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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  November 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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myra sanchick was at tim kaine's stop in the fox cities... but lets begin with theo keith in eau claire -- where donald trump will speak in just a little while. the crowd continues to grow. theo updates crowd size in a 3,500-seat arena. cascaded around this arena already, referencing hillary clinton's private email server. there was none of the anger, none of the "paul ryan sucks" chanting directed at the wisconsin republican party chairman, like there was in green bay two weeks ago. ryan isn't here. but he
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earlier today. paul ryan says: "this is what life with the clintons looks like. it's always a scandal, one after the other, then there's an investigation. what happens, steve, is you never know what's coming next. they live beyond the rules and they work the system to help themselves, to help clinton, incorporated." besides ryan, wisconsin republicans are here in full for trump, in a part of the state where he does very well. senator ron johnson is campaigning with him for the first time. governor scott walker, the second time. live, theo keith, fox6 news.
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-- is also back in the badger state today. this is a live picture from his latest event -- on the university of wisconsin-madison campus. he's set to take the podium any minute now... earlier -- kaine spent much of the afternoon in appleton speaking to a crowd of hundreds of mostly students at lawrence university. that's where fox6's myra sanchick is live tonight... mr. kaine told the crowd he considers himself the underdog until he;s cae tim kaine told the crowd of hundreds at lawrence university that wisconsin is a key state and voting, especially early voting is vital to hillary clinton's victory. if we win wisconsin it is difficult, very difficult for the other side to win this race and mr. kaine told a group filled with numerous students the democratic
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faster than wages. we want to make a pledge to have college debt free mr. kaine spoke to supporters, attacking donald trump, calling alleged connections to russia, scary. people who trust trump get tricked by trump,,, and tim kaine told the crowd despite some polls that show a clinton lead supporters should not take that for granted and that's why all of us much . and that's why i'm here today. we gotta have you wisconsinites this is the last week of course before the election. candidates are at a frenetic pace. and mr. kaine was very energetic, but his voice, understandably hoarse. live in appleton myra sanchick fox6 news steph thanks myra for more on all the campaigns leading up to election day-- and to watch videos
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com and click the politics tab. and remember - fox6 is the station to watch on election night. we will bring you expert analysis, results and reaction on november 8th. breaking news tonight in washington county. a heavy police presence near a gas station in hartford. state patrol and the washington county sheriff's office are both on scene -- on highway 60 near pike lake. they're focusing their attention on a a nearby field. police aren't confirming any details. we'll pass along updates as we get them. a now-former u-w-milwaukee employee is accused keeping child porn -- on his work computer. 58-year-old "jack hay junior" pleaded not guilty to three counts of possession of child pornography. a u-w-m spokesman says hay was fired from his job as a book keeper for the transportation services office in september. it was one of his coworkers who
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investigators searched his computer in august -- they allegedly found more than a dozen images. new information about a homicide on milwaukee's south side. m-p-d putting out several new pictures of the suspect they're looking for. police say 57-year-old leopoldo vela was fatally shot yesterday inside the co-rona jewelry story near 7th and greenfield. we're told he was shot during a robbery. if you recognize the suspect -- you're asked to call milwaukee police. gearing up to sue! the family of wauwatosa police officer has initiated the first step in filing a lawsuit against the city. jay andersons loved ones have many questions about what happened and why. our derica williams joins us live at madison park -- with more. the family has problems with the officers actions before, during and after the shooting. they feel what happened in this parking lot was unnecessary, and deliberate. now they are channeling their hurt and loss into a
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determined to learn the true circumstances surrounding jay anderson juniors death, his fiancee has filed a notice of legal action against the city of wauwatosa. the document ?filed on behalf of the family provides details of how wauwatosa police officer approached and then woke up anderson in his car. the video does show is mr anderson had his hands in the air. looking at it appears theres at least 2 time that his hands are above his head that are above his though he is passing out or falling asleep the second time that happened, the officer shot anderson at least 6 times. dash cam video captured 20 seconds of the interaction... recording moments prior to, during and after the shooting. in the video what i saw he was not capable of being a police officer he didnt do nothing right that night. his protocol was very wrong the notice claims the city and police department were also negligent in preserving the crime scene.
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somewhere on the passenger side maybe the passenger seat unfortunately the wauwatosa police department after the shooting removed the handgun after the shooting they never photographed it. the ?officer's background is also being questioned. 11 months prior to anderson's death, he killed another man in an officer-involved shooting. there's been information out there that hasnt been verifies as to how he was handling that if he had to get medical or psychiatric care whether he applied for disability and it the family -- along with the public and even government officials -- have been calling for the video to be released to better understand what happened. we are told the district attorney's office still has not yet made a charging decision.. milwaukee has rolled out violence prevention initiatives before...but city leaders say this time, it's different. city officials say the new
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people. there aren't a whole lot of specifics right now. this morning, city officials joined activists and donors at discovery world for their first meeting. barrett says police are well equipped with a 300-million dollar budget. now, he says it's time to find ways the community itself can improve public safety. "i am committed to having a strong and adequately funded police department to help us make this a safer city but we also realize police alone cant do this job. continue meeting with activists and faith leaders over the next several months. the plan is to develop a list of priorities the city can start addressing come spring-time. the weather couldn't have been better today. in fact -- we tied a record! weather expert tom wachs joins us now. showers on the way tomorrow.
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milwaukee city officials. what it means for the future of the dilapidated estabrook dam. and later. it's do or die for cubs in tonight's game six of the world series. what they're doing to try and reverse
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following an early morning head-on crash. it happened near 46th and burleigh. police tell us a 42-year-old woman caused the crash after she veered into oncoming traffic. she died at the scene. the driver of the other car -- a 59- year-old woman -- was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the estabrook dam's days could
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the milwaukee common council zoning committee. today -- city leaders voted 12-to-two in favor of a plan to rezone the deteriorating dam out of county park land. then, it'll be sold to the milwaukee metropolitan sewerage district for a dollar so they could tear it down. supporters say this will save taxpayers money and protect the environment. abele says; "within a year and a half, two years, when you're there. what you'll look at is not a falling apart dam. you're going to look at a natural, beautiful, clean river, wi values coming up, less flood risk and happy that you don't have to pay nature to be nature." supporters of keeping the dam argue that property values will actually go down -- and the dam is good for recreation. the dam would cost around 4-million dollars to repair -- plus maintenance costs. removing it would cost about 1 point 7 million. a heatwave today -- but rain is heading our way.
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plus. she could play with the best of them. with world series fever in full swing -- we'll tell you about a local woman -- no stranger to the big-leagues.... and her connection to the chicago cubs.
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they could throw, catch and swing a bat just as good as any man. female baseball players had their own professional league nearly 75 years ago... and as fox 6s derica williams shows you, those athletic and historic memories are being stirred up for many of them as this world series hit close to home. she didnt mind getting dirt in her skirt. i became a tomboy playing ball with all the boys piskula spent her youth honing in on her skills. i played third base first base, i pitched one game, i won it after playing in the milwaukee recreational league her talents were recognized on a much bigger scale. i got call from mr. wrigley who called me up and said he had a job for me on the chicago chicks o chicks i was in chicago at the time at lacrosse the then owner of the chicago cubs philip k. wrigley founded
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baseball league which piskula was fortunate to be part of. she played one year with the chicks before going on to become a player on the rockford peaches. looking at pictures and memorabilia she reminisces about the excitement of the game nearly three quarters of a century ago. nats 90 years old, and still an avid sports fan, shes happy to see baseball fever pick back up again as the chicago cubs hosted their first world series game in 71 years. true milwaukee fan at heart... i wish the brewers were there but they are not but shes still eager to see history be made in the midwest... im still interested so i watch sure ill be having it on in milwaukee derica williams fox 6 news.
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showers, possibly some thunder, tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. cooler but still above average with highs reaching into the upper 50s. clouds decrease thursday and plenty of sunshine is ahead for temperatures will warm back into the low 60s. tonight: showers likely. low: 52 wind: n 3-5 mph wednesday:scattered showers,
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wind: ne 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny. am low: 46 high: 56 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. am low: 40 high: 62 mostly sunny. am low: 44 high: 60 wind: wnw 5-10 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 45 high: 62 wind: sw 5-10 mph a cold front will bring showers, possibly some thunder, tonight
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cooler but still above average with highs reaching into the upper 50s. clouds decrease thursday and plenty of sunshine is ahead for the weekend. temperatures will warm back into the low 60s. tonight: showers likely. low: 52 wind: n 3-5 mph wednesday:scattered showers, possibly some thunder. high: 58 wind: ne 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny. am l: mph friday: mostly sunny. am low: 40 high: 62 wind: wsw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly sunny. am low: 44 high: 60 wind: wnw 5-10 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 45 high: 62 wind: sw 5-10 mph ad lib bump.
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sunday: mostly sunny. am low:
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an economy rigged for the wealthy. and ron johnson's made it worse. johnson took a shady $10 million corporate payout,
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s for companies shipping wisconsin jobs overseas, supported privatizing social security, which would hand billions to wall street, and wants to eliminate the federal minimum wage. senator johnson works for wall street, not us. senate majority pac is responsible
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russ feingold voiceover: as i travel to all 72 counties - knocking on doors, talking to folks - what i hear the most is how hard it is to get ahead. one big reason -- we have a political system working overtime -- for ceos. let's protect social security, make college affordable for families and fix a tax system that rewards companies for exporting our jobs.
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that works for everyone. wakeup at 4:30-- count on us for breaking news, weather and traffic updates until 9am. the annual harvesting of the city christmas tree. watch it on wakeup live as it happens starting at 6am . plus easy cookie recipes from wisconsin kitchens. an t tomorrow on wakeup! you are watching fox 6 news at 6. "ghostbusters theme song" goat-busters--anything to reverse the cubs curse that goes back to the famous billy goat and their inability to win a world series
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the indians in game 6 tonight in cleveland and here on fox... to force game 7 tomorrow night. manager terry francona loves managing in cleveland. as opoposed to tough towns like boston then last team to come back from a 3 games to 1 deficit on the road and win..the 1979 we are family pittsburgh pirates! here's pennsylvania native joe maddon. " i remember the song and their hats. david parker was on that team and i got to be friends with him. i wasn't a pirates fan per say, but i loved their uniforms forever. i was never a philly fan. but i like on their uniform." "there was a lot of times i thought my name was "you suck" cuz that's all i ever heard. this is more like... sorry phylyss." aaron rodgers taking a lot of
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packers to more come back victories..i think that's's why ad lib vo. northwestern jazz peavy... catch that wasn't
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we have 3 elite 8 match-ups for you to vote for game of the week. middleton at badger. marquette at franklin, whitefish bay visiting homestead. just head to slash sports to vote. the balloting ends thursday night at 10. follow breaking news 24-7 by using the fox six app on your mobile devices. breaking news anytime at fox6now-dot-com. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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>> home to the big world see big ten, the daytona 500, the u.s. open championship, the fifa world cup, and the world's biggest events are on fox sports. >> we are fox sports. >> what do you do when you are faced with a dilemma? do you shy away from the problem? do you back down from the adversity?


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