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tv   FOX 6 Wake- Up News at 530  FOX  October 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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milwaukee police are investigating six shootings over the weekend...and two more overnight at least nine people have been shot...two were killed. deandra corinthios is live from the police administration building with the latest over the weekend...a 26 year old man was killed and in a separate shooting a 24 year old man was killed. a 22
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condition. the latest shootings happened very early this morning. the first was at 43rd and silver spring two men were shot when the confronted another man in the alley behind their homes. the suspect fled on foot. a 38 year old man and 46 year old man suffered non life threatening injuries. less than an hour later ...there was a report of another shooting at 24th and townsend. police have not released any details on that incident. over the separate shootings incidents. those include a homicide at 38th and meinecke...another one near 66th and lisbon... and a shooting near 31st and villard...that left a woman in critical condition. " it doesnt surprise me because there is killing going on every day and stuff, there is nowhere really safe these days" "'its not just one particular area its everywhere. i feel in my heart all the murdering needs to stop. because it is not doing anything, it is worse on us the people who live in these
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is a woman and police say the suspect is also a woman. they say the shooting followed an argument at a nearby club reporting live in milwaukee dc fox6 news. an autopsy is expected to take place today, in order to figure out exactly how an infant died over the weekend. the milwaukee county medical examiner's office was called to the e sunday morning. family members tell us the baby is a three month old girl. there was no indication on how the baby may have died at this point. also taking place today-- a man accused of drowning his son in a lake will be in court. police say 25-year-old sean flowers got into an argument with the 3-month- old's mother back in august. that's when investigators say he waded into the pond-- with the baby-- near 76th and brown deer road.
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the baby-- flowers allegedly only swam out into deeper water. and a a kenosha mother has pleaded guilty to killing her two children. 35-year-old lucia hernandez-alvarez pleaded guilty friday to two counts of first-degree homicide for the 2015 deaths of her 1-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter. she was accused of killing them by giving them pain medication to make them sleep, then smothering them with plastic bags. hernandez-alvarez told police she'd been sad'' before the killings and was worried the children's father was going to leave her. a on her mental state is next month. a man is in custody after aiming a gun at police and pulling the trigger. west bend police were called to edgewood lane early sunday morning for reports of shots fired. when they approached the suspect he tried to fire at officers, howver the gun misfired. officers managed to get to safety but then a tactical situation began when the 24-year-old suspect ran inside. after several hours the gunman was arrested after several hours. the 24-year-old faces two counts of
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firearm. happening today - all state and u-s flags will be lowered to half staff... to honor the late state senator rick gudex of fond du lac. gudex died wednesday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. the 48-year-old republican was elected to the wisconsin senate in 2012 but was not seeking re-election this year. his family says he suffered from depression. gudex's funeral is this afternoon at 2:00 in the town of eden. a let down in titletown -- the we'll have the highlights in sports. a disappointing ruling for the families of those killed at sandy hook. why a judge says the case against a gun manufacturer will not go forward. not your grandpa's smoke alarm.. how four local fire departments are working to prevent more
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hold a rally in green bay. doors open at 3 this afternoon... and the event is expected to start at 5. trump's rally that was set to be held in west allis tonight... has been canceled. a spokesperson says it's due to a scheduling conflict. meanwhile... hillary clinton returned to westchester county, new york, yesterday... preparing for wednesday's debate - the final one before election day. the 90-minute session will be at the thomas and mack center in las vegas.
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moderator. you can see it right here wednesday at 8pm on fox6. it's fire prevention week-- do you have a working smoke detector? if not you may receive a surprise that may save your life. four local fire departments are visiting residents this week as part of a new fire prevention initiative. fire officials say a common cause of an alarm failing to activate is because its outdated. smoke alarms actually have a life expectancy of about 10 years. officials say you need to make sure there are alarms located on every floor of your inside and outside of every sleeping area. if we do knock on your door we are not to see a messy house or anything dont worry about that. really think of this as your familys life and you're getting a free alarm that will keep you adequately protected. if you don't get a knock on your door-- feel free to contact your local fire department to get your own smoke detector. the notorious drug dealer known as el chapo will soon be in the united states.
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hope to have him in custody and what he will be charged with. plus-- celebrating those brave enough to stand on a bridge. what they do next may surprise you. we'll tell you about bridge day, coming up. and is their trouble in titletown? pip will breakdown the packers poor performance in lambeau-- as the
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illinois' calling. calling the makers. the doers. those who prefer one-of-a-kind, to common fare. those who would rather make the most of their precious vacation days. this land is illinois. and its calling everyone, everywhere who's up for amazing.
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mexican drug lord joaqin "el chapo" guzman is expected to be extradited to the u-s early next year. mexico's national security commissioner says it could happen in has escaped twice from maximum security prisons in mexico. he's currently under special surveillance... and can't interact with other prisoners. the u-s wants el chapo... on drug trafficking and other charges. a connecticut judge dismissed a lawsuit families of the sandy hook shooting victims filed against a gun manufacturer. superior court judge barbara bellis cited a federal statute - known as the protection of lawful commerce in arms
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manufacturers and distributors if their firearms are used in a crime. an attorney for the families says they are disappointed -- but will appeal the judge's ruling. adam lanza killed 20 children and six teachers at the school on december 14, 2012. happening now - the battle to liberate iraq's second-largest city is underway. mosul is now isis's last major stronghold in the country. we're told overnight thousands of iraqi, kurdish and paramiltary forces launched their offensive. u-s led coalition. mosul has been under isis rule for more than two years. defense secretary ash carter called the launch of the operation "a decisive moment in the campaign" to defeat isis. tragedy striking in indonesia after a bridge collapses. at least eight people are dead, including three children after the collapse. officials say it was a small suspension bridge that gave way near bali on sunday.. dozens of others were injured. we're told the bridge was filled with people returning from temple prayers when it collapsed. the incident is under
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people are dead after a pickup truck plunges off a highway bridge in san diego. the truck took a 60-foot fall from the bridge linking the city with coronado island on saturday. officials say the vehicle landed in a packed city park where a biker festival was going on. seven people were injured, two seriously. one of them is the driver. he now faces several charges -- including four counts of vehicular manslaughter while a category three typhoon created chaos in parts of the philippines on sunday. typhoon karen brought wind gusts of up to nearly 100 miles per hour. knocking down power lines and flooding streets. well over a hundred flights in the area were canceled, leaving thousands of travelers stranded. officials estimate the cost of damages to be a million u-s dollars. there were no immediate reports of injuries or deaths.
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there is trouble in titlew brett favre in the audience, aaron rodgers, with plenty of help from his packers teammates, embarrassed themselves in front of an angry crowd and millions of folks watching nationwide on fox. once again, rodgers was outplayed by an opposing quarterback. in this case, rookie dak prescott. huis 20 yard pass to brice butler capped a 5 play 97 yard driver in 34 seconds..the defense collapsed! 17-6 at half. 2nd half..this is how far rodgers has fallen, physically and mentally.
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3 more cowboys points for a 20-6 lead in the 3rd quarter. morgan burnett picks prescott-dak's first interception in the nfl after almost 180 passes-a rookie record. the old aaron would have made the cowboys pay. this rodgers doesn't look like the same guy. 12 overthrows randall cobb in the end zone. the host have to settle for a field goal. then dak man prescott again--to cole beasley 2 of the 2nd half all year..6 yards, randall cobb. too little too late. 30-16. the packers are 3 up 2 down..and rarely booed at home..they rarely lose in such stunning fashion. "i'll have a glass of scotch and chill out a little bit. watch the film. you know, i'm my biggest critic. i'll look at this as finely as i look at every other game and
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their 2nd win of the season when blake bortles hit a slipping arrelious benn for a 51 yard touchdown in the closing minutes, lifting host jacksonville to a 17-16 victory! the jaguars wiped out a 13 nothing deficit. the badgers only fall a couple spots to 10th in the national polls after almost stunning ohio stare last night. an inspiring effort..but still, a crushing defeat. "we definitely well, especially in the first half. and in the second half we just could not get it done. our game plan was really well. we just, the execution part kind of lacked in the end." the cubs lost homefield advantage in the national league championship series. adrian gonzalez launched a solo homer in the 2nd inning. clayton kershaw tossed 7 sparkling innings and the dodgers edged chicago's northsiders, 1-0
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tinseltown tied at a game apiece. the whacky antics that many consider the presidential race get even a little more bizarre. still ahead-- s-n-l's unique take on the presidential debate, and why it wasn't so well received with certain audie plus-- it's the high flying holiday that only the bravest of risk takers take part in. we're talking about bridge day!-- we'll explain when we come back. plus-- coming up at 6-- a daring rescue off the pacific coast. the crazy activity one man attempted in the middle of the
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s-n-l had another hilarious take on the current presidential campaigns-- satirizing last sunday's debate. welcome to the second and worst ever debate.... before we begin, we just need to do one last thing. that's right-- the cast of s-n-l just can't get enough of hillary and donald. while the real candidates get ready for the debate this week. the improv crew focused on last week's debate-- hitting everything from the recent scandal involving donald trumps comments towards women. all the way to hillary's cold
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debate tactics. and while everyone was watching-- not everyone enjoyed the sketch shows take on the debate. donald trump was fast to respond to the show comedic take on the debate. saying in a tweet: watch s-n-l hit job on me. time to retire boring and unfunny show. alec baldwin portrayal stinks. no word on what hillary clinton thought of the sketch. we all know the iconic bear with a craving for "hunny."-- but can you name all of his friends? winnie-the-pooh has a new friend, named children's book turns 90 this year and to celebrate four new stories will be released with the new character. the author says "penguin" was inspired by an old photograph of pooh's original creator and his son playing with a toy penguin. the book is a sequel titled, "the best bear in all the world" and is set for release at the end of this month. this weekend was probably pretty routine for most wisconsinites. clean up around the house.. watch some football. well-- people in west virginia
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days off. how? by jumping off a bridge of course! to celebrate "bridge day 2016" -- tens of thousands gathered to watch base jumpers risk their lives as the leaped from a 900-foot high bridge. some jumpers say they traveled as long as nine- hours to take part in the special day. some of the dare devils admitted they were scared, but said if you can block out the nerves, it's really pretty simple. all anchors chat/toss to 6am wakeup news. violence from the weekend... now spilling over into this morning... as police investigate new
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fight for the white house is taking a vicious turn... with more twitter attacks... and leaked emails. good morning and welcome to wakeup! rob's weather today: windy and warm. partly sunny. slight chance of showers. high: 80 dewpoint: 65 wind: sw 10-20 mph tonight: scattered showers. low: 62 dewpoint: 64 traffic check red on traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic


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