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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  September 3, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm CDT

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our big story at 9 -- wisconsin pulls off a stunning upset at lambeau field! the badgers beat 5th ranked lsu in the college football classic . tom pipines kicks off our team coverage. the badgers began playing football in the big ten conference 120 many bigger wins than today's. the fact that in came at lambeau field-the greatest venue in the nfl..makes it even more special. one of the heroes of the afternoon was kicker rafael gaglianone-the slimmed down kicker wearing number 27 in honor of the late nebraska punter sam foltz...booted 3 field goals. the crucial one was the 47 yard eventual game winner. 16-14 wisconsin. the defensive effort was
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clinching points. brandon harris pressured..his throw picked off by dakota dixon! he was creamed by a cheapshot hit that led to an ejection. senior quarterback bart houston-named after packers legend bart starr- goes makes his first career start at lambeau..and wins! "it means a lot. i think it means more to my dad cause that's his favorite player and i don't know. you couldn't have made up a better story i guess. it's an awesome experience. i love playing out here. i so long. i'm so happy, it's a great time." pure joy! tim van vooren's covered some wonderful "packers" victories at lambeau. today, he took in a badgers win for the
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the other shocker came from the packers offices. the packers stun everybody by cutting 3 time pro bowl guard josh sitton. gm ted thompson making what he called the best move for the team and the offensive line. the bombshell comes as part of the effort to get the roster down to 53 players by today's deadline. sitton is 30 years old and has the move does clear 6 point 3 million dollars off the team's salary cap. so sitton is out and center corey linsely goes on the physically unable to perform list; meaning j.c. tretter mans that post instead of moving to left guard. linebacker sam barrington also released. 6 rookie free agents make the team. quarterback joe callahan-the rookie from wesley-makes the cut. along with 4 other fre agents. running back
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marwin evans, along with cornerbacks josh hawkins and makinton dorleant. now to a young player with a great future..meteorologist rachel kaye. talk about a perfect holiday weekend! after a sunny saturday, we'll stay mostly clear through the evening. temperatures will drop to the mid 50s overnight closer to 60 in the city .sunday and monday will stay mostly sunny as our mp will be in the upper 70s tomorrow and back into the 80s by monday. tonight: mostly clear. low: 55 dewpoint: 55 wind:
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you can stay ahead of the weather anywhere -- just download the fox 6 storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. i didn't feel it but plenty of people did-- especially in oklahoma. a 5-poin hit central part of the sooner state this morning. the tremor was felt across the midwest, including right here in milwaukee. fox6's jonathon gregg has the story. it was one of the trendies topics on social media today until that badgers win at lambeau field. but before things got rocking in green bay..a milwaukee man says he felt the ground shake.
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saturday powerful enough to damage building foundations, shake items off grocery store shelves and shake people awake. and apparently, enough power to send seismic waves 800 miles to milwaukee wisconsin. mark jolin, "and this is a mechanical bed. the head goes up and the foot goes up and it just started doing this.." was lying in bed at his downtown milwaukee apartment when he started to feel and see the shake. "the pendulum starting moving this morning and the bed was trembling and said this is strange." says he's experienced an earthquake before just not in wisconsin. jolin was living in washington d.c. when a 5.8 earthquake shook central virginia. "it's way under the earth, and how fast it got here . that was the thing because apparently the earthquake was like at 7:02 am and and this was 7:05 am" jolin says the tremor was faint but unmistakable. a seismic event he would have never expected to feel because it happened so many states away.
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station recorded and posted saturday a noticeable spike in activity. uw milwauke operates both an anolog and digital seismometer..they are kept in specialty designed vault in the basement of lapham hall. mark jolin wasnt the only person to reach out to about the feeling the quake, angela near miller park says she felt it this morning as well. back to you. today in brookfield for a green beret killed in afghanistan last month. army staff sgt. matthew thompson was killed by a roadside bomb august 23rd while on patrol in southern afghanistan. hundreds of people paid their respects this afternoon.. to a devoted husband and soldier. matthew thompson graduated high school from brookfield central in 2006. during this afternoons service a letter was read, written by thompson's commanding officer in
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with an attending member of lutheran church ministries. "i give them all the credit in the world. i had a cousin who was special forces and it takes a unique type of person to do all of that." thompson's father mark.. also spoke during the memorial service, describing his son as a gift from god...telling those in attendance, matt lived life by two motto's "live for the the green beret's motto of "free the oppressed." it has been a particularly deadly weekend -- thanks to suspected drug overdoses. the milwaukee county medical examiner's office says it is right now investigating 8 deaths in milwaukee, all likely caused by drug overdose. and they all happened in just the last 48 hours. the two men accused of stabbing a well- known chef on the city's lower east make their first court
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20-year-old hussain sami and 45-year-old imed chabbouh were charged yesterday in connection to the stabbing death of 30-year-old shawn ostrom. prosecutors say the two got into a fight with ostrom near arlington and pulaski early monday morning. investigators say sami pulled out a knife. he faces a charge of first degree reckless homicide while chabbouh faces a battery charge. new at 9 - bringing peace with music. on the heels of one of the most violent months evr of milwaukee-- one group comes together to promote positivity. fox 6's ashley sears joins us in the studio with how they're using hip-hop to spread their message. artists performed today at the victory temple church. they are trying to spread a message of peace through their music. they want a city to listen. nats: rapping it's said--- music can be medicine-- at hampton and
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their songs heal a community. 53:48 we need it now more than ever. their messages of positivity are heard in their lyrics-- artists like daytona rhodes--are trying to connect the young people in the crowd. 53:06 its time to love again. rhodes life was changed by violence. his cousin was killed in 2011. it inspired him to start--"peace in the streets." nats saturday, h hip-hop" at the victory temple church. 55:54 its a lot of people hurting. its a lot of people hurting how were hurting. the event comes on the heels of a very violent august. 24 people were killed in milwaukee--the highest monthly total in 25 years. 01:38 through peace, you actually can achieve more than through anger and violence. pastor mario dickens
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times. my neck, my back, my stomach, everywhere. since then, dickens says he transformed his life-- and says changing others takes everyone. 00:56 the more positive of a message we can spread, we can lessen that death toll. dickens preaches-- simple words--can empower young people. 01:22 they need somebody to grab them and say 'man, you can still be something.' a call for change-- coming from music-- at a time it is needed the most. pastor dickens says he's preached at 10 funerals this year--for victims of violence--all under 30 years old. he says it's time for milwaukee to wake up. beverly and ben? donald trump spends his saturday speaking in front of a mostly african american crowd. he was at a church in detroit and then toured a formal rival's childhood home. meanwhile more distractions for the clinton campaign. how many times did she tell the f-b-i she couldn't remember handling classified
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company, tribune broadcasting.. and dish network. the agreement covers 42 local television stations in 33 markets, including right here at fox six. the agreement restores dish carriage of fox six-- and tribune's cable network, wgn america. fox six wants to thank our viewers for their patience and support as this deal was worked out. fox six is expected to again be available to dish customers today. donald trump making his pitch to the african american community today while visiting a church information on what hillary clinton told the fbi about her private email server in early july. fox's peter doocy reports. addressing a largely african- american audience for the first time as a presidential candidate.. donald trump delivered a message of unity that focused on fixing economic hardship in the black community. he spoke to hundreds of church-goers saturday morning at
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says: "i fully understand that the african-american community has suffered from discrimination and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right." trump vowed if elected to bring jobs back to poor communities and to provide a better education for the children who live in them. he's increased his efforts to appeal to black voters recently.. arguing that the policies of the democratic party have failed african-americans. trump says: "nothing is more sad than when we sideline young black men with unfulfilled p tremendous potential." while trump is trying to make inroads...dozens of demonstrators shouted "no trump!" and held protest signs. meanwhile..hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine are off the trail saturday..but newly-released fbi documents are creating more distractions for her in these documents.. hillary clinton said roughly three dozen times that she couldn't quote "recall" specific details or events -- including training sessions on handling classified information -- when fbi
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private email server while secretary of state. trump said at the church behind me that he wanted to listen and learn at communities like this one. and he continued that on his way to the airport, stopping in a neighborhood and even seeing the house that dr. ben carson used to live in. in detroit, peter doocy, fox news. the u-s and china have signed on to the paris agreement on climate change. president obama announced the formal ratification earlier toda is in china for his last g-20 meeting as president. the u-s and china both submitted their plans to reduce carbon emissions to u-n chief-- ban ki moon. the summit is one of president obama's last opportunities to shape american foreign policy. at least 14 people are dead after an explosion in the
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a new jersey police officer is critically wounded-- and a suspect is dead following an early morning shooting in atlantic city. police say two officers stopped a group of men outside caesar's casino. that's when the men opened fire on the officers. a manhunt is now underway for the five suspects that fled the scene. a 20-thousand-dollar reward is to their arrests and convictions. an officer- involved shooting in new mexico leaves the officer and the suspect dead. officials say two officers were pursuing a suspect when shots were fired. the suspect was killed at the scene,-- but the officer died from his wounds at a nearby hospital. it's unclear who shot first, but police say the suspect was armed. the four-and-half-year veteran of the force leaves behind an
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years ago-- the mother of jacob wetterling says his remains have been found. wetterling was 11-years-old when he disappeared back in 19-89 from his minnesota home-- his abduction making national headlines. since then- his mother has become a nationally recognized advocate for missing children. an organization founded by wetterling's parents posted this in response his remains being found. they said in part: our hearts are heavy, but we are being held up by all of the people who have been a part of making jacobs hope a people can get very attached to their pets-- but this is over the top. some owners are sharing something that belongs to their pets-- and it could be dangerous. plus-- it's a daring feat...especially if you're afraid of heights. but many signed up to do it. ..."strapping up" to scale- down for a good cause. and-- a car accident got a whole not stranger. that, after authorities discovered who was behind the wheel of one of the cars. ...the attempt
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fears and raising money for special olympics. fox 6s julie collins shows us how their daring efforts benefit thousands of athletes. this is the 7th annual 'over the edge' fundraiser - the 3rd year participants have
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'its one of those bucket list items that you know you can go up there and be adventuress.' scott nidy has been completing missions like this with the military for 25 years...hes also a rapell master... 'i thought this would be a opportunity to go up an icon building.' hes also happy to contribute to the special olympics southeast wisconsin. 'its a great cause and i had a great time.' special olympics athletes can complete at their sports. 'keeps me healthy and i like my friends and my coaches.' cindy bentley is an athlete whos leaving the rappelling to her friends. 'to me that it would be scary me trying to go up there but i think its raising awareness to special olympics.' - 'this years event raised over 40- thousand dollars and itll benefit 2- thousand athletes her in the greater milwaukee area. reporting at miller park, julie collins fox 6 news.' talk about a perfect holiday weekend! after a sunny
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evening. temperatures will drop to the mid 50s overnight closer to 60 in the city .sunday and monday will stay mostly sunny as our temperatures and humidity steadily rise. highs will be in the upper 70s tomorrow and back into the 80s by monday. tonight: mostly clear. low: 55 dewpoint: 55 wind: se 3-7 mph they're almost always the first
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pretty thin. how you can help support the american red cross. and-- they used to be at the top on a regular basis. but in recent years that hasn't been the case. coming up, tim van vooren goes beyond the game with a high school football team looking for a triumphant return.
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flooding-- you name it, the red cross is there to hep. but this year, it seems has been busier than ever, and they are stretched thin! fox 6s derica williams shows you how it manages to help-- and how you can assist, as resources diminish. when rising waters receded... everything that people owned is at the cur water marks on houses the american red cross entered. . everyone was affected evelyn krawczyk volunteered for 2 weeks in baton rouge, louisiana. the needs were tremendous as of friday , as many as 1,500 people were seeking refuge in 13 red cross and community shelters after historic flooding. volunteers assisted with emergency needs kleenexs shampoo a toothbrush the erv trucks are going out and feeding people an giving water
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aid that wasnt tangible. i did mental health in the shelter its offering hope support while efforts like this go on nationwide. just in the month of august in wisconsin alone, the organization has responded to 81 disasters, financially supporting more than 460 people floods a multi-family apartment fire where shelter needed to opened a blankets and everything in between donor dollars help fund emergency items like these. but to help with cost the american red cross is also using virtual deployment as another resource. i am going to stay here in wisconsin using my computer and my phone and helping those families get i some financial resources some of those things that will help them help at no expense... a way to maximize all available resources we need to start replenishing those volunteers cause they are coming back tired. we are stretched but we are capable of handling it. we just want more
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sharing an update about that young red fox caught in a rat trap. the injured fox was taken to the humane society yesterday -- and is recovering. the trap has been taken off -- the foot cleaned and the fox now has a plastic shield protecting its injured paw.. the humane society says the little guy still has a long way to go -- but they are taking it one day at a time. the high school football season is already underway around here, and one school hopes that its new coach in the present future, as well as connect to the past.... tim van vooren goes beyond the game..... when the legendary kip cramer was running the show back in the 1980's and 90's, grafton was a perennial high school football power, winning a pair of state championships... for most of the past twenty years, it's been a perennial struggle for the black hawks... turnover at the top has been a big factor, with newly hired shaun behrend the school's fourth head coach in four seasons...
9:33 pm
because they've heard it all before and the kids, they come in and they have the rah-rah speech, and we're going to be here and we're going to do that, but until i'm here next year at this same point and time, standing here having this conversation with everybody, nobody is going to believe me." 152443 but the former lakeland college player and coach in florida not only does intend to stick around, he is convincing his players tht take place... 151219 "it's really great... i actually have a brother in the freshman program right now and i can't wait to see what he's going to be like as a senior knowing that we have coach behrend here from now on and we're not changing coaches and everything.... it was tough, oging through high school and having four coaches, but knowing that there's going to be someone here that you can trust and you can lean on, it's going to be really nice." 151239 151622 "i do feel like it's good that we have coach behrend now, and it has been tough." 151630 151643 "now it's better, i feel like." 151645 152200 "i'm glad they're getting excited because they've had their hearts ripped out at times and they just want to buy in." 152206 154755 "these days,
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are trying to establish stabilty at grafton.... a few years ago, behrend and his wife assumed guardianship of a student shaun had at auer school, in the milwaukee public schools system... they worked together, he played for him in high school... he's now a college freshman.... that's stability." 154813 152533 "my wife and i had no clue what we're getting into and we're learning on the fly.... we didn't do things right all the time, but we tried the best we could and he's a great young man who's doing good things now ." 1 to find parallels with the challenges and potential rewards of his new job... 152626 "all kids want discipline, all kids want to be told what the expectation is and in education, which i've been in now for 9-10 years, that's the thing that we keep continuing to try to bring to young people is that there's an expectation out there in everything: academically, how you act in the community, how you act on the football field, and when they get that, and it's clear, they'll follow it." 152645 these and future black hawks hope to follow the path to a football full circle.... in grafton, tim
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they had the best intentions when they took a car for a joyride. but it would end in a crash and a lot of explaining to do. the surprising drivers behind the wheel. plus-- if someone says you drink too much coffee-- it might not be your fault! the scientific findings behind your coffee conu break you want to feel connected, at one with your world.
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outside seattle are investigating a bizarre car accident. it all began with two young children allegedly starting their parents' car and driving it, in an attempt to visit their grandmother. lindsay cohen-- with the story. it wasn't 'over the river and
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but two kids in federal way were so set on getting to grandma's house they took a car and crashed it... according to police. fred axberg/neighbor "i heard a heck of a crash" annemarie warren/neighbor "like explosion went off. something, we really don't know" neighbors ran to see what the commotion was at 317-th place and 21-st avenue southwest... finding two banged-up cars... but only one adult behind the wheel. hold the kids both in their hands and i said, 'where's your mom?' 'sleeping. i want to go to my grandma's house." the kids, police say, are just three and five years old... and managed to start the s-u-v, get it out of their driveway and into the nearby intersection... t-boning the driver of this volvo sedan. tonight there's still debris in the road... and the car at the house where the kids live. they weren't home when we stopped by... neighbors meantime
9:40 pm
axberg/neighbor "my reaction was, thankfully they're okay and for sure they had an angel." the driver of the other car had just minor cuts and bruises -- and the two kids escaped without any injuries. no word yet if the parents will face charges. it's been a gorgeous labor day weekend but is it the last taste of summer? is coming up with her six-day forecast. plus-- an unhealthy trend is rising among some pet owners. ...their harmful habits-- just ahead. the badgers pick off one of the biggest victories in the long history of their program. pip and tim double team a shocking upset of5th ranked lsu--coming
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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10. new at 9 -- nasa's solar observatory captures a cool phenomenon. it caught a double eclipse on video! this is footage from early thursday, capturing both the earth and the moon crossing in front of the sun. if you're trying to figure out which one is earth and which one the moon.... nasa says you can tell the two shadows apart by their edges. the earth is fuzzy -- while the moon appears sharp. that's because the earth's atmosphere absorbs giving that hazy effect. nasa astronaut jeff williams tweeting out these pictures of rare "noctilucent clouds" from the international space station. also known as "night shining clouds" -- they form high above the earth's surface where water vapor can freeze into clouds of ice crystals. because of that -- when the sun is below the horizon and the ground in darkness... the clouds give off
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adlib to weather tom wx talk about a perfect holiday weekend! after a sunny saturday, we'll stay mostly clear through the evening. temperatures will drop to the mid 50s overnight closer to 60 in the city .sunday and monday will stay mostly humidity steadily rise. highs will be in the upper 70s tomorrow and back into the 80s by monday. by tuesday, dewpoints will be back in the low 70s, making it feel more oppressive to spend time outside. on top of that, our highs will be pushing the
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storms tuesday, the best chance of rain returns wednesday, and continues through the end of the week. tonight: mostly clear. low: 55 dewpoint: 55 wind: se 3-7 mph sunday: mostly sunny. high: 78 dewpoint: 61 wind: se 5-10 mph monday: partly cloudy with the t-storm. am low: 61 high: 84 dewpoint: 65 wind: s 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny, warm and humid with a chance of t-storms. am low: 69 high: 89 dewpoint: 72 wind: sw 10-20 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy, warm and
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am low: 70 high: 88 dewpoint: 72 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: mostly cloudy, warm and humid with a chance of t-storms. am low: 69 high: 82 dewpoint: 66 wind: sw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny, warm and humid with a chance of t-storms. am low: 60 high: 78 dewpoint: 60
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college football game in 33 years. the college football classic "was" a classic. paul chryst's badgers shock 5th ranked lsu. becoming the first unranked uw team to beat a top 5 foe in for the first time in 31 years! defensive coordinator justin wilcox took over for dave aranada when the latter went to lsu. derrick tindal pick, uw's "d" dominates. holding all american leonard fournette to 35 yards...lsu 62 yards of offense davious white--2nd pick of bart houston-the senior qb starting for the first time. a 21 yard pick 6...13-7 for aranda's unit. after a catch and
9:51 pm
yards to tray' vin doral. 14 points in 67 seconds; 14-13 tigers. rafael gaglianone 3rd field goal--47 yards..16-14 dakota dixon picks brandon harris.
9:52 pm
so sitton is out and center corey linsely goes on the
9:53 pm
tretter mans that post instead of moving to left guard. linebacker sam barrington also released. 5 free agents make the team. quarterback joe callahan-the rookie from wesley-makes the cut. along with 4 other fre agents. running back brandon burks, safeties kentrell brice and milwaukee native marwin evans, along with cornerback josh hawkins and makinto dorleant plis 7 draft picks; 13 rookies on the pack's initial 53 man roster. after calling every team in the nfl, the vikings managed to swing a trade with the eagles for quarterback sam bradford..the cost..a first round draft pick next year and a 4th rounder in twenty 18. the move comes 3 days after teddy bridgewater's season-ending knee injury. 22=21 western michigan clayton thorson loses
9:54 pm
the brewers trying to make it 2 straight wins in pittsburgh. chris carter..see ya..his 31st homer's a 2 run shot..visitors by 1. 2-2 in the 8th-counsell's crew scores 4 times.. orlando are' cia-a single double and triple tonight, with the go the bottom of the 9th. that's it for sports. back to you... in health news -- antibacterial soap might actually be worse than regular soap! the food and drug administration announcing there is "no scientific
9:55 pm
a new rule also bans antibacterial soaps and body washes that contain certain active ingredients from being marketed. the banned ingredients were not proven to be safe and effective for long-term daily use. if you are a coffee lover and you just can't control it - blame mom and dad. it turns out that your coffee craving might just be in your d-n-a. the journal scientific reports says espresso habits may actually be that people with a newly identified genetic trait.. drank less coffee than those who didn't have the trait. apparently, the new gene impacts coffee consumption by the speed the caffeine is being metabolized in the body. 'over sharing' with your dog or cat... it happens. in a new survey, some people admitted to actually taking their pets medication! scientists ... doing a survey about un- prescribed
9:56 pm
they've done this frequently. veterinarians say they've heard about people seeking pain meds from their pets ... but the pet antibiotic- use was a new thing. experts say taking pet meds is a bad idea, since humans metabolize things differently than animals do ... and it could be very dangerous. major league baseball's new york mets continued a tradition to commemorate the nine-11 attacks this weekend. current met david wright and former player edgardo alfonzo had lunch with members of the new ladder 16 in manhattan. mets players past and present visit a city firehouse every year on or around september 11th, depending on their schedule. the late mother teresa was known as "the saint of the gutters." catholics around the world revered her compassion for the poorest of the poor. the roman catholic church will declare mother theresa a saint tomorrow. .alexandra field spoke with
9:57 pm
sainthood is rooted in a modest village in eastern india monica besra says there was a miracle here - 18 years ago "you believe really that you're here today because of a true miracle?" "i have been cured by mother teresa's blessings, not because of doctors treatments." monica besra, cured by mother teresa : "i saw a spark of light emerge from mother's pho a tumour."later a pendant given to her by one of mother teresa's missionaires was placed on that tumor. monica besra, cured by mother teresa :"the sister left locket on my stomach where i had the tumour and tied a black thread there and put me to sleep.when i woke up at 5 am, i saw there was a photograph of mother teresa behind me. i told sister that the big tumour in my stomach is no longer there. then i showed everyone where the
9:58 pm
the majority of people here are hindu but after she was cured monica converted there are now about ten families in the village who are catholic they even built a church in mother teresas name. to the catholic church - she is a saint. in part because of besra's miracle... one of two needed to fulfill the church's requirements for canonization. nat mother teresa's critics say the canonization is more veneration for a woman whose deeds, never measured up to the size of her some have made allegations about poor hygienic conditions at facilities run by her charity- a spokesperson for her organization, the missionaries of charity, rejected the claims, calling them "rubish." dr. chatterjee, is one of her most vocal critics. he doesn't believe there was a miracle: he credits doctors who had previously treated besra. some doctors claim her tumor was really a cyst caused by tuberculosis.
9:59 pm
miracles to be genuine, the doctors made statements to the effect there was no miracle."but mother teresa remains revered - the world over. catholic sainthood will further cement her legacy of doing good - among admirers. among believers. monica besra, cured by mother teresa : mother teresa is my god."to them, monica besra - is living proof . alexandra field, west bengal, cnn end of 9pm you are watching fox 6 news at 10. 10p open upset by the wisconsin badgers! nats they take down 5th ranked l-s-u in the college football classic. nats and that is the big story tonight at 10. a big -- and unexpected win for bucky. plenty of excitement in titletown tonight. tom pipines
10:00 pm
coverage. the badgers began playing football in the big ten conference in 1896. it's hard to imagine many bigger wins than today's. the fact that in came at lambeau field-the greatest venue in the nfl..makes it even more special. one of the heroes of the afternoon was kicker rafael gaglianone-the slimmed down kicker wearing number 27 in honor of the late nebraska punter goals. the crucial one was the 47 yard eventual game winner. 16-14 wisconsin. the defensive effort was dyanmite. lsu driving for what might have been the clinching points. brandon harris pressured..his throw picked off by dakota dixon! he was creamed by a cheapshot hit that led to an ejection. senior quarterback bart houston-named after packers legend bart starr- goes makes his first career start at lambeau..and wins!


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