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tv   FOX 6 Wake- Up News at 8  FOX  September 29, 2016 8:00am-9:00am CDT

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now at 8:00 a growing problem for one milwaukee community has neighbors calling for action. details on today's meeting to stop the prostitution in the area. plus - searching for closure... what the sylville smith's family is saying after the memorial in his honor is taken down. good morning and welcome back to wakeup.. time now x:xx adlib weather forecast
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neighbors on milwaukee's near south side...outraged over a prostitution problem. the public safety committee will discuss a solution this morning deandra corinthios has more from city hall. mpd says they get complaints every day about what is happening between 16th and 27th on greenfield. neighbors say they're finding women passed out in the street and leftover syringes on the the milwaukee common council public safety committee will take up the issue at 9 this morning... at least two aldermen say the prostitution has been an issue in their wards. pastor joel jaeger of christ lutheran church says he's been in the area 14 years...and says the prostitution is fueled by drug addiction. he's concerned because the church has a school attached and children often see the women on the street corners ...or the
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people sleeping in our backyard in our bushes, we find used condoms on our church steps and it doesnt seem to a be a physical threat but it is just the embarrassment and the children come to our school - what are we teaching them by allowing this to go on" "we need a consistent police presence and shoo these females off the streets and restore this neighborhood to some stability and then get them the treatment that they need." the meeting is at 9 am at city hall...and is open to the public. reporting in downtown dc fox6 news. police in glendale make an arrest after a murder earlier this week. and defense attorneys are expected to call two witnesses to take the stand today n barrett jr. trial. kim is in the newsroom with details. barrett is one of three men accused in the murder of 5-year-old laylah petersen. in 20-14 -- barrett allegedly ?fired a gun into a home -- hitting petersen as she sat on her grandfather's lap. police say he intended to shoot-up a different house. before wrapping its case.. paul farr was called to testify. farr drove the two men away from the scene after the shooting. farr has reached a plea deal with prosecutors -- he'll be sentenced next month. the third man -- arlis gordon -- also reached a plea deal and will be
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in glendale -- the 21-year-old suspect could be charged as soon as today. the victim has been identified as nya hammond. she has a child with the man in custody. hammond's mother says her daughter was the victim of domestic violence. we're told she left the man in custody after he beat her with an extension cord earlier this month. hammond's body was found in the parking lot of the orthopedic hospital early monday morning. a marine from the milwaukee area is dead after a motorcycle accident williams -graduated from brown deer high school in 20-12. not long after that, he enlisted in the marine corps. williams was stationed at camp pendleton. police say he crashed his motorcycle into a car in nearby oceanside, california two weeks ago. his visitation and funeral will be this saturday in brookfield. sylville smith's family is upset-- after a roadside memorial was taken down. he's the man who was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer last month.
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department of public works took the memorial down at the request of alderman khalif rainey-- after continued reports of late night gatherings. but neighbors say things had gotten better. "at first, it was like, real loud and stuff but over the past weeks, it hasnt been no problems. its been quiet." the family says it wants to be able to re-decorate the tree-- but more than that they want to see video of smith's deat that won't be released until the d-a has reviewed the case. you decide coverage now. both presidential candidates hitting the campaign trail. and both parties are focusing on wisconsin. donald trump visited our state yesterday. angelica joins us in studio with the details. the republican presidential nominee spoke in front of a sold out crowd of 15-hundred people at the waukesha expo center last night. but he was more than an hour late to the rally-- making some supporters wait as long as five hours. milwaukee county sheriff david
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former governor tommy thompson urged people to get on the trump train - he was for john kasich during the primary. the marquette poll shows trump trailing by two points. however, in waukesha county, the last three polls show trump is beating clinton. as for the democratic side.. hillary clinton-- campaigning with former rival bernie sanders. the two appearing together at a rally in durham, new hampshire yesterday. clinton says she wants to "make a difference" in the lives of young voters. so she develop make college debt-free for millions of middle class families. anne holton -- the wife of vice presidential nominee tim kaine -- will be in kenosha and milwaukee today. and chelsea clinton will be in green bay tomorrow. can exes be friends? taylor swift and calvin harris are about to find out. how the two are putting an end to their drama. carl's beefing up the morning at georgie porgie's this morning.
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traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays deal between anheuser-busch inbev and s-a-b miller. investors approved the plan for a-b inbev purchase s-a-b-miller for more than a hundred billion dollars.
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other brands. s-a-b-miller has co-owned millercoors with molson coors since 2008. as part of the deal, s-a-b-miller is selling its portion of millercoors to molson coors, which will now become the sole owner of the company. "sabmiller agreed to sell its stake in millercoors the brewer of miller lite and coors light in the united states in order to get the deal done." milwaukee business journal says without the sale... u-s anti trust regulators would have halted the merger deal.that's because the newly combined brewer would have controlled too much of the country's brewing industry. georgie porgie's is famous for custard and burgers. but to make it 25 years, you have to do some other things pretty well too. carl but to make it 25 years, you have to do some other things pretty well too. carl is trying a bit of everything this morning down in oak creek. gary let's start with t-swift
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. sin jobs.
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morning. trouble in kardashian paradise. one relationship is onthe rocks. and are taylor swift and calvin harris frenemies now? gary trock the senior news producer at t-m-z joins us live with the scoop. gary let's start with t-swift and calvin harris. topics: 1. taylor swift and calvin harris friends? 2. rob
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don't forget you can catch t-m-z live at it's new time. two o'clock this this afternoon. then catch t-m-z at six-30...
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street, totally passed out, face down, sitting on the sidewalk at dismissal time. now at 8-30 one community is coming together -- trying to protect the neighborhood from a growing problem. how they're working to put an end to the prostitution in the area. good morning everyone and
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discuss how to tackle rampant prostitution on the city's near south side. neighbors say the problem is out of control. deandra corinthios explains from city hall. the public safety committee with hold a 9 am meeting today at city hall to work on a solution. right now aldermen and neighbors agree...the prostitution is fueled by a drug problem neighbors say greenfield avenue between 16th and 27th is the center of the problem. they say prostitution has been an issue
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gotten out of control. one south side pastor says he's finding needles and condoms on the steps of his church...and people are sleeping the backyard his church is attached to a school...and he's upset the students have to witness it. "theres hardly a time night or day where there arent girls around waiting on the corners and it is kind of nice when the weather is cool like this they dress a little differently but sometimes you dont want to open your curtains in the morning because you are embarrassed about what is hanging out on the corner" " weve got a serious, serious problem. i have no doubt that this prostitution effort is of drug houses that arent being addressed " alderman donovan says he'd like to see a more consistent police presence in the area. milwaukee police say they get at least one or two calls a day about the problem. reporting in milwaukee dc fox6 news now an update to a story we first reported on wakeup
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the identify of a man killed on the city's north side. 27-year old anton gillon was found shot to death outside a home near 19th and fairmount. police are still trying to figure out what led up to the shooting. they are searching for suspects. a teenager wins a sexual harassment lawsuit against chipotle. and a student kill list uncovered at a middle school. angelica is in the newsroom with details. parents in one idaho school district are on edge -- after an eighth grader was found writing a kill list. said kill list with a line under it and then it said hit list with an arrow to the left side of the paper and then on the left side it had 15 to 20 names on it." the student says she was scared so she notified the teacher and the principal. but the girl who wrote it told them it was just a joke and was allowed back in class. the school district has not commented on the situation. a texas court rules in favor of 16-year old girl -- who filed a sexual harassment
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dollars after she sued the fast food chain. six weeks after she started working there her attorney says the manager made lewd comments about her body. after a two week trial a houston jury found the teen was harmed and damaged by inappropriate sexual behavior by her manager "this little 16 year old was violated multiple times, more than 40 times, having sexual intercourse with a 26 year old manager. our allegation is his nothing to stop it." this was the teenagers first job. she says she spoke out so no one else would have to go through something like this. a long term ramp closure in the zoo interchange this weekend set to impact thousands of drivers.. already whittled down to one lane, the ramp connecting i-41 southbound, to i-94 eastbound, is scheduled to close, completely, tomorrow night. this closure continues, until late next spring, when
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expected to be finished. we have information on our website about the alternate routes you can take. just search the links page - on fox 6 now dot com. in sacramento, a new arena built for the 'sacramento kings' n-b-a team, is the first to include gender-inclusive bathrooms. 'the golden one center' has 23 single-use all gender-non- conforming restrooms, located throughout the arena. the team's owner says, they were setting out to build the most forward- thinking arean in the world. max resnik explains. the golden one center continues to be the topic of conversation across sacramento, and today, it's for the organization's position on sexual orientation and gender identity. "first time that a team in building an arena has taken into account the trans- gender community, the gender non- conforming community and really making sure that that space is welcoming for everyone" twenty-three single use all gender bathrooms will spread throughout the arena... with signs showing a
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for jo michael, a transgender man and legislative manager with equality california, the move by the kings increases safety for people like him. "to be able to know that that space is open to them and that it welcomes them is something that i think will really encourage people who i think otherwise might not have felt really safe." where jo rejoices, randy thomasson condems. "this is a bad message. this is confusing children. this is saying, hey, sexual anarchy. you can call yourself any gender you want those decisions." randy is the president of save california dot com, which, according to its website, stands strong for moral virtures for the common good. "what if there's a woman waiting for one of these new bathrooms and there's a man -- a biological man -- dressed as a woman and he says, no, this is for me, get out of my way?" sacramento kings owner vivek ranadive didn't shy away from
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in a statement as part of a press release today he said quote... "we set out to build the most connected and forward-thinking arena in the world because we wanted to ensure the very best fan experience for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity," end quote. sunday is going to the dogs-- literally. what we can expect from the brady street pet parade this weekend. and the studio smells great. the beef lady is here with a recipe that's perfect for fall! today with georgie porgie's!
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you're not alone. ===== angelica: the reason we love to curse so much. ===== nicole: and -- add flavor to your coffee without packing it full of sugar. ===== angelica: a registere d with some simple and tasty swaps you can try at home. real milwaukee is next. pets of all shapes and sizes will take to one of milwaukee's most popular street. sunday is the 15th annual brady street pet parade. steph salvia is here--along with "honey" and sherrie dorn from brew city
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out of hoboken, new jersey -- a commuter train crashed into a rail station -- causing serious damage. this is a live look near the
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went right through the barriers and into the reception area.'' there are reports of over 100 people being injured... and possible passengers trapped from a ceiling collapse at the station. rail service was suspended in and out of hoboken. no word so far on any injuries. the month of october will bring a month-long party for georgie porgie's. the month of october will bring a month-long party for georgie porgie's. the burger and custard stop is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and
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it's national coffee day! and several companies are celebrating by offering up some freebies. giving customers one free small cup of coffee, tea, or cappuccino of your choice. at krispy kreme, customers can get a free small coffee and a free original glazed donut. dunkin' donuts is offering customers a 66-cent medium hot coffee to commemorate the company's 66th
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i
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out of hoboken, new jersey -- rail station -- causing serious damage. this is a live look near the scene of the crash, there are reports of over 100 people being injured... and possible passengers trapped from a ceiling collapse at the station. we'll continue to monitor this story throughout the day. comfort foods make a great meal when the weather is cool joining us this morning is angela horkan from the wisconsin beef
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for a link to recipes from the beef lady-- just go to our
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beef lady-- just go to our
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real milwaukee starts now milwaukee!


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