore" i'm gonna show up at work monday morning just to let em know its my last day the odds of winning are one in 292-million. last year, dozens of lives lost in france to terrorism. how they are being honored,
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french president francois hollande and other dignitaries held a special
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a plaque was unveiled in memory of victims targeted at newspaper 'charlie hebdo' and other places around paris. all the attacks left close to 150 victims dead. several attackers were also killed. the ceremony took place at 'place de la republique', a square that has become a symbol of parisians' solidarity since the attacks. it's "go time" for some of hollywood's biggest names! the 73rd annual golden globe awards are getting underway soon in beverly hills, california. nbc's jinah kim is along the red carpet with a preview. nats "if you start playing violins, mai'll tear this joint apart."
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always free- wheeling.... nats "i haven't seen the tourist...who has?" and host ricky gervais is all about that. "it's just what happens, happens." this year, that unpredictability extends to the competition. "there's no true front runners in any major race." the 50's romance "carol" has the most luding best drama....but it isn't necessarily the favorite. "i think spotlight could win by a hair. but the revenant could win, mad max could surprise everyone and win. it is a very, very tight race." the choice for best musical or comedy...could come down to two films you wouldn't describe as either. "it's really a race between 'the martian' and 'the big short', which are arguably the two least comedic of the five comedic nominees." nats "and i'm here" sylvester stallone may provide another highlight. winning best supporting actor would be his first globe....for reprising his legendary rocky balboa role in "creed". "to have him come back in the same character in a
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could be one of the big stories of the night." this golden globe race is sure to be full of surprises. jinah kim, nbc news, beverly hills, california. you can watch the golden globes right here on wis. coverage starts at 6. stay with us -- sports is next. coming up we'll have a live sports is next. one night determines everything.
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monday... college football national championship game. tigers... seek to claim the program's second ever national title. sports director rick henry is in glendale... arizona... where the tigers continue to get ready... for the biggest showdown of the year. welcome back to glendale,
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we're just over 27 hours away from the kickoff of the national championship game. it'll take place across the street in the university of phoenix, stadium. there's not much more to do in the way of preparation for both teams. the coaches got together today for one final pre-game press conference. they posed with the national championship trophy and said nice things about each other and their programs. nick saban said clemson is arguably the best team in college football. dabo swinney praised saban and alabama for being the long-time standard in college football. there wasn't any x's and o's talk this morning. dabo did give us an update on clemson defensive end shaq lawson. he's been nursing a knee injury he suffered in the orange bowl win over oklahoma. lawson has been practicing....and sweeney is hopeful he'll be on the field tomorrow night. "yeah. yeah, we expect him to play. hopefully he'll be able to perform and play to the level that we all know he
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we're going to have to keep playing, so we'll put the next guy in there. so that's just the way it is. but we expect him to play, and game of this magnitude with the intensity and physicality, you never know. but he's done everything that the game." "i'm just taking it a day at a stronger knee back back ready..and while i'm down here before the game just trying to get it more stronger before i go out there and play." shaq 's injury is a sprained mcl. he says it's not really causing him any if he doesn't have a setback between now and kickoff...i expect he'll suit up for the biggest game of his college career. it'll also be his last because he plans on giving up his senior season to turn pro. on the road with the tigers...rick henry...wis
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time to talk hoops. prior to carolina's game at home today... usc announced kaydra duckett stepped away from team activities to focus on academics this semester. the former dreher star... becomes the second guard to leave the program this season. to showdown between second ranked usc and 20th ranked missouri. === carolina in control from the opening tip. alaina coates grabs the miss... goes off glass for the and one. coates surpasses the one-thousand career point mark in this game. === later in the first frame... tiffany mitchell... in transition... tough bucket. hoop and the harm. part of an 11-0 run to start. mitchell finishes with 19 points. == a'ja wilson... sizes up her prety and devours the tigers defender. bucket... and one. wilson 11 points 11 boards. === gamecocks defensue suffocated the tigers... they forced 14 steals... seven blocks... off this turnover... khadijah sessions finishes
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carolina steam rolls mizzou... winning 83-58. carolina now 15-0 on the season. over in greenville... the clemson men... taking on 16th ranked louisville. === tigers making plays early... jaron blossomgame throws down the alley oop. === then avery holmes... drops the ball off for donte grantham and he splashes the go-ahead three from the top of the key. === second half... irmo native jordan roper swipes the pass... flies up the floor... and delivers a rim rocker. tigers lead 43-29 === roper... drives to the bucket... no look at the tin... so he whips the ball out to jaron blossomgame... he sinks the triple. blossomgame finished with 17 louisville down 8... clemson's sidy djitte swats the shot into the front
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brownell: "the longer the game went. the more our guys believed and became comfortable. and you know play to win. certainly louisville made it fortunate enough to make enough free throws at the end to win." one final check of your forecast
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coverage -- "chasing a
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7:30 monday night -- right here on wis. the game starts at 8:30 on espn. one final check of your forecast now.
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test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. on thiss sunday night, hollywood drama. the sensational turn in the case of a notorious drug lord, el chapo's secret meeting with actor sean penn. how this may have helped authorities capture him. billionaire dreams. with no winner again. the jackpot for the powerball soars with more than $1 billion
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is there any way of
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