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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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the door but no one gave up. - the passenger kept saying please help my brother finally firefighters would be able to free the driver. i tried moving the seat forward and back. i tried moving the seat up and down. i was starting to kick at the windshield with another gentleman . we were able to remove the windshield and pull the passenger out but unfortunately me and a few other bystanders were unable to get the driver out. balistreri says the passenger seemed to have minor injuries. the driver taken by ambulance but awake. rescuers left, knowing they helped two brothers who couldn't help themselves. still no answer on what caused the vehicle to leave the road. but it appears everyone inside survived the crash. five people are hurt following a crash this afternoon near 55th and villard. we're told a stolen car was speeding when it crashed into two other vehicles. the driver of the stolen car fled the scene -- and police are still looking
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to be okay. 2-million wisconsinites are expected to hit the road this labor day weekend. some of those looking to get a head start this afternoon ran into some major delays. a crash on interstate 43 northbound caused serious backups starting from hampton avenue. those delays stretched close to downtown at one point. we're told at least one person was injured. d-o-t officials remind drivers to be safe on the road this weekend. more law enforcement will be out looking for violators and drunk drivers. sticking around here this weekend -- the weather is looking great. there is a chance we could see some rain though. meteorologist tom wachs is here with a first look at the forecast. clear and quiet tonight with temperatures falling through the 60s this evening. we'll drop into the 50s inland overnight, around 60
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continue to dominate our weather through the holiday weekend. this means more sun and mild temperatures. highs in the 70s saturday and sunday. humidity levels will start to increase sunday and monday. it will warm into the 80s on labor day. the heat really builds by tuesday along with chances for t-storms. tonight: clear skies. low: 60 wind: e 5 mph saturday: mostly sunny. high: 74 wind: se 5-10 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 62 high: 78 wind: se 5-10 mph
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download the fox six storm center appl. it's free for apple and android devices. hundreds gather today at the school sisters of st. francis to pay their respects to sister margaret held. the milwaukee woman and another sister were killed last week in their home in mississippi the two were nurses in the community for decades. today, many gathered to share stories of the sisters and pray during the funeral mass given by archbishop jerome listecki. sister margaret's best friend offered a message of healing today. 'what we do in life is that we touch people, that doesnt die. the energy and spirit of who we are lives on in those that are touched and so we know that margarets life lives on in those that she touched and loved.' close to 100 students, faculty and staff lined the entrance to mt. olivet cemetery to honor sister margaret held. sister margaret graduated from alverno college. milwaukee police are
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we're told three people were shot -- they all are expected to survive. in one case -- a 21-year-old was shot during a robbery. at last check -- police were looking for suspects in all three cases. in the wake of recent violence -- milwaukee alderman bob donovan is again calling for more police officers. just yesterday -- police chief ed flynn said that august was the deadliest month the city has seen in 25 years with 24 homicides. last month's numbers show milwaukee's murder rate per capita was higher than chicago's. donovan safety action plan-- calling for hiring 280 new officers. critics say it doesn't address the root problems the community faces. some -- are pushing for a faith-based solution. today -- we spoke to a milwaukee pastor who works with the communities that are affected by gun violence. 11:00 the real solution we know
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our community that are leading to the violence. we have to address the poverty, we have to address the jobless, we have to address the high school graduation rate. seay says the key to taking the most violent criminals off the streets is to improve relations between law enforcement and the neighborhoods where these crimes occur. new at six. the personal information of nearly two dozen veterans at the milwaukee v-a could be in the wrong hands. the v-a says an email to an administrator at the medical college of wisconsin was hacked. both centers are affiliated through a residency program. we're told the hacker had temporary access to medical records and personal information. at this time though -- the v-a says there's no indication the information was misused. the affected veterans are being contacted. one of milwaukee's big employers... looking at possible job cuts. employees at northwestern mutual say they received a video
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our krystle kacner is live in downtown milwaukee with this developing story. just a few hours ago... company officials confirmed the company may do some restructuring. how many employees this could affect.. and when ... is still unknown. their ceo sent a message to employees just saying were going to be looking at some job cuts rich kirchen with the milwaukee business journal says just how many northwestern mutual employees will be affe theyre the 9th largest employer in the area. they have almost 6 thousand employees in downtown milwaukee and franklin. but we do know why their profits are under pressure so they have to look at their cost and one of the biggest costs of course is employeesas he explains... insurance companies rely on 2 sources of income. one - which is based on based on interest rates. and while the current low investment rates we're seeing are good for the's
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released a statement that reads .. in part.... 'unprecedented low interest rates are putting pressure on companies across our industry." and "while we will continue to grow our business and hire accordingly, there will be impact to some positions over time.' this is happening as northwestern mutual expands in downtown milwaukee.... the tower project is really a long term play for the company. however....kirchen says that project.. and the potential layoffs--- are sort of 2 diffee kirchen says until now.. northwestern mutual has been fortunate-- and unique-- in that it hasn't had to deal with many layoffs.. live in milwaukee kk fox 6 news brad thanks krystle ahead at six. a bittersweet moment in cudahy. an injured fox has been captured -- and is being treated. unfortunately -- we'll tell you why his prognosis doesn't look too good. and a warning for residents on the north shore. why you'll
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early, unplanned start to the holiday weekend, this after a fire broke out at messmer preparatory early this morning. staff members heard fire alarms going off and spotted smoke when they got fire crews were quick on scene. we're told most of the damage was contained to the one classroom. no students were in the school at the time. 'certainly its a little bit of mercy that it happened before school. ... .17 im sure the building would have been evacuated efficiently and
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investigators say preliminary indications are that it was an electrical fire. classes are expected to be back in session on tuesday. an update to a story we first told you about yesterday. the injured fox in cudahy -- has been captured. the little guy had it's foot caught in what's believed to be a rat trap -- and had been wandering around cudahy for a few days. wildlife officials caught him very early this morning in a cage. the humane society says it's paw is severely damaged -- and at this point -- it's unclear what happens next. we're told -- they're treating and doing the best to save him. now to a wildlife worry on the north shore.... a dead crow found in shorewood has tested positive for west nile virus. it's the first crow to test positive for the virus in milwaukee county since may. west nile virus is spread to humans through the bite of an
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and take the steps to protect themselves against mosquitoes. coming up -- could this be the final taste of summer for the year? tom wachs will be in next with his forecast. plus -- history being made this weekend at lambeau field. why the badgers game also means some big bucks for businesses here in
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to senator johnson on student loans: ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, young people don't really, necessarily understand finance. narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. but he wants to eliminate federal student loans and keep interest rates high. johnson: it's just kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, opportunity for middle class kids would disappear.
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saturday, it's the badgers, versus the boys from the bayou, as wisconsin takes on the tigers of l-s-u, at lambeau field. but, along with the big game, there is a big benefit for those affected by the flooding, in louisiana. justin williams shares more, from milwaukee. purple and yellow, go tigers! go tigers! are tickled to talk about tigers ... go tigers! whats geaux ... ing on? wooooo! yeah! with the university of wisconsin preparing to host lousiana state university, at historic lambeau field, saturday, friday, folks are focused on football, in downtown milwaukee. badger country has been taken over by lsu, here, in the pfister hotel, but we couldnt be more excited to host em. but, escorting the excitement are estimates indicating more than 500- thousand people are adversely impacted by the august flooding of the bayou state. so, ahead of the downs and distances, there is some deviation, towards
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of food and beverage sales, here, at the lobby lounge, and in blu, will go back to the red cross louisiana flood relief fund. and the pfister is not alone, as the hilton milwaukee hotel will also donate 10-percent of its bar sales, during fridays outdoor beer garden party, to the fund. the fact that you guys are doin somethin, like this, here is ... its heart-warming. pat casey says, knowing where the money is going means hell continue to consume. beer stuff, here? -- whats that? -- the sausage. what do you call it? --bratwurst.-- rot-wurst. yeah, beer n wurst. right? the fact that you guys are doin somethin, like this, here is ... its heart-warming. a hilton hotel spokesperson tells me, roughly, half of the hotels 720-plus rooms are booked by l-s-u fans, this weekend. and, 260 of the pfisters 320 rooms are taken by tigers. they are a welcoming bunch, and would appreciate being
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this one continues, until 9 p-m, and then there's tomorrow, at the pfister. in milwaukee, im justin williams, fox 6 news. happening now -- thousands of motorcycles have poured into town for the annual milwaukee rally. five area harley-davidson dealers and the h-d museum are holding events throughout the weekend. it's the largest free motorcycle rally in the midwest. boxes weather clear and quiet tonight with temperatures falling through the 60s this evening. we'll drop into the 50s inland overnight, around 60
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dominate our weather through the holiday weekend. this means more sun and mild temperatures. highs in the 70s saturday and sunday. humidity levels will start to increase sunday and monday. it will warm into the 80s on labor day. the heat really builds by tuesday and wednesday with highs near 90 along tonight: clear skies. low: 60 wind: e 5 mph saturday: mostly sunny. high: 74 wind: se 5-10 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 62 high: 78 wind: se 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny and humid. am low: 65
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partly sunny with a chance for thunderstorms. hot and humid. am low: 70 high: 89 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny with a chance for thunderstorms. hot and humid. am low: 71 high: 88 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny with a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 70
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looking forward to tomorrow. coming up, we'll preview the badgers-lsu match up at lambeau field. and the wait continues for the players on the packers bubble. many are wondering if they're going to make the team. how about jared abbrederis? hear
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for a number of players hoping to still be on the packers tomorrow. in the next day, the team will trim its roster from 75 to 53 players as they prepare to start the regular season. some moves have been made today as quarterback marquise williams has been cut, as expected. also cornerback warren gatewood also didn't make the team according to the milwaukee meanwhile, one player who seemed to do all he could ito make the team is jared abbrederis who continued his solid play last night against the chiefs. he had 2 catches, including a big 40 yard reception in the loss to the chiefs. he also showed how valuable he is on special teams with a 42 yard punt return, one of 5 returns he had in the game. "you can't be worrying about numbers here or there. you just try to make everybody do well. you know, one guy does good, pushes you to do better and so that's kind of the way i've taken it all camp. the competition brings out the best in you and like you said, we've got a great receiver corps
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abbrederis's alma mater, wisconsin, gets its season started tomorrow afternoon at jared's current home, lambeau field. they'll face lsu. the bayou bengals are favorites, but that isn't bringing any of the badgers down. "there a high tempo defense. they definitely have the size to show for it. definitely everything on the chart that they say weight wise and height wise so we know what we're going up against. pretty familiar with the type of speed that they bring to the table. it won't be anything too shocking." tonight, the high schoolers take center stage as week 3 of the season will kick off at the top of the hour for many teams. tom pipines is at hart park for our game of the week between sussex hamilton and marquette. pip how are your seats tonight? tom talks about the sussex hamilton- marquette high school match up for the high school blitz game of the week tom tosses back to brandon in
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>> today on tmz --. >> pictures prove sam hunt has a girlfriend and he looks different. >> he shaved his head. >> he ruined it. he's like balding. >> now he is like a normal dude. >> this is not the same hunk we fell in love with. justin bieber showing off for sofia richie. he at one point got on stage to show off his drumming skills. if i'm on a date i don't want him to get up and perform for everyone. >> she grew up with lionel
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my god. justin beerer does lionel richie. >> that would be great. >> no. her vagina is going to shut down. >> just like kanye. he has his baby yezzys on. retail value $130. >> you're exactly right. socks until age 2. >> at 1 they walk. you go outside on the sidewalk. >> no, no. they always say put your baby on hard shoes so the baby can start walking. if not your baby is going to be slow behind the bunch. >> there you go. >> colin kaepernick has adjusted his national anthem protest last night. instead of sitting down he decided to take a knee instead and he said this was his way of respecting the military. the other thing everyone is talking about his hair is beautiful. >> like all of a sudden he got blacker and the fro listened. >> yeah. >> he's got his daddy's sneer.


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