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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  September 16, 2016 3:05am-4:00am CDT

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whats going on. dad tracy warwick found his eight-year-old son in tears as he picked him up. in a peaceful situation, he dont get a whole lot of excitement. so when something like that happens, he knows, protect yourself. hes a little bugged out about it but hes alright. :30 despite the scare... warwicks son will back in class tomorrow. he says he realizes accidents happen. for the most part, everybody is just doing their jobs. were still working on--just a freak occurrence--we're working on what actually occurred. since police are still trying to determine how the gun went off... the incident is not being investigated as an officer involved shooting. because of that... the officer is not being placed on any kind of leave. reporting live in milwaukee... madeline anderson fox6 news. just yesterday -- two milwaukee police officers were hurt while trying to take a 13-year-old-student into custody at benajmin franklin school.
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school. m-p-s says it was a toy pellet gun. the 13-year-old student resisted officers while being taken into custody. the officers went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. homicide... by dehydration. thats the ruling from the milwaukee county medical examiners office for an inmate found dead at the county jail this past spring. a.j. bayatpour is live tonight outside the jail with new details tonight on this developing story his cell here back in april. nearly five months later, the autopsy determines he died from thirst. his familys lawyer says the circumstances are extremely troubling... terrill thomas death in april comes less than two weeks after his arrest. the medical examiners report, released thursday, calls the death a homicide, noting tests revealed 'profound dehydration.' thomas family declines to comment, referring us to their seattle-based attorney. its extremely
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some of the information that we had uncovered in the course of our investigation. erik heipt says that private investigation indicates guards had cut off water to thomas cell. the mes report notes thomas was acting erratically in jail...winding up in solitary confinement, in his cell 23 hours a day. it also notes water had been cut off to his toilet...something heipt says another inmate told them. there was at least one other inmate, if not two, that became aware that mr. thomas water had been urging jail guards to turn the water back on. the 38-year-old, with a noted history of mental health problems, had been charged with shooting into a group of people outside his home - hitting one man. he then is alleged to have opened fire inside potowatomi casino, later telling police too many of the people inside were snakes. heipt wonders if thomas should have been in jail to begin with,
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would hope that the individual would be given a swift mental health evaluation and placed in an appropriate facility. the lawyer says the mes report is a start...adding the familys private investigation continues. they want some additional answers and they want, they want to make sure this sort of thing never happens again. while the m-es office rules the death a homicide...milwaukee police will decide whet spokesman says that official investigation is also ongoing. live outside the milwaukee county jail, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. steph thanks aj the milwaukee county sheriff's office putting out this statement today -- saying it's not conducting the investigation -- and has not gotten any direct updates on the case. the sheriff's office goes on to say -- it's withholding employee internal investigations and won't comment until the investigation and any civil litigation is
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asking that he be released from prison -- while he is waiting to find out if his murder convction will be overturned. his attorney says dassey would pose no threat to the public if released. last week-- attorney general brad schimel said he plans to appeal a federal judge''s decision that overturned the conviction. that judge ruled that investigators used deceptive tactics to coerce dassey to confess to helping steven avery rape and kill teresa halbach in 2005. examiners officer is dealing with 71 possible drug over-doses -- in the past 7 weeks. one of those.. hitting very close to home... the deceased... the medical examiners son. krystle kacner with the story. sept 12th... police are called to clybourn street for an unconscious 29 yr old male... his friend found him... lying in vomit... paramedics administer the drug narcan... but despite that and
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he's pronounced dead... the medical examiner's called. the man turns out to be the medical examiner's son... the cause of death- probable overdose. just one of more than 70 in a 7 week period in milwaukee county.. that's almost two per day. i get an email on tuesday or wednesday saying kath its only wednesday and we already had 7 and the weeks not over yet so we clearly saw this issue building kathy with the medical society of milwaukee says the battle against opiate use and overdoses is something shes and something theyre subsequently taking an active effort in trying to put a stop to to really help change legislation, policy, prescribing practices, offering c and m credits, mandatory to physicians, and really helping educate physicians on this issue unfortunately drug addiction and specifically narcotic addiction is an equal opportunity afflictor it actually can affect anybody in any socio economic class any race, and no
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prove true time and time again... making urgency in the matter... that much more important the earlier that you catch them the greater the chance for successful treatment.experts say they don't believe the crisis has peaked yet. they also say all eyes are on wisconsin right now for how the state is handling it... and its current joint efforts between law enforcement, state and local government, and community involvement. in milwaukee, kk fox 6 news. fox6 news has reported crisis. visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and click the "dose of reality" tab. you can read about programs helping people break the cycle of addiction -- and view a fox6 news special on the crisis. clouds will increase tonight and temperatures will fall into the low 60s. mostly cloudy with periods of showers and thunderstorms
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low: 62 dewpoint: 61
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from your phone. just download the new fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. she sold her house--not knowing it would it would become a home for sex offenders. she was mortified when she found out--but there was nothing she could do. what happened next will make you wish you had neighbors like this...... democrats are saying there's something very fishy about the way scott walker was fundraising. scott walker's response surprised?" the two different ways they see this controversy. and we like working here..... don't we ted? but if you're looking for a new place to work, you might as well work at a place where people like working. the list of some of the best in our
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the mount pleasant police captain says a member of the force is lucky to have the officer drove out of the path of a suspect's car. tonight -- the search continues for that driver. fox6's justin williams with this developing story. i ain gonna, i wont cross that road. leroy petersen says hes aware of dangers on this stretch of 16th street. i got a license, and i dont even wanna drive my pick- up! and, even if he wanted to drive his pick-up, thursday, the mount pleasant man says he cannot be comfortable doing so, here.
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im on the sidewalk. wednesday night, leroys concern is confirmed, when a mount pleasant police officer narrowly escapes injury, following a hit-and-run crash. were seeking the vehicle, and the driver. mount pleasant police captain, brian smith, says its just after 10, when the officer, while responding to an unrelated call, ,exits his police van, which is parked, eastbound, on 16th. he observed the vehicle, comin right at him, so he, quickly, without having much time, jumped back into the driver side seat, scooched over, and then it took out the door. vehicle did not have emergency lights activated, adding that investigators are not certain what caused the crash. were looking at this case, and go, was somebody, intentionally, trying to run down an officer? we dont know that. they do know that the suspect vehicle is a dark-colored sedan, which, the captain suggests, should have damage to the front, passenger side. if
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investigation, youre encouraged to contact the mount pleasant police department. in racine county, im justin williams, fox 6 news. governor walker is touting the latest department of transportation budget proposal today. but some arent happy about whats in it....or rather, whats not in it. the governor says there's no net increase in taxes or fees -- but the core of the zoo interchange project will still be completed on time, but the north leg of the project will now be delayed about two years. additionally, the proposed budget does not include any additional funding for the i-94 north and south project. even members of his own party say they were blindsided by that move....and theyre not happy about it. "now this is the third time so how many times are we going to get pushed back? it doesnt make sense."
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was previously delayed to fund other more pressing projects. but he was promised it would be included in the upcoming budget. he says completing it is an economic issue for the state. neighbors are important to many. so when violent sex offenders are set to move into a neighborhood we've all seen what happens. sometimes there are protests, court hearings, town hall meetings, and legislation to ban them in the community. the small town of lomira found sanchick tells you their unusual solution. house for sale in lomira. well kept, lots of space, but it would turn out, anything but quiet. i had an open house and shortly after that i had a buyer that buyer: a corporation with plans to rent it out. so homeowner kay schafer signed the contract.
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be the state, the tenants: sex offenders. it was a nightmare with a signed contract there was little the seller could do. child sex offenders, jonathan miller and robert larson were ready to move in. those in lomira objected but a court ruled the placement would go ahead despite neighbor concern. nobody's gonna come around and touch my grandchildren. i don't care who they are what they are no. but at the last minute shaffer said the buyer didn't make a financing deadline. she was able still needed to sell the house that became too much for her after her husband died. that's when something happened to make sure no sex offender would ever live there. thought i'd do something good for the community four neighbors banded together and purchased the house. a local bank helped with the paperwork. lee merkel: he idea is we would buy it to rent it to someone tab schwartz: thought it was a good idea to just go ahead and
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this controversial house. the new owners contacted a group in fond du lac county, called salute the troops. instantly tons of ideas ran through my head and the neighbors offered up the house, once destined for sex offenders, to house homeless veterans. richard feustel: the idea was to help veterans who struggle with paying the bills, struggle with paying the bills, then where do we live. there's quite a few that pretty much come to us and say in essence they are homeless took donated furniture and brought it to this house, now being called the warrior house. dan tinsley: i would prefer and i think salute the troops and everyone else would prefer to give them a place that all of us sitting here would like to live in ourselves within the coming months salute the troops plans to place three to four veterans here and help them transition
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are coming forward. so are the donations. for kay shaffer it means her house for sale, didn't provide a controversial setting for sex offenders. instead her house closing means a new door opening for those who've served the country. and she can honor the man who lived here with her, who was a veteran himself. my husband as a veteran , he;s looking down and very happy right now. it'll be used for what he loved in lomira nat myra sanchick fox6 news as f planned to move into the lomira home... they are still listed as not having a place to stay outside the sandridge treatment facility. it started with a slew of leaked documents all of them stemming from the now-closed john doe investigation into governor walker's 2012 recall campaign and today, the governor fielded questions about it -- sort of. his changing answers when it came to questions about soliciting money. and his response to allegation of pay to play.
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the best places to work in milwaukee? the results are in and we'll
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9. clouds will increase tonight and low 60s. mostly cloudy with periods of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. tonight: increasing clouds. low: 62 dewpoint: 61 wind: se 5-10
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scrutiny today -- over leaked documents showing how he sought corporate cash for his recall campaign. he refused to answer some questions. coming up -- how one of his answers changed throughout the day. and he is coaching in kansas city while thinking about his days both past and future here in milwaukee.... beyond the game with a former brewer, ahead on fox six news at
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fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- count on us for breaking news, weather and traffic updates until 9am. a harley ride and movie screening to raise awareness about an important issue affecting veterans. plus a community festival with music, food, arts and crafts. we're previewing this weekend's bay view bash. that's tomorrow on
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governor scott walker -- facing questions for the first time since a document leak that shows he pursued corporate cash for a conservative group. those documents -- published by a british newspaper yesterday. political reporter theo keith with how walker's answers changed throughout the day. crosstalkat a contentious news conference in edgerton, governor walker would not say if he solicited money on behalf of the
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this has been cleared up multiple times at first, he would not answer if he continues to direct money to the group. but, at a second news conference in neenah, the governor had a different answer. governor, do you continue to solicit donations for the wisconsin club for growth? i dont right now the guardian newspaper has published hundreds of pages leaked from the supposedly secret, now-closed john doe investigation into walker's 2012 recall campaign. investigators were asking if walker's campaign coordinated with the state supreme court shut down the investigation, finding nothing illegal. people who failed to win in the court of law have chosen to leak bits and portions of things to try to win in the court of public opinion, without giving people a full perspective walker is also answering allegations of pay to play. in 2013, the governor signed a law retroactively protecting lead paint manufacturers from health-related lawsuits. the leaked documents show one of the companies' owners had given 750-thousand
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this building democrats say it's a payback. but walker says he had talked about stopping "frivilous lawsuits" for years. nobody should be shocked that i did what i said i was going to do. the governor says he'd leave it up to others to decide whether to launch an investigation into who was responsible for the leak. attorney general brad schimel says he was considering that very thing. in edgerton, theo keith, fox6 news. meanwhile, the top republicans in the state assembly are applying pressure on schimel to investigt leak of ?information. speaker robin vos says schimel should appoint a special prosecutor to look into it... he says not doing so would risk undermining the integrity of the judicial system. there are thousands of documents associated with this case... if you'd like to see them for yourself -- visit the fox6 news mobile app -- we included the documents as part of our online coverage of the john doe investigation. when the major league baseball season ends in a couple of
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would move away to their offseason homes. but when the world series champions end their season, one of their coaches will come back to this area.. tim van vooren goes beyond the game. pro football coaches wear nfl issued casual clothes on the sidelines.... nba coaches do their thing in nice suits.... only in baseball, do the manager and coaches wear the and in most cases, that looks perfectly natural.... such would be true with doug henry, the bullpen coach of the kansas city royals.... these days, he looks like he could still fire a fastball, even if he is double the age of some of his 849 "half these guys don't even realize i en so long ago, but they look up cards, they look up stats and they go hey wait a minute, this guy did play, so it gives me a little bit of credibility." 151858 151905 "the lord has blessed me to be a part of this game as long as i have and i keep thinking one of these days i am going to have to go to
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so i just figure i'll show up and have some fun with it." 151916 it's always more fun when you have success, and the royals are the defending world series champions.... that's much different than it was when henry began his big league career pitching for the brewers from 1991 to 94.. 151629 "it doesn't get any better than this... i put in a lot of years and never had a chance as a player but to be on a team and on a staff that we get to go, and it hasn't been just one year it's been a few years, the run has been unbelievable." 151642 171356 "things are definitely looking up here in kansas city for doug henry,he with the royals, but milwaukee and wisconsin are never too far from his heart." 171405 151600 "when i was playing for the brewers way back in like eight decades ago, i think it was, my family just loved being there and they decided that's where we're going to live and since i'm gone most of the summer anyway, wherever they're happy, that's where we are... we ended up staying there, we live out
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we've been forever and love it." 151621 qualified to compare small markets like milwaukee and kansas city, henry says he can see the current rebuild with the brewers working out, particularly if the local fans go all in like those in k.c... in baseball, you don't need the fanciest clothes to dress for success..... in kansas city, tim van vooren, fox six sports.... henry appeared in almost 600 games as a big league pitcher, all out of the relief to still be in the game he loves... new at nine. recognizing teens who've beaten the odds. a special ceremony held tonight -- for the "lad lake" awards. the event recognizes teens -- who've succeeded -- despite going through unthinkable circumstances. organizers say many of the kids have experienced neglect, abuse, poverty -- and many are also former foster children. one of those honored
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marcus says: "you go through things that most people, again, don't go through until adulthood or things like that and so it gives you a new found respect for people's stories that they go through and often times you look at yourself and you know... you hear somebody else's story and say 'i don't have it so hard'.. so it teaches you a lot of things." "lad lake" is a group that calls itself the emergency room of child welfare system... saying it gives kids get a second chance in life. this weekend -- and the rivaly is intense! so the pressure is really on for pups picks-- the wisconsin humane society puppies make their prediction on who will win. and a happy ending for "hot rod" the kitten -- after he was found burned earlier this year. his road to recovery -- and how soon he is up for adoption.
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tomorrow. i'll tell you what to expect as we head into the weekend - that's
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set shot bump back w/ tc it's a rivalry week for the packers, as they head to minnesota to play the vikings in their new stadium. a puppy from the wisconsin humane society stopped in to
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week one was a thriller for the packers everybody, but they came out a winner in jacksonville. pups pick also came out a winner as the last week's dog peanut picked the packers. how about that coming from pip. this week have lucky along with allie christman from the wisconsin humane society. and they are both in their center stance playing like jc tretter because will have to find out where, lucky. tell us a little bit about this beautiful and friendly dog isn't he handsome. yes he is he's six months old, quite the athlete his name is lucky and we're hoping he will be our lucky charm this week. you know what if eddie lacy doesn't keep that weight off you could do some running i think, there's no question about that. well we want to remind you that you can learn more about lucky and all the wonderful pets available for adoption at the wisconsin humane society by going to
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been patient, you have been penalized who will it be the vikings or the green bay packers? oh yes without hesitation. very confident. without hesitation it's all pack, fantastic you did it, you did it, she go a little complex about the dogs picking the other team last year, but it's all good. remember after the packers play the viking sunday night watch the fox6 sports blitz at a special time 11;05. we will have live reaction from the game from minnesota. keep going lucky, this looks fantastic, yea oh yea, it's pack all the sunshine today -- that might not be the case this weekend though. weather expert tom wachs is
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his engines to go to his new home. he was found badly burned a few months ago -- the good samaritan that helped get him back on track. the milwaukee business journal announcing the winners of the best places to work this year. find out if your employer made the
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tonight at ten - while they were trying to help others...crooks helped themselves. a fire station robbed while the fire fighters were out on a call! what they found their way in station 34. and, new information about this week's homicide in brown deer-- what we've uncovered about the 61 year- old accused of shooting the victim, new tonight at ten. the milwaukee business journal announcing the winners of this year's "best place to work" awards. among them -- the milwaukee bucks -- marquette university -- mortenson
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nearly 160 milwaukee-area firms were nominated for the awards and the winners were determined based on surveys completed by employees. in all -- 44 southeastern wisconsin companies are being honored for having the best culture and leadership. the biz journal will release the actual scores broken down to 10 different categories on october 21st. milwaukee county is set to receive a 350- thousand dollar grant from the environmental protection agency to fund improvements at south shore park. lakes restoration initiative." south shore park has undergone several improvements in recent years -- with the addition of the south shore terrace beer garden and ongoing efforts for beach cleanup. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on
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toss to tom on wx deck weather clouds will increase tonight and temperatures will fall into the low 60s. mostly cloudy with periods of showers and thunderstorms the low 70s. some showers may linger into early saturday morning then expect partly sunny skies. warmer by sunday with a high around 80. a mix of clouds and sunshine monday then rain moves in at night. tonight: increasing
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wind: se 5-10 mph friday: scattered showers and t- storms. high: 74 dewpoint: 63 wind: se 5-15 mph saturday: lingering showers then partly sunny. am low: 63 high: 78 dewpoint: 66 wind: w 5-15 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 58 high: 76 dewpoint: 57 wind: wsw 5-10 mph monday: at night. am low: 60 high: 80 dewpoint: 59 wind: sw 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny. am low: 62 high: 76 dewpoint: 56 wind: n 5-10
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up this striking image of typhoon meranti as it hit the philippines early yesterday. in it -- you can see a streak of lightning just atop the eye of the storm. this infrared image was captured thanks to a nearly full-moon providing tons of light. the powerful storm also hit china and southern taiwan -- knocking out power for nearl meranti is the strongest typhoon since super typhoon haiyan devastated the philippines in 2013. a little kitten is looking for a new home after being on the mend for several weeks. as our own julie collins shows you this kitten had a grim future until a good samaritan stepped in. 'hi munchkin' inside this crate is 4 month old hot rod - he came to humane animal welfare society after being found on highway 164 near big bend - -
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down his side, his paws were burned his whiskers were singed.' how he got him - no one knows - but the humane society is working to get him back to new. 'he had 2 different procedures.' the second was completed on wednesday - his armpit was reconstructed giving him his full range of motion back. 'hes doing really good.' 'he runs around my house like a crazy man, he plays with my 2 cats really well. so hes doing really well.' recovery. 'yep, hmmm!' those looking to adopt hot rod should know... 'hes cuddly on his own time right now, which that may change, it may not, hell come to you when he wants cuddling but hes not really the pickup come snuggle me kind.' 'we are hoping he goes home with another cat. and hes a little bit iffy on dogs so a high active dog wouldnt be the best for him.' 'hot rod will be available for adoption in 7-10 days. if youre interested you can come here to the humane
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6 now dot com.' hot rod is a domestic sort haired orange tabby cat. if you're interested in adopting hot rod -- log on to fox 6 now dot com or the fox6 news app and click on "links" for an adoption application. police outside fresno, california used a half-eaten burrito to lure a cat out of a drainage pipe. the cat had been in there for quite time but apparently needed that extra incentive to get out. the officers named the cat "burrito" and hope to adopt it. the newest exhibit at new york's "guggenheim" museum isn't found on the walls or on a traditional display. it's in the bathroom. this is it -- it's called, "america." it's a functional
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casttelan. the museum posting the photo on their website. it's made from 18-karat gold -- and the artist wants visitors to use it as a toilet. the artist says it "evokes the american dream of opportunity for all" while also poking fun at the excesses of art. it o the national "toy hall of fame" announces a new toy in the running. although this is one you likely won't find in the toy aisle. bubble wrap! engineers created bubble wrap in 19-57 trying to make wallpaper, but
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packing... and a lot of fun to pop those bubbles. other nominees this year include the games "dungeons & dragons," "rock 'em sock 'em robots" and "uno." winners will be announced november tenth. hard to believe--- but we're less than eight weeks away from the november election. today -- it was back to work for hillary clinton. she returned to the campaign trail -- after pneumonia kept her off the trail for several days last weekend -- clinton nearly collapsed as she left the 9/11 commemoration at ground zero. clinton is trying reassure supporters she's in fighting shape for the homestretch of the campaign. clinton's opponent -- donald trump is in all-out campiang mode this week. today -- he outlined his vision for managing the nation's economy he's promising to create economic growth with his plans to lower taxes by more than 4-trillion dollars
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create 25-million new jobs and even cut the nation's budget deficit. from green light -- to red. after a federal judge gave a planned oil pipeline through north dakota the "go ahead." the obama administration halted construction on it -- after thousands of people protested. fox's kevin corke with the story. it was a stunning intervention.... almost court judge james boasberg ruled the standing rock sioux tribe hadn't "shown it would suffer injury that would be prevented by an injunction... thus allowing the dakota access pipeline project to continue.... the obama administration jumped in... the departments of the army, justice and the interior issuing a joint statement saying they'd quote: "voluntarily pause all construction" on army corps land pending further review...stopping the pipeline in its tracks. to proponents of the project, it was a reminder
3:58 am
of influence peddling...and overreach by the federal government. gerard says: "in this case all the procedures have been met they've been challenged and they withstood those challenges so we need to move on and recognize that if we meet the criteria in the law, we need to uphold the law " mos says: "this is not just a native american issue.. this an issue for all of us.. and for your children and for your grandchildren' from the dakotas... to the rockies... to the nation's capitol... protests for and against the longstanding debate over the government's role in the use of public land for energy enterprise.. at issue is the dakota access pipeline... a $3.7 billion project that will span nearly 1200 miles, from north dakota to illinois... carrying approximately 470,000 barrels of crude per day to major refining facilities. in washington, former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders called on the praised the
3:59 am
sander says: "and in my view, when that analysis takes place, this pipeline will not continue." among the demonstrators hoping to end the project... green party presidential candidate jill stein... whose spray paint protest led north dakota authorities to issue an arrest warrant for her... for vandalism... to which stein responded on twitter, "the dakota access pipeline is vandalism on steroids." critics argue the administration frankly is being hypocritical. yes infrastructure investment but pointing in fact to a bill passed back in december for 305 billion dollars to encourage just that. all the while watching the state department foot drag the keystone project watching interior refusing to issue coal mine leases on public lands and this latest delay on the dakota access pipeline a very difficult contrast to explain. at the white house kevin corke fox
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light, camera, access. >> grace vanderwaal! >> there she is! >> that's a million dollars. ? i don't know ? >> the win is just the beginning for america's got talent champ grace. i'm natalie morales. wait till you hear who she wants to meet and the big plan for that m >> with like rope bridges and zip lines. when i was 14, i tried to kill myself. >> what has caused her to share her pain once again. i'm liz hernandez. then what incited this feisty exchange between ryan and arianna. >> on the air with ryan seacrest. it's too early for this. tim gunn versus kanye. but he's the only designer


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