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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  September 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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34-year-old christina schuster. she was found dead in her apartment last week -- with a gunshot wound to the head. officials tell us the suspect was arrested in milwaukee -- and has been interviewed by both oconomowoc police and the waukesha county sheriff's department. charges have not yet been filed against the suspect. testimony begins today in the michael morgan trial. morgan is accused of setting a house fire that killed two children last october.. his trial had been suspended since last wee-- prosecution never showed up. the witness was eventually found -- and is being held in the milwaukee county jail on unrelated charges. today-- the victims' grandmother gave her testimony. it was her home that was set on fire. "we had the locks changed-- but we could not change the back door locks.. so he still had a key to the back door. morgan faces numerous charges including reckless homicide. four million dollars is coming
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following last month's unrest. tonight, we know most of that money will be dedicated to helping people in milwaukees north side find jobs. our a.j. bayatpour is live near 27th and north - to show you how that money will be put to use. yesterday we asked the department of workforce development for an update on this plan. by late afternoon, we were told the program would kick off today, here at the employ milwaukee office. jobs access point centers. besides job search information, people can learn about training programs and services like food stamps. in the room over, shanta winters applies for a job with an optimistic approach. its not hard. you just gotta apply yourself. it aint hard finding a job, you just gotta want it. out of the states 4.5 million dollar investment, 2.5 million is going to this jobs program, the other two million, dedicated to demolishing vacant houses. lieutenant governor
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on hand to sell the plan. an employed milwaukee is a safe milwaukee. a safe milwaukee is a prosperous milwaukee. if tuesday is any indication, one challenge for the program...might be making people aware of it. we see few people in the access point while were there. winters says another obstacle to helping people get to the jobs. most of the time, its mainly transportation. not everybody has transportation to get back and forth. mayor tom barrett says hes heard this before...and is challenging expanding into the city. given whats happened in this community over the last month, im hopeful that many individuals in the business community will say not only is it good business, but its the right thing to do as well. the mobile job access centers are scheduled to happen once a week...for the next five weeks...moving to a different location each week. winters says her application is step toward her long-term goal...of becoming a nurse. this right here is gonna put my feet through the door, just for income at the
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there was also an announcement today that the center for healthcare careers - which is a partnership of the largest health companies in the area - is pledging to fill 450 jobs with people whove applied through the jobs access program. next week, the jobs access program will set up at parklawn assembly church near sherman park. live at 27th and north, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. a celebration of eric von's life is set for tomorrow at marquette university... von -- a prominent radio personality here in milwaukee -- passed away last week. he hosted shows every weekday morning on w-n-o-v . the event celebrating his life will run from 3 to 7 p-m tomorrow at the marquette alumni memorial union. in lieu of flowers -- organizers ask donations be made to the
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a milwaukee tobacco shop with a notorious reputation has been closed for months, but the city still wants the property seized from the owner. fox6's rachelle baillon has the story, new at five. the "open" sign no longer flashes at the 27th street tobacco and wireless shop. the business closed up months ago and a court battle rages over its future. "the defendants do not want the building ordered the property acquired a notorious reputation as a hotbed for criminal activity and city officials have pushed to mark the place a nuisance. on tuesday, attorneys from the city of milwaukee and the property's tenants and owner squared off in court. the city is attempting to prove that drugs were manufactured, sold and distributed from the building--essentially arguing that it operated as a drug house. if it proves its case, the building will be seized and sold. "if the city proves its case my client loses the business inside the building and the
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value and the city takes the money." the defense is arguing that the illicit activities were a product of the neighborhood and conducted in the open parking lot -- not in the business itself. they also say that closing the business down has eliminated the nuisance. but some say the property won't thrive until it's controlled by someone else. "this property should not be in their hands they have proven over the past two decades that they can't take care of it it needs to be in someone else's hands for economic development or just something better as opposed to what it is now." this case will be take at least a couple of more months before it's expected to be resolved. the hearing is scheduled to continue on december 12th. back to you. a racine couple is accused of mistreating more than two dozen dogs -- and each face 26 charges. police say they were called last week to the home of 63-year-old terry bogard and 33-year-old heather jensen. investigators call it a "dog
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in the living room -- they allegedly found dogs living in small cages -- many stacked on top of each other. in all -- 26 dogs were removed from the residence -- 24 of them are now being cared for by the wisconsin humane society. you can make a donation to help the humane society care for the dogs. we have all the information on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- the story is on our home page. while you're there, you can get a closer look at those pictures of the dogs. it was said to be one of expendable ... and now, the packers move forward with other players on their offensive line. brandon cruz is here with the details of their latest move. after the shock of sitton's departure diminished and the packers have a game under their belt, the business side of football returned today. this time, they're keeping a member of the offensive line for at least 4 more years. today, they agreed to a 4 year contract extension with left tackle david bakhtiari. he was one of the
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colorado vacation to say goodbye. now he'll be with the green and gold through the 2020 season for nearly $52 million. bakhtiari and the packers head to minnesota this weekend to open up their new stadium. be sure to check out the fox 6 sports blitz at its special time sunday so that we can get you reaction immediately after the game. we'll get things going at 11:05 as tim van vooren will be live from minnesota. meanwhile -- the n-f-l unveiling the "color rush" uniforms for for the thursday night games -- both teams will wear monochromatic uniforms -- and for most games, both teams will be wearing colors... but the packers won't be one of them. they'll actually wear all white for the october 20th game against chicago at lambeau field... the bears will be wearing all dark navy. and in case you were wondering -- this will be the first time since 1989 that the packers will wear
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so what do you think? thumbs up or thumbs down on the color rush uniforms? get the fox6 news app -- and cast your vote. just click "sports." it's been a closely-watched race for u-s senate in wisconsin. it's been a closely-watched race for u-s senate in w tonight, new claims filed against both campaigns. we'll take a closer look at accusations against russ feingold and ron johnson. plus... should it be allowed at lake park? pokemon go dominates discussion today a milwaukee county parks committee meeting. scattered showers expected this evening with the temperature falling through the 60s and into
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milwaukee county sheriff' vehicle that may have been involved in the freeway shooting that left an infant injured sunday. the suspect's car is believed to be a newer lincoln four door sedan, that is maroon or dark red that looks like this one. the windows are heavily tinted. the vehicle was last seen on i-43 northbound taking the hampton avenue exit on sunday after the shooting. anyone with any information should call the sheriff's
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election day -- wisconsin's u-s senate candidates are accusing each other of scandals. political reporter theo keith live in our newsroom. theo -- republicans and democrats have both filed complaints as this race hits the home stretch. democrats want ron johnson to explain a 10 million dollar payout he got from the oshkosh company he once owned. republicans say feingold was planning his campaign while he was still a federal employee. neither dispute is likely to be resolved be up to voters. nats -- dialing on the phonedueling conference calls...with dueling accusations. for five years now, senator johnson has refused to answer even the most basic questions about his 10 million dollar golden parachute democrats, in this complaint, question senator ron johnson's 10 million dollar payout from the oshkosh company he once
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ago, has resurfaced during this heated campaign. he had an opportunity to set the record clear, he chose not to do that. so now unfortunately, we now have to take this step to get to the bottom of this johnson's campaign confirms the dollar amount was decided after johnson won his senate seat but says it was for back pay, not a campaign donation. the campaign says johnson didn't take a salary for 13 years. and they say it's an attempt by democrat russ feingold "to distract from his wide-open email scandal with the state department over law." nats -- from call on another call, johnson's campaign raised questions about feingold's former political action committee, progressives united. in my opinion, this pac was nothing more than a legalized slush fund republicans have filed a complaint against feingold, accusing him of campaigning while still employed at the state department in violation of the federal hatch act. they want the state department to hand over feingold's emails.
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from the 10 million dollar payout. feingold has led johnson in polls but the race has tightened according to the marquette law poll. by the way, a new one's out next week. ted thanks theo it's time for your news and weather together. a fond du lac county judge recuses himself from the dennis brantner case. back in june-- brantner's trial for the murder of berit beck ended with a hung jury. the possibility of a re-trial-- which is when judge gary sharpe recused himself. beck's body was found a few days after she disappeared in 19-90 when making her way from sturtevant to appleton. milwaukee police are searching for a shooting suspect....after a 25- year old was shot in the arm. it happened around 1-30 this morning near fond du lac and custer. police say two people got into an argument-- and the suspect grabbed a gun and shot the man. officials searched an apartment building, but the suspect was never
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a milwaukee man is charged in connection to a carjacking and pursuit last month. prosecutors say 23-year-old larry bradley stole a vehicle at gunpoint on august 9-th. then on august 30-th-- officers pursued bradley after they spotted the vehicle near 12th and north. the pursuit ended when he ran a red light and crashed into another vehicle near 68th and bluemound. he and two others were taken into custody. weather scattered showers expected this evening with the temperature
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through the 60s and into the upper 50s. a few sprinkles are possible early wednesday then clouds will gradually decrease as a high pressure moves in. temperatures will be
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the upper 60s but we'll be back into the 70s by thursday. showers and a few t-storms possible again friday int begin to dry out sunday.
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low: 59 dewpoint: 55 wind: n 5-10 mph wednesday:lingering showers then partial clearing. cooler. high: 68 dewpoint: 57 wind: ne 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low:
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dewpoint: 56 wind: se 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with a chance for thunderst high: 73 dewpoint: 58 more breaking news this evening... kenosha police are searching for a suspect after three banks are
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at the chase bank on washington road just before 2... then at the chase bank on 6th avenue -- and a third at johnson bank on 60th at 3-30. authorities believe the same suspect is responsible for all of them... investigators are still on the scene of all three incidents. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. pokemon go has become a major flashpoint when it comes to lake park in milwaukee... the passionate discusio argument -- at a county parks committee
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russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want to be a doctor! russ feingold: do you think you should be paid the same as boys? girl 1: definitely. girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agree with you - and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care
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what you think of that? girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold
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one of the most active pokemon sites... in but the throngs of people at the park are taking a toll on those who use the park for ?traditional reasons.. and those who live nearby. fox six's derica williams tells us how pokemon go became ?the hot topic of a county parks meeting today. heads down, phone swiping and seemingly wandering.... pokemon go has affected lake park like no other park in tthe system since early summer thousands have crowded milwaukee area parks to play
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and day out every single day some residents living near poke stops are fed up with the fad. can no longer cross the street can no longer bike or walk to lake park why does the county allow niantic labs and its $500 billion corporate parents to operate a commercial and entertainment enterprise on county property which destroys and degrades park property evidence of destruction: photos of trash le by game players. game supporters say.. it's not all on them: i;ve never seen any of the disrespectful behaviors i've heard the pokemon crowd is great there are things can be done to embrace something like this the county board has written the game developer.. asking it to create a means for responsible management.. but hasn't received a reply. i think we need a response. we could have a solution for the
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things we could do to make the community whole, lets move them to veterans park lets have pokemon festival in areas that have bathrooms and parking facilities a representative for the county executive ?agrees .. they should be a way to accomodate traditional park- goers.. and those on the go, for pokemon. in milawukee dw f6n. in addition to trash and parki issues with players staying beyond park hours. the park has increased staff for daily clean-up and trash pick-up. park ranger staff has also been increased at lake park to minimize unlawful behavior. when you're at the gas station-- it's much more convenient to pay at the pump. but it could come with a cost.... coming up... how scammers could be swiping your money -- and what you should watch for at the pump. plus-- donald trump plans to unveil a policy tonight to lower
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obama makes a pitch for hillary clinton while she
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keeping childcare costs down... that's the latest policy proposal donald trump is set to unveil in
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remains on the mend at her home in new york -- while president obama makes a pitch for why she should replace him. joel waldman has more from washington. president obama, in philadelphia, explaining why he thinks hillary clinton is the best choice to succeed him as the 45th president of the says: "she knows what it means for working families and senior citizens and business owners and veterans when we make policy in the white house." clinton, who appeared to faint after a 9/11 memorial event sunday, is still too sick with pneumonia to leave home. her latest medical scare raising serious questions about clinton's overall health well as her transparency .... today, house democrats coming together to support their presidential nominee ... crowley says: "i think people understand that hillary clinton as great of woman as she is , is just that a human being. a
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the same things we all are." republican vice presidential candidate, mike pence, was on capitol hill today, meeting with house gop leaders ...calling clinton out for comments she made about trump supporters ...referring to them as "deplorable". pence says: "this was a catastrophic insult to the american people, and it's so important that people around the country know this was a prepared speech." trump expected to call for, among other things, six weeks of paid maternity leave ... as part of his proposal to lower childcare costs nationwide. making a pit stop in iowa before the speech later this evening. donald trump says: "her comments display the same sense of arrogance and entitlement that lead her to violate laws as secretary of state" waldman says oncam tag : "the today, shows a tightening race ...with hillary clinton only four points ahead of donald trump. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." it's time for your news and weather together. a 61-year-old man is in custody after a fatal shooting at a senior living apartment complex yesterday. it happened near 50th and bradley in brown deer,. family members tell fox-six the victim is 21-year-old mannix franklin junior they say he was visiting


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