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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  September 14, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CDT

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now at ten. unspeakable conditions discovered at a racin the new details -- shedding new light on the case. --------- plus. accused of stealing from her own. "the debit card was used in faraway places" the list of purchases made on a church's dime. ---- also. violent crime spree ends in a crash --- and now -- it's ended up in the courtroom. tonight's big story: can we get a witness? he's accused of stealing a car at gun point.. then leading police on a high speed chase.. that ended in a crash.
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was in court for the first time....but someone else wasn't. krystle kacner joins us live outside the milwaukee county courthouse with what happened. it didn't go quite as planned--- a witness didn't make it today.. so the state asked for more time.. which means larry bradley will have to wait a little while longer for his preliminary hearing... state of wisconsin vs larry bradley jrappearing in custody.. charges--- operating a motor vehicle without owners consent and fleeing an officer causing damage to property--- 23 year old larry bradley wasn't in the courtroom long. we did subpoena a witness back on the 8th, that witness, because of scheduling i guess never saw the subpoena and i guess is not available to be called in this afternoonit's unclear at this point what that witness was witness to.... the theft of the car on august 8th.. or the chase and crash on august 30th. according to court
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reported it stolen "at gunpoint in milwaukee" a few weeks later a milwaukee police officer says he saw the stolen lexus "being driven by defendant near 12th and north avenue" he pursued it ... traveled from 1-43 south .. to 1-94 west... and crossing into wauwatosa. speeds got as high as 90 miles an hour according to police... at one point the "defendant blew through two red lights" tried to speed through a third ... but crashed into a vehicle at 68th and damage to both vehicles, and minor injury to the other driver 2 passengers took off running.. bradley was arrested. because the state's witness was not there today.. the preliminary hearing was rescheduled to next week. live in milwaukee, krystle kacner fox 6 news. mary thanks krystle three banks-- all held up by the same suspect? that's what police in kenosha are trying to determine tonight.
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span of 35 minutes this afternoon. the suspect hit the chase bank on washington road first-- then, another chase bank on 6th avenue.... and ended at the johnson bank on 60th street. police say the suspect description appears to be the same man-- but he would've needed to act fast. the first location was robbed at 1:56. he then went more than 2 miles away-- hitting the second location at 2:08. the third location-- another 2-and-a-half miles away at 2:30. no one was hurt in an a new lead in case of a baby shot on i-43 in milwaukee county. investigators are now looking for a very specific car... brad hicks is here with the developments. this is the car wanted: a maroon or dark red lincoln m-k-s or m-k-z. the milwaukee county sheriff's office developed a description after talking to a witness to sunday's
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sedan fired shots at another vehicle at near i-43 and hampton. the suspect car then exited at hampton-- headed east. the car hit by the gunfire-- also exited at hampton. a 2-month-old girl in carseat was struck. she's was hospitalized, but is now recovering at home. the sheriff's office is still investigating the reason for the shooting so far-- it's being called a suspected case of road rage. if you have any information that could help find this red lincoln-- call the sheriff's office. we've got the number posted on fox6now- dot-com. after a fatal shooting at a senior living apartment complex. it happened last night near 50th and bradley in brown deer. family members tell fox-six the victim is 21-year-old mannix franklin junior. they say he was visiting his mother-- who lives in the complex-- when her 61-year-old neighbor shot him. the case is expected to be reviewed by the district attorney's office in the coming days. only on fox6-- a former church employee is accused of accused of going
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church's dime. from concert tickets to travel-- investigators say she stole more than 100-thousand dollars. fox six's bret lemoine is live in oak creek tonight with the story. the suspect worked here, at grace lutheran church. police say she spent a ton of their money on herself... including pricy tickets to a garth brooks concert. nat for 44-year old kelly fischer... police say free garth brooks tickets... tm 'we actually discovered it in march of this year.' tony mirenda is the congregation president at grace lutheran church in oak creek. he says fischer worked as acting director for the churchs early childhood center, or e-c-c. investigators believe she was dipping into the church funds, embezzling nearly 100-thousand dollars in four years. tm 'well, it was done in little bits - little pieces.' according to the criminal complaint, fischer was stealing cash childcare payments and had an e-c-c debit card. tm 'she was not authorized to
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thats especially true of some more extravagant purchases: investigators say she ponied up the churchs money at burlington coat factory... mattress firm... vip nails... and nearly 400-bucks on those concert tickets. tm 'we kept the congregation informed and weve been upfront. i felt we needed to do that.' church leaders have changed procedures to buckle down on access to funds... including keeping cash locked in a safe... and eliminating de creek, bl, fox6 news. ted thanks bret an update now on some looming johnson controls job cuts. the cuts were first announced in september-- we've learned layoff notices were just sent out today to i-t employees at johnson controls' west allis complex. johnson controls tells us these cuts are part of its global workforce reduction plan to save 250 million
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are being let go -- but we were previously told it was about a third of the 500 i-t workers. brookfield police release new details about the suspects wanted for a home invasion. police put out this sketch -- showing one of the three men who broke into the house last week. police say they rang the door bell -- then broke through a glass door when no one answered. they forced the homeowner to open her safe, stealing what was inside -- including a diamond engagement ring. she was ordered to hide in the closet... while they ran away. anyone with a former milwaukee police officer -- in trouble with the law again. gilberto collado - was tazed after he tried to run from a traffic stop. it happened last week near 10th and layton last week. in his car, police found a stolen pistol that appeared to be modified for smoking crack cocaine. last month, collado was arrested near city hall-- accused of threatening the mayor. police say when he was taken into custody-- he was carrying a bag
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called "lucky mutts" but the dogs inside seemed to be anything but.... people living nearby have complained about the conditions-- and the way the animals were cared for... tonight we're learning more about the couple arrested and their dogs. fox6s madeline anderson joins us from the newsroom with more. court documents show the house was used a foster home for dogs. but the department of agriculture trade and consumer protection says the facility never received the proper license from the state. harmony drive in racine say they began to notice suspicious activity from the couple that lived across the street. they were keeping dogs in their van and they were leaving them overnight in their cages and there was an extreme amount of them. :36 ralph baker called animal control once in june and again in august. police say heather jensen and her boyfriend terry bogard were running a foster home for dogs out of their house... called lucky mutts. on august 10th...
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small and stacked on top of one another. there were also sanitation and ventilation problems. jensen was given three weeks to fix the issues. we allow people the opportunity to make the changes that were necessary in order to become compliant with the law. and then we go back in and do a re- inspection. but after receiving more complaints from neighbors... datcp... with the help of law enforcement and the humane society... removed 26 dogs from the house... were found in. i was shocked. i did think that those conditions across the street were like that at all. after seeing the pictures, im surprised they didnt do anything that day. according to lucky mutt's facebook page... heather jensen had served as the president of the dog rescue but has since been removed from her position and is no longer with lucky mutts in any capacity. jensen has been released from jail but she declined an interview today. a cleaning crew was at her home
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livable conditions. reporting live in the newsroom.. madeline anderson fox6 news. the dogs are being cared for at the wisconsin humane society-- but they are "not" up for adoption. because of the criminal case-- they are on a law enforcement hold. that could change as the case moves forward. find out how to make a donation and help the humane society care for the dogs on our website. just go to fox 6 now dot com. losing one of the best players on the packers offensive line, the team rewards the guy who lined up next to him. brandon cruz is here with the details on the packers move for their future. when the packers made their final cuts to get their roster to 53, left guard josh sitton was among those players who weren't on the roster. he's now with the bears. however, david bakhtiari, the packers left tackle remained on the roster with his contract set to end
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the packers have agreed to a 4 year contract extension that will reportedly pay him nearly $52 million through 2020. this is his 4th season after being taken in the 4th round of the 2013 draft out of colorado. during his tenure with green bay, he's played in 48 games, 2nd to only tj lang on the offensive line. the packers had said a goal of theirs was to sign the younger players first, which made this deal important to them. bakhtiari and the packers will play in minnesota late sunday means the fox 6 sports blitz will also go on late. we get going at 11:05 where tim van vooren will be live from there with all of the post game reaction as he joins pip and me. back to you. temperatures taking a bit of a dip tonight... tom wachs joins us now. scattered showers expected this evening with the temperature falling through the 60s and into the
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plus. a new twist in the case of a problematic property -- which some say draws in crime -- and even produces it! why a hearing today into that property's future had to be put on hold. also. some call it the first step towards a solution. the effort to bring employment to people in the sherman park
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milwaukee -- could soon have new owners. court records indicate there has been an offer to purchase the tobacco and wireless shop at 27th and kilbourn. the property was subject of a hearing today -- where city attorney's and the tenants squared off. the city is attempting to prove that drugs were manufactured, sold and distributed from the building--essentially arguing that it operated as a drug house. if it proves its case, the building will be seized and sold. "if the city proves its case my client loses the business inside the building and the
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money." as a result of the looming sale, the court has suspended the hearing until december 12th. following up on the states plan to spend more than four million dollars. more than two weeks after the announcement, the so-called jobs access point center is open. our a.j. bayatpour explains how this will work...and reports the center...wasnt exactly ov its the debut of the mobile jobs access point centers. besides job search information, people can find out about training programs and services like food stamps. in the room over, shanta winters applies for a job with an optimistic approach. this right here is gonna put my feet through the door, just for income at the moment. out of the states 4.5 million dollar investment, 2.5 million is going to this jobs program, the other two million, dedicated to demolishing vacant houses. lieutenant governor
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milwaukee is a safe milwaukee. a safe milwaukee is a prosperous milwaukee. if tuesday is any indication, one challenge for the program...might be making people aware of it. we see few people in the access point while were there. winters says another obstacle to helping people get to the jobs. most of the time, its mainly transportation. not everybody has transportation to get back and forth. the o are scheduled to happen once a week...for the next five weeks...moving to a different location each week. beyond that, the state says it will try to better connect job seekers...with those who are hiring. our next piece is to work with employers to gain a larger inventory of jobs in the different clusters that are available. there was also an announcement today that the center for healthcare careers - which is a partnership of the largest health companies in the area - is pledging to fill 450 jobs with people whove applied through the
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set up at parklawn assembly church near sherman park. reporting near 27th and north, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. the weather may be relatively warm out, but cold and snow are right around the corner. you can help kids who won't have a proper winter coat with fox 6's coats for kids drive. go through your closets and please donate any slightly used winter coats -- for kids and adults. head to fox6w. more details and a list of all our sponsor locations. thanks for helping us keep kids
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evening with the temperature falling through the 60s and into the upper 50s. a few sprinkles are possible early wednesday then clouds will gradually decrease as a high pressure much cooler in the upper 60s but we'll be back into the 70s by thursday. showers and a few t-storms possible again friday into
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tonight: few rain showers. low: 59 dewpoint: 55 wind: n 5-10 mph wednesday:lingering showers then partial clearing. cooler. high: 68 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 54 high: 71 dewpoint: 56 wind: se 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 60
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mostly cloudy with a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 63 high: 76 dewpoint: 62 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: partly sunny. am low: 57 high: 72 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 55 high: 75 dewpoint: 59 wind: sw 5-10 mph scattered showers expected this evening with the temperature
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upper 50s. a few sprinkles are possible early wednesday then clouds will gradually decrease as a high pressure moves in. temperatures will be much cooler in the upper 60s but we'll be back into the 70s by thursday. showers and a few t-storms possible again friday into
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vikings, they're also preparing for their future. coming up the move that does that for them. and it was a win, but there were some glaring mistakes involving the offense. when we come back aaron rodgers talks about the issue
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there won't be any more agonizing, if there was any to begin with, for packers left guard david bakhtiari. he agreed to a 4 year contract extension with the packers meaning his contract will now run through the 2020 season i season. while the communication between he and the organization seems good, that wasn't the case for his offensive unit at all times on sunday in their win over the jaguars. there were a few times that the messages from aaron rodgers to the rest of the offense had different meanings to different players resulting in bad time outs or even penalties. "we had too many of those where guys are leaving the field, coming on the field, nobody knows what the play is. we had a third and you know, third down there in the fourth quarter, chance to put us up two scores and half the guys thought we were running the pass play and the other half was running the run play. thats
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things like that could happen at any time but weve corrected all the issuses we need to. we're good." when the packers play the vikings, the game will end late sunday night and that means the fox 6 sports blitz will also go on a bit late. we will get things going at 11:05 as tim van vooren will join pip and me live from minnesota bringing all of the post game reaction. the bdg non conference schedule saturday when they host georgia state. corey clement is coming off of a 100 yard rushing performance against akron. but he's also dealing with an ankle injury that kept him out of the 2nd half. however, he said today he's working through the kinks to get back out there saturday. "take it nice and easy opposed to some of the past injuries ive had just trying to go back out there and just run fukll speed, just mess things up even more, so being more mature to the situation. aproaching it smarter and just putting the team first and put myself in a better situation to
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and the voting is open for this week's high school blitz game of the week. the candidates this week are all big rivals, oak creek at franklin, new berlin west at new berlin eisenhower and west allis central at west allis hale. pip will feature the winning game friday night. you have until thursday night at 10 to vote on our website, fox 6 now dot com slash sports. last year the brewers finished the season a very disappointing 68-94. year, as they began their rebuilding process, they're just 4 wins away from equaling last year's total. facing the reds tonight, they would trail 1-0 in the 2nd until the red hot keon broxton continues to do his thing, blasting his 8th home run of the season tying the game at 1. not to be out done, jonathan villar continues to hit well and with power as he delivers his 16th bomb, another solo shot giving the crew a 2-1 lead. but matt garza struggled on the
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times, 2 of them coming in on the adam duvall double and they would lead 5-2. and despite a chris carter 9th inning home run, the brewers lose 6-4. finally, we go back to a horrible game between the 49ers and rams. but it did have one exciting moment made great by kevin harlan's radio call. trt 40 -- let it run. "someone has run out onto the field. some goofball in a hat and a red shirt. now he takes off the shirt. hes running down the middle by the 50. hes at the 30 he is bare chested, banging his chest. now he runs the opposite way. he runs to the 50, he runs to the 40, the guy is drunk, but there he goesthe 20, theyre chasing him. theyre not going to get him. waving his arms, bare chested, somebody stop that man. oh and they tackle him at the 40 yard line. that was the most exciting thing to happen tonight." "i tell you what that was a great call on your part, that was a great call!
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and he's still going strong.
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this is emo von brauberg! in dog years-- he's 77 today! he's an expert in drug searches-- as well as searching buildings and tracking people! his partner is officer christina roesken. they've been partners since 2007! when emo isn't on patrol-- we're told he loves playing tug of war. happy birthday emo! wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking news anytime at paid presentation for the sizzling sausage grill from johnsonville sausage. there's no denying it. everyone loves fresh johnsonville sausage. for more than 70 years, johnsonville has been making perfect brats and sausages that families all over the world have come to love. >> 70 years ago, my mom and dad


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