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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  September 2, 2016 1:05am-1:36am CDT

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"that's the most homicides in 25 years." in fact-- the last time milwaukee police were investigating this many deaths in one month-- they had just discovered jeffery dahmer's victims. tonight-- what chief flynn says needs to change. and victims of the violence share their perspective. "it really hits home when it happens to you." that is our big story tonight-- sobering stats. two dozen people were murdered in milwaukee last month. that's two dozens families in mourning. our ashley sears spoke to one of
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madeline anderson. she was at police chief ed flynn's news conference. what was his message, madeline? milwaukee police chief ed flynn says the violence needs to stop. he held a news conference downtown earlier today on those sobering numbers. calling attention to last month's 24- homicides... 42:09 if you didn't know better, you'd think only 1 or 2 things happened all in the month of august police chief ed flynn says milwaukee's murder exceeded chicago... a city that also experienced a record-setting 90 homicides in august. 42:09 5 people were murdered on the day of the riot. it was lost in the news. flynn estimates 80-percent of homicides are a result of gun violence. 48:43 the biggest driver of our homicides are arguments, fights, and retaliation by people with criminal records. part of the solution --he says-- starts with increasing penalties for felons caught in possession of a firearm.
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matter how many times youre arrested is foolish. despite those challenges... flynn says officers have taken 1600 guns off the streets so far this year. now... he's urging the community to help law enforcement. flynn says african americans are the majority of homicide victims and assailants. 4442, the fact is we have to engage with the offending community on their turf, and were committed to continuing to do that in a way thats both lawful and restrai chief flynn says his department has a 70-percent clearance rate when it comes to solving homicides. he says the bigger issue is getting cooperation from the community in non-fatal shootings. reporting in downtown milwaukee... madeline anderson fox6 news. steph thanks madeline as you heard-- chief flynn compared milwaukee to chicago-- saying milwaukee had a higher homicide rate. here's a closer look at those
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had 24 homicides. chicago had 90. but when you compare those numbers based on population-- milwaukee's homicide rate per 100- thousand people was 4. chicago's was 3 point 3. there were 24 homicide victims--but there were countless of people left mourning. fox 6's ashley sears has a message from one family who lost a loved one last month. it's very devastating... it seems impossible to put into words-- h one to homicide. because never would i have thought it would be my child. for nearly one month, dinese bennett and her family have been suffering. it's very hard and i feel like i'm not getting justice. her 25-year-old son bennie bennett was killed in a double homicide in early august. his body was discovered in a home at 36th and congress. i'm hurting so bad inside...i don't rest, i don't sleep. bennett was one of 24 people in
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august. the highest monthly total since july of 1991. i watch the news and i cry. this family says it shares the pain of others grieving... they are asking a city to look for solutions. it feels like milwaukee is going through a crisis. the violence's outrageous. this mother and daughter wear charms on their necks filled with the bennett's ashes-- it makes me feel secure, but a lot of sadness also. remembering their loved one in happier times-- that's all. justice many families are hoping to see-- in a city that is grieving together. i'm praying that milwaukee will get better. this family says they felt as though bennett's homicide may have been overshadowed by what took place in sherman park. they are hopeful someone will be held responsible for bennett's murder. live in milwaukee, ashley sears fox 6 news.
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common council released a public safety action plan a few weeks ago. but not everyone's happy with it. protesters ended up crashing their meeting this morning. what do we do? stand up, fight back! they say this plan focuses too much on law and order....and not enough on creating opportunities for people. nothing about job creation, nothing about community engagement, nothing about pouring into youth leadership development - nothing to uplift the community. we agree that economic development, job creation, those are all important things. but this particular entirely to the criminal justice system. common council president ashanti hamilton says the plan can still be amended. there will also be public feedback meetings-- but those details are still being finalized. new tonight-- two milwaukee mothers are demanding justice. they're mourning their sons-- killed while riding their
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the newsroom tonight to explain their frustration. 25-year-old deangelo maxwell and 36-year-old james morris were killed near 6th and mckinley. the driver who struck them was initially arrested. according to the medical examiner there were open bottles of alcohol in his truck. but two days after the crash-- he was released from custody. tonight a crowd gathered to remember the men. then supporters marched about half a mile to the county safety building to demand the district attorney they won't rest until they get the justice the victims deserve. they do not deserve to not have justice with someone's careless mistake of going out and drinking." freddie says: "i pray that the court system has justice for them, justice for us. justice will prevail. and i really hope that that really happens for us." we did reach out to the milwaukee county district attorney's office this week. they say the case is still under review
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steph thanks brad it's been almost three weeks since the unrest in the sherman park neighborhood. but sherman park itself is still closing early as we head into a holiday weekend. neighbors say they are tired of looking at this orange fence. today, the milwaukee county sheriffs office says there is no change. but, the milwaukee county executive wants a change to come soon... so does veronica smith-- she wants the park to retu she remembers it and then some. i would like to see this area revitalized and maybe get some biking where kids can come out an bike and have some activities. county officials have not yet announced whether there will be a change in park hours. but unofficially-- we're told deputies are allowing people to stay a
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until 7. a day after delivering a hard- line speech on immigration-- donald trump takes his message to ohio. he's stressing his america first approach-- saying his greatest compassion will be for the american citizen. but trump wasn't alone in the buckeye state. vice president joe biden is campaigning there on hillary clinton's behalf. he calls trump "irresponsible" and says he shouldn't be given access to the country's nuclear codes in the meantime-- the libertarian nominee for president is right here in wisconsin. gary johnson held a rally at serb hall. our theo keith was there-- he joins us now live. if they were held today, he wouldn't qualify. but that doesn't mean he doesn't have support. the campaign says more than 1200
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fired up to be in milwaukee, urges his supporters to reject donald trump and hillary clinton. its gonna be worse than ever - they want to kill each other, thats what they want to do! some of his supporters say they usually lean toward republicans or democrats. but cant bring themselves to vote for trump or clinton. supporter #2 he can definitely be the third choice. ive felt for a long time that we should have more than two choices the room was packed -- even though johnson spoke at kickoff of the packer supporter #1 i feel like showing my support for a candidate standing up for freedom and liberty is more important than watching the second and third stringers fight for jobs so, what does johnson know about the packers? i know that aaron rodgers is as good as it gets and ive always rooted for the packers. gfx johnson does well for a third-party candidate in wisconsin - getting 10 percent in the new marquette law school poll. that poll also showed most voters...dont know who he is. nationally, hes running out of time to get into
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national polls, and is falling short right now. without being on the debate stage, theres no way you can win the presidency johnson, speaking about the disorder in milwaukee, says people have their "heads in the sand" on matters of race. live, theo keith, fox6 news. steph thanks theo it's only fitting that on the first day of school it feels like fall. us now. this beautiful weather is forecast to continue. i'll show you if it will last into the holiday weekend, coming up. plus-- chances are your kid still needs more school supplies. how to get the
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and this little guy has a whole city worried about him. the plan to help him-- next. t
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te cudahy-- neighbors are worried about a baby fox with a trap stuck on its leg. this little guy belongs to a family of foxes many community members have grown attached to. the wisconsin humane society has received quite a few calls. they say the trap on its leg is actually a rat trap. they're worried it might have broken bones-- but they won't know for sure until they can get a closer look. one neighbor has rented a cage from the humane society to try and bring it in
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relief, and i will be very happy. i think theres a lot of people that are every concerned about the fox that will be very happy to know its ok the humane society says anyone who might see the fox should not feed it. they're trying to lure the cub into a cage so it can be treated and released. for most wisconsin kids-- today was the first day back at school. teachers rolled out the red carpet for students. they say it's a way to start the school year on a high-note. back-to- school shopping is big business, second only to christmas. many parents dread this time of year because all those school clothes and supplies can leave a big hole in their pockets. contact 6's jenna sachs reveals a few simple tips to avoid busting your budget. nancy ortiz already has a list of the school supplies her two
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going to cost her. "about $1000 dollars roughly. and that would be including all supplies, including clothing, etc." parents will spend an average of 674 dollars per child on back-to- school shopping this year, according to the national retail federation. consumer reports offers tips to save time and money on shopping. lesson one: it all starts with proper planning. "before anything, set a realistic budget for what you want to spend and do a quick inventory at home. buy more of what you already have" more than half of all parents surveyed by rubicon, plan on using their mobile devices for at least some of their back-to- school shopping. a big chunk of their budget will go toward buying electronics. consumer reports says consider certified, refurbished models from reputable retailers like amazon. "they can be less expensive and best if youre buying them for young children who can drop or break them." if you prefer new electronics and dont need to buy them right away, you may get a better deal later in the year, like around black friday. but buying online is not for
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spending, you may save more money by avoiding shipping costs and heading to a brick-and- mortar retailer." if you go the in-store route, consumer reports suggests using a smartphone. download an app such as redlaser or dealnews to quickly scan products and compare prices or search for deals. stores including walmart, target and best buy will match prices from some competitors right on the spot. another money-saving tip, especially for college students: ask t student discount. many do, with savings of ten to twenty percent. i'm jenna sachs contact 6. there's still time to buy a backpack buddy. all of the proceeds will be used to buy backpacks filled with food to kids in need-- and they'll will even be restocked during the school year. just go to sendik's food market between now and september 6th to help out. details are at fox6-now-dot-com many of you are sharing your back to school pics on facebook-- even our own ted perry got in on the fun...
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mostly clear and quiet tonight with temperatures falling
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into the low-to-mid 50s by morning. high pressure will dominate our weather straight into the holiday weekend. this means plenty of temperatures. highs will reach the 70s through sunday. humidity levels will start to increase sunday and we will really notice it by labor day. sunny on labor day with a
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mother nature it's the unofficial end to summer because we heat up next tuesday & wednesday. tonight: mostly clear. low: 56 dewpoint: 53 wind: ne 5-10 mph 72 dewpoint: 55 wind: e 5-10 mph saturday: mostly sunny. am low: 57 high: 77 dewpoint: 59 wind: se 5-10
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60 high: 79 dewpoint: 62 wind: se 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny, warm and humid. am low: 65 high: 84 dewpoint: 66 partly sunny with a chance for t-storms. am low: 68 high: 88 dewpoint: 70 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny with a chance for t-storms. am low: 69
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it's all over but the waiting. coming up, the packers rookies give it one last shot before cuts will be made. we'll show you who played well in the
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by saturday, the packers roster of 75 will be cut down to 53. and of those 75, only 55 players were available to play in the final preseason game in kansas city tonight. it takes the packers a little while to get started, but on click as joe callahan finds jared clark in the endzone for the score and the packers take a 7-0 lead late in the 1st quarter. the packers defense, however, can't keep the chiefs off the board after tying the game at 7, they take a 14-7 lead when darrin reaves scores from 3 yards out in the 2nd quarter. green bay would drive, but charlie pierce fumbles deep inside kansas city territory and the packers lose the ball. the defense steps up after that, datone
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was a safety forcing a kansas city punt. but the pack would trail by 10 at the half. in the 3rd quarter, the chiefs were driving until rookie josh hawkins picks off aaron murray at the green bay 17. it's his 2nd pick of the preseason. after the packers punt, ladarius gunter comes up with another pick stopping the chiefs drive in green bay territory again. the packers fall in this one, 17-7 and now they'll wait to see who makes the 53 man roster and get ready for lambeau field will be hosting college football this weekend however as the badgers will meet lsu on saturday. for redshirt freshman jon dietzen his first college
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"it's going to be pretty unreal that my first game that i'll be able to play, you know, not being red- shirted, is going to be at lambeau. that's a pretty unreal opportunity and i'm just thankful for the fact that i get to play a good team on a great stadium like lambeau field. it's a great opportunity." the high school football week gets started tonight in muskego as they were hosting waukesha west. the warriors trailing until michael madia takes this one 6 yards to give them a 21-20 lead in the 3rd quarter.. in te waukesha west down 24-20 as robert kobza calls his own number the quarterback sneak and it's good enough for the game winner as the touchdown is scored as time expires. the wolverines win a fun one, 26-24. thanks to your voting, we have a winner for our high school blitz game of the week. the sussex hamilton - marquette match up is the winner, so hilltoppers get ready to see tom pipines tomorrow night as he will feature the game on fox 6 news at 6, 9 and
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the brewers had the night off before opening up a weekend series in pittsburgh. junior guerra returns to the mound for the brewers tomorrow night. they'll look to build another win streak after snapping their 6 game losing streak last night when they beat the cardinals 3-1 behind kirk nieuwenhuis' 3 run home run great pitching by matt garza.
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finally tonight-- quite the afternoon for a mama bear and her two babies. they spent the day in a pasadena, califor swimming in pools and dumpster diving. experts think the two cubs are less than a year old. eventually the state's department of fish and wildlife tracked bear family to a tree. they're monitoring the bears and plan to wait until dark before moving them back to a more normal habitat. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking
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