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tv   FOX 6 Wake- Up News at 6  FOX  September 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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allegations surfacing... of injuries... infections... and tainted drinking water... at a home that's meant to serve the men and women who served our country. good morning and welcome to wakeup! rob's weather today: periods of rain and thunderstorms. high: 80 dewpoint: 69 wind: sw 5-10 mph tonight: periods of rain and thunderstorms. low: 67 dewpoint: 70 wind: se 3-5 mph you can see that that line is moving through the metro area up into the county and then a really good idea, and very dramatic feel of the strong storms on the line come a carved line offshore sheboygan county and then curves back into
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heavy torrential rain. potential for hail. the thunderstorms to pop up but it does as they say go from sheboygan. fond du lac county and curves back inland right down and across to the south. with brief thunder and lightning right down into the county. again, there is potential for hail with that potential and the last hour. the other big issue is they heavy rain. a history of when to 3 inches of rainfall, data coming from the doppler radar. so as that is already wet soil, flash flood watch for sheboygan county until thursday evening. we will track the storms with an update in just a few minutes. = s yellow on traffic map = some = s delays green on traffic map = no
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breaking news this morning - protests erupt after a fatal officer involved shooting in charlotte, north carolina. kim's in the newsroom with the very latest details. police officers shot and killed 43-year- old keith lamonts afternoon... while they were searching for a different suspect. officers say scott got in and out of his car holding a gun... prompting at least one officer to shoot at him. protesters gathered outside that complex overnight... chanting "no justice... no peace." crowds also blocked a highway... and vandalized a police van... creating a massive backup on that highway. one protester compared scott's death - to the arrest of the new york bombing suspect earlier this week. "there was a terrorist - new jersey, new york - he was taken alive. they said they wanted to question
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the nation? it doesn't make any sense." police say at least 12 officers were injured during the protests. no word on the extent of their injuries. a public hearing in madison later this morning -- over what's happening at a wisconsin veterans home. federal regulators cited the veterans home at king after staff decided not to perform c-p-r on an elderly more on other allegations now surfacing. responding to other allegations of tainted drinking water and disease outbreaks...wisconsin democrats call for a special session to fix problems. lawmakers are now about to launch an audit of the home. senate democrats want to know what took so long. 11 months ago, a democratic senator writes that she's concerned about excessive mandatory overtime....and bacteria found
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committee is holding a public hearing later today. one of the co-chairs says she expects members to approve the audit, which would likely start next week and be done next summer. some democrats want to increase funding for king immediately. republicans seem to be fine, seem to be ok, with using this audit as a delay tactic and a smokescreen while not addressing immediate actions his team has flexibility, if there is a problem that he believes should be part of the budget discussion, he can get that informatio democrats are asking why an audit wasn't done 11 months ago, when a democratic senator first requested one. one republican tells fox6 that the state auditor was booked at that time. one of the legislative audit committee co-chairs says she expects the audit to be done by next summer. although if the auditor finds something, he could release it before that jc fox6news new numbers show crime is down big time around the marquette campus. angelica's in studio with more
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declines to a big change. it's now been over a year since the university's security became a fully commissioned police department. marquette is the first private university in the state to make the move. marquette's police department says the department has become more efficient. robberies are down more than 40 percent, battery and assault is down more than 60 percent and burglaries are down over 20 percent. marquette's police department has 40 commissioned officers on staff. president barack obama... addressing the united nations one last time - plus - hear why the father of the new york bombing suspect - says he called the cops on his own son two years ago.
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rob's weather you are watching the fox 6 wakeup news.
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dewpoint: 69 wind: sw 5-10 mph tonight: periods of rain and let's take a look at what is going on take a look at what is going on a lineup thunderstorms, strong winds from the southeast 40 to 50 miles per hour. so quickly across the map they are. behind the mainline, but let's focus on the line of stormy weather again moving to the southeast 50 miles per hour. it is mostly out over the lake now north and sheboygan and still raining on land. little bit of thunder and lightning, heavy rain with lightning but curves back to the southwest and back on sure, oak creek, franklin area down to grove come at the lake, lake geneva, and then off to the southwest down towards rocker, illinois. this has produced heavy rain, torrential rain and reported in a couple of spots with p sized
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particularly happening north and northwest coming out only but this line this morning but recent storms. fond du lac and sheboygan counties, some flash flooding and already pretty wet, torrential rainfall. it could lead to flash flooding. we will watch for that today but the cell thursday evening. we will have another round of storms later today -- today, tonight and thursday with highs around charged ahmad khan rahami with planting a series of bombs in new york and new jersey, including one that injured roughly 30 people when it blew up on a busy street. rahami's father says he called the f-b-i on his son 2 years ago after he threatened his mother and stabbed another son... but authorities say rahami was not on a terror watch or no-fly list. meanwhile... president barack obama delivers his final address to the united nations general assembly. he gave a warning about divisions growing in the world... between
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and those calling for isolationism. he even took an indirect jab at republican presidential candidate donald trump-- saying "a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself". president obama "the world is too small for us to simply be able to build a wall and prevent it from affecting our own societies." world leaders also discussed syria yesterday. straight ahead - we are continuing to monitor severe
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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rob's does quick weather you are watching the fox 6 wakeup news. today: periods of rain and waking up and taking a look at thei stors come aa line of storms this morning bracing from the northwest to the southeast 50 miles per hour and stretching out over the lake and back down on the ankle out over the lake and then back on land has we get to seven milwaukee to the notion
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radar looking on and you can see how it really emphasizes the leading edge of strong storms. in behind that, rain to come in some spots already. that is the concern for flooding particularly there we have seen a lot of heavy rain lately. we will talk about "the flash" flood watch next.
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keeping an eye out downtown. good morning, you guys third and state about 5:45 this morning the winds really began to pick up extremely fast wins and started to drizzle and within minutes the rain cap pouring down and this area. sort of calm right now but lasted about 20 minutes. the rain was pouring down in this area and the cars driving by, going really slow to take it easy out here. the going on out here lighting up the sky pouring through downtown milwaukee. so i would imagine the commute his getting started, the work commute, people getting out on the road so if you have to be out here ticket slow. right now it is okay come it may come back to youan guys. rob haswell with a close eye on everything combing through the area. reports of all kinds of things.
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thunder andg lightning. quite e wicked weather the last little bit but as we take a look at the fox 2 studios for us, thunder and lightning and slight light to moderate lane but they have this line southeast of us so bad as we switch over to reader how quickly the line has been moving from the northwest to the southeast, racing across the map 40 to 50 miles anth well out over then lake back on sure oak creek curbing back80 down to the counties. southeast walworth county down into northern 7 7 illinois. 3d radar just to get a really good look of the line, still some pretty good rain andsu behd us but this is the leading: edge the strongest radar thatmo
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pen walworth county in northern illinois. that like mountain rangen there now, come at the wing back inmp p here commit you see occasional thunder and lightning behind the mainline and that steady rain of course will continue to to heighten with some flooding as we slide south again, we do see light to moderate rain, washington and north milwaukee county the southeast, milwaukee county they heavy rain and frequent thunder and lightning, p sized hail willow creek, before it goes down and speaking of pale, a few reports of smaller hail with this but nothing severe category. and the last few hours, we have already seen one to 3 inches and of course even
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will start to see some of the screen, yellow shaded areas further south and southeast over the next hour or so, flash flood watch in dodge, fond du lac and sheboygan counties. those rinsing some rain the last few days commit today, more later today and tomorrow and that6 means will hold it all and run off rapidly. into the streets. yand there are also soe rivers, creeks specific flood watches watch is in place asa well. you can see the complex storms developing through the last six hours, off to the south /southeast and compaq little pocket of there,, but we are by no means done, the 2 are going to merge into a front and lay across the area, up and down
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things unsettled. tomorrow's weather today. the storms moving through this morning, little bit of a lull before it fires backup around lunch and that will continue into the afternoon strong storms a path -- possibly severe and out into that into the late afternoon 4:00 p.m. eye on into the evening 6:00 p.m. firing around the metro and another line possible ten and the same exact route is what we just saw from the northwest riding off to the southeast. that again is why we have flash flooding. after that come it looks to settle into thursday but a chance to thunderstorms thursday morning again in the afternoon, thursday night in fact we may not see this taper off until later in the day friday. in the vicinity through friday him
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but overnight two or three days quite a bit of rain. some spots three to 4 inches of rain. major flooding. today and tomorrow fairly wet, 80 today, 70 tomorrow and a little cooler once the outline sacks south and drops upper 60s lows 70s and dries up for the weekend and
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they are still watching a line of strong storms slowly make its way out of the area in effect moving quickly but of course covering a lot of ground here and a lot to talk about. you can see the 3d a good example of the outline the
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sheboygan county and curbing back towards illinois oxford area. still good rain to come through, nothing quite like what we have seen on the leading edge. in behind it steady, more light to moderate rain with frequent thunder and lightning but still had thunder and lightning southeast corner throughout the day. there is concern come of course state of small hill but also flooding, hail, flooding potential c bit. 6:26 disney under fire for a few halloween costumes. the company releasing the character the new animated movie "moana."ew animated the costume's description says in part: "your little one will set off on adventures in this maui costume featuring the demigod's signature tattoos" ... and the outfit is mostly brown skin covered in those tattoos. now... people are accusing disney of cultural appropriation... and making a caricature out of hawaiian culture.
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theaters in november. dating can be stressful - but now... tinder's giving users one more thing to judge people for: their taste in music. tinder users can now pick their favorite song to display on their profile. the company is calling the song the user's "anthem." so how does it work? users can sync their spotify accounts and list their favorite artists... to see who shares their taste. and don't worry if you've been listening to nickelback lately... tinder will let you hide it. thunderstorms on the way. heavy rain is a concern with a flash flood watch for parts of our area. right now with a high near 80. when we dry up
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson
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narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors. not for wisconsin. wakeup news. breaking overnight - violent protests erupting after police fatally shoot 43-year-old keith lamont scott.
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leading to his death... coming up. and if you're just waking -- you've probably heard thunder depending on where you live. heavy rain moving through our area this morning. rob will have your up to the minute forecast all morning. anchors adlib welcome back rob's weather today: periods of rain and thunderstorms. high: 80 dewpoint: 69 wind: sw 5-10 mph tonight: periods of rain and thunderstorms. low: 67 dewpoint: 70 wind: se 3-5 mph producing a lot of thunder and lightning and heavy rain. the leading edge, the strong line to move south into the viewing area clipping parts of walworth county south to southeast but behind the leading line a pretty good amounts of rain. and today, lighter across parts of washington and sheboygan county over the lake. and then
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can see making landfall through parts of south milwaukee, and then curbing back into northern illinois. even behind that with an amount tempering the 3d version already a good look at that leading edge, stronger, the radar returns out in the outline. we have had quite a bit of rain, well over into north and northwest county. and those counties andre flash flood watch. that is coming up. and if you are heading to work -- lmape delays green on
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breaking overnight - violent protests erupt in north carolina... following a fatal officer involved shooting in charlotte. nicole's in the newsroom with the very latest. 12 officers were injured as protesters demonstrated against the fatal shooting overnight. protesters blocked traffic... vandalized a police van... and also gathered outside the apartment complex where 43-year-old keith lamont scott wa police officers searched for a suspect with an outstanding warrant yesterday afternoon.... encountering scott... who was sitting inside a car. they say he got out of the car holding a gun and then got back inside the vehicle -- prompting at least one of the cops to open fire. that shooting is now under investigation. new overnight... police are investigating a possible drive by shooting. it happened around 2:00 this morning... at 23rd and clark. a 32-year-old man told police he was walking outside when he heard gunshots... possibly from a passing car... and that's when
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expected to survive. so far - no suspects are in custody. wisconsin lawmakers are poised to launch an investigation of the veterans home at king. this after allegations of tainted drinking water and disease outbreaks are reported. julie collins live downtown milwaukee with more - julie? a milwaukee family says it knows the conditions at the wisconsin veterans home at king all too well. the home will be the subject of a public hr king is located about two hours northwest of milwaukee-- in waupaca county. concerns started surfacing in 2005. lawmakers are about to audit the facility-- after claims of injuries, infections and tainted drinking water. the daughter of a former resident says her father was given medication he was allergic to... and had conditions that went untreated. walter sundling was a resident at king from in april of 2012
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documented everything.... and says no one listened to their concerns about abuse... his family says officials at the wisconsin veterans home at king... ignored and overmedicated sundling after he suffered a leg wound for three months. the family wrote letters to king officials, legislators... and even sent complaints directly to governor walker. kw 'how much more can our families of veterans take, of neglect and abuse. something finally, truly gets done.' one of the legislative audit committee co-chairs says she expt which would likely start next week and be done next summer. democrats are asking why an audit wasn't done 11 months ago, when a democratic senator first requested one. one republican tells fox6 that the state auditor was booked at that time. reporting live downtown milwaukee - julie collins, fox 6 news. for more details on the allegations of mistreatment at the veterans home just visitour website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. happening now - mount pleasant police are investigating a cat hoarding situation. police were called to the home
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discovered 3 dead cats and 7 living ones in her house. they say the home was covered in mold, urine and feces. the health department did an air quality check and determined it was uninhabitable. its just not safe to live in at this point until things get cleaned up inside the house. police say the home had no working plumbing and electricity was only partially functioning. the elderly woman is ok and is staying with family. it's unclear whether charges will be filed. new details dogs seized from a home in racine. all but two of them will be returned to the rescue organization "lucky mutts." the dogs were taken from a branch of the operation after they were found in filthy conditions. the current head of "lucky mutts" has provided ownership documentation for most of them and wants them returned. the racine branch of "lucky mutts" was run by 33-year-old heather jensen. she and her boyfriend "terry bogard" are both charged with 26 counts of animal mistreatment in the case.
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announcements in the city of milwaukee this morning. angelica's in studio with the latest. today, we'll be hearing more about next year's water air and water show. it was canceled this year because of funding and scheduling conflicts. organizers will be holding a news conference this morning - announcing details of the show. the "blue angels" will be the headliners...and will also be at today's event. the 2017 will take place on july 15th and 16th. and then sobelman's pub and grill expected to make an waukesha county. a richfield location is also reportedly in the works. we should learn more about the waukesha county location around 10:30 this morning. this comes as milwaukee's common council votes unanimously to reinstate the liquor license for the restaurant's marquette location. we're staying on top of the latest updates from charlotte... where violent protests erupted after an officer involved shooting. monitor fox 6 and fox 6 now dot com for the newest information. plus - why multiple officers
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memphis. and more fallout this morning... after a former u-s-a gymnastics physician is accused of sexually assaulting two gymnasts - including an olympian. ....our weather expert rob haswell has the forecast next. milwaukee is wet and will keep getting wet off and on the next 24 to 48 hours.
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you are watching the fox 6 wakeup news. rob's weather today: periods of rain and thunderstorms. high: 80 dewpoint: 69
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out therea as you can see 65 degrees right now, dewpoint 63. now, the last few hours we have seen a lineup strong storms raised from the northwest to southeast at about 60 miles per hour. most of it is out of the lake. kenosha county down to lake county, illinois but behind it rain and occasional rumble of thunder but strong line moving out of our viewing area. there will be more though and we will talk about that in the flash flooding next. n traffp = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on
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happening today - the sheboygan man accused of sending his ex a live python in the mail... will be in court. prosecutors say eric burrows also sent a series of threatening letters, e-mails, and phone calls to his ex- girlfriend and her ex-husband. burrows faces a felony stalking charge. if convicted, he faces a of three-and-a-half years in prison. burrows' preliminary hearing is at 1:30. also today - the trial for a milwaukee man... charged with hitting and killing a pedestrian near 77th and congress this spring. 29-year-old "jabbar muhammad" is accused of driving without a license. 68-year-old "alan jeffry" was killed after he was hit by a jeep near 77th and congress. police say muhammad was behind the wheel. he did stay on the scene after the crash. muhammad said he never saw the
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breaking news out of charlotte... where protests are erupting after a fatal officer involved shooting. angelica's in studio following that story and more from across america. demonstrators hit the streets late last night... protesting the police shooting of 43-year-old keith lamont scott. earlier in the day -- police officers were searching for a suspect with an outstanding warrant -- when they reportedly spotted scott inside a vehicle. he allegedly got out of the car holding a gun and then got back inside the vehicle -- prompting one of the cops to open fire. we're told hospital where he later died. the shooting is currently under investigation. meanwhile in memphis... five police officers are suspended for use of excessive force. in november 2015... a man named cartrell williams was pulled over... because police say he matched a description of an armed road rage suspect. when police pulled him over... they realized williams was not who they were looking for... but video shows williams was pulled down to the ground with unnecessary force. two officers were suspended for
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the other three were suspended for not reporting improper conduct. and a former u-s-a gymnastics doctor has been fired from his current job... as he fights two sexual assault lawsuits. two former gymnasts - including an olympic medalist - say larry nassar sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers. michigan state university fired nassar... after learning he was being dishonest... when questioned about previous allegations. nassar resigned from u-s-a gymnastics last fall. the olympic organization says it immediately notified law e once it learned of athletes' concerns. happening now - investigators are searching for answers... after this weekend's bombings in new york and new jersey. even without the suspect's cooperation... they're piecing together a profile that's yielding some clues. karin cay-fuh caifa has the latest from newark... where rahami has been hospitalized. new images of the destruction caused by a blast in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood. the suspect in this and another explosion in new jersey is now facing four federal charges...
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destruction. federal prosecutors filed the charges in manhattan, where 29 people were injured when the new york bomb went off. investigators are still trying to determine a motive, a link between seemingly random targets --- and whether, he had any help. james o'neill/nypd commissioner we dont have anybody else, but again, this is just a couple of days since this event happens, just about a day since this we apprehended him, so again, this is an ongoing investigation.28-year-old ahmad khan rahami remains in custody after a dramatic shootout monday. on tuesday, his father told reporters he expressed concern about his son t fbi 2 years ago- what happened?" mohammed rahami because he was doing bad reporter "what did he do bad?" mohammed rahami "he stabbed my son, he hit my wife, and i put him to jail 2 years ago."the bombings are being investigated as an act of terror, and investigators want to know if there's a link to a terror group. if so -- which one? rahami had a notebook on him when he was apprehended -- writings making references to terrorists -- including the 2013 boston marathon bombers. michael balboni/former new york homeland
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you can do this in your own neighborhoods"according to the white house.... the fbi is also reviewing its past investigation of rahami to see if it missed anything that could have prevented this weekend's violence. in newark, new jersey... i'm karin caifa. anchors chat and toss to rob rob's weather forecast from fox6 chief meteorologist rob haswell a frontal boundary will move over our area and to the south this morning with the first as we take a look things have beenh busy through the morning hours, strongnd line of storms moving from the northwest to southeast providing heavy rain and some spots. the regionalr airport over with intensive rain this morning, almost an inch and almost anpe inch west bend, mide school, pour out there. a live look at the warnings in kenosha with rough conditions occasional thunder and lightniny as thing start to settle down but strong windd gust 20 to 30
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times. most recently reported 2e it 69 degrees, 61 in pretty and pretty soggy come at the middle school, butler saint nick middle school 63 degrees fox 6 studio camera here, 62. as we look at the time lapse radar, the last six hours you will notice this line pop up in race to the south annie's living 50 miles an hour as it came thug pretty much making its way as we speak. and returned the radar to the site a little bit, 3d version to exaggerate the line, the vertical nest to show you that line that stretches across the area to show you how much more intense it is but in behind that making its way to the lake and illinois and curves
6:49 am
south and west from there. the that line coming through our area torrential downpours and pretty good sized tail pea-sized hail in a couple of spots and slightly larger in a couple of spots as well bit of the moment northeast edge pushing in michigan, curve curves back to the south past, southeastern corner of kenosha county and southern illinois. settled a little now the pretty good hail topping storm around kenosha, small hail the last 20 minutes or so settling at the moment. looking at the doppler radar based on the radar return, the rainfall to give you an idea what is likely to fall and you can see we have had many spots, green and yellow shaded area. and southeast does not look as wet but it will with the
6:50 am
seen heavy rain fond du lac and sheboygan, concerns for flash flooding with a watching place today and continues thursday evening. highs today, we should see a difference depending on where you are,d: areas north of this front and it willll show you ina minute a little cooler low to mid 70's. area2 south of the front upper 70s and low 80s and dewpoint decrease as they already have the. we go back to the bigger picture and yo overnight and how it comes down, speeding through the area this morning. still quite a bit in behind it, the really intense stuff moving off to the southeast. what we have is a cold front to the north, warm front to the south and cooler hermas warmer air mass and the link between the 2 to merge commands out over the area today and tomorrow and
6:51 am
and friday. we may have to deal with this through the we can and concerns of flooding and active for the next couple of days. let's go check it out. the short-term things are starting to settle down but a chance of rain and thunderstorm through the midday and afternoon. some of these afternoon storms could be fairly strong quite a bit of energy in the atmosphere. firing up before into the evening and overnight hours. after 9:0o' developed to mimic this morning's line. 's airports across the area of heavy rain this morning, really heightens the risk for flash flooding. calming down a little bit overnight thursday morning but still a chance of rain and thunderstorms thursday morning again through parts of late thursday morning and evening you can see right there lingering into friday.m hangs out in the area. we should seeee some calm into e weekend.
6:52 am
commit 80 tomorrow, 78 settling down on friday and cooling down as the front sex further to the south, 68 in friday saturday, some into sunday but they chance of storms late day, storms monday. five days away from a home opener the. i sunday. the end. when we get angry and westart going at the end of games and stuff like that when those you gotta have it moments. we gotta come out and start the game like that and then we'll be fine." the packers host the lions sunday at noon. the fox 6 blitz post game will follow live from lambeau field. then watch the sports blitz at 10:35 for a total recap of the game. straight ahead - why a photo of kendall jenner has ballerinas
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"i am not throwing away my shot, i'm not throwing away my shot. hey yo i'm just like my country, i'm young scrappy and hungry and i'm not throwing away my shot." don't throw away your shot to see hamilton for just 10 dollars. how to snag the hottest tickets in the midwest - coming up. "we're heading to maier festival park for a celebration of all things furry friends as pet fest returns this weekend. we'll get to see some incredible animal tricks throughout the morning
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welcome back, we are all over the storms rolling through southeast wisconsin this morning., seo, lots of lightning and thunder but the worst of it for now has moved out over lake michigan but he will let you know when more stuff to be rolling through, rain remains in
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mos says: "they jumped off their truck. they said hands up. he got a gun he got a gun. pow pow pow
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now at seven --- protesters hit the streets of charlotte, north carolina overnight after police shoot a black man they say was armed. ahead what investigators say sparked the deadly incident. plus --- new developments in the investigation into the man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey. ahead where the f-b-i says he bought the bomb making materials. and a very soggy start to this wednesday morning --- with showers and ahead chief meteorologist rob haswell has details on our risk for flooding. good morning and welcome back to wakeup! time now x:xx weather forecast from fox6 chief meteorologist rob haswell a frontal boundary will move over our area and to the south this morning with the first round of rain and thunderstorms and then drift farther north again this afternoon. with that front in the area today and tomorrow, we can


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