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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  September 16, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CDT

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the time for shots we'd rather forget, and the ones we'll talk about forever. in michigan long days, relaxing weather and more than 800 pristine courses make for the perfect tee time. because being able to play all day is pure michigan.
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death is ruled a homicide. he was deprived of a life source. how the milwaukee county sheriff's office is reacting tonight. plus - burglary at a fire station! how a criminal stole from some of milwaukee's bravest. and a struggle with police inside a school leads to shots fired. that's our big story at ten-- was it just a freak accident? police are trying to figure out how an officer's gun went off
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the holster-- the shot injured a 13-year old girl. fox 6's madeline anderson has the lastest from thoreau elementary on 60th and bradley. a 13-year-old girl-- hopitalized in the middle of the school day after suffering a graze wound when an officers gun went off inside thoreau elementary. his firearm, while still in the holster discharged.captain raymond banks says the supervisor of the schools resource officers was trying to speak incident that occurred several days ago. banks says thats when the student became physically combative. it took place in the hallway of the school in the basement. there were no other students or teachers in the area where this occurred. many parents though initially feared the worst. the say they were left in the dark about their childrens safety. what goes through your mind as a parent? get up here and find out whats going on. dad tracy warwick found his eight-year-old son in
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that they called the code red. despite the scare... warwicks son will back in class tomorrow. he says he realizes accidents happen. for the most part, everybody is just doing their jobs. were still working on--just a freak occurrence--we're working on what actually occurred. since police are still trying to determine how the gun went off... the incident is not being investigated as an officer involved shooting. because of that... the officer is not being placed on any kind of leave. reporting live in milwaukee... madeline anderson fox6 news. ted thanks madeline day after two milwaukee police officers were hurt trying to take a 13-year-old student in custody at benjamin franklin school. in that case... milwaukee public schools say the student brought a pellet gun to school. the 13 year old was eventually taken into custody. the officers went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. students at st. catherine high
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message was found on a desk. as a precaution... the principal dismissed classes early, and police were called to search the building. authorities have not said exactly what was written on the desk. new at ten-- an investigation is underway, after a burglary at a milwaukee fire station! fox 6's stephanie grady joins us now with details. the milwaukee fire department says firefighters at station 34 went out on a call early this o and when they came back, they discovered the break in. the burglary happened at the station at 62nd and burleigh. investigators say it appears someone entered the station by going through an open window. the fire department says they don't believe any of the fire department's equipment was taken. instead... the personal property of the firefighters... including laptop computers, tablets, and cell phones, were stolen. the fire department is now reminding firefighters need to remember to keep doors and windows locked... just
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originally dispatch to turned out to be a false alarm. we're learning new information following monday's homicide in brown deer-- charges haven't been filed-- but a search warrant reveals more details about the man accused of shooting mannix franklin junior. a 61-year-old man was arrested. court documents show the man admitted to firing a shotgun at franklin-- but claimed it was an accident saying: " all i was trying to do was scare him." investig tests-- to determine if the suspect was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. an autopsy reveals a milwaukee county inmate...died of dehydration. the medical examiners office rules the april death of terrill thomas a homicide. the familys lawyer tells our a.j. bayatpour...their own investigation uncovered that others in the jail knew thomas was dying from thirst... terrill thomas death in april comes less than two weeks after
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released thursday, calls the death a homicide, noting tests revealed 'profound dehydration.' thomas family declines to comment, referring us to their seattle-based attorney, erik heipt. from what we understand, and we are still looking into this, the water in terrill thomas water was shut off and he was deprived of a life source. the mes report notes thomas was acting erratically in jail...winding up in solitary confinement, in his cell 23 hours a day. it also notes water had been cut of says another inmate told them. there was at least one other inmate, if not two, that became aware that mr. thomas water had been shut off and was repeatedly urging jail guards to turn the water back on. the 38-year-old, with a noted history of mental health problems, had been charged with shooting into a group of people outside his home
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inside potowatomi casino, later telling police too many of the people inside were snakes. heipt wonders if thomas should have been in jail to begin with, given his known mental issues. in a situation like that, you would hope that the individual would be given a swift mental health evaluation and placed in an appropriate facility. while the m-es office rules the death a homicide...milwaukee police will investigate-- and the milwaukee district attorney will decide whether to pursue criminal charges. an m-p-d spokesman says that official inve also ongoing. live outside the milwaukee county jail, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. ted thanks aj the milwaukee county sheriff's office putting out this statement today -- saying it's not conducting the investigation -- and has not gotten any direct updates on the case. the sheriff's office goes on to say -- it's withholding employee internal investigations and won't comment the investigation and any civil litigation is
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the milwaukee county medical examiners officer is dealing with 71 possible drug over-doses -- in the past 7 weeks. one of those cases - is the medical examiner's own son. on monday, police were called to a report of an unconscious 29 year old man on clybourn street. paramedics used the drug narcan... but despite that, and other life saving measures, the man was pronounced dead from a probable overdose.. that man turned out to be the son of the miw experts say the death highlights just how widespread the problem of opiate addiction is in our area. unfortunately drug addiction and specifically narcotic addiction is an equal opportunity afflictor it actually can affect anybody in any socio economic class any race, and no body is safe the 71 overdose deaths in 7 weeks works out to nearly 2 per
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believe the crisis has peaked yet. today, governor walker spoke out about leaked documents surrounding the john doe investigation. the guardian, a british newspaper, published about 15 hundred pages from the secret, now closed, john doe investigation into the governor's 20-12 recall campaign. during a news conference today... he solicited money on behalf of the wisconsin club for growth. the john doe case was shut down by the state supreme court last year.. finding nothing illegal governor walker blames the leak on the john doe prosecutors. people who failed to win in the court of law have chosen to leak bits and portions of things to try to win in the court of public opinion, without giving people a full perspective milwaukee county district attorney john chisholm, who is one of the prosecutors, said
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material is a crime. today, governor walker would not say if the state attorney general should investigate the leak. governor walker is facing criticism about his plans for transportation spending - including some from fellow republicans. the governor says the d-o-t budget proposal prioritizes safety and maintenance... while keeping his promise not to raise taxes or fees. some projects were prioritized over others....and there are going to be delays. governor walker says the core of the zoo interchange project will still be completed on time, but the north leg of the project will now be delayed two years. but one move that has angered some republicans - the spending plan doesn't include any additional money for the i-94 north and south project. 'we need to have that infrastructure in place so that these huge businesses like amazon ...and uline these are huge huge businesses that bring
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products in and out and they cant keep those trucks moving theyre not going to locate here.' republican state senator van wanggaard says the i-94 project was previously delayed to fund other more pressing projects.... but he was promised it would be included in the upcoming budget. now a fox 6 exclusive: a home targeted to house sex offenders in lomira, gets a new owner and a new purpose. fox6's myra sanchick tells you how neighbors... took matters into their house for sale in lomira. well kept, lots of space, but it would turn out, anything but quiet. i had an open house and shortly after that i had a buyer that buyer: a corporation with plans to rent it out. so homeowner kay shaffer signed the contract. little did she know, the renters would
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it was a nightmare with a signed contract there was little the seller could do. child sex offenders, jonathan miller and robert larson were ready to move in. but at the last minute shaffer said the buyer didn't make a financing deadline. she was able to pull the purchase contract. shaffer still needed to sell the house that became too much for her after her husband died. that's when something happened to make sure no sex offender would ever live there. four neighbors banded together and purchased the house controversial house. the new owners contacted a group in fond du lac county, called salute the troops. instantly tons of ideas ran through my head and the neighbors offered up the house, once destined for sex offenders, to house homeless veterans. as we help veterans who struggle with paying the bills, struggle with paying the bills, then where do we live. thursday habitat for humanity took donated furniture and brought it to this house, now being called the warrior house. i would prefer
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give them a place that all of us sitting here would like to live in ourselves for kay shaffer it means her house for sale, didn't provide a controversial setting for sex offenders. instead her house closing means a new door opening for those who've served the country. and she can honor the man who lived here with her, who was a veteran himself. my husband as a veteran , he;s looking down and very happy right now. in lomira myra sanchick fox6 news today... but tomrrow doesn't look so nice. tom is out on the weather deck... we have rain moving in tomorrow. i'll have your fox6 forecast coming up. plus - a school bus's break lines cut. why investigators
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to make sure it doesn't happen again. and blessings in a backpack. the effort to make sure area kids aren't going hungry on the weekends.
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a door county high school is trying to figure out how a school bus' brake lines were cut. the se-v team was returning from a game in gibraltar - when the bus driver noticed that the brakes were spongy.the school took the bus to a mechanic who discovered that the brakes had significant cuts in them - and he does not believe it was an accident. police are now investigating.. security camera video didn't show anyone tampering with the bus... but at future games, the driver will have to stay with the bus to make sure nothing happens. a mount pleasant police officer has a very close call... with a driver who
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last night when his squad was hit by another car. he had to jump into his vehicle to avoid being hit by that car. the officer escaped without injury but investigators say the driver never stopped. were looking at this case, and go, was somebody, intentionally, trying to run down an officer? we dont know that. police are looking for a dark sedan, which should have damage to the front passenger side. if you have any information call mount pleasant police. meals at school-- when school is in session. but what do they do... on the weekends? beverly taylor tells you about a program is designed to answer that question. nat these volunteers pack all of this food in a smooth, quick assembly line style at lowell elementary in waukesha thursday. this food will eventually go into backpacks like's part of the "blessings in a backpack" program.
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of food. we put them into the eligible children backpacks and they take them home. :28 these are children who get free and reduced breakfast and lunch during the school week. mary garcia- velez, principal at banting elementary had 278 children getting weekend food supplements last school year.she says the kids love it. "they like the variety of food in there and i think also the parents are grateful to have the extra food at home."the national program started in waukesha county four years ago with one last year, it fed 962 kids in nine waukesha and oconomowoc area elementary schools. "to have the outreach from the community its huge. it really shows that we're all in this together."funding comes from donations and grants-- and volunteer packers are essential. "i'll be doing it every year. this is my third year and every year it gets bigger and my office is doing a fundraiser this year also." "studies show
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kids come to school on mondays ready to learn. in waukesha, beverly taylor, fox 6 news. mostly clear skies this evening with temperatures falling through the 60s. increasing clouds overnight with temperatures falling to around 60 by sunrise. we have a chance for scattered t-storms throughout the day friday with a high in
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saturday, the weekend looks great with highs in the middle-to-upper 70s. tonight: increasing clouds overnight. low: 60 dewpoint: 60 wind: se 5-10 mph friday: scattered showers and t- storms. high: 74 dewpoint: 64 wind: se 5-15 mph saturday: lige showers then partly sunny. am low: 65 high: 77 dewpoint: 64 wind: w 5-15 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 59 high: 75 dewpoint: 59 wind: sw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny with a few t- storms at night. am low: 60 high: 81
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tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 59 high: 75 dewpoint: 56 wind: wnw 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny with a chance for t-storms. am low: 56 high: 76 dewpoint: 55
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wrigley field for the brewers this season.... they are 0 and 6 there, but can they turn things around tonight ?? fox six sports is next.... 727 russell
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it could be number 13 shaun hill at quarterback for the vikings sunday night or it could be newly acquired number 8 sam
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revealing his choice for the matchup with the packers.... good video on the end of vikings preview on extreme reach and the green bay players say they'll be ready no matter who is under center.... besides, minnesota's offense usually runs through adrian peterson doing his thing on the ground anyway.... "he's one of the best backs all time, basically. it's one of those things that we talked about this week being a huge fundamental week. you have to be fundamentally sound on everything because if you're not he's gonna break loose and we've all seen what he does when he breaks loose. so we don't want that to happen." "adrian peterson is one of the best league and we are going to get a heavy dose of him because they're trying to figure out their quarterback situation. so they're going to try to take as much pressure off of them as they can by running the ball." the teams will christen u.s. bank stadium on sunday night.... at one point one billion dollars to build, it is just a slight upgrade over the old metrodome... "oh, i'm excited about it. now it's for real. it's for real. in the preseason , guys are, you
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see the fans come out, be loud and be excited for this grand opening of the new stadium for the opening season." when the packers play late, we go even later.... this week, the fox six sports blitz will start at 11:05 so that we can bring you all of the postgame reaction and analysis.... we hope you 'll stay up with us..... the badgers will put the wraps on the non-conference portion of their schedule this saturday at camp randall stadium.... based on early seas state qualifies for doormat status.... thanks to your voting, we have a winner for our high school blitz game of the week. tom pipines will be heading to west allis for the end of an era showdown.... he'll preview the contest on our early newscasts tomorrow night and
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the high school blitz with brandon cruz at ten..... the battle of brookfield is staged tonight.... east visiting central on a very pleasant evening in waukesha county.... jake graf for the spartans does it by himself on this play, rumbling and tumbling for 20 yards into the end zone to pull his team within one at 7-6.... but central has too much.... you save your trick plays for your big rivals... check out the lancers.... jimmie rodgers hits jaiden banda, who is just a sophomore, for the points.... central pulls away for a 43-14 vic now baseball.... a cubs win over the brewers tonight gives them the national league central division championship... but not so fast wrigley revelers.... milwaukee is trailing 2-nothing entering the fourth inning, but gets one on a keon broxton homer and then two on this double by orlando arcia to take the lead on chicago.... 812 it's tied at 3 in the seventh inning when pinch hitter scooter gennett comes through... this is a two-run single to make it 5-3 visitors... 909 tyler thornburg nails it down out of the bullpen and the brewers win,
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