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tv   FOX 6 Wake- Up News at 530  FOX  September 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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now at 5:30 a milwaukee police officer-- facing suspension -- accused of driving drunk. what police say happened while she
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upper 50s to around 60 by morning. partly sunny and quiet on tuesday with a high around 80. thunderstorm chances return overnight tuesday and into wednesday. tuesday: partly sunny. high: 80 dewpoint: 57 wind: se 5-10 mph nicole adlibs traffic red on yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays investigations into the stabbing at a minnesota mall continue this morning... this-- as we learn more about the man arrested in connection to the bombings in new york city and new jersey. kim joins us live in studio with more.
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murder of a law enforcement officer. rahami was named a suspect in this weekend's bombings in new york city and new jersey. just hours after investigators released his photo-- rahami was found sleeping in a bar doorway in new jersey. he was injured in a shoot out with police. he's being held on 5-point two million dollars bail and remains in a local hospital. federal charges have not yet been filed. two officers were hurt trying to arrest rahami... their injuries are not life-threatening. in minnesota-- officials say the part-time of killed a man stabbing people at a saint cloud mall was at the right place at the right time. police say dahir adan stabbed ten people before he was isis-linked news agency reportedly praised the attacker as a quote "soldier of the islamic state." the claim has not yet been verified, but the fbi is investigating the incident as a potential terrorist act. all of those hospitalized have since been released. in recent years many communities
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prepare its citizens in the event of an active shooter at their school or place of business. and today the brookfield police department is opening its doors for the public to get informed. julie collins has the details. the mass shootings in san bernadino - orlando - north carolina - and aurora, colorado to name a few... sparked action across the country, and here in southeastern wisconsin. first responders say no place can be considered off limits when it comes to mass shootings. and so officers as well as citizens need to be prepared for every scenario t showing you is of other drills and trainings that have happened are the greater milwaukee area. todays in brookfield theyll talk about three options you have when facing an active shooter situation - to run, hide or fight. the goal for first responders in these situations is to get to the injured more quickly - and to stop the shooter before the number of victims rises. the active shooter training session is geared toward those with area businesses, but it was open to everyone. many officials saying
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important for the public to be involved, because they are the ones that will see and hear the most when these incidents unfold. todays trianing is being held at the brookfield public safety building on north calhoun road. it begins at 9:00am and runs until 10:30 and its open and free to all residents. reporting in brookfield, julie collins. fox 6 news. new this morning -- a 98-year-old barn is a total loss after a fire in the town of cold springs. crews arrived on scene yesterday afternoon to find the barn completely engulfed. all animals were out of the barn and no one was hurt. it took more than five hours to contain the flames. a milwaukee mother is accused of child abuse... allegedly subjecting her child did not need. 24-year old kiara key-are-uh patterson is charged with one count of 'physical abuse of a child.'prosecutors say she took her infant to four different hospitals and urgent care facilities a total of 21 times since birth. doctors say the child was fine. according to the criminal complaint, many of the tests and medical procedures that the infant underwent were invasive, painful and exposed the baby to radiation. the child was also allegedly 'given medication that may not have been necessary.' her lawyer said our
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story was too soon... and declined to comment. an off-duty milwaukee police officer is arrested for drunk driving-- and accused of rear ending a squad car. mpd confirms it happened saturday afternoon near 76th and florist. the squad car was stopped at an intersection-- when it was hit from behind. the driver turned out to be a 48-year- old woman-- who's been an officer with mpd for 22 years. investigators say she was off-duty-- but under the influence. neighbors of the officer says the incident doesn't fit her character. come first her family comes first. as neighbors, i grew up with her she is like a mom to me." butted with "she still is a person on the other side of her job. she knew she did wrong even though she is s police officer" the officer works at district four and has been suspended. her name is not being released
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struck was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. a road in waukesha causing issues for drivers. still ahead-- how potholes caused issues for drivers and whether you need to worry about it for your morning commute. plus-- the death of a 13-year-old leads to call for action. why people in ohio are demanding an independent investigation into an officer involved shooting. plus-- tiffany crutcher/ terence crutcher's sister "let's protest, let's do what we have to do, but let's just make sure that we do it peacefully to respect the culture plus-- a call to a stalled vehicle leads to a deadly officer involved shooting. the latest on the
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morning fog then sun and comfy! highs in the upper 70s! right
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our risk of storms later this week next. protesters are calling for an investigationn shooting death of a teenager in ohio. but first-- the u-s department of justice is opening a civil rights investigation into a deadly officer- involved shooting in oklahoma. kim is in the newsroom with more. officials say police were responding to a call of a stalled vehicle when 40- year-old terence crutcher was shot and killed. tulsa police-- releasing this video of friday's deadly shooting. authorities say crutcher didn't have a weapon when he was killed. in one of the dash-cam videos -- crutcher can be seen walking
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-- as the officers follow him... police say officer betty shelby fired the fatal shot after another officer used his taser on him. shelby has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation. in ohio-- protesters are calling for an independent investigation into the death of 13-year-old tyre king.more than 100 people rallied outside columbus city hall yesterday. police say king was running from an officer investigating a reported armed that looked like a real firearm. that's when officers shot and killed him. attorneys for king's family say an independent autopsy shows the teen was shot three times. the head of the local police union says the shooting was justified. the pending police investigation will be presented before a grand jury to decide whether charges are merited. the gasoline crisis in the southeast continues as some states see potential gas gouging. this comes after a leak earlier this month forced the closure of a
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residents to report fuel prices that seem unreasonably high, as some stations are selling gas priced more than five dollars a gallon! another station advertising 9-99 a gallon after it had run out of gas. it's illegal in north carolina to overly inflate prices for critical goods and services during the emergency or abnormal market disruption. violators can be fined up to five- thousand dollars. the future of driving may be hitting road blocks still ahead-- the and after an absence this year-- the air and water show is coming back to milwaukee. when the show is expected to return-- coming up. the packers-- putting the first loss of the season behind them, looking on to next week. what coach mccarthy says the team can learn from sunday's
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why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
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upper 50s to around 60 by morning. partly sunny and quiet on tuesday with a high around 80. thunderstorm chances return overnight tuesday and into wednesday. tuesday: partly sunny. high: 80 dewpoint: 57 wind: se 5-10 mph traffic check red on traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic today the department of transportation will release safety guidelines for self-driving cars. the feds say self-driving cars will
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the new guidelines out today will explain how the cars should perform... with a 15 point safety list. the guidelines will also include a model for state policies. government officials say they will be aggressive in monitoring the quality of the self-driving cars on the roads. the gap on a stretch of highway in waukesha county is now filled-- after flattening tires over the weekend. this is video --taken sunday afternoon as tony corona stands along the state highway 59-164 bypass, its intersection with east broadway, in waukesha county. he believes that vehicle sustained at least one, flat tire. meanwhile, corona says he is on the side of the road because his car has two, damaged tires and a bent rim, after driving through. crews filled the potential problem yesterday afternoon. it's official. the milwaukee air and water show will be coming back next year! it was canceled this year due to funding and scheduling conflicts. a news conference is scheduled for
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"blue angels" will be back as the headliner. the 20-17 show will take place on july 15th and 16th. toss to rob temperatures will fall into the upper 50s to around 60 by morning. partly sunny and quiet on tuesday with a hig chances return overnight tuesday and into wednesday. tuesday: partly sunny. high: 80 dewpoint: 57 wind: se 5-10 mph big weather last season there was no jordy nelson--his return would
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against the vikings, aaron rodgers played one of his worst games...and he had plenty of sub-par performances in 2 thousand 15. the once precise foot work has become sloppy at times. it seems as if he's just trying
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against the vikings, aaron rodgers played one of his worst games...and he had plenty of sub-par performances in 2 thousand 15. the once precise foot work has become sloppy at times. it seems as if he's just trying
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public..least of all aaron rodgers... here's how the head coach.. broached the subject. "ya look at everybody's fundamentals; aaron's no different. ya look at, obviously if you're talking about a route. what was the cause, what was the challenge of the route? the time clock is something we need to improve on in the passing game; so that'll be a focus of ours this week". it'll be the packers hosting the lions sunday at noon. the fox 6 blitz post game will then watch the sports blitz at 10:35 for a total recap of the game. badgers coach paul chyyst declined to name a starter for saturday's big ten opener at number 8, michigan state today. but beat writer jeff proytkus says redshirt freshman alex hornbrook's preparing to be number one. he relieved basrtt houston and saved wisconsin from an embarrassing defeat to georgis state over the weekend
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that senior quarterback bart houston will be replaced as the starter by red shirt freshman alex hornibrook in saturday's big ten opener at michigan state. coach paul chyrst wouldn't go there. here's receiver rob wheelwright. "moving the ball, being confident coming in. making some throws, some good throws and some good reads and just to see him have fun. he's a young guy and especially like when you see young guys play. especially when you've been in that posii team win is always great." and here are your choices for the high school blitz game of the week. waukesha north at waukesha south. greenfield at whitnall. racine park at racine case. go to slash sports to vote. the voting ends thursday night at 10. bucks star giannis antetokopunmpo iis going to be shown the money! the team announces a contract extension with giannis. the vertical reports
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dollars for giannis..less weight for greg monroe; at bucks foundation golf outing, the center said he's 10 pounds lighter. the brewers back home to take on pittsburg after taking 3 out of 4 at wrigley against the cubs. have a terrific tuesday everybody. we look forward to seeing you again this evening. a police officer in ohio receives a thank you-- 20 years after responding to a call. still to come-- the heart warming reunion between the officer and the boy he saved. plus-- an insurance company refuses to help a woman after injuring herself in her own home.. the reason why
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storms return next! jones "do you remember me?" officer "no, i don't, sir" jones "from 1997-" officer "oh my - are you serious..." jones "pulled a five year old out of a swimming pool, saved his life?" are you serious, wow poole pulled a five-year-old drowning boy from a swimming pool-saving his life. late last week, that boy-- now 24-year-old chris jones gave him an unexpected surprise. jones says he's thinking about becoming a police officer himself. officer poole says he was just doing his job. a simple gesture by a capital one employee brightened up a customer's day so much... she took to social media express her gratitude.
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she told the employee-- tonya-- her fianc had recently broken up with her....and she had to find a new place to live. but the 36-year-old's card was shut off for suspicious activity when she tried sending furniture to the new address. so the tonya gave her 45-hundred free miles... and even decided to send her flowers. trending now - the house where harry potter was forced to live under a cupboard as a child... is now for sale. vernon and petunia dursley's 4 privet drive is on the market. the real-world house is in the about 25 miles west of london. the county also is home to the windsor castle- and neighbors would include the u.k. prime minister. but- bring your checkbook. the house is listed for about six- hundred-twenty thousand u.s. dollars. all anchors chat/toss to 6am
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" i'm not a hero. i'm just a regular citizen doing what every citizen should do." now at 6 - new details... on what led to the shootout between police and the east coast bombing suspect. plus - an m-p-d officer... on the wrong side of the law this morning.. what she's chrg up. good morning and welcome to wakeup! rob's weather today: mostly sunny. high: 78 dewpoint: 60 wind: se 5-10 mph tonight: rain and thunderstorms return. low: 64 dewpoint: 59 wind: ssw 5-10 mph traffic check red on traffic map


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