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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 430  FOX  September 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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"it feels like a weight is lifted but at the same time it's still very heavy in your heart." now at 4:30... one of the men accused of killing 5-year-old laylah petersen -- is found when he is due for sentencing. also this morning... two teen girls are in serious condition after being attacked by dogs. how are the girls doing and what happened to the dogs after the attack. good morning and thanks for starting your day with wakeup. lets go straight to our fox6 weather expert rob haswell in the weather
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news from overnight -- all lanes are back open after a crash in the mitchell interchange. and a victim is critically injured after a shooting. angelica joins us from the newsroom with new information. milwaukee police say the victim -- a 36- year-old man -- is in very critical condition. the shooting happened just before ten o'clock last night near 37th and townsend. we're told the man was shot multiple times. police say its unclear what led up
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suspect. and officials investigating an overnight crash involving a semi. this happened on 894 eastbound just before midnight. we're working to get more information but from the video you can see a car ended up under the semi. two lanes were closed on the system ramp to 94 eastbound.... but they have since reopened. we'll bring you any updates as soon as they come into our newsroom. jessob. back to you. -- with two others -- killing 5-year-old laylah petersen, is found guilty on all charges. it took a jury just three hours to convict carl barrett junior on all four charges he faced. laylah petersen was sitting on her grandfather's lap in 2014, when bullets pierced through the wall killing her. investigators say, barrett and two other men were looking to kill a man acquitted of murdering one the men's family members. they fired into the wrong house. arlis gordon and paul farr have
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roles. peter verdict comes with mixed emotions. "we have to have the strength. life doesnt stop. we remember her everyday. and by remembering her she is still alive in our hearts." carl barrett will be sentenced in december-- his co-defendents will also learn their fates before the year is out. paul farr is expected to be sentenced in october. arlis gordon-- in december. after they were attacked by pit bulls. it happened in brown deer yesterday afternoon. police were called to 48th and west dean road. authorities say the dogs lived in the same home as one of the victims. brown deer police shot both dogs -- one died on scene. the other dog was taken by madacc -- the owner requested it be euthanized. a neighbor says it might not be the first time one of the dogs got aggressive. "i was walking down 48th street here and then all of a sudden, a dog ran out of a vehicle. like a mother, i screamed because im worried
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they were treated on the scene and later taken to nearby hospitals. a long time educator -- is busted on child porn charges. 68-year-old "thomas de-fazio" was a volunteer at kenosha's "all saints academy." he was fired by the principal -- after he "liked" some questionable pictures of young girls on facebook. allegedly found nearly a dozen inappropriate images. prosecutors say de-fazio told investigators he did not think the images "crossed the line." he previously worked in racine county for several decades. images "crossed the line." the south side of milwaukee has a prostitution problem and the city's common council took the first step toward fixing it. at a public hearing on thursday-- neighbors say most of the issues are occurring on portions of national, greenfield and lincoln avenues. some say the root of the problem is drug addiction. others blame human trafficking.
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and they hope to find a solution quickly. "one of my daily duties in the morning that i make it on myself is to go around and make sure that i don't find no needles around the school, used condoms." committee members are vowing to keep this conversation going until the problem is solved. alderman donovan saying they'll discuss it every month, if needed it could soon cost more to operate a vehicle in milwaukee county. announcing a plan that could cost drivers an annual fee of 60-dollars. abele says the county cant rely on state funds to help -- and this option will generate 27-million dollars a year for milwaukee county. he says its enough to fund all the countys transportation infrastructure costs, annual bus replacements, county highway and bridge repairs. it will also help preserve the 'go pass' program -- allowing seniors and the disabled to ride the bus for free - or at a reduced cost. the
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the day after donald trump campaigns in waukesha -- the wife of hillary clinton's running mate stops in milwaukee. anne holton is the former education secretary in virginia. she kept her message positive -- focused on her husband, tim kaine, and hillary clinton. meanwhile, clinton's supporters are responding to something donald trump said in waukesha county wednesday night -- as he appealed to african-american voters. "to the african american community, i say, what the hell do you have to lose?" "we would have a lot to lose, i believe, if donald trumps side. i dont think hes for education. i dont think hes for families. i think hes just for the rich." chelsea clinton will campaign in green bay today. no word on when hillary clinton might be back in wisconsin. meanwhile -- trump held a rally in new hampshire yesterday
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polling finds clinton leading trump nationally, after monday night's debate. we're only a few weeks into the n-f-l season but we now know who will be performing at the super bowl halftime show. the announcement will make you go gaga! gone but never forgotten. a marine killed in an accident -- how his alma mater is honoring him and why his former coach says his legacy will live on. capitol hill takes on the wells fargo c-e-o yet again. outrage over the bank's "unethical sales practices." time now 4:xx you're taking a
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u-s marine from milwaukee will take place tomorrow. sergeant najee williams died from injuries he sustained during a motorcycle accident in california. fox six's angelica sanchez has the story. i'm definitely a better person for having him in my life." brown dee rob green reflects on the passing of one of his former players. 22 year old us marine sgt. najee allen williams. a 2012 graduate of brown deer high school. and a stand out player. he says he will always remember williams' smile. "he had the ability to welcome teammates... he was so welcoming with that smile that people gravitated towards him." coach green and williams kept in touch long
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speech he gave to his players last fall during one of his visits. "he came to one of our away football games we were down and losing at half time and his message to the team was what's up with all the long faces? this is a game you are playing with your friends and your classmates this is something you'll remember forever." sgt. williams leaves behind a wife and step son he was statio according to the oceanside police department he died from injuries he sustained when the yamaha motorcycle he was riding collided with a car. the investigation into who was at fault for the collision is still ongoing. meanwhile friends and family prepare to say goodbye to the young man coach green describes as a force of good. "you can't change what occurred but you can remember what he stood for and make that as a positive now we did reach out to the williams family who is still very emotional and did not want to make a comment
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with a moment of silence during their homecoming game reporting in brown deer i'm angelica sanchez fox 6 news former israeli leader "shimon peres" will be laid to rest today. the world leaders that are expected at his funeral. after being lost at sea for seven days a man is rescued -- but his mother is still missing. why he may be facing charges. as more pipeline protesters show up in north dakota -- authorities respond with a show of force. how many custody. you are watching the fox 6
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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appeared on capitol hill again yesterday -- this time in front of a house committee. he's attempting to calm the outrage over the bank's creation of fake
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amid renewed calls for his resignation. melisa raney has details. rep. sean duffy, r wisconsin "just pull the curtain back a little bit and they go, 'man, whether you want to call it defrauding our customers, or stealing from our customers, wells fargo has a big problem.'"wells fargo c-e-o john stumpf testified before the house financial services committee thursday -- facing questions and accusations about fraudulent accounts created without customer knowledge. jon fargo ceo "i am fully accountable for all unethical sales practices in our retail banking business, and i am fully committed to fixing this issue."his appearance comes as demand for his resignation intensifies -- several members of the committee repeated those demands... and called for stumpf and wells fargo executives to face criminal prosecution. rep. gregory meeks, d new york "you have to also admit that criminal activity was going on in your bank, then you should be fired.." // rep. michael capuano, d
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prosecutors get ahold of you, you're gonna have a lot of fun."as many as two-million fake accounts were opened by bank employees... and 53-hundred people fired as a result of the scandal. wells fargo first addressed it as a problem that began in 2011... but last week the bank extended its search for unauthorized accounts by two more years -- to include 2009 and 2010. stumpf has so far refused to extend the review e i'm melisa raney reporting. the national transit safety board is currently investigating the crash that killed one person and injured more than 100-others in new jersey. angelica joins us from the newsroom with new information. investigators say speed could have been a factor -- and passengers say the train failed to slow down. "at the end of every track, there's a bumper, a steel bumper, it went right through the bumper and right on top of the platform. the roof collapsed on top of the first car which was pretty crumpled a water line broke so
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the train's engineer has been identified as 48-year-old thomas gallagher. he was treated for non-life threatening injuries and released from a hospital -- officials say he is cooperating with the investigation. major traffic and transit changes will remain in place after the crash. the crash comes just five years after more than 30 people were injured when a train overran its stop at the same station. jessob -- back to you. tropil hurricane matthew.... it's the fifth hurricane of the 2016 atlantic hurricane season. the storm picked up strength about 190 miles away from the caribbean island country of curacao. swells generated by matthew are expected to affect portions of the coasts of puerto rico, hispaniola, aruba, bonaire, curacao, venezuela, and colombia during the next few days. maximum sustained winds have
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are in jerusalem-- for the funeral of a founding father of israel-- shimon peres. the former israeli leader died wednesday at the age of 93. a long list of dignitaries and foreign paid their respects, including president obama and palestinian authority president mahmoud officers have been deployed at key locations to protect world leaders amid fears of a "lone wolf" terrorist attack looking across america -- as protests continue in san diego after the fatal police shooting of an unarmed 38-year-old man... his family is now calling for peace but also, justice. "if you support me and my family, just... peaceful. i need... go there and... yes support us but, peacefully. i don't want war. don't go ...... and give destruction of property to
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the national action network is joining forces with "alfred olango's" family -- calling on police to release any and all video of the shooting. olango was shot and killed after officers responded to reports of a mentally unstable man walking in traffic. officers say olango was in a "shooting stance" -- although he was unarmed. more pipeline protesters showed up near st. anthony, north authorities responded with a show of force. officials arrested 21 people on charges including trespassing on private property, resisting arrest and possession of stolen property. protesters complained that they were being sprayed by chemicals -- but the sheriff's department says a crop duster was working nearby. there have now been nearly 100 arrests in connection to the protests. in connecticut -- police execute a search warrant at the home of a woman who went missing at sea while on a fishing trip with her son. 22-year-old nathan carman was
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at sea. he says the boat that he and his mother were on sank -- she is now presumed dead. investigators are looking into the possibility of reckless endangerment -- nathan allegedly knew the boat needed repairs. back in 2013, nathan carman's grandfather died -- and nathan is a person of interest... that murder remains unsolved. a will indicates the grandfather left more than 40-million dollars to his four daughters. ahead at five: to see more women on their payroll. the measures they are taking to open up more positions for them. and then at six... who doesn't want to be batman? how much one bidder paid to take home christian bale's "dark knight" batsuit. how does a pizza night with tom brady, matt damon and ben affleck sound? you could have a shot at making that a reality. time now 4:xx you're taking a
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da doo-doo-mmm just dance, spin that record babe, da da doo-doo-mmm just dance." little monsters rejoice! lady gaga is headed to the super bowl halftime show. the singer announced on twitter yesterday that she will be performing at super bowl 51 on february 5, 2017. "it's not an illusion. the rumors are true, gaga!" she posted on twitter. this is the second year in a row the super bowl has featured an appearance from lady gaga -- she sang the national anthem at super bowl 50. the americas have officially eliminated the measles and the achievement is a global first. a disease is declared eliminated when there has been no transmission in a specific geographic region for a year or more-- according to the centers for
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the world health organization says the battle against measles was won through mass vaccination. before the start of a vaccination campaign in 1980 -- measles caused over 101-thousand deaths in the americas between 1971 and 1979. measles can cause pneumonia, blindness, brain swelling and even death. tom brady, matt damon and ben affleck are hosting some lucky fans in boston to support three non-profit organizations., and t-b twelve foundation collectively support global health, education and safety. affleck and damon are among the organizations' founders. each donation enters participants for the chance to win exclusive prizes. the most anticipated prize is the chance of having a pizza night with the famous trio. there are 26 days left to donate and enter the
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ca 'a $60 per year vehicle registration fee. which averages out to $5 per month.' now at 5- owning your own set of wheels could soon cost you. the latest tax proposed by the milwaukee county executive. for suspects. authorities ask for your help after an attempted robbery in racine county. rob joins us now with more on the weather. rob's weather anchor adlibs traffic red on


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