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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  September 29, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CDT

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now at 10-- "great to be in wisconsin tonight!" donald trump speaks to a capacity crowd in waukesha. but not everybody's on board the trump train. 'what hes brought out into society has been incredibly ugly.'tonight-- trump's message and the reaction. it's going to be an interesting 40 days. that is trying to win over wisconsin. polls have shown the badger state is still a battleground. donald trump kicked off a week of campaign stops in the state for both democrats and republicans. we have team coverage tonight. bret lemoine and theo keith are live in waukesha. let's start with theo. trump drew a capacity crowd of 1500 people in critical waukesha county. some republicans believe if he can do better here of all places, he
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nats - cheering walkup donald trump arrives in republican country, trying to rally the gop base in waukesha county. 7:34 were going to win this state, were going to take the white house trump was more than an hour late. meaning some people waited to see him for five hours. sheriff david clarke welcomed him to the stage. 7:07 i believe that donald j trump was made for this moment of turmoil in the last three marquette polls, trump underperformed senator ron johnson and 2012 mitt romney in reliably republican waukesha county. former governor tommy thompson, who supported john kasich in the primaries, tried to sell trump to the doubters. 7:13 its time to get on the train. the trump train is moving! one animal rights protester interrupted trumps speech... nats - two more were kicked out before
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said democrat hillary clinton has failed in everything shes done. 7:55 im not running to be prez of the world, running to be prez of the us. from now on, its going to be america first the waukesha county sheriff's department says no one got arrested. trump says tommy thompson told him three months ago he wouldn't win wisconsin and should campaign elsewhere. this month, with the race close, thompson him to come back. live, theo keith, fox6 news. protesters and supporters could be found lining the grounds of the expo center-- are supporters feeling energized? many stopped to share their thoughts about the rally with fox6s bret lemoine. it started hours before the
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opened ... hundreds of people lined up waiting for a chance to see republican presidential nominee donald trump in person. sot after the speech, we waited outside to get reaction from supporters.... sot sot sot but hours before... there were some outside... who werent willing to greet trump with open arms. 'no trump, no kk, no fascist usa.' along the outskirts of the expo center....protesters call trump a liar... and racist. 'he is racist - i think his remarks from the very beginning have had that tone. hes been reluctant
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parking lot this afternoon... including a guy selling t-shirts from north carolina. he said hes been to 30 trump rallies across the country... his biggest selling t-shirt - 'hillary for prison 2016.' reporting live in waukesha, bl, fox6 news. hillary clinton is campaigning with her former rival bernie sanders... the two appearing together today at a rally in durham, new hampshire. clinton says she wants to "make a difference" in the lives of young voters. so she developed college debt-free for millions of middle class families. "we should and we will make public colleges tuition free for families earning less than $125,000 a year." anne holton -- the wife of vice presidential nominee tim kaine -- will be in kenosha and milwaukee tomorrow... and chelsea clinton will be in green bay on friday. we've posted the details about
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speech on our website-- fox6 now dot com. the state has rested its case -- in the trial of one the suspects accused of killing a 5-year-old milwaukee girl. prosecutors say carl barrett junior was looking for revenge but shot into the wrong house. laylah petersen was sitting on her grandfather's lap when she was killed. barrett's defense attorneys are expected to call two witnesses to the stand when the trial resumes tomorrow morning. new information tonight about police have arrested a 21-year-old milwaukee man. he could be charged as soon as tomorrow. in the meantime, the victim has been identified as nye-ah nya hammond. she shares a child with the man in custody. hammond's mother says her daughter was the victim of domestic violence. we're told she left the man in custody after he beat her with an extension cord earlier this month. fathers teach your sons to be men. mothers teach your daughters how to be young ladies, and how to
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hammond's body was found in the parking lot of the orthopedic hospital early monday morning. we're told she was on her way to work. sylville smith's family is upset-- after a roadside memorial was taken down. he's the man who was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer last month. this is all that's left at 44th and auer. police say the department of public wos the request of alderman khalif rainey-- after continued reports of late night gatherings. but neighbors say things had gotten better. at first, it was like, real loud and stuff but over the past weeks, it hasnt been no problems. its been quiet. the family says it wants to be able to re-decorate the tree-- but more than that they want to see video of
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released until the d-a has reviewed the case. a marine from the milwaukee area is dead after a motorcycle accident in california. 22-year-old najee williams - graduated from brown deer high school in 2012. not long after that he enlisted in the marine corps. williams was stationed at camp pendleton. police say he crashed his motorcycle into a car in nearby oceanside, california two weeks ago. his visitation will be this saturdayi west bend firefighters save a teenage girls life. an 18-year-old was trapped inside a basement after some sort of explosion in her home. this happened monday morning on eagle lane. the girl's brother was able to tell firefighters exactly where she was-- and despite the heavy flames they rushed in. this is my first time ever saving someone from a house fire this is not an everyday occurence for us. still alive,
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has not been determined, but authorities are investigating whether a dehumidifier was to blame. new at 10-- rampant prostitution. neighbors on milwaukee's near south side say the problem has gotten out- of- control. they're asking for help. fox 6's ashley sears with how city leaders are responding. and see what neighbors near 22nd and greenfield say is an everyday occurrence. 05:57 we find needles, weve chased people sleeping in our backyard, we find used condoms on our church steps. pastor joel jaeger has lived here and worked at the christ lutheran church for the past 14 years. he says prostitution fueled by drug addiction is plaguing milwaukee's near south side.
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girls around waiting on the corners. the church has a school attached and children often see the crimes before their eyes. 11:29 there was a girl across the street, totally passed out, face down, sitting on the sidewalk at dismissal time. milwaukee police say they get one to two calls daily about prostitution in the area. 00:43 weve got a serious, serious problem. the milwaukee common council public safety committee--will take alderman bob donovan is the chair of the committee and alderman of the district. 04:03 we need a consistent police presence and shoo these females off the streets and restore this neighborhood to some stability and then get them the treatment that they need. looking for solutions-- so life here can get back to normal. 09:47 this is really a quality of life issue. the meeting is being held tomorrow at 9 in the morning here at city hall.
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concerns. leaders are hoping to coordinate efforts to tackle the problem. live downtown, ashley sears fox 6 news. mary thanks ashley is the chill in the air here to stay? weather expert tom wachs joins us now. we have a warm up on the way. i'll show you how warm it will get coming up in my fox6 forecast. to redo their kitchens. in tonight's contact 6 report-- a look at some of the biggest budget busters. and later-- empire's newest star is from right here in milwaukee-- and he's just 14 years old. hear from
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more than 2-million kitchens will be renovated this year, according to the h studies. but - giving your kitchen a makeover doesn't have to bust your budget. in tonight's contact 6 report - jenna sachs has some tips to keep your costs in check. looking to get the most bang for your buck on a kitchen remodel? consumer reports says take care, to avoid the biggest budget busters. like changing your mind. it can drive your budget up an average of 10 percent. "the average kitchen remodel costs around 28- thousand dollars. so spend a little longer on the designand stick to that plan no matter
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these days, 3d drawings and even tools like virtual-reality software help you visualize the space before you even take down a wall. "when youre standing in front of your sink, your fridge is right here, then..." "as a veteran kitchen designer, i cant imagine making a large dollar purchase, that i will hold onto for decades, without having a full sense of standing in that space ahead of time." also, dont overpay for high-end marble countertops for less expensive, low-maintenance quartz-- top-rated by consumer reports. and you can get the look of hardwood floors for half the price with more durable, porcelain tile look-alikes. remember, while looks are important --dont forget function. save room in the budget for things like a range hood to keep your kitchen well-ventilated, under-cabinet lighting to ease food preparation, and improved storage, like drawers in the base units. "its not the sexiest stuff, but its these little things that you interact
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satisfaction in a major way." your dream kitchen can be a reality if you plan wisely. its also important to do your due diligence about who is doing the work. consumer reports found that accredited contractors are better at holding down costs on remodeling projects when unexpected problems crop up. and, check the references of contractors on your short list, asking clients about their experience of working with the contractor and how the work held up over time. i'm jenna sachs - contact 6. do you have a consumer issue or investigation idea? give jenna a call!! the number is on you screen or you can file a complaint on the contact 6 page at fox-6-now-dot-com. tonight on empire-- a big role for a milwaukee teen! how many times do i got to tell you to stay away from that boy. mom, i said hes my friend you listen to me. you do not ever, ever say that out loud again. not to
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car-deon banks gathered tonight to watch the 14-year-old's debut.banks-- playing the role of young tariq in a flashback scene about 50 minutes into the episode. the teen won the role after sending a video of himself rapping to producers. he actually lost out on the original role he tried out for, but 5 months later got a call that they wanted him back! he spent a day filming in chicago. when i went down it was like a whole bunch of vans and stuff, and then we got dressed a the part. it was fun though. banks told us his friends at school thought he was making it up that he got on the show! he told them to watch tonight! the teen says he hopes to
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tonight: partial clearing. windy. low: 56 dewpoint: 52 wind: ne 10-20 mph thursday: a mix of clouds and high: 66 dewpoint: 54 wind: ne 10-20 mph friday: cloudy with the chance for showers. windy. am low: 56 high: 62 dewpoint: 55 wind: ne 10-20 mph saturday: cloudy with the chance for showers. am low: 54 high: 64 dewpoint: 56
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am low: 54 high: 66 dewpoint: 53 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 52 high: 67 dewpoint: 51 wind: e 5-10 mph tonight: partial clearing. windy. low: 56 dewpoint: 52 wind: ne 10-20 mph thursday: windy. high: 66 dewpoint: 54 wind: ne 10-20 mph friday: cloudy with the chance for showers. windy. am low: 56 high: 62 dewpoint: 55 wind: ne 10-20 mph saturday: cloudy with the chance for showers. am low: 54 high: 64
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mph sunday: mostly cloudy. am low: 54 high: 66 dewpoint: 53 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 52 high: 67 dewpoint: 51 wind: e 5-10
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anchors thank tom there's still time to donate "coats for kids"! fox6 is trying to help kids stay
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for gently used winter coats in all sizes-- kids and adults. head to fox6 now dot com for more details and a list of all our sponsor locations. the brewers wrapped up their 2nd to last series of the season in texas. ernan pair'-ez whoops! a 2 base error on jonathan lucroy's bullet!
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in 2 thousand 8, ryan braun, cc sabathia and company beat the cubs. when the mets lost, the crew ended a 26 year drought by making the playoffs. jonathan villar might be a key component on milwaukee's next playoff team. swinging on the game's first pitch in texas, he swats his 19th homer. one more, and he'll become just the 4th player in major league history with 20 bombs and 60 stolen bases. villar was at the plate when yadiel rivera made a heads up hustle play. the pop up..rivera's goa o'door' delayed reaction. yadiel's safe!!! 4-3 brewers. 5-5 visitors..carlos gomez the ex brewe en fuego in the series..takes closer tyler thornburg deep..a 3 run missle! 8-12 in the 3 games, 2 homers, 8 rbi. rangers lead 8-5..they take 2 outta 3 in the series. 3 more this weekend in colorado
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where marlins pitcher jose fernandez was and will always be remembered by his teammates and by his community.... after a variety of stops today, fernandez's body is currently at a public viewing in a well-known cuban-american church.... the 8th ranked badgers know 4th ranked michigan is multi-talented. and they can't wait for the challenge. linebacker vince biegel excited about playing in front of almost 110 thousand fans! "it's going to be a fun game. we're looking forward to the opportunity to play in the big house. i actua yet; so it;s an unfamiliar face. so, we're looking forward to playing a well-talented michigan team", there are your choices for the h.s. blitz feature game of the week. brookfield academy at university school.... the battle for west bend.... and kettle moraine lutheran at kewaskum..... please head to our website fox six now dot com slash sports.
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we'll announce the winner on fox 6 sports at ten. cudos to packers safety ha ha clinton-dix who's desire to make an impact off the field might be greater than the one he continues to make on it. espn dot com's jason wilde shared a story about how ha ha continues to pursue his degree in criminal justice at the university of alabama. with the hope of finding-in his words-peace and justice. sponsored by the wisconsin club featuring bucks president peter feigin, shown here in file video. his recent comments in madison about milwaukee being quote--"the most segregated, racist place i've ever experienced in my life" unquote..gained national attention. peter feigin told last night's audience that he never meant to imply that every milwaukeean is racist. in the end, whether you agree or disagree, his comments have stirred dialogue. mayor tom
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disparities in our city. he's happy that feigin is engaged in trying to improve a community that i've loved for 35 years. i think that's something we should encourage-and perhaps-take part
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their royal highnesses crown prince alexander and crown princess katherine of serbia made a stop a serb hall. united states to try and raise money for "lifeline chicago"-- an organization that helps with relief efforts in serbia. this actually isn't the crown prince's first time to milwaukee. "it's good to be back in milwaukee. i used to live in chicago, i used to come quite often to milwaukee here. it's a lovely city. we have our people who live here. a lovely church. it's really great to be here.
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to visit wisconsin this year. in may-- the prince and princess of luxeumbourg visited the village of belgium, wisconsin. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking news anytime at is a paid presentation autiful you collection from it cosmetics by jamie kern lima. brought to you by guthy renker. imagine having skin that looks this beautiful, this flawless, without having to wear foundation. imagine a product that covers everything but looks and feels like you're wearing nothing. imagine one product that is clinically shown to make your skin younger-looking in just ten days and can make you look up to five years younger


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