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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 430  FOX  September 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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overwhelming problem facing this city is violent crime.'" "the fact remains the overwhelming problem facing this city is violent crime.'" now at 4:30... it's the deadliest month in milwaukee in the last2 police chief ed flynn is calling for change. where he says the violence stems from. and breaking overnight hermine hits florida. the hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical storm but not before leaving a wake of damage, flooding and power outages in its path. where the storm is headed now ahead. good morning and thanks for starting your day with wakeup. lets go straight to our fox6 weather expert rob haswell in
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after hermine makes landfall in
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says the storm has been downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm. angelica joins us from the newsroom with the details. when the storm made landfall overnight -- hermine was the first hurricane to hit florida in more than a decade. the storm was originally packing about 80 mile per hour winds...but the maximum wind speeds are now down closer to 70 miles per hour. and it is weakening. but the storm also bringing some heavy rain and flooding. and there is still potential fo flooding. after pushing into georgia -- hermine is expected to move into the carolinas and up the east coast. kim and jessob. back to you. one person was rescued from an apartment fire in whitefish bay. north shore fire crews were called out to the scene near henry clay and diversey early this morning. the person rescued was evaluated by paramedics on scene...but their condition is not known at this time. no word yet on what caused the blaze. 24 homicides in august -- it's
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in 25 years. that's back when police discovered the bodies of jeffery dahmer's victims in july of 19-91. police chief ed flynn held a special news conference on the sobering numbers -- saying something needs to change. he says the majority of homicides stem from gun violence between convicted offenders. "if we want to deter firearms death, weve got to significantly punish the act of illegally carrying the gun. wisconsin doesnt do that. neither does illinois. weve both got the body counts to prove it." to put these numbers into perspective -- chief flynn compared them to chicago a city that also experienced its deadliest month in several years with 90 homicides. in august-- milwaukee had 24 homicides. chicago had 90. but when you compare those numbers based on population-- milwaukee's homicide rate per 100- thousand people was 4. chicago's was 3 point 3.
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loved ones.. many milwaukee families have been devastated by violence. ' one family says they are hurting -- not just from their own loss -- but for everyone in a similar situation. "bennie bennett" was killed in a double homicide august 9th. it happened near 36th and congress. bennett was one of 24 people in milwaukee killed during the month of august. bennett's family says they're hurting. "it's very devastating because never would i have thought it would be my child. it really hits bennett's family says they felt as though his homicide may have been overshadowed by what took place in sherman park. they are hopeful someone will be held responsible for bennett's murder. you'll remember -- milwaukee's common council released a public safety action plan a few weeks ago. but not everyone's happy with it. protesters ended up crashing their meeting yesterday morning. "what do we do? stand up, fight back!" they say this plan focuses too much on law and order -- and not enough on creating
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"nothing about job creation, nothing about community engagement, nothing about pouring into youth leadership development - nothing to uplift the community." "we agree that economic development, job creation, those are all important things. but this particular action plan was directed entirely to the criminal justice system." common council president ashanti hamilton says the plan can still be public feedback meetings -- but those details are still being finalized. two milwaukee mothers are demanding justice -- mourning their sons -- killed while riding their motorcycles last month. 25-year-old "deangelo maxwell" and 36-year-old "james morris" were killed near 6th and mckinley. the driver who struck them was initially arrested. according to the medical examiner there were open bottles of alcohol in his truck. but two days after the crash -- he was released from custody. last
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supporters marched about half a mile to the county safety building to demand the district attorney charge the suspect. they say they won't rest until they get the justice the victims deserve. "they do not deserve to not have justice with someone's careless mistake of going out and drinking." "freddie says: "i pray that the court system has justice for them, justice for us. justice will prevail. and i really hope that that really happens for us." milwaukee county district attorney's office this week. they say the case is still under review for additional evidence related to accident reconstruction. it's been almost three weeks since the unrest in the sherman park neighborhood. but sherman park itself is still closing early as we head into a holiday weekend. neighbors say they are tired of looking at this orange fence. yesterday -- the milwaukee county sheriffs office says there is no change. county officials have not yet announced whether there will be a change in park hours. but unofficially -- we're told
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stay a little bit longer. they're not being asked to leave until seven. more cuts could be coming to the packers today as the team looks forward to the first game of the regular season next week in jacksonville against the jaguars. tim van vooren has highlights from last night's pre-season
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driving this holiday weekend...state patrol is increasing enforcement. the period from friday through monday has been deadly on wisconsin roads with an average of eight traffic deaths during the last five years. wisconsin state patrol reminds all drivers -- buckle up, obey speed limits, drive sober, and eliminate distractions. also -- construction on most major highways will be suspended from about noon today until 6 a.m. on tuesday. what the presidential candidates are telling voters as they continue on the cama election. and former subway pitchman jared fogle jailed for child porn and sex abuse. --now filing a motion in court. why he's blaming the parents of one of his victims. a judge makes a decision --after four survivors of the colorado theater shooting refused to pay the movie chain's legal bills. time now 4:xx you're taking a
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you decide coverage now -- republican presidential nominee donald trump spoke at a rally in wilmington, ohio. while not directly talking about the immigration speech he gave wednesday night in arizona -- he told the crowd on thursday he would treat everyone with digniy compassion for american citizens. trump is the first major party candidate in modern memory to propose limiting legal immigration. meanwhile -- hillary clinton hauled in a combined $143 million in august for her presidential bid. it's her best month yet in a fundraising push that lays the groundwork for her fall campaign. the democratic nominee clinton begins this month with more than $68 million in the bank to use
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candidate gary johnson makes a stop in milwaukee. competing with the green bay packers for attention. he spoke at serb hall right as the packers kicked off their final preseason game. nevertheless -- his campaign tells fox6 it drew more than 12-hundred people. johnson told the crowd that he's a viable third option to donald trump and hillary clinton. he hammered both of them -- including trump's signature plan. "when donald trump says let's deport 11 million undocumented workers as a former border state this is grounded in mistruth this is grounded in misinformation. they are not taking jobs" johnson gets 10 percent in the latest marquette law school poll -- and around 10 percent in national polls. that's the critical number. he needs to average 15 percent in five national polls to get into the september
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buddies! help fox 6 and feeding america eastern wisconsin make sure kids get enough to eat and are ready to learn. go to any sendiks food market to buy your backpack buddies -- now through tuesday. all the proceeds will be used to provide backpacks, filled with food to milwaukee -- area kids in need... those backpacks will be restocked with food every friday throughout the school year. for more on becominga to fox6 hurricane hermine hits florida..... but now its just a tropical storm. but the threat is not over... what it could mean for millions in its path. and a special memorial honoring veterans making its way to german town. how long it will be on display. and you'll hear the roars of harley's this weekend. the big rally for motorcyle enthusiasts taking place around town.
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lawyers for jared fogle want a victim's parents to be named as codefendants in a federal lawsuit. angelica joins us from the newsroom with the new information. jared fogle filed a motion in an indianapolis court. subway's former pitchman --imprisoned for child pornography and sex abuse --says the parents of one of his female victims are to blame for
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he also argues that the parents may be responsible for the girl's injuries alleged in a civil lawsuit against him. fogle's filing alleges the parents fought and abused alcohol in front of her and contends the parents may be liable for some or all of her claims against fogle. jessob, back to you. hurricane hermine rocks the gulf coast of florida with strong winds and heavy rain. the storm making landfall overnight -- it has since been downgraded to a tropica it is weakening -- but not without leaving a wake of damage in its path. fox's patricia stark has the latest. mos says: "we'll be here, we'll ride it out." hermine makes landfall in florida overnight... bringing high winds and heavy rain. scott says: "we have been preparing for this for quite a while, we've been watching this for quite a while. everybody in the state has got to get prepared, remember this is life threatening. the storm taking down trees and power lines... with thousands of homes now without
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we're here to put it back up." many were out trying to buy gas and stock up at the grocery store ahead of the storm's arrival. mos says: "all the other gas stations look busy. there's a line out the door at publix. and there's no water at any of the publix's." and others scrambled to protect their homes with sandbags from the floods. buelterman says: "we've purchased sand for the public so they can come and use it at no cost to them." the flooding prompting evacuations before hermine even made landfall. hughes says: "my wife wants to get some of her valuables out and some stuff replaceable but others chose to ignore the warnings and are going to stick it out. chesney says: "were just waiting to ride it out that's what everyone keeps saying, you're riding out the hurricane...yea i guess do." the storm is expected to arrive in the northeast by saturday. emergency management teams in new jersey have already been getting prepared. conover says: "we want to make sure all of our residents and visitors know that there is a storm coming and there are going to be potential impacts and to make the preparations that they need." on-cam tag hermine is expected to weaken and will reach the carolinas later today. in new york,
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brock turner is released from jail. this after he only served three of his six months sentence behind bars. he was convicted of raping an unconscious woman outside of a fraternity house in 2015. the former stanford university swimmer will be released early, under a law that gives inmates credit for time served. it's the sentence that made headlines for its leniency...and prompted immense blowback against judge aaron persky. turner must register as a sex offender for life. four survivors of the colorado movie theater m been ordered to pay the movie theater 700- thousand dollars. . 12 people were killed and 70 injured in july of 2012 -- when james holmes began shooting inside the "century aurora multiplex." more than two dozen survivors sued the theater's owner claiming it did not have enough security measures in place to prevent the shooting. but a jury determined the company was not liable -- and most of the survivors took a small settlement. four of them refused -- now a judge has ordered them to pay
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continue to follow breaking news as hermine makes landfall. the hurricane has since been downgraded to a tropical storm -- but still has the potential for deadly conditions. an eventful day for a mama bear and her two babies. they started the afternoon off with some pool hopping... where they ended up. time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this
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outside this morning.. the village of germantown welcomes the traveling vietnam war memorial. the wall is a half sized replica of the vietnam memorial in washington, d.c. it is joined by a hundreds of american flags that have been put up, in a formation, to honor military veterans, as well as police, firefighters, and emt's. organizers say it took two years of planning to bring this tribute
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"a lot of these people need the healing, myself included. to come together and find these guys and honor them for their ultimate sacrifice." the moving wall is located across the street from the american legion in germantown. it will be in place through monday. the legion has also transformed its banquet hall into a vietnam-era educational center for the weekend. thousands of bikers are e wisconsin. the annual milwaukee rally kicked off last night at the harley davidson museum... with the unveiling of the brand new "milwaukee eight" engine. it's the first of many events planned all weekend... celebrating harley davidson and it's history in milwaukee. and carl deffenbaugh will be live from the house of harley starting in our 7 o'clock hour of wakeup. "we're surrounded by harley riders from all across the nation and it's great that they're all
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motorcycle shows, concerts, and other events are planned all weekend long at the harley davidson museum, the pilgrim road plant, and at 5 area dealerships. quite the afternoon for a mama bear and her two babies. quite the afternoon for a mama bear and her two babies. they spent the day in a pasadena, california neighborhood-- swimming n diving. experts think the two cubs are less than a year old. eventually the state's department of fish and wildlife tracked bear family to a tree. they're monitoring the bears and plan to wait until dark before moving them
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foot and a half below this deck. on camera i hope everyone is safe and all right." now at 5- hurricane hermine makes landfall...and causing some flooding issues in florida...and up the east coast. the storm has since been downgraded to a tropical storm. we'll have the very latest on the storm's path. also this morning -- august one for the record books in milwaukee...but not for a good reason. more on the city's homicide rate...and how responding. rob joins us now with more on


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