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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 430  FOX  September 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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now at 4:30... supporters from both sides sound off for their candidates. what people are expecting during tonight's presidential debate. also this morning... voicing your opinion early. early voting starts today in wisconsin. wh fill our your ballot. good morning and thanks for starting your day with wakeup. lets go straight to our fox6 weather expert rob haswell in the weather
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the red cross is assisting 2 families after a fire overnight. the red cross says its helping 3 adults and 6 children after a structure fire near 29th and lisbon. no word started that fire or if anyone was injured. we will bring you more details as they become available. tonight is the first time we will see hillary clinton and donald trump go head to head in a presidential debate. it comes on the heels of a marquette law school poll ... showing the race tightening in wisconsin. fox six's jenna sachs with what both sides are predicting. their performances in the primary debates ... helped secure their party's nominations. now --- comes the
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general election. as the two new yorkers prepare to face off monday ... the mayor of new york ... is milwaukee. go out there with all you got. mayor bill de blasio is campaigning for hillary clinton. she has the most progressive platform of any party nominee in decades. de blasio says clinton's challenge in the debate ... will be trump's unpredictability. you can prepare for a debate but no one can prepare for what donald trump is gonna do. i don't even think donald trump knows what he's going to do until he does it. de blasio says this is a chance for clinton to lay out her vision. she wants to raise to improve benefits and wages. she wants families to have things like paid family leave and paid sick leave. i think that's what most americans want to hear. i think he has a great shot at winning wisconsin. thiensville village president van mobley is a long-time donald trump supporter. he's going to create an environment that has a lot of opportunities for people to make a good living. he's going to keep you safe. mobley has his own expectations
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i think that we'll also see him be presidential. de blasio also visited two churches in milwaukee this morning. both campaigns have watch parties for the debate in our area tomorrow night. reporting live in the newsroom. jenna sachs. fox 6 news. if you want to watch the presidential debate-- stick with fox6! our coverage starts tonight at 8 o'clock. once the debate is over-- get ready for a series of campaign stops in wisconsin. donald trump's running mate -- mike pence -- will be in waukesha on tomorrow -- visiting e manufacturing. trump himself will rally supporters at the waukesha county expo center on wednesday. stumping for hillary clinton-- anne holton will be in wisconsin on thursday. she's the wife of the democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine. and chelsea clinton will make a stop on friday. both democratic delegates are expected to release more details about their trips in the next few days. early voting begins today in milwaukee... with city officials announcing expanded hours and locations
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early voters: the zeidler municipal building -- midtown shopping center on the north side -- and forest home library on the south side. however only the zeidler building will open today. the other two locations will not open until october 10th. the city expects about 60-thousand voters to cast ballots before the general election in november. early voting dates and hours vary by municipality -- so check with your city if you plan to vote before november 8th. the trial begins for men charged in connection with laylah petersen's death. plus-- a father is arrested in connection to a shooting that left a 9-year-old injured. angelica joins us from the newsroom with new information. jury selection begins today for carl barrett junior's trial. he's charged with reckless homicide for his alleged role in the death of laylah petersen. petersen is the 5-year-old girl who was shot inside her home in november of 2014. police say 21-year-old carl barrett junior and arlis gordon were looking for revenge and opened fire on
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getaway driver has also been charged. barrett's trial will begin later this morning. and the father of a 6-year-old who accidentally shot his 9-year-old brother last week has been arrested. the father-- 39-year-old dominique phillips now faces charges possession of a firearm by a felon...and leaving a loaded firearm near a child. 30-year-old nicole jackson has also been charged for leaving a loaded firearm out. she appeared in court over the weekend. a criminal complaint says this may have not been the first time the 6-year-old had his hans kim and jessob. back to you. a shooting on milwaukee's west side leaves a woman in critical condition. it happened a little before 11 sunday morning near 26th and michigan. the 47-year-old victim was found in a home. police say they're still investigating the circumstances. an investigation is underway, after a drowning at mitchell park lagoon. the milwaukee fire department pulled a man out of the lagoon, sunday morning.
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investigators say they don't think the case is suspicious. looking ahead now-- we are expecting to learn more today from mayor barrett about a contract that would bring hundreds of thousands of jobs to milwaukee. yesterday it was announced that a milwaukee company is one of just 6 finalists for a major government contract. mayor tom barrett held a special news conference in century city. we learned the united states postal service is looking for a contractor to build 180-thousand pos just 6 finalists-- and they've already been selected to build prototypes. and if the milwaukee company wins the bid-- it could lead to hundreds if not thousands of jobs. "this is a significant step and it's something that's a part of our plan to do everything we can to create family supporting jobs right here in the heart of the community." mayor barrett is scheduled to hold a city budget meeting this morning where we could find out more about the
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know the winner. "rev group" says the contract will actually be awarded toward the end of 2017. a curfew is lifted following unrest over a police shooting. still to come-- how charlotte is getting back to normal. plus- the green and gold rolled in titletown. the highlights from their game against the lions next. plus-- flooding causes damage across the midwest including here in wisconsin. how people are trying to recover this week. time now 4:xx you're taking a
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. not wisconsin jobs.
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fighting form after a big
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packer defense. starting things off with a bang rodgers to davante adams-- 14 yard. 7-0 after just the first drive of the game. rodgers throws 4 touchdown passes in the first half of the game. 2 of them to jordy nelson. but the lions didn't go down without a fight-- matthew stafford throws a 73 yard touchdown. but the pack hold of the pride for a 34-27 victory. tim van vooren tackles the blitz from titletown. "the packers had a whole bunch of defensive talent against the lions, on the sideline. out with injuries. forcing young players, some o contributing roles. we knew what the challenge was coming in here. we needed our veteran players to step up. we needed our younger players to step up. we had a combination of that today, and from that we're a much better team right now than when we woke up this morning. it was nice, it was nice to get some of those guys out there. get some experience. everybody that needed to play today, played well in my opinion. that's huge for the defense and for the team. the young guys getting in there really gets them experience to move forward into the season. we need all hands on deck. frankly our young players got a lot of experience today, experience that they normally wouldn't get. so, to play that many guys
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the packers claim that they have a deep defense this season. it would seem to bare itself out against the detroit lions on sunday. now a week off. and all hands on deck if possible, after that. at lambeau field, tim vanvooren, fox6 sports." flooding causes major damage across the midwest this week. still to come-- how people are recovering and what we can expect moving forward in wisconsin. plus a positive step forward for the city of charlotte. how the city is recovering after days of unrest following a fatal officer involved shooting. and the sports world loses a legend. the legacy golf great arnold palmer leaves behind. time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this
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charlotte following violent protests last week. angelica joins us from the newsroom with new information. those protests started after the officer involved shooting of keith lamont scott. authorities say scott had a gun when he got out of his vehicle. they released parts of the video over the weekend. officer brentley vinson shot at scott after cops repeatedly told scott to drop his weapon. relatives say scott didn't have a gun, but rather a book. authorities say th at the scene of the shooting. national guardsmen have been stationed throughout downtown each night...after a state of emergency was declared due to the protests. yesterday - demonstrators remained peaceful outside the carolina panthers' football game against the minnesota vikings. kim and jessob. back to you. the man accused of gunning down five people at a macy's in washington state will be in court today. 20-year-old arcan cetin was arrested saturday.nearly 24 hours after five people were
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authorities are still investigating the suspect's background and possible motive. cetin immigrated to the u.s. from turkey and went to high school in washington state. authorities say he is a legal permanent resident. major league baseball is mourning the death of miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez. he was killed in a boating accident sunday. authorities say fernandez was with two other people when their 32-foot vessel slammed into a "jetty" off miami beach. none of the three were vest. officials don't believe alcohol or drugs were factors. during an emotional press conference the team's president said there are no words to describe what happened. hernandez was 24 years old. and golfing legend arnold palmer has died. the former golfer died yesterday from heart complications. palmer won more than 90 golf tournaments and was the first golfer to earn a million dollars. palmer turned his golfing success into an extensive empire, which included being a co-founder of
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heavy rain hits the midwest... bringing damaging floods to several states-- including here in wisconsin. the high water impacting thousands of homes and forcing some people to evacuate. fox news correspondent, kelly wright, has more from new york. nats the rising cedar river is overflowing its banks and is prompting evacuations in the upper midwest... after heavy rain fell in the region. klobuchar says: "if they we're not able to build this berm here put this dirt up so fast to would have bee in damage in one minute." thousands of residents leaving their homes in cedar rapids and waterloo, iowa. many are hoping preparations will prevent flooding. volunteers were out filling sandbags ... with the cedar river cresting in the waterloo area saturday night. scheckl says: "biggest thing is just seeing the neighborhoods come together. not even neighborhoods, but other neighborhoods working together." further north in minnesota ... ten inches of rain fell... causing severe
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hoheisel says: "we call this the battle -- the battle ship, each panel weights 150 pounds, and there's actually a railing on the other side." many businesses in northfield were prepared for the worst. larson says: "we're getting good at it, and i hate to say that because it - it you don't want to be good at something like this." in wisconsin ... many are cleaning up from the damage ... but some weren't prepared for flooding. brown says: "i'm probably going to have to move, didn't have insurance to cover this kind of thing, didn't think it'd be a threat here." the red help those in need. haney says: "we need to move on. so i try to work with them on recovery and the next step." on-cam tag classes are now canceled in cedar rapids, iowa through wednesday... as flood waters aren't expected to recede any time soon. in washington, kelly wright, fox
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rob haswell behind yesterday's cold front, we have cooled down noticeably. highs today will stay in the upper 60s. we expect a strong breeze from the west at 10-20mph and gusts into the 30s. showers return on tuesday as the low slips back into our area. temperatures continue to cool with overnight lows in the 40s and day time highs in the low 60s. we stay cooler than average through the week and only get back to near normal by friday and into the weekend. today: breezy and cooler. winds get gusty at times. high: 68 dewpoint: 41 wind: w 10-25 mph n low: 46 dewpoint: 43 wind: w 5-15 mph tuesday: breezy and even cooler with showers likely by the afternoon. high: 62 dewpoint: 43 wind: wnw 10-20 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy. am low: 47 high: 62 dewpoint: 49 wind: ne 5-15 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 48 high: 66 dewpoint: 52 wind: ne 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. am low: 49 high: 68 dewpoint: 52 wind: ne 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny. slight chance of showers.
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wind: ne 5-10 mph am low: 49 high: 68 dewpoint: 52 wind: ne 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny. slight chance of showers. am low: 51 of showers. am low: 51 high: 68 dewpoint: 50 wind: ne 5-10 mph am low: 48 high: 66 dewpoint: 52 wind: ne 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. am low: 49 high: 68 dewpoint: 52 wind: ne 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny. slight chance of showers.
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legend is honored over the weekend. this after he received
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fox6s derica williams shows you how the cycling community honored the man behind "wheel and sprocket" -- and so much more. a mass group of bicyclists gather at state fair park words can describe who beautiful this as a sea of yellow prepares to take on the hank aaron trail. nats its all about enjoying the ride with friends more than a thousand plus friends came together for a slow kegel. my dad has always been such a nice guys and nice to every person he meets riders navigated the picturesque terrain toward lake shore state park taking in the scenery while reflecting on the impact kegel, the owner of wheel and sprocket had. my dad has served on some of the founding boards off for all of the big national scale bike advocacy's so peoples for bikes and league of american cyclists. these folks are peddling in support of the bike icon who has his own uphill
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its a type of bile duct cancer and we are still learning more. its very aggressive and the treatment options are looking slim sunday september 25th has been named chris kegel day with a proclamation by the milwaukee and west allis mayors. it will really lift his spirit s throughout his more than 40 years or work kegel has touched so many people. thats evident with the number of participants but also the loving notes dedicated to him on these boards. just a great guy loved ones remain hopeful and the family is uplifted. the positivity thi the love and support we are getting from people is really working were hoping on a miracle its all about celebrating this wonderful guy and hoping to heal him with love derica williams f6n for more information on kegel's updates, history and ways you can support him, head to our website, voicing your opinion before the november election and ahead of tonight's debate. ahead at five and 6: where you can cast your ballot starting
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when hollywood and politics collide. the reason leonardo dicaprio is meeting with president obama. time now 4:xx you're taking a
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time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this morning.. president obama and actor leonardo dicaprio will soon
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president is a fan of leo's movies. both men have called climate change a serious issue for the united states. and next month, mister obama will discuss the issue in detail with leonardo dicaprio. the president and the actor will do so with canadian climate scientist katharine kayhoe on october third. after the talk, dicaprio's new documentary "before the flood" will debut on the white house's south lawn. the film is presented by national geographic. meanwhile the popular hollywood search engine-- i-m-d-b had bigger fish to cover up the ages of some of your favorite actors and actresses. the websites will have to remove date of birth info from profiles if requested to do so. that's thanks to a new law in california. the screen actors guild supports the law, saying it will help halt age discrimination. critics say this move is censorship that will not prevent anything. singing "higher, soaring higher up than anything..."
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"allegiance," will play in cinemas across north america on december 13th. the story traces a japanese-american family's experience of racism and america's internment camps during world war two. you are watching the fox 6 wakeup news. hillary clinton facing off in their first presidential debate tonight. what we can expect from both candidates. also this morning - the packers getting a big win in green bay! a look at the explosive offense against the lions. rob joins us now with more on the weather. rob's weather behind yesterdays cold front, we have
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60s. we expect a strong breeze from the west at 10-20mph and gusts into the 30s. showers return on tuesday as the low slips back into our area. temperatures continue to cool with overnight lows in the 40s and day time highs in the low 60s. we stay cooler than average through the week and only get back to near normal by friday and into the weekend. today: breezy and cooler. winds get gusty at times. high: 68 dewpoint: 41 wind: w 10-25 mph tonight: t-storms ending. low: 46 dewpoint: 43 wind: w 5-15 mph tuesday: breezy and even cooler with showers likely by the afternoon. high: 62 dewpoint: 43 wind: wnw 10-20 mph traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays donald trump and hillary clinton will face off against each other for the first time this election tonight. and, the stakes are high ... with clinton holding a slight lead over trump in the most recent polls. angelica joins us now with a look at the day ahead. more than 100 million americans are expected to be watching the debate tonight. it's taking place at


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