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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  September 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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coverage. the badgers began playing football in the big ten conference in 1896. it's hard to imagine many bigger wins than today's. the fact that in came at lambeau field-the greatest venue in the nfl..makes it even more special. one of the heroes of the afternoon was kicker rafael gaglianone-the slimmed down kicker wearing number 27 in honor of the late nebraska punter goals. the crucial one was the 47 yard eventual game winner. 16-14 wisconsin. the defensive effort was dyanmite. lsu driving for what might have been the clinching points. brandon harris pressured..his throw picked off by dakota dixon! he was creamed by a cheapshot hit that led to an ejection. senior quarterback bart houston-named after packers legend bart starr- goes makes his first career start at lambeau..and wins!
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that's his favorite player and i don't know. you couldn't have made up a better story i guess. it's an awesome experience. i love playing out here. i don't know, i haven't played in so long. i'm so happy, it's a great time." pure joy! how about the debut of first year badgers defensive coordinator justin wilcox, who replaced dave aranda..who's getting the tids 2 million dollars a year to run lsu's defense. tim van vooren's at
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the other shocker came from the packers offices. the packers stun everybody by cutting 3 time pro bowl guard josh sitton. gm ted thompson making what he called the best move for the team and the offensive line. the bombshell comes as part of the effort to get the roster down to 53 players by today's deadline. sitton is 30 years old and has
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million dollars off the team's salary cap. so sitton is out and center corey linsely goes on the physically unable to perform list; meaning j.c. tretter mans that post instead of moving to left guard. linebacker sam barrington also released. so were linebacker carl bradford and long snapper rick lovato. 6 rookie free agents make the callahan-the rookie from wesley-makes the cut. along with 4 other fre agents. running back brandon burks, safeties kentrell brice and milwaukee native marwin evans, along with cornerbacks josh hawkins and makinton dorleant. a bright day at lambeau--speaking of which--here's .meteorologist rachel kaye. talk about a perfect holiday weekend! after a sunny saturday, we'll stay mostly clear through the evening. temperatures will drop
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city .sunday and monday will stay mostly sunny as our temperatures and humidity steadily rise. highs will be in the upper 70s tomorrow and back into the 80s by monday. tonight: mostly clear. low: 55 dewpoint: 55 wind: se 3-7 mph you can stay ahead of the weather anywhere -- just download the fox 6 storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. it has been a particularly deadly weekend -- thanks to suspected drug overdoses. the milwaukee county medical examiner's office says it is right now investigating 8 deaths
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overdose. and they all happened in just the last 48 hours. the two men accused of stabbing a well- known chef on the city's lower east make their first court appearance today. 20-year-old hussain sami and 45-year-old imed chab-bouh were charged yesterday in connection to the stabbing death of 30-year-old shawn ostrom. prosecutors say the two got into a fight with ostrom near arlington and pulaski early monday r investigators say sami pulled out a knife. he faces a charge of first degree reckless homicide while chab-bouh faces a battery charge. on the heels of a very violent month-- some musicians are spreading a message of peace through their music. the group held a rally at the victory temple chuch on milwaukee's north side. fox 6's ashley sears is live in the newsrooom--with their story. the hip hop artists say music is a powerful tool. they are trying to reach young people with their anti-violence
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through music. at hampton and 39th street-- nats these hip-hop artists are hoping their songs heal a community. 53:48 we need it now more than ever. their messages of positivity are heard in their lyrics-- artists like daytona rhodes--are trying to connect the young people in the crowd. 53:06 its time to love again. it's time to give it all to christ. violence. his cousin was killed in 2011. it inspired him to start--"peace in the streets." nats saturday, he performs what he calls "holy hip-hop" at the victory temple church. 56:39 were going to be positive role models to our next generation. the event comes on the heels of a very violent august. 24 people were killed in milwaukee--the highest monthly total in 25 years. 01:38 through peace, you actually can achieve more than through anger and
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violence up close-- 59:00 in 2002, i was shot 12 times. my neck, my back, my stomach, everywhere. since then, dickens says he transformed his life-- and says changing others takes everyone. 00:56 the more positive of a message we can spread, we can lessen that death toll. a call for change-- coming from music-- at a time it is needed the most. nats: rapping preached at 10 funerals this year--for victims of violence--all under 30 years old. he says it's time for milwaukee to wake up. live in the newsroom, ashley sears fox 6 news. hand thanks ash a memorial service was held today in brookfield for a green beret killed in afghanistan last month. army staff sgt. matthew thompson was killed by a roadside bomb august 23rd while on patrol in
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respects this afternoon.. to a devoted husband and soldier. matthew thompson graduated high school from brookfield central in 2006. during this afternoons service a letter was read, written by thompson's commanding officer in afghanistan. prior to the start of saturday's service we spoke with an attending member of lutheran church ministries. "i give them all the credit in the world. i had a cousin who was special forces person to do all of that." thompson's father mark.. also spoke during the memorial service, describing his son as a gift from god...telling those in attendance, matt lived life by two motto's "live for the greater good of god" and live by the green beret's motto of "free the oppressed." many residents in oklahoma were shaken awake by an earthquake in oklahoma this morning.
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including right here in milwaukee. fox6's jonathon gregg joins us in the studio with more on that! did you or didn't you. social media was lighting up today about an earthquake in the sooner state..sending waves out for hundreds of miles. the brunt of a 5 point 6 earth quake was felt in north central oklahoma saturday powerful enough to damage building foundations, shake items off grocery store shelves and shake pe send seismic waves 800 miles to milwaukee wisconsin. mark jolin, "and this is a mechanical bed. the head goes up and the foot goes up and it just started doing this.." was lying in bed at his downtown milwaukee apartment when he started to feel and see the shake. "the pendulum starting moving this morning and the bed was trembling and said this is strange." jolin says he's experienced an earthquake before just not in wisconsin. jolin was living in washington d.c. when a 5.8 earthquake shook central virginia.
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the thing because apparently the earthquake was like at 7:02 am and and this was 7:05 am" jolin says the tremor was faint but unmistakable. a seismic event he would have never expected to feel because it happened so many states away. "this is strange.." but look at what the uw milwaukee 's seismic station recorded and posted saturday a noticeable spike in activity. we also got shout out from angela says she felt the quake while in the miller park neighborhood this morning. for my self...still asleep. back to you. the wisconsin humane society is sharing more pictures of that young red fox caught in a rat trap. the injured fox was taken to the humane society yesterday -- and is recovering. the trap has been taken off -- the foot cleaned and the fox
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paw.. the humane society says the little guy still has a long way to go -- but they are taking it one day at a time. the red cross responds to so many disasters -- from hurricanes to wildfires. but this year -- they say there's been so many disasters they are stretched thin. how you can help both the organization - and people in need. plus -- hillary clinton staying off the campaign trail after the f-b-i released many of her emails. why she says -- she can't r department.
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fox six is pleased to announce a broadcasting carriage and re- transmission agreement has been reached between our parent company, tribune broadcasting.. and dish network. the agreement covers 42 local television stations in 33 markets, including right here at fox six. the agreement restores dish carriage of fox six-- and tribune's cable network, wgn fox six wants to thank our viewers for their patience and support as this deal was worked out. fox six is expected to again be available to dish customers today. you decide coverage now-- donald trump makes his pitch to an african-american audience at a detroit church. as protesters gathered outside this morning -- he spoke to hundreds of church-goers-- saying "there are many wrongs that should be made right." trump also visited the
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carson-- who gave him a tour. democratic candidate-- hillary clinton stays off the campaign trail today. she's facing some obstacles in the form of newly-released f-b-i documents from the investigation into her private e-mail server. clinton said nearly three dozen times that she couldn't recall some specific details or events while she was secretary of state-- such as training sessions on handling classified information. she also said that she did not remember ev transition out of the state department, citing her 2012 concussion. hermine may have been downgraded to a tropical storm but that doesn't mean it's done wreaking havoc just yet. the outer banks of north carolina are still facing the aftermath after it touched down earlier today. the national weather service says the rain should be dying down soon-- while winds still hit the coastline. as hermine makes its way towards the northeast-- people on the outer banks
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go out when it rains this much...everytime the windgusts the tree in front of our house has got to be 100 years old and windgusts the tree in front of our house has got to be 100 years old and it's on top of power lines and you see all the trees around here. you could see the wind gust right now and these trees its blowing them sideways" though the storm is blowing over-- the economic impact of this storm hitting on labor day weekend will still be felt for quite some time. from hurricanes to flooding to raging fires -- the american red cross says it is spread especially thin this summer. officials say this past year amount of devastation. fox 6s derica williams says they could use your help! so many people lost everything from coast to coast the american red cross responds. the needs were tremendous evelyn krawczyk volunteered for 2 weeks in baton rouge, louisiana after historic flooding. as of friday , as many as 1,500 people were seeking refuge in 13 red cross and community shelters.
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shampoo a toothbrush also providing aid that wasnt tangible. i did mental health in the shelter while efforts like this go on nationwide. just in the month of august in wisconsin alone, the organization has responded to 81 disasters, financially supporting more than 460 people floods a multi-family apartment fire where shelter needed to opened a house explosion from snacks to blankets and everything in dollars help fund emergency items like these. but to help with cost the american red cross is also using virtual deployment as another resource. i am going to stay here in wisconsin using my computer and my phone and helping those families get i some financial resources some of those things that will help them help at no expense... a way to maximize all available resources we need to start replenishing those volunteers cause they are coming back tired. we are stretched but we are capable of
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always. derica williams fox 6 news if you want to help out -- but can't travel just go to our website. visit fox 6 now dot com to find links to volunteer or how to donate money. adlib to weather talk about a perfect holiday weekend! after a sunny saturday, we'll stay evening. temperatures will drop to the mid 50s overnight closer to 60 in the city .sunday and monday will stay mostly sunny as our
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humidity steadily rise. highs will be in the upper 70s tomorrow and back into the 80s by monday. by tuesday, dewpoints will be back in the low 70s, making it feel more oppressive to spend time outside. on top of that, our highs will be pushing the upper 80s. although we have a slight chance of storms tuesday, the best
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through the end of the week. tonight: mostly clear. low: 55 dewpoint: 55 wind: se 3-7 mph sunday: mostly sunny. high: 78 dewpoint: 61 wind: se 5-10 mph monday: partly cloudy with the slight chance for an isolated pm t-storm. am low: 61 high: 84 wind: s 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny, warm and humid with a chance of t-storms. am low: 69 high: 89 dewpoint: 72 wind: sw 10-20 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy, warm and humid with scattered t-storms
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thursday: mostly cloudy, warm and humid with a chance of t-storms. am low: 69 high: 82 dewpoint: 66 wind: sw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny, warm and humid with a chance of t-storms. am
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dewpoint: 60 wind: s 5-15 mph sports promo badgers..a post game lambeau leap doesn't result in a penatly..that ncaa!
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lambeau field hosting the first college game in 33 years.. none had the magnitude of the college classic..wisconsin versus 5th ranked lsu. paul badgers, in control self destruciting..rallying for one of the biggest upsets in program history! defensive coordinator justin wilcox took over for dave aranada when the latter went to lsu. derrick tindal pick, uw's "d" dominates. holding all american leonard fournette to 35 yards...lsu 62 yards of offense corey clement td 13-0. tre'
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starting for the first time. a 21 yard pick 6...13-7 for aranda's unit. after a catch and fumble by george rushing. tray' doral finds the end zone. 14 points i gaglianone 3rd field goal--47 yards..16-14 dakota dixon picks brandon harris. a win for the ages..a foundation piece for coach chryst and
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corey linsely goes on the physically unable to perform list; meaning j.c. tretter mans that post instead of moving to left guard. linebacker sam barrington also released. among others, linebacker carl bradford and long snapper rick lovato. 6 rookie free agents make the team. quarterback joe callahan-the rookie from wesley-makes the cut. along with 5 other free agents. running back brandon burks, safeties kentrell brice and milwaukee native marwin evans, plus cornerbacks josh hawkins and makinton dorleant. by the way, the vikings gave up a first round draft pick for eagles qb sam bradford.
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31 4 hits for the big 1st baseman 2-1 brewers.. -2 in the 8th.. the brewers core 4..manny pina;a pinch hit 2 run siongle..4-1 brewers. they win, 7-4 2 outta 2 in pittsburgh pa.
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mike: previously on home free... eight weeks ago, we started an epic build competition with 11 competitors. all 11 of you are here for a hero. mike: all playing for the ultimate dream home for their personal hero... woman: god, this is beautiful. mike: and $100,000 for themselves. and with $100,000, my mama and stepdad are gonna retire. nt home, but even when they are eliminated, they get to help us pull off the best twist ever. you got to pretend you lost it all. i'm really sorry, but patrick did not win the grand prize. every week, the surprise of a lifetime. you won this brand-new home! (screaming) oh, my god. (rousing music) mike: last week, nick and maggie in a secret alliance sent james into the final cut challenge. -james. -you've actually made me mad.


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