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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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until wednesday, the city was only suggesting that people in older homes use them. a february 2016 letter from the milwaukee water works to the 70- thousand homes warned of possible lead issues.but on filters, it said only that "a home filtration system or water filtering pitchers can further reduce the possibility of lead entering your drinking water." even today, on the water works website, installing a filter is listed under "steps to consider." i was flabbergasted alderman bob donovan says the mayor's new website, installing a filter is listed under "steps to alderman bob donovan says the mayor's new warning"came out of left field." this is the first ive ever heard of this. for years weve been told the water was safe coley, who is part of a group advocating for filters, says now the city needs to tell people what to do. they cant have different messages on different websites. they have to have one clear message the mayor said at a news conference late today that this all came up not
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because a scientist who helped blow the whistle in flint told him that filters are 100 percent effective against lead. mayor barrett -- tons 769059 --16:27:36 "the news for me was how effective he thought the filters were. and thats why i voiced it. i thought, heres an expert who says these filters are amazing effective. im not going to keep that revelation a secret. im going to share it with the community as well" the mayor said it's a possibility that the city will provide filters to lower- keith, fox6 news. ben thanks theo to see more from the mayor's news conference -- as well as more on his previous comments about milwaukee's water supply -- just go to our website, fox6 now dot com and search "water." the missing witness who held up an arson murder trial yesterday has been found...
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-- but proceedings were suspended when a key witness couldn't be located. he has since been found -- and is now being held in jail. new jurors will now be selected next week before the trial can move forward. morgan is accused of setting a fire in milwaukee that killed two young children last october. the milwaukee county district attorney's office says charges will not be filed after a deadly shooting earlier this week. a 35-year-old milwaukee man was arrested after shooting 61-year-old ray 19th and hopkins. the d-a's office says the shooting was justifiable self-defense. they can see, clearly, now -- the rain is gone, in mayville, today. justin williams is live, just outside of saint john's lutheran school, with the latest. justin? there is, still, plenty of rushing water, here, in mayville, today ... but, this is where it's supposed to be, in the creek, behind saint john's lutheran school.
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what a difference a day makes. we took it a step, at a time, n we succeeded. we got through there. we were blessed. thursdays scene, in, and around, mayvilles saint johns lutheran school delivers much drier details, as what wednesdays water completely covered is, now, basking in relaxed, and happy that this is over with! inside saint johns lutheran school, more of the same, as principal, kay koenitzer, tells me the half-inch, or so, of water which
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building - without doing any significant damage. in fact, the muddy shoe prints outside the daycare—whic h opens, for the afternoon, offer the only mention of moisture. we did disinfectant, this morning. and, we mopped everything up, and we had a lotta sand we had to vacuum up, and then all the mats went outside, the ones that werent out there, and then theyve all been hosed-down, and being called a sandbag brigade flexes its strength to help complete the clean-up, on the west side of the building, as this small group removes a large number of sandbags from along an exterior wall. thats great, you know, its kids that take ownership in the school, you know. its, pretty much, small school. take ownership, parents come n help out, bring their kids, n, thats, kinda how it works, in, in mayville, you know? the property is does not escape, mpletely unscathed, as remi thesrsilrueme effort. anwhile, kay saysschool isck in
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efforts are underway as well... about half a dozen people showed up this morning to help remove a tree that split in half near "coffey trailer" on lincoln avenue... just last year -- the business was left to repair storm damage after a tree fell on its roof... the building was spared this time -- but the tree did fall onto some trailers. "the good thing is nobody got hurt and no damage to any property really and so well get this taken care of in no time." it took the volunteers a couple hourso remove it . the business owner says even though this has happened twice now -- he has no plans to move his business to a different location. heavy rainfall flooded streets and backed up traffic yesterday in west allis ... water even got into four of the areas schools. fox 6s rachelle baillon joins us live from nathan hale high school with more. good evening. the rain came down so hard on wednesday that cleaning crews at multiple
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up water so classes could proceed as planned on thursday. what a difference 24 hours makes. wednesday evening, heavy rainfall pooled in streets and backed up traffic in west allis. by thursday, high water warning signs sat propped on dry land....and there were few signs of the previous days flooding. 'we got hammer about four inches of rain and ultimately the system did its job it just took a little while.' mayor dan devine says the city had to call in extra workers to help barricade flooded streets on wednesday. he also took to social media to warn residents of areas that were suddenly underwater. 'i would say probably about two blocks in that direction was under water as well as two blocks in this direction so that means it was probably about four feet high.' he says damage mostly appears to consist of downed tree limbs and debris, though they have had a few reports of private homes that had flooding. the schoold district
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waters on wednesday. 'four of our schools had some water issues due to the amount of rain that we got in a short amount of time. in my eight and a half years in the district id never seen anything like that.' he says crews were able to get the schools cleaned up in time for classes to continue as scheduled on thursday. 'so far no reports of lasting damage thankfully it seems like i said they were able to get the cleanup done rather quickly so nothing was really damaged.' for three year olds was cancelled for today because it was scheduled to be held in a building area that was still drying out. theyre not yet sure if that class will be held on friday. reporting live tonight in west allis, rachelle baillon fox6 news. ben thanks rachelle the burgers are back. sobelman's on the marquette campus got the go ahead to reopen after a licensing spat earlier this week.
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the restaurant with our developing story. it all happened just in time for the lunch crowd today.... after a meeting between sobelman's and the alderman representing the area. dave sobelman was all smiles welcoming the lunch crowd thursday at sobelman's restaurant on the marquette campus. whether it was a conflict or an oversight... sobelman's license to do business was pulled by the city earlier this week. tuesday the too. thursday was in jeopardy until sobelman's and bauman talked and bauman signed a temporary permit cheeseburger and fries allowing sobelman's to operate. i don't know if we're going to be friends right away but i'm going to work on that . i'd like to if i could publicly apologize to him the riff stems to a june incident in which a man accidentally
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no one was injured but bauman wanted sobelman to come to a meeting to discuss it. sobelman admits he forgot about the july meeting.. as a result, his license expired the end of august... sobelman says his 39 employees suffered. each day in truth, they're unemployed, that's 100 bucks out of their pockets . t hey're unable to pay bills, car payments, house payments, feed their children. this is why this bothered me so. if apologies in disputes are tough to swallow, the restaurant's food is not. as soon as the doors opened, the customers came. meg murphy customer i think it's a great place for students to gather on the marquette campus. there aren't a kind of an open settling so i think it's great it's back open. we love coming here weekends weekdays coming here sobelman's liquor license however is not back yet. it's all supposed to be good to go september 20th. i asked for alderman bauman to do an interview. he hasn't responded. live in milwaukee myra sanchick fox6 news
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milwaukee police are investigating after two people are shot overnight -- one of them killed. up next... what people in that area are calling for.... after a long list of violent incidents in the neighborhood. plus... southeastern wisconsin wasn't the only part of the state hit hard by yesterday's storms... where floods and mudslides have shut down highways -- just ahead. we're drying out today after heavy rainfall yesterday. i'll tell you when our next storm chances return
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dan krebbiel: i'm dan krehbiel -- a vietnam combat veteran. we don't need politicians playing games with attack ads. there's a better way. i've read russ feingold's plan. he goes after the terrorists' oil money and arms supplies. he combines targeted military force with better human intelligence. and, he'll work to get middle eastern states to take on the terrorists in their own backyard. russ feingold offers a tough,
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approve this message. z23eoz zvpz y23eoy yvpy they say a lot of things about rain. (engine revs) like how hard it's gonna fall. (engine revs) the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain, too: when it rains... it roars. the all-wheel-drive charger.
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residents are calling for change... after a double shooting on milwaukees north side it left one man dead and another in the hospital. fox6s madeline anderson is live at police district seven building... near where the shooting took place. surrounding what happened remain unclear. what is clear... residents say... is the need for the violence to stop. they say the shootings in this area are far too common. with each brush stroke... the artists behind this mural on the wisconsin black historial societys building hope to paint a picture of hope for the community. the idea is to encourage a positive feeling among african people who
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executive director clayborn benson says that hope is desperately needed after wednesday evenings events. 27:28 people were distressed about it. you could hear the echoes of it all day long. just north of the museum... milwaukee police say 24-year-old edward lawson was shot and killed at 27th and locust. a 34-year-old man was also shot. he remains in the hospital. its disheartening that it is being lo while stopping to view the first layers of color... annette mcknight says violence has become a regular occurance in the neighborhood because of the lack of opportunities here. were tired of everything being developed around us. as the message on the mural becomes clearer with each passing day... benson wonders if the same can be said about crime on the north side: with each death... does the path to peace become more apparent? if you dont want shootings, if you dont want violence, gimme a job. thats
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police continue to search for a suspect or suspects in the double shooting. ben thanks madeline it's time for your news and weather together. milwaukee police are looking for help identifying an armed robbery suspect... these pictures were taken around 6-30 saturday night near 34th and sheridan. authorities say the suspect approached a 14-year-old boy and threatened to sho cell phone, money and other belongings. the suspect left in a chevy impala -- model year between 2005 and 2008. anyone with information is asked to call milwaukee police. governor walker officially declaring september "childhood cancer awareness month" today. he was children's hospital of wisconsin today -- presenting the proclamation to hospital staff and representatives of g9 or "gold in september." the non-profit organization is dedicated to supporting children
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cancer. our area wasn't the only one hit hard by yesterday's storms... flash floods and mudslides causing problems in richland county -- that's in southwest wisconsin. crews were out cleaning today after rocks and debris spilled onto county highway-d. other roads in the area were flooded as a result of the heavy downpours. toss to weather weather we'll be mostly clear tonight with lows in the low 60s. another storm system will bring the chance for rain and thunder friday afternoon into the first half of
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low humidity and cooler temperatures in the low to middle 70s. there is then the chance for rain monday night into tuesday. tonight: mostly clear. low: 62 dewpoint: 64 wind:n partly sunny with the chance for rain in the afternoon. high: 80 dewpoint: 65 wind: se 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy with the chance for rain in the morning. am low: 64 high: 72 dewpoint: 59 wind: nw 10-20 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 54 high: 74 dewpoint: 53 wind: sw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny with the chance for rain at night. am low: 56 high: 76 dewpoint: 57 wind: sw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy with the chance for rain showers. am low: 60 high: 74 dewpoint: 55 wind:
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there are a lot more children out and about in the morning and afternoon... how one organization is working to make sure drivers pay closer attention to pedestrians. get your morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- weather and traffic updates until 9am. then how you can help save a life and honor the heroes of september 11th - plus carl is previewing this weekend's indian summer festival. and the cooking mom has easy packers
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a community in the fox valley is mourning after the death a 12-year-old boy... justin johnson was hit and killed by a bus tuesday as he was heading home from the first day of classes at river view middle school in kaukauna. police say he was hit while crossing the street at the same time the bus was making a turn. neighboring school districts have sent counselors to students. that tragic story highlights the need to be extra careful while driving now that students are back in school. and one wisconsin organization is addressing pedestrian issues- here in milwaukee. fox6's carl deffenbaugh has more. at this busy crossing by from hopkins lloyd community school, there are almost as many issues... 'im looking right now at a car parked in the crosswalk at the red light.' as intersections for pedestrians to deal with. ' were seeing people turn on green, and not allow
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wisconsin bike fed were on hand thursday morning. 'we are here as part of a pedestrian crossing actions, trying to educate drivers that they have to yield to pedestrians - particularly in crosswalks, but at all crossings of the road.' but there was a reason they chose this crossing specifically, going off of research by uw-milwaukee urban planning professor robert schneider. 'this intersection was one of the highest noted incidences of pedestrian and vehicle crashes.' roads convene within a block. theres a fire house, a gas station and -most importantly to the bike fed folks - the school. 'we got some kids going to school, so we just want to make sure that all the kids trying to walk to school, bike to school, are safe.' and a few reminders to drivers, can't hurt. carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. wisconsin bike fed also did projects with the students at hopkins lloyd -- educating kids on how to cross
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safely. you can learn more about wisconsin bed fed when you get the fox6 news app -- and click "links." new options for i-t-t tech students. coming up - the milwaukee college that is opening its doors to students of the school that suddenly shut down. plus - libertarian gary johnson is getting time in the spotlight. the mistake the presidential candidate made on nati and how
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y23esy yvpy donald trump and hillary clinton are back on the campaign trial after mixed reviews at last night's "commander-in-chief" town hall forum. and today, the libertarian getting some attention-- joel waldman has more from washington. back in north carolina, home to eight military bases, hillary clinton attacking rival donald trump's wednesday night's performance at a town hall on national security ... clinton says: "as your commander in chief, i will not trash our country's most cherished values. i will defend them." clinton, clinging to just over a one-point
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only the second democrat to win the battleground state since president jimmy carter back in 1976. one day after announcing he would expand every aspect of our military ... trump took on another important issue - education - in ohio, a state vital for republicans hoping to call the white house home. trump says: "my first budget will allot 20 billion dollars for school choice." and, libertarian plenty of play in the media today, for all the wrong reasons, after this exchange on a cable news network. msnbc: what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? johnson says: what is aleppo? msnbc: you're kidding? johnson says: no waldman says oncam tag : "johnson later admitted he had brain freeze ...hillary clinton, meanwhile meets tomorrow with bipartisan military leaders, including general david petraeus and former homeland security


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