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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  September 23, 2016 3:05am-4:00am CDT

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some reason. these neighbors moving in. people we dont know. as time passes, crowds grow. some claim to be family members looking for answers. there are few given. this homicide-- the 99th this year in milwaukee according to records kept by fox 6. two grand parents, are thankful none of the bullets hit one of the many kids that were playing on this block at the time. they wasnt hurt. thank god for that. disappointed at the violence visible from their front porch. the 23- year-old-man in the hospital was one of the shooters. a press release lists him as a victim--- not suspect. live at district 5, ben handelman, fox 6 news. brad thanks ben let's go live to charlotte, north carolina now-- where protesters have gathered for the third night in a row. the city's mayor has just enacted a curfew-- it will go into effect at midnight and last until 6 a-m. last night a civilian was shot
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the protests began after a police officer shot and killed a black man. it was caught on camera-- but the police chief says he doesn't expect to release that dashcam video to the public. stacy cohan has more on the investigation and a city under a state of emergency. chief kerr putney/charlotte- mecklenburg police damage that has been done to our fine city"tonight charlotte remains under a state of emergency as officals brace for a third night of protests... "jeremy get out of there." prompting the governor to deploy the national guard in an attempt to limit destruction gov. pat mccrory/north carolina those who destroy properpty or hurt other people will be dealt withas the state picks up the investigation into the death of keith lamont scott...who was shot and killed outside his car tuesday by officer brently vinson... we've seen pictures of what happened next--and chief putney says dashcam video tells more of the story....while not providing definitive evidence scott
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says the video shows scott refusing to drop his weapon. the scott family watched two videos of the shooting today and said "it is impossible to discern" if scott had anything in his hands. the family wants the video released publicly but the police chief has resisted such calls chief kerr putney/charlotte- mecklenburg police "i get it, i do; i understand the whole dynamic and the definition of transparency"claiming such a move would put crime victims at risk chief kerr putney/charlotte- mecklenburg police "our sex assault victims, our domestic violence victims are
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prosecutors have filed a first-degree manslaughter charge against officer betty shelby. she's the officer who shot and killed 40-year-old terence crutcher last friday. dashcam and aerial footage of the shooting show crutcher walking away from the officer with his arms in the air, her gun drawn. shelby's attorney says crutcher was not following orders -- and she fired when he began to reach into his vehicle. arrangements are now being made for her to surrender. a multi-million dollar federal milwaukee-- the money will allow city leaders to view violence as a public health issue-- and treat it accordingly. our justin williams has the story. the trauma that results from pervasive poverty, unemployment and violence, in our city, is unacceptable. so, the city of milwaukee is accepting some help from the feds. this 5-year, 5-million dollar grant is one of the largest grants ever awarded to the milwaukee health department. thursday, a large contingent of
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milwaukee mayor, tom barrett, in announcing whats being hailed as a violence prevention effort. it reaffirms the initial investments made into the infrastructure, to allow us to look at violence as a public health concern. officially titled the resiliency in communities after stress and trauma grant, the money will be used to address several social issues. the grant is about improving access to behavioral health, empower community residents in the reduction of trauma, and sustained, community change. reggie moore is with the citys newly- created office of violence prevention. help coordinate the efforts of various, existing entities, and make certain folks are aware of them. unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are survivors of sexual assault, who are survivors of violent crime, in their community, who dont know where to go to, actually, get whether its counseling, or support. its an opportunity for peoples voices to be heard. u-w-m associate professor of social work, doctor david pate says hes excited about the access this grant can provide. what ive seen, in milwaukee, in my 20 years of research, is that the opportunities are not always there, but the drive, and the ambition, to
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in waukesha-- police are trying to find the man who approached a teenage boy. police say a white man in his 50's drove up to the teen at waukesha south high school yesterday. he was driving a white toyota camery -- pictured here. police say he offered the didn't recognize him and said no. anyone with information is asked to call police. the governor declares a state of emergency in 13 western counties-- after damaging floods. one person has even died. a man was killed in the town of victory - south of la crosse - when a mudslide pushed his home onto a state highway. since yesterday, up to ten inches of rain have fallen in parts of western wisconsin... the state of emergency will allow local governments to get help paying for the cleanup and
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on most of the rain today. but it has certainly been dreary. weather expert tom wachs joins us now with the update. we have a chance for a few scattered t- storms tonight. temperatures will fall through the 70s. areas of fog will develop overnight with temperatures falling into the 60s. get ready for a big cool down friday scattered thunderstorms continuing in the forecast. mostly cloudy and cool again on saturday. rain chances return to the forecast on sunday as a cold front heads our way. tonight: cloudy with a few t-storms. fog overnight. low: 62 dewpoint: 62 wind: ne 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy and cooler with a chance for thunderstorms.
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mostly cloudy. am low: 60 high: 68 dewpoint: 60 wind: se 5-10 mph check the radar anytime - right from your phone. just download the fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. some sad news to pass along- a 14 year old girl wh end her medical treatment.... has died. you may remember her -- the appleton girl decided she no longer wanted to be treated for her terminal disease. this young man in grafton has the same illness -- he encouraged her to fight. his thoughts tonight... on her passing. a 9 year old -- shot in the neck. a 6 year old pulled the trigger. why a 30 year old is in jail for it. and -- congresswoman gwen moore's son. why his seat was empty-- and there was a moment of silence. those stories in the next 9
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a gun in the wrong hands severely injures a child in milwaukee. it happened on milwaukee' s north side last night. another, even younger child pulled the trigger, but it's an adult woman
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latest. this is the second time i hear a little child got shot, not out in the street, but just by playing with his little brother in his house. raymond porter says gunshots are often heard at night in this milwaukee neighborhood. wednesday night the shots injured a child. sources tell fox 6 a six year old shot a nine a loaded gun. police would not say if the two are related. if the hammers not locked on that real gun somebodys going to get hurt milwaukee police say they arrested a thirty year old woman. she is in the milwaukee county jail and police are recommending she be charged with leaving a loaded firearm near children. fox6 has discovered the woman has a lengthy municipal traffic history, but not much more than that in her background. in the meantime, the most recent victim of gun violence is recovering
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takes a second to get in trouble. it only takes a second. my advice to parents, if you got these types of weapons in your home please take em out. please take em out standup milwaukee police say they expect to refer the case to the district attorney's office in the coming days. in milwaukee myra sanchick fox6 news a second person has now died following a morning crash in milwaukee. at 76th and sheridan. a 20-year-old woman riding in that car died on the scene-- the driver died later today at the hospital. the two workers in the d-p-w truck were not injured. police have not said what caused the crash. police are also investigating a crash that happened near teutonia and good hope road this morning. a driver crashed into a box truck just after 9-30. he was taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. police are working to determine what caused
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jabs... still, the milwaukee county board approved the reappointment of health and human services director hector colon. beverly taylor reports the favorable vote was made possible because of a compromise. "we need more transparency from mr. colon."milwaukee county supervisors, one by one, had their say on the re-confirmation of health and human services director hector colon. that, as supporters and those against him held signs in the gallary. "i don't know that we'll ever find an incumbent that has the passion that our position. :19 there certainly have been some mistakes, issues regarding transparency. there's been problems with some of the residential facilities. :32supervisor steven taylor -- who called colon arrogant at times and disrespectful of the county board -- broaches a compromise. "can we put a term on how long his tenure will be? how long his appointment will be?" the term is four
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county executive chris abele, in his reappointment did not specify a term, he was contacted and agreed to a two year term. "i was planning to vote no on the confirmation today. i'm going to be supporting the two year compromise."colon-- relieved to get the confirmation -- but disappointed that a two year term compromise was necessary to do it. "county executive chris abele is trying to bring in talent and if this is now the new precedent it's going to be hard to bring in talent here that's going to be wil colon also recognizes that there is some fence mending that needs to take place between him and county supervisors. "i'd like to meet with the county board chair people and have a dialogue with them and understand what are the issues that are important to them and we need to have some forgiveness as well. "in milwaukee, bt fox6 news. at today's milwaukee county board meeting -- a moment of silence for u-s congresswoman gwen moore's son -- board supervisor supreme moore omokunde. it was announced
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hospital. the family is asking for privacy and have not disclosed the illness. the appleton teenager who made national headlines for her decision to die... has passed away. 14-year old jerika bolens mother is confirming the news to a fox cities newspaper. you may remember bolens classmates threw her a special prom earlier this summer... honoring the teens last wish before she entered hospice. fox6s bret lemoine has more now on the teen's passing. incurable disease. her death comes after some 'disability rights organizations' tried to get the law to intervene. and a local man... urged her to reconsider. he never met her... and he wasnt there for this memorable prom... js 'im just going to be blunt -' but from nearly 100 miles away... js 'its almost as if we are celebrating the death date for somebody.' grafton resident jordan schroeter says these images of
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'this isnt the only reason for someone with a disability to live.' all 14-year old jerika bolen wanted before she died was a prom. her classmates and family threw her a special one at the end of july. jb 'it makes my heart explode. its so crazy! that people want to come for little me!' bolen made it clear she intended to turn off her ventilator at the end of the summer. schroeter lives with the same diseas hearing about bolens decision to end her life... schroeter leaned on his faith... and recorded this facebook video... fb 'ive been where jerika is right now. i know what it feels like to be in that dark place.' ...encouraging her to live. js 'no matter what anyone tells you or makes you believe. there is always hope. theres always a choice.' since his video went viral... schroeter says hes received tons of support... js 'personally, ive gotten so many messages from people who are suicidal... suffering from
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on this earth... you decide to make the most of it. js 'so many people dont realize they have that gift. but only a few will use that gift to go out and help other people.' schroeter recorded the video for bolen exactly two months ago. schroeter is studying to be a pastor... and also hopes to be a motivational speaker. reporting live in the newsroom, bl, fox6 news. steph thanks bret protests in charlotte north carolina over the fatal officer-involved shooting there one father in wauwatosa says he's still waiting for evidence to be released in the police shooting of his son. his plea tonight. and why investigators are not budging. plus, you know it's a big honor when the word "genius" is in the title.
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miami-dade police capture an eight bicyclists actually found the snake on the side of the road. they thought it was a big tree branch until it started moving. the python is one of the biggest snakes in the world. it was turned over to the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. we have a chance for a few scattered t- storms tonight. temperatures will fall through the 70s. areas of fog will develop overnight with temperatures falling into
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cool down friday with highs in the mid-60s. scattered thunderstorms continuing in the forecast. mostly cloudy and cool again on saturday. rain chances return to the forecast on sunday as a cold front heads our way. tonight: cloudy with a few t-storms. fog dewpoint: 62 wind: ne 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy and cooler with a chance for thunderstorms. high: 65 dewpoint: 62 wind: ne 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy. am low: 60 high: 68 dewpoint: 60 wind: se 5-10 mph it's been less than a week since a man was shot and killed by police in tulsa.
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and that's frustrating to a milwaukee man who lost his son in an officer-involved shooting 13 weeks ago. his story is still to come. and as unrest unfolds in communities across the country, one neighborhood in milwaukee is getting help to move forward from its unrest. coming up, brandon cruz goes beyond the game in the sherman park area. get your morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- count on us for breaking news, weather and traffic updates until 9am. plus its part science fair and ups are showing off their inventions. and you can't say fall without oktoberfest!
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charlotte, north carolina. this is the third night in a row. protesters are upset by an officer- involved shooting earlier this week. last night a civilian was shot and killed in the chaos. tonight the city's mayor has enacted a curfew-- it will go into effect at midnight and last until 6 a-m. closer to home-- a father is jay anderson's son was shot and killed by police just outside of milwaukee. he told our aj bayatpour today -- he's frustrated that information that's already been released in north carolina and oklahoma still hasn't been made public in his son's case. as the signs of autumn start appearing in madison park, jay anderson senior still has questions about what happened on that early-summer night - the last of his son's life. i want to know what happened before my son was shot and murdered. i want to know what happened before. it was here in the parking lot at madison park where a wauwatosa police officer shot
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police say anderson had a gun in his possession and the officer feared for his safety. that was exactly 13 weeks ago on june 23... three months later, we still know very little about the case. wauwatosa police still wont release the officers name, wont put out the video of the shooting even though the das office has said that would not interfere with their review of the case. thursday, police told us thats chief barry webers call and that he doesnt want to release in 'bits and pieces,' adding everything will come out eventually but all at the same time. anderson's father says he's seen the officer's body camera video, which is about 20 seconds long. he had his hands up trying to say he had something in the car, a gun in the car, and the third time he moved it i guess he moved too close to the gun, or i believe he was going for his phone. anderson says it's now time to release the officer's name and the body camera video. i wish they would do that but theyre not. when
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to violent scenes similar to this week in charlotte or here in milwaukee last month. i want all these murders to stop, these kids, these officers killing these kids, but i dont want no city thats destroyed. there are many different ways sports can help affect change. for one milwaukee neighborhood, one local team is trying to help that change happen. tonight, brandon goes beyond the game in sherman park. here." for these kids living in the sherman park neighborhood, the sights and sounds on this day... ...are much different than what they witnessed over a series of days in august as unrest consumed the area. after a young man, who police say was armed, was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer, people began protesting and fires burned down businesses in the area. milwaukee native duane wilson, a guard on marquette's basketball team, saw those events unfold and they affected
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sad especially being from milwaukee, a milwaukee native i've got a lot of family members that live over in this area it was just sad to see that type of stuff going on." because it happened in the city of milwaukee, marquette basketball coach steve wojciechowski felt his players and staff should do something to try and help out the neighborhood. "as a member of the community you feel a lot of different emotions, sadness that these events had to happen, you feel for everyone involved and you just want to help, and you want to try and make it better." team went into the sherman park neighborhood to do just that. "for our community, the milwaukee community our best resource are our kids and our program tries to be a big part of our community we wanted to reach out to the kids here at sherman park and help them get off to great start as the school year begins." bags filled with school supplies like pencils, folders, crayons, scissors and glue were given to
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also received marquette swag. "that is very helpful. the backpacks are nice, couldn't ask for more or a better setup." while this was important for the team and the kids, parents, like marguerite givings, also found this effort by marquette basketball as something very positive. "i think its great community event for the kids something good for them, obviously all these basketball players here playing with them, the boys don't get that every day you know." as the nights of protests and fires won't soon be forgotten, donte daugr and girls club in the area, believes a new chapter is beginning. "it definitely affected me pretty hard. but events like these are the things that we've done throughout even the unrest. so it makes me very happy that we have things like this that settle the community." that chapter is starting with the children, something sherman park resident briana mason sees as a great first step. "that situation was a little scary. but marquette and the boys & girls club coming
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community right now." with the events in august as a reminder of what can go wrong, marquette's director of player personnel travis diener knows what can go right if people lend a hand and open their hearts. "it's really unfortunate, not just here in milwaukee, but across the united states the issues that are going on. that's why today is very important for everybody just to give back a little bit and get everyone on the same team." in milwaukee, brandon cruz, fox 6 sports. this outreach was part of the program's year round effort to help the community. marquette basketball is also involved with children's hospital among other organizations. a uw-milwaukee professor is awarded the "macarthur genius grant" for work engaging the community in performance arts. theater professor anne basting will receive 625-thousand dollars to spend on any project she wants. the bulk of basting's career has been about transforming the way we
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tragedy-- but basting says it's important to realize that seniors can finish out their lives in a more positive, meaningful way. so what will she do with the money? "i plan on just counting it, over and over again. no, i'm kidding, i'm kidding. you know people ask me that and i feel like the beauty of this gift is that it's five years and it gives you time to evolve an idea and to grow." the last person to receive the grant in wisconsin was will allen in 2008 - it's being called one of the biggest data breaches in history. half a billion people could be affected. coming up-- what you need to know if you use yahoo. and next-- last week was rough for packers fans. maybe rocco will make things a little better? we'll have his pick for this
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fall officially started today but it didn't feel like it. mother nature is off by one day. it'll certainly feel more like fall around here tomorrow. i'll show you how cool it's about to get coming up in
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set shot bump back w/ tc last week was a game that the packers players and fans would
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you can add the pups from the humane society too, as they picked the game wrong. so who do they think will win on sunday? here's pip with the pick. "well great to be with you again everybody, the pack as you know now 1 and 1 after that painful loss to the vikings, so are the pups from the wisconsin humane society both teams looking to get back on the winning track. angela speed always a winner from the wisconsin humane society seems chill, is he a veteran rocco? "he is, he's a little more mature than your average pup. he's a 2-year old dog and he's amazing. he's only about 5 - 6 pounds but he's go a lot of personality packed into this little guy. he's very social, he loves people he loves other dogs, he's just fantastic. he's pretty petite so i don't think he'd like to play football, but he'd definitely join you on the couch." "rocco was giving me a little info on
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that offense on track so there's some wisdom there." "so what is your prediction rocco? who are you going with packers or lions?" "oh right to the pack, third time in the season. hopefully the pack will be 2 up and one down. way to go rocco and he looks like he's interested in that as well. you can learn more about rocco and all the great pets up for adoption at the wisconsin humane society at our website and you on fox6 at noon, that will be followed by the fox6 blitz post game live from lambeau. and at 10:35 tune in to the fox6 sports blitz for a total recap of the game. angela as always delighted to have you and of course rocco as well. go buddy go, and go pack go." it's been a gloomy day-- but we
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weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. plus-- law enforcement has a new partner in the war on drugs. how walgreens is stepping in to help. and a bank robber calls 9-1-1 on himself! the bizarre reason he felt like he had to turn himself in.
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the last for the longstanding italian restaurant "mimma's cafe". the brady street staple will close after 28 years in the business, so it's chef and owner can retire. earlier this month-- the family who owns jo-cat's pub acquired the
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they say they'll open a "modern version" of a family italian style restaurant. after mimma's moves out-- they'll renovate the space. they hope to finish by late spring. wisconsin senator tammy baldwin reintroduces a bill to provide a boost to states falling behind in business start-ups. that includes wisconsin. "the small business innovation act" aims to give small businesses more access to venture capital. it would allow the small business administration to provide up to 4 billion dollars in investment companies. for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to business journal. adlib to wx weather we have a chance for a
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will fall through the 70s. areas of fog will develop overnight with temperatures falling into the 60s. get ready for a big cool down friday with highs in the mid-60s. scattered forecast. mostly cloudy and cool again on saturday. rain chances return to the forecast on sunday as a cold front heads our way. tonight: cloudy with a few
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wind: ne 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy and cooler with a chance for thunderstorms. high: 65 dewpoint: 62 wind: ne 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy. am low: 60 high: 68 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 60 high: 75 dewpoint: 61 wind: se 5-10 mph monday:
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high: 65 dewpoint: 54 wind: sw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy with a chance for showers. am low: 48 high: 64 dewpoint: 48 wednesday:mostly cloudy with a chance for showers. cool. am low: 45 high: 59 dewpoint: 45 wind: wnw
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fox 6 is right in the middle of our annual "coats for kids" drive. we need coats of all shapes and sizes - from infants, to teens, to adults. if you'd like to help kids in need- just head to our website fox6 now dot com for all the details. we've also posted a list of locations where you can make your donation.
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hundreds of students and staff are recognized for outstanding achievement with an award. and it comes with new opportunities. fox6s deandra corinthios explains. excitement is in the air at mps james fenimore cooper school. "cooper has really set us up for success to be honest and were excited." the k through eight students...teachers and staff...are celebrating national recognition school. "our boys and girls feel connected they feel loved they feel appreciated by all staff members." thursday cooper is named a member of 'schools that can milwaukee'...and the non profit's national affiliate. which opens cooper up to a whole network of schools...sharing ideas. "being recognized by national schools that can also opens up both the staff and the students to some scholarship opportunities some professional development opportunities nationally, and is a great recognition" a
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experts studied data from cooper...including attendance...and scores on standardized tests. cooper exceeds citywide and statewide averages. this..despite the fact that 60 percent of cooper's students are considered economically disadvantaged. and more students qualify for special education than the district average. "when you have that sense of belonging and you know your teacher is recognizing your unique talents your strength your weaknesses you tend to engage and perform better" in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news. cooper is one of six schools in milwaukee to earn the award. it's the first... for the milwaukee public school district. for more information on "schools that can" and "schools that can milwaukee" -- visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. search "cooper." oak creek's former mayor is getting such much deserved recognition. the courtyard next to the city's new civic center will be renamed richard bolender plaza.
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center for oak creek. he wanted to redevelop the site of the old delphi factory-- and move city hall and the library. years later his vision became reality. oak creek's current mayor says the richard bolender plaza is a great way to honor his predecessor. and some good news to report regarding the cudahy fox. you may remember-- his paw was caught in a rat trap a few weeks ago and a concerned neighbor caught him in a humane trap to help him. been treating him ever since. at first they weren't sure if the fox was going to make it-- but in an update posted on facebook-- they say they are very pleased with how his foot is healing. if you'd like to contribute to the fox's medical bills we have a link on our website-- fox6 now dot com. it may be one of the largest cybersecurity breaches ever... yahoo says data "associated with at least 500 million user accounts" have been stolen. it actually
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names, email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and passwords. they're asking users to change their password and security questions and review their accounts for any suspicious activity. in los angeles-- a crossing guard stops an abduction in progress. a woman was trying to get a third grader into her car-- and the little girl started screaming. adrian young heard a commotion and ran over to help. she says she grabbed onto the little girl and pulled her to safety. today young was n of appreciation for coming to the rescue. the would-be abductor has been arrested. here's what not to do if you're going to rob a bank. a suspect called 9-1-1 on himself. police say this kansas man was listening to police scanners while he was on the lam. when he realized the police knew his license plate he figured he had no choice but to call the cops and wait for them to arrive. at first he made up a story that he was forced to rob the bank-- but later
3:57 am
turns out he worked for a nearby gas station. evans says: "shocking for sure because he was always really friendly.' turner says: "it's going to suck not seeing him every morning, he always just chats with everyone that comes in brightens everyone's day i think." police found the note the suspect used and a bankers bag with 8-thousand dollars inside his truck. he faces up to 20 years in prison if he's convicted. allegedly smuggling gold out of the royal canadian mint. but its just how he hid it that will surprise you. prosecutors say the 38-year-old man stole 180-thousand-dollars worth of gold pucks. it turns out he concealed them in his rectum. apparently alarms would sound each time lawrence tried to pass through security. but it's no wonder
3:58 am
lawrence then traded the gold for cash at a mall in ottawa. a bank teller reported his unusual transactions to police -- which sparked the criminal investigation. walgreen's is joining the fight to keep prescription drugs out of the hands of those who might misuse them. fox6's rachelle baillon has more details in tonight's dose of reality report. one of the scariest things about heroin is that people who end up using the dangerous drug often get there via a simple gateway. "four out of five, eighty percent of te using heroin first became addicted to prescription narcotic painkillers." and the majority of the time those drugs aren't coming from a street drug dealer--they're coming from a friend or family member. that's according to wisconsin attorney general brad schimel. "what's in the medicine cabinet is killing more people in wisconsin, far more, than handguns." on thursday, walgreens joined state and local officials in the fight to keep medications out of the stream where they could be diverted for abuse. the company is placing
3:59 am
prescription and over the counter drugs at 18 of its locations around the state. "it's important for us to do everything we can to make it accessible to make it easy for people who want to do the right thing to do the right thing." the new walgreens kiosks join those already available at many law enforcement and other government buildings. they're free to use and come with no questions asked. "you're going to stop at places like this frequently so just make it a practice every time you come in to pick something up bring something to drop off if you got it in your medicine cabinet at home because doing that love." gov walker also signed an executive order that will create a task force that will focus on ways to end opiate abuse in wisconsin. rachelle baillon fox 6 news. we have a complete list of the walgreens kiosk locations on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. just search "walgreens" or click
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lights, camera, access. what do we know about what happened on this private plane wednesday night? did brad pitt abuse one of their children? point by point we'll take you through every troubling new allegation. i'm natalie morales. as we look back at a role brad was once hesitant to take. >> playing the oppressor father. >> hit me. come on, son. >> he's afraid of you. >> let go of her. >> a frightening encounter for gigi hadid, what we know about the man who grabbed her. i'm kit hoover as britney gets a much less threatening surprise. >> about to scare the heck out of ma. >> look, it's probably the best beauty secret that i know. >> we're all ears, christie.


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