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"crime watch daily." imc to be mike chris hansen. hope to see you tomorrow. and remember, we are watching. >> welcome home, lisa g.
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now at 10-- creepy clowns causing concern across southeastern wisconsin. and now schools are getting involved. plus-- dallas police are recruiting right here in milwaukee. why they picked wisconsin. and-- whats the first thing youre gonna do when you get back home? we going out to eat! it's daryl holloway's first taste of freedom in 24 years. hear from the man who tried to defend him two decades ago. finally free. daryl dwayne holloway spent half of his life in prison. today he was set free. he was wrongfully convicted of rape in 1993-- and was 24 years into a 120 year sentence when d-n-a proved it wasn't him. but holloway says he has no ill will toward the victims.
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this to them, theyve been walking around for the longest . the wisconsin innocence project took the case -- after they realized the prosecution didn't have much evidence against him. so how did they help him walk free? we delve into that more tonight, with a look at the original complaint and information from his original lawyer.. fox6's myra sanchick has that story. and perserverance daryl holloway is a free man. newer d-n-a tests proved that the 24 years in prison for two milwaukee sexual assault convictions holloway has served, should not have been. 35:20 i came in mid-20s. man, im almost 50 now. my whole life has changed. they had old-school telephones back then, now they got computers. i dont know nothing
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holloway in 1993. two women separately identified holloway as the man who raped each at knifepoint one telling police he was "holding a butcher knife and wearing a bright scarf or handkerchief covering his face below the eyes" 38:56 i was asleep in my bed. they grabbed me out of my bed and said you did it. milwaukee attorney ray dall'osto says holloway's family came to him several years ago and they were pursuing the newer dna testing which would eventually rule out holloway as the expensive and the innocence project helped get the tests and holloway's freedom. there is a test called ystr and this test was rerun on it and run in a better more advanced time and that's what the innocence project was able to get funding for we got the tests results a few weeks ago, presented that to the d.a. and they made their consideration about the case, had an independent review and did the right thing. 35:40 im kind of scared because i dont know what to expect now. this is a
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be a challenge, but he has new goals. 36:25 i wanna get into law because thats what i was doing the whole 25 years. i was pretty much self- taught. ray dall'osto says he hopes to help put holloway in touch with resources to help him now. under state law a wrongfully convicted person like holloway is only able to get 25 thousand dollars for his time in prison. live in the newsroom myra sanchick fox6 news mary thanks myra visit fox6 now dot fox6 news app to watch an extended clip of holloway talking to reporters. the story is posted on our home page. an update now on two homicide investigations-- milwaukee police have identified the victim in last night's fatal stabbing near 24th and capitol. he's 73-year-old herman davis. police say he got into an argument with a stranger-- and that stranger stabbed him. no one is in custody. in racine-- a body was found behind "sunshine supermarket"
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or she died. but we're told they are questioning a person of interest. anyone with information should call police. surveillance video captures a hit and run on milwaukee's south side early this morning. police say a 27-year-old woman was crossing the street at greenfield and cesar chavez when a car struck her and took off. we're not showing you the collision because it's too graphic. the impact caused the woman to fly in the air. she's in critical condition tonight. a friend says she has multiple broken bones. injuries for sure. shes definitely scraped up. and the dude that hit her, he took off. he didnt even stop. so far no arrests have been made. the man who killed his wife with a hatchet - will spend the rest of his life in prison 40-year-old cristian loga-negru was sentenced today in racine county court. prosecutors say his estranged wife was
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loga-negru - tracked her down and attacked her-- before dragging her to a mount pleasant hotel. he's eligible for release in 30 years. new tonight- reports of creepy clowns have been popping up all over our viewing area... and its no laughing matter. its part of a disturbing nationwide trend to scare kids... and disrupt schools. fox6s bret lemoine shows you how three local middle schools were impacted today. the clown concerns start in menomonee falls - parents received a robo-call o stating a student at north middle school took a knife to school for protection against a scary clown. menomonee falls police say there have been no reports of any creepy clowns in the community... and its unclear what - if any - disciplinary action was taken against the student. bl 'and in west bend, a student at badger middle school faces charges for her role in an alleged creepy clown incident.' police say she was posting as a clown on-line and sending messages to classmates - even mentioning where
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year olds actions caused disruption to the school day and learning environment. she has since been released to her parents and the disorderly conduct charge was referred to juvenile authorities. finally, in racine - jermaine shepard, uncle: 'its scary -its scaring my two little nephews. they are afraid to go to school.' school officials are blaming a social media hoax for a creepy clown incident that brought police out to jerstad-agerholm middle school wednesday. nat of call police say there was a social media post the school.... but upon arrival... investigators say no clown was spotted. police are also asking parents to talk about these incidents with your kids.... and monitor their social media posts. reporting live in racine, bl, fox6 news. brad thanks bret the two men charged in connection with the shooting of a milwaukee police officer ... have pleaded guilty. alonso sandoval and emanuel
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prosecutors say the gun used in the shooting .....traced back to them. according to a federal indictment romo bought a gun for his cousin sandoval-- because sandoval wasn't allowed to buy one for himself. after a series of sales-- that gun ended up in the hands of tomas your-ee-ah-gus uriegas . police say uriegas used it to ambush officer brandon baranowski in july. baranowski was wearing a bullet proof vest and survived. uriegas took his own life. both romo and sandoval face a maximum of 10 y for lying to the gun shop. the family of the man who was shot and killed by wauwatosa police is demanding action. jay anderson died in june. for months anderson's parents have been asking that a charging decision be made in their son's case. tonight they held a forum at the wauwatosa public library to discuss the case with the community. margaret arney was one of the many people who took part. she says she came to stand up for her values. "i love wauwatosa, wauwatosa is a good community but we have a
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of being really responsive and responsible." the case is in the hands of the milwaukee county district attorneys office. there is no word on when a charging decision could be made. you decide coverage now-- hillary clinton's former rival bernie sanders is campaigning on her behalf today. the senator from vermont made stops in madison and green bay. he's trying to get his former supporters to rally around the democratic nominee. according to the latest marquette law school poll-- clinton isg sanders' supporters votes. "just take a hard look at which candidate is better for the middle class and working families of this country, and when we do that, we will find overwhelmingly that hillary clinton is that candidate" donald trump junior is making the opposite argument in brookfield. he spoke at an event at the embassy suites today hosted by "wisconsin women for trump". he talked about how his dad will shake up the status quo if he is elected
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"if there's one thing this election has been it's been a referendum for change. we saw it during the primaries. people are on to it. they want to see that change and i think my father is going to be a donald trump himself will be in wisconsin on wednesday. chelsea clinton has a visit scheduled monday. once we know more about both visits we'll be sure to let you know. a search for new officers. the dallas police department is looking for new recruits and they've come all the way to milwaukee to find them. fox 6's ashley sears explains why.
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spotlight-- after five officers were shot and killed while in the streets of the city. i'm proud to be associated with the men and women of the dallas police department and this tragic incident will not discourage us. at the time--their chief--called for more officers-- now three months later-- the search is on to find them. 01:38 law enforcement is a good career field. recruiters have come to milwaukee looking for qualified candidates. 59:50 i would love to get a whole academy class with people from milwaukee. they interviewed potential officers at the hyatt place hotel-- nats and let them know expectations-- 21:47 being able to do law enforcement and go to texas is the main reason i came out here zachary gartmann is hoping to transition from the military to the police force. he's spent 6 years in the airforce--and wants to make a move to civilian life-- down south. 22:49 itd be worth it to actually start my career and set down my roots
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what the dallas police force is looking for-- as the search continues to beef up their force. 01:40 were hiring, so if this is what you want to do, were a good place to start. the milwaukee police department released a statement about the recruitment saying in part: "the dallas police department seems to recognize what mpd knows; milwaukee produces quality applicants for police officer positions. " the dallas police department will be recruiting at u-w-m tomorrow at its fox6 is helping to make wishes come true! there's still time to donate to the "wishes in flight phone bank" let's take a live look at studio b right now. volunteers are standing by. use the number on your screen to donate your airline miles to "make a wish wisconsin". we'll check back in with them in a moment. but first! a check of the weather. tom wachs is out on the deck
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but more rain is on the way. i'll have your fox6 forecast coming up. plus-- with brett favre and aaron rodgers, packers fans have become accustomed to the same quarterback week in and out. that's also the case for new york giants fans. tim van vooren talks about some durable q-b's in the blitz. and next-- getting tickets to a concert or the big game can be expensive.
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the hottest shows in town can seem impossible. not only are tickets expensive, many shows sell out quickly. in tonight's contact 6 report - jenna sachs explains why and has some useful tips on how to get good seats at a decent price. shari dipaola bought a ticket online to see her favorite band for hundreds of
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50 something dollars. i was mortified. i was so angry.' software called bots allows brokers to scoop up tickets at lightning speed and resell them online at a huge mark up. so how do you avoid getting gouged? 'one thing you can do is go through the official ticket seller like ticketmaster, and create an account. that way, you wont have to log on and enter payment can go in and grab your seats.' take advantage of presales through sites like ticketcrusader-dot- com and presalepasswordinf o-dot- com and look out for credit card promotions which offer card holders first dibs and discounts. 'we also found if you visit the resale sites closer to the event itself, ticket prices can plummet. so patience really does pay off.' consumer reports tracked prices for a los angeles dodgers baseball game through sites like scorebig, fanxchange and seatgeek and
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compared to the box office price. on the day of the event, for a similar ticket the price went down almost 80- dollars to about 23- dollars. and forget going to a concert in a group. buying fewer tickets ups your chances for success. as for shari, she learned from her high priced mistake and plans to change how shell buy tickets from now on. 'i felt foolish absolutely ridiculous for spending that much money.' im not going to do it again.' the effort to crackdown on the the house of representatives just passed a bill that would make it illegal for people to use them and make it illegal to sell bot software or tickets knowingly bought through bots. the bill is now pending in the senate. i'm jenna sachs contact 6. fox6 is helping to make wishes come true! we're nearing the end of our "wishes in flight phone bank" let's check in with fox6's
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have teamed up tonight to help grant wishes for even more wisconsin children. but we need your help! we aren't looking for your cash, instead unused airline miles from delta, united, american and southwest. air travel is the largest annual expense costing more than 500k a year. call 414-355-3160 guest 1: susie gidan background: susies son mikey was a wish child - his wish was granted in 1996 - his wish was for a basement room makeover. mikey has since passed on. guest
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mostly clear this evening with tempr 60s. clouds return overnight along with a chance for scattered t-storms. temperatures will bottom out in the upper 50s to around 60 by morning. mostly cloudy and warm thursday with scattered off-and-on thunderstorms. highs in the low 70s. more concentrated rain is forecast to move in thursday night and move out friday morning. cooler air blows
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with scattered t-storms. low: 60 dewpoint: 56 wind: sw 5 mph thursday: mostly cloudy with scattered t-storms. high: 72 dewpoint: 61 wind: ese 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy and breezy with morning rain showers. am low: 59 high: 66 dewpoint: 47 wind: nw 5-15 mph saturday: mostly sunny and cool. am low: 39 high: 59 de mostly sunny. am low: 39 high: 66 dewpoint: 44 wind: sw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny with a chance for a few showers. am low: 50 high: 68 dewpoint: 48 wind: sw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy. am low: 51 high: 67 dewpoint: 49 wind: sw 5-10
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ironman..but number 4's successor has been durable as well. oh the things packer nation has taken for granted most every game over the years! tim van vooren's blitz-next in sports.
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coach mike mccarthy has always talked about the importance of availability and accountability. take the starting quarterbacks in sunday night's packers/giants game. take tim van vooren--who calls signals on the blitz. "it used to be the domain of
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out there as the starting quarterback. these days in the nfl the leader with consecutive starts is eli manning. if you throw in the playoffs he'll be making number 199 in a row sunday night against the packers. joe callahan grew up watching him in new jersey." "that's definitely tough to go in every week and just keep coming back , taking shots. toughness is a big thing in football so its been an impressive run for him." "i think availability is the number one characteristic you look for in player "top names at quarterback going to the sidelines recently in the nfl, cam newton stepping out of sunday's game. carson palmer already ruled out of thursdays game. aaron rodgers is paying attention." "cam is, a big part of their offense is run the ball, and hes taken some shots over the years. hes tough but a lot of them you cant, the concussions, you cant prevent, but the ones you can, the big hits, you gotta get down." "since rodgers became a full
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passing yards, number four in that period of time is eli manning. at lambeau field tim van vooren, fox 6 sports." packers/ giants sunday night. because of the later start, the fox 6 sports blitz will come your way at 11-05. we'll have live, post game reaction from lambeau. voting for the high school blitz game of the week features a city conference doubleheader at custer stadium. milwaukee morse marshal plays king versus milwaukee career & tech education at 7:30. the other two games are racine st catherine's at kenosha st joseph-- and whitefish bay traveling to homestead. the winning game will be featured friday night at 6, 9 and 10. balloting ends tomorrow evening at 10. giants mets..the national league wild card game.. cole gillaspie steps into the spotlight. with 2 runners on in the top of the 9th! a 3 run homer..san francisco
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beats new york, 3-0. the giants take on the cubs in game 1 of the nl division series..friday night at wrigley field".


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