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tv   FOX 6 Wake- Up News at 7  FOX  September 29, 2016 7:00am-8:00am CDT

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watch last night! the teen says he hopes to continue his career in acting. "i watched the news and seen that a little girl had got killed" now at 7-- the accused getaway driver in the laylah petersen murder testif came clean about the fatal shooting. clip 4420 - tc 5:47-54 sometimes you don't wanna open your curtains in the morning because you're embarrased what's hanging out on the corner 20 feet from your house. " plus.. it's the oldest profession but still one neighborhood's biggest problem. how local leaders plan to address prostitution on the south side. good morning and welcome back to wakeup!
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south side...outraged over a prostitution problem. the public safety committee will discuss a solution this morning deandra corinthios is live from city hall with the details. mpd says they get complaints every day about what is happening between 16th and 27th on greenfield. neighbors say they're finding women passed out in the street and leftover syringes on the sidewalk the milwaukee common council public safety committee will morning... at least two aldermen say the prostitution has been an issue in their wards. pastor joel jaeger of christ lutheran church says he's been in the area 14 years...and says the prostitution is fueled by drug addiction. he's concerned because the church has a school attached and children often see the women on the street corners ...or the drug paraphernalia left behind. "we find needles, weve chased people sleeping in our backyard in our bushes, we find used condoms on our church steps and
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physical threat but it is just the embarrassment and the children come to our school - what are we teaching them by allowing this to go on" "we need a consistent police presence and shoo these females off the streets and restore this neighborhood to some stability and then get them the treatment that they need." hall...and is open to the public. reporting live downtown dc fox6 news. the prosecution rests its case in the carl barrett trial. today-- the defense will call its witnesses to testify. barrett is one of three men accused in the murder of 5-year-old laylah petersen. in 20-14 -- barrett allegedly ?fired a gun into a home --
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lap. police say he intended to shoot-up a different house. before wrapping its case.. paul farr was called to testify. farr drove the two men away from the scene after the shooting. he said he became concerned about what happened-- after learning about petersen's death on the news. "somebody got killed. and it was a kid and that could have been anybody's kid. it could have been my daughter." farr with prosecutors. he'll be sentenced next month. the third man -- arlis gordon -- also reached a plea deal and will be sentenced in december. we're learning more about this week's murder in glendale. police have arrested a 21-year-old milwaukee man in connection to the crime. nicole is in the newsroom with details. the 21-year-old suspect could be charged as soon as today. the victim has been identified as nya hammond. she has a child with the man in custody. hammond's mother says her daughter was
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custody after he beat her with an extension cord earlier this month. hammond's body was found in the parking lot of the orthopedic hospital early monday morning. "fathers teach your sons to be men. mothers teach your daughters how to be young ladies, and how to be treated as such. know your worth. my babys gone" we're told hammond was on her way to work when she was killed. back to you. sylville smith's family... as a roadside memorial is taken down. angelica has the latest in studio. smith is the man who was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer last month. this is all that's left at 44th and auer. police say the department of public works took the memorial down at the request of alderman khalif rainey-- after continued reports of late night gatherings. but neighbors say things had gotten better. "at first, it was like, real loud and stuff but over the past weeks, it hasnt been no
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the family says it wants to be able to re-decorate the tree-- but more than that they want to see video of smith's death. police say that won't be released until the d-a has reviewed the case. a marine from the milwaukee area is dead after a motorcycle accident in california. 22-year-old najee williams -graduated from brown deer high school in 20-12. not long after that, he enlisted in the stationed at camp pendleton. police say he crashed his motorcycle into a car in nearby oceanside, california two weeks ago. his visitation and funeral will be this saturday in brookfield. you decide coverage now. donald trump -- brings his campaign to wisconsin. the republican presidential nominee spoke in front of a sold out crowd of 15-hundred people at the waukesha expo center last night. but he was more than an hour late to the rally-- making some supporters
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clarke welcomed trump to the stage.... former governor tommy thompson urged people to get on the trump train - he was for john kasich during the primary. and trump said thompson was the reason he came to wisconsin . " told him three months ago to campaign elsewhere, 'get the hell out of here,' wouldnt win wi. told him las the marquette poll shows trump trailing by two points. however, in waukesha county, the last three polls show trump is
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hillary clinton-- campaigning with former rival bernie sanders. the two appearing together at a rally in durham, new hampshire yesterday. clinton says she wants to "make a difference" in the lives of young voters. so she developed a plan with sanders to make college debt-free for millions of middle class families. "we should and we will make public colleges tuition free for families earning less than $125,000 a year." anne holton -- the wife of vice presidt -- will be in kenosha and milwaukee today. and chelsea clinton will be in green bay tomorrow. does it cost more to put a child through child care or to pay for college tuition? we'll break down the numbers. veterans needing medical attention can get it at veterans hospital -- but what if they have to stay there for days on end? how the "fisher house" is helping their families. milwaukee's own rising star. how a 14-year-old from brew city landed a role on fox's hit show "empire."
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a staple in the milwaukee food scene in celebrating a milestone georgie porgie's has spent 25 years making delicious burgers, custard and more. carl has more on the anniversary from their oak creek
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six.... a big happy birthday to justin.
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three baby brothers. there's six candles on lia's birthday cake today. she likes shopping, youtube and playing with her brother. here's a big birthday smile from ty'juan in wauwatosa.he likes playing basketball, going to karate clas and playing with his w-w-e action figures. it's time for abby to celebrate in brookfield. she likes dancing, science and animals. you're birthday! he likes playing with legos, flying his kite and fishing. and here's double the fun-- twins hannah and ava are happy to be turning six today. they like riding bikes, swimming and playing around with each other. to find out how to wish your child a happy sixth birthday on
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin -
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they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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7:xx a new report says it now costs more to put a child in daycare full-time
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full-time than it does to pay for college. it says the average costs of full-time daycare for kids up to age four is just under 96-hundred dollars a year. by comparison, the average cost of in- state college tuition is about 94-hundred a year. and if parents make the national median household income of 53-thousand dollars a year -- daycare for one child would cover 18 percent of that income. making child care more become a serious issue in this year's presidential race....both hillary clinton and donald trump touting their proposals along the campaign trail. the report comes from the think
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now at 7-30.. confronting prostitution on the city's south side. details on a public safety hearing today discussingh everyday occurrence. thanks for staying with wakeup.. time now x:xx.. kim, nicole and angelica adlib
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traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays milwaukee city leaders will discuss how to tackle rampant prostitution on the city's near south side. neighbors say the problem is out of control. deandra corinthios is live from city hall to explain the public safety committee with
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on a solution. right now aldermen and neighbors agree...the prostitution is fueled by a drug problem neighbors say greenfield avenue between 16th and 27th is the center of the problem. they say prostitution has been an issue for years.... but this year it has gotten out of control. one south side pastor says he's finding needles and condoms on the steps of his church...and people are sleeping the backyard his church is attached to a school...and he's upset the students have to witness it. "theres hardly a time night or day where there and it is kind of nice when the weather is cool like this they dress a little differently but sometimes you dont want to open your curtains in the morning because you are embarrassed about what is hanging out on the corner" " weve got a serious, serious problem. i have no doubt that this prostitution effort is fueled by drugs, we have a lot of drug houses that arent being
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to see a more consistent police presence in the area. milwaukee police say they get at least one or two calls a day about the problem. reporting live in milwaukee dc fox6 news police in glendale make an arrest after a murder earlier this week. and defense attorneys are expected to call two witnesses to take the stand today in the carl barrett jr. trial. angelica joins us in studio with the details. barrett is one of three men accused in the murder of 5-year-old laylah in 20-14 -- barrett allegedly ?fired a gun into a home -- hitting petersen as she sat on her grandfather's lap. police say he intended to shoot-up a different house. before wrapping its case.. paul farr was called to testify. farr drove the two men away from the scene after the shooting. farr has reached a plea deal with prosecutors -- he'll be sentenced next month. the third man -- arlis gordon -- also reached a plea deal and will be sentenced in december. in glendale -- the 21-year-old suspect could be charged as soon as today.
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the man in custody. hammond's mother says her daughter was the victim of domestic violence. we're told she left the man in custody after he beat her with an extension cord earlier this month. hammond's body was found in the parking lot of the orthopedic hospital early monday morning. looking across america -- new details out of california in the fatal shooting of a man by police. and in south carolina -- a teen is accused of going on a deadly shooting spree. jessob is in the newsroom with details. his father and shooting two children and a teacher at an elementary school. the anderson county sheriff's department says the suspect walked onto the school playground with a handgun and shot them. the suspect was taken down by a volunteer fireman. police say before the shooting at the school the teen suspect also shot and killed his 47-year-old his home... authorities are now looking in to why the teen began shooting.
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was shot and killed by an officer tuesday in el cajon, california. officials say 38-year-old alfred olango was fatally shot... after pulling out a vape smoking device and pointing it at officers. the killing sparked protests, with activists calling for a federal probe and demanding that authorities release video of the shooting. police released a still photo showing olango in what authorities described as a "shooting stance." one of the officers involved was identified as richard gonsalves, a 21-yea the force. a major "first" on capitol hill.. lawmakers vote to override a presidential veto to a bill allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia. scott mclean has the details. for the first time in his presidency, president obama's signature will not be on a new piece of legislation. both democrats and republicans in the
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president's veto of the justice for state sponsors of terrorism act. that means families of 9/11 victims can now legally sue saudi arabia for any possible involvement in the 9/11 terror attack. last week, the president vetoed the bill and called on lawmakers to kill it as well, saying it would open the united states up to possible lawsuits over its actions overseas. that plea was ignored by republicans and a huge majority of his own party. in the senate the vote was 97 to 1, and in the house it was 348 to 77. on this vote, the yays are 348, the nays are 77, 1 voting present. two-thirds having voted in favor, the bill is passed. the objections of the president to the contrary notwithstanding. the clerk will notify the senate of the actions of the house.saudi arabia has previously threatened to sell off billions in u.s. assets as retaliation if the bill passed. today, white house spokesperson josh earnest said the veto override is the single most embarassing thing the senate has done since 1983, when congress overrode a veto by
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margin. in response one democratic aide said it was, "amateur hour at the white house". democrat chris coons said, "asking us to stand between 9/11 families and their day in court is asking a lot." in washington, i'm scott mclean. call it the circle of life.. what disney has planned for "the lion king." it's a gift to families that have given so much to our country. see inside wisconsin's "home away from home." empire -- including a very special guest on last night's episode. meet the local teen who s carl is helping a milwaukee food spot celebrate a milestone....
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dick adlibs traffic red on traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays when a loved one is in the hospital -- you want nothing more than to be by their side. for some -- distance makes that extremely difficult. one place is looking to lessen that stress -- giving military families a home away from home. i took a
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in 1941 - with world war two well underway.... milton nicholas brown joined the army. he served in germany. "he did not fight on the front lines, but he did serve helping people." after his service - he returned to milwaukee to raise his family - including his grandson - brian k. johnson. "my dad was not in the picture growing up. so, my grandfather was literally my father. " seemed to be he was having an infection continuously." brian wanted to be by his side. "he was my idol. he was my role model." but location made it tough. brian lives in san antonio, texas. milton was getting treatment at the milwaukee va medical center. a distance of more than 12-hundred miles. still - brian made the trip. he didn't have to worry about a place to stay.... because of the fisher house wisconsin. "this makes is so easy and convenient " the fisher house is
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military families free lodging when they're loved ones are getting treatment at the milwaukee va. "fisher house is a home away from home." jennifer kiefer is the fisher house manager and helps families who live more than 50 miles away make room arrangements. "it's being able to take away one little bit of stress off of somebody's shoulders when they are dealing with such a burden of stress." kiefer says there's no rush to check-out. "families are able to stay as long as they need to." from food to laundry to a place to get a good night's rest -- residents have everything they need. what really mattered. "i was able to have the final days with him." milton died on august 31st, 2016. in those finals moments - bryan was there... "he shaped me into the man i am today. so, i was able to thank him as he was passing away the last two weeks." moments he may not have had if it wasn't for a helping hand from the fisher house.
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wisconsin. there's 71 locations nationwide helping military families. if you'd like to learn more about fisher house and its services -- just head over to our website the weather may be getting colder but custard is always in season. carl is at georgie porgie's this morning, trying out some fall flavors in advance of a major
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ever, ever say that out loud again. not to anybody. least of all to him. he may be your hal not your friend. he and his crazy mother are the worst thing to happen to us." his big break. a 14-year-old boy from milwaukee -- getting onto the hit fox show empire. "cardeion banks" plays of the role of a younger version of
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of milwaukee has plenty of interests. i like acting. modeling. basketball and football. on this night— friends and family have gathered at the kiss ultra lounge on north 76th street— to witness the biggest opportunity of his young life. it started months ago, when his aunt saw an ad on social media. she immediately thought of her rapping nephew— and called her sister at midnight. they were asking for kids between the ages of 10-13 that could rap. so i think i called now. i sent in a video first and they told me to come up there. the very next day— he had an audition in chicago. he didnt get the part. which is why it was so unexpected 5 months later— producers called back. i think i waited couple days to tell him about it. i went crazy. i went crazy. he earned a day in chicago— to film an episode of t-vs hottest show empire. his role— young tariq in a flash back scene. when i went down it was like a whole bunch of vans and stuff, and then we
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milwaukee, to be a movie star. who knew. on wednesday— millions seeing the young milwaukee actor on the small screen— a teen who has long been a star— to everyone in this room. tune into empire at 8pm on wednesdays only here on fox 6. coming up in the eight o'clock hour of wakeup -- fall cook and hot dishes. the beef lady joins us with a comfort food recipe that's a twist on a mexican classic. also at eight -- it's been a few months since their messy break up... why taylor swift and calvin harris are now apparently
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illinois' calling. calling the makers. the doers. those who prefer one-of-a-kind, to common fare.
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of their precious vacation days. this land is illinois. and its calling everyone, everywhere who's up for amazing.
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the peace the evening brings." hakuna matata! disney is
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account made the announcment on wednesday. disney says the studio will reimagine the lion king in a way similar to the jungle book that debuted in april. walt disney studios said it is teaming up with director jon favreau and the new "lion king" will include music from the original. the lion king is one of the biggest animated films of all time... at one point breaking box office records and even winning academy and grammy awards. no release date yet for the new lion king. you are watching the
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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now at 8:00 a growing problem for one milwaukee community has neighbors calling for action. details on today's meeting to stop the prostitution in the area. plus - searching for closure... what the sylville smith's family is saying after the memorial in his honor is taken down. good morning and welcome back to wakeup.. time now x:xx adlib weather forecast


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