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tv   FOX 6 News at 6 Saturday  FOX  November 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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next week. 9:53 to play. 55. a double nickel for the
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>> gus: five rushing touchdowns or more since
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they'll get to the 25. a flag on the flay. sammy douglas with the tackle on special teams. >> referee: during the illegal block in the back. return team number 47. ten-yard penalty. first down. >> gus: to mike hill for a game break. >> oklahoma state and k state and going for the win on the last play of the game and picked off in the end zone by jordan stearns and cowboys survive in manhattan
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oklahoma state staying alive for the big 12 championship and with baylor going down and suffering their second loss today oklahoma in the driver's seat. >> gus: caught by chris platt and 9:40 to play in the fourth. first down at the 32. dropped by denzel johnson. >> joel: defense has played so well but going to have to be aggressive here because the tempo's picking up. >> gus: second and four.
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first down at the 47. russell runs it. plows forward and gets to the tcu 45-yard line. nick orr. >> joel: galeai will trot off the field. >> gus: williams. they were running the ball 60% of the time but today couldn't get it going.
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middle and tecklenburg the intended receiver. second down and ten. >> joel: i always thought this offense almost worked like a flywheel. familiar, gus? >> gus: no. >> joel: once you get the momentum going it's almost impossible to stop and they've struggled getting that momentum going in the ball game. >> gus: tried to break it gore. >> joel: nick orr has been a key for them today. >> gus: and hasty will not get the first down ond third and five and gets two and guess who? nick orr comes up and made the stop. >> joel: the reason why the
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>> gus: and lynch with the first down. >> joel: the defense is just forcing them to keep snapping the ball. it's a great strategy. >> gus: another great open field tackle and orr makes the grab to lewis. >> joel: this is his third game back. he could redshirt. coach asked him and he said hey, i want to play. >> gus: over the middle and incomplete. platt dropping that one. >> joel: good coverage by summers underneath and then the safety denzel johnson over the top or number two nico small. >> gus: russell wins it out
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ranthony texada breaks up the play and third down and long. >> joel: he was a track champion in north texas in the 100 meters. he qualified for the state 100-meter final and you know he has good wheels and coverage ability. >> gus: and they need to get inside the tcu 20 for a first down. russell comes back and drops and steps back and looking and throws it up at the last minute but a flag on the play. blake lynch the intended receiver.
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receiver down field and the penalty is declined. first down. >> gus: tcu defends properly. 7:10 to go in the fourth.
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>> gus: here's some players to keep an eye on for the heisman watch jabrill peppers and lamar jackson who was sensational today seven total touchdowns in louisville's big win and a couple other guys dalvin
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at texas going for 341 today and three touchdowns. some love to deontai foreman but right now i think it's lamar jackson's trophy to lose. >> joel: i don't know. jabril peppers has been wonderful. we have a player down right now on the sideline. tipa galeai and he goes and hits his hip and was slow to get up, gus, and took off right away and got himself off the field and ran off
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field and this is now several snaps later the pads are off and the stretcher's out and they're attending to him on the sideline. a scary scene here. >> joel: generally when the bring the stretcher out it's done for precautionary purpose. you have great crews that work in this department and they want to make sure the player possible taking no chances so they will put him on the stretcher and secure him and take him into the back. you've seen this many times. >> gus: these types of precautions can be triggered for something as little as communication on the
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>> gus: fox college football is sponsored by good year. tires that deliver blimp worthy performance. 55-22. tipa galeai has been moving his arms. shannon spake will give us a report on his status as soon as she knows something. gary patterson concern canned with his player as tipa galeai is taken off the field and will be heading
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and the thumbs up. there you go. the quarterback of the steelers was knocked unconscious and laid on the field a good seven to ten minutes. as a matter of fact that game was in the movie concussion. >> joel: yeah, that scene. absolutely. >> gus: first down and ten
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they'll pick up the first down. >> joel: derek grain transferred in from michigan. a graduate transfer so a senior from richmond, virginia who had 898 yards in his career at michigan and now with a chance to run it for tcu. green went over 1,000 yards rushing in his career against texas tech. almost had 1,000 yards rushing with michigan. close to 900. >> joel: with kenny hill out
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foster sawyer. we have the patterson staff giving mr. hill a rest the rest of the day. >> gus: williams and kenny hill on the day 7 of 32 and 244 and a touchdown and rushed for 85 yards on 11 carries. >> joel: that was kind of a hidden yardage of the day him ru >> referee: offsides, defense, number 94 in the neutral zone. it's a snap. penalty's declined. the result of the play, first down. i how many third downs did we see or second and long as when all of a sudden kenny hill would told ball down and make the decision to run it himself and he would move the chains or give them more manageable and convertible third-down scenarios. he was terrific in that
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>> gus: third down at the 41 and green tackles hard at the line of scrimmage by xzavier jones. >> joel: always good to get young players in there and develop them. that's one thing gary patterson -- we talked about how important it will be to get the next win and the sixth victory to get bowl eligible. >> gus: second and ten. the extra practices are invaluable to the team to develop the youth on the team. he jitterbugs his way to the first down. a 12-yard gain and stewart with the tackle. >> joel: as we've seen different skill position players enter what remains
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up front or the running back and morris and schlotmann and colin. they've played terrific today. >> gus: first down at the 19. make that the 29. excuse me. green. 55-22. next up for baylor they're at oklahoma followed by a home game against kansas state, texas tech at home and will wrap up the regular season at west virginia. >> joel: those are a couple difficult road trips. you can tell the team is running out of gas.
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>> gus: watchdog, touchdown, horned frogs. 26 yards. >> joel: that special from olonilua. he runs right through them both and into the end zone. first touchdown of the season and of the career for olonilua.
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is it a real drag? you know... i know. new computers are super-fast. and yet here you are with a new world record for the slowest computer. you know about it, now do something about it. upgrade to a new pc. powered by intel. ?? what is he doing? i have no clue. >> gus: 62-22, tcu with 417 rushing yards and six
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horned frogs. most since 2003 with the 417 rushing yards. knocked back and taken down and mike hill for a game break. >> florida taking on arkansas and raleigh williams with the touchdown run and arkansas 31-10. their first win over florida since 1982 that was before they joined the sec. >> joel: the sec east is a bad division. there's not great football being played in the sec east but that's something that's
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out in the committee because the conference gets a lot of love in the middle of the conference and outside of alabama there's not a lot of strong teams. it's not a year where they're great top to bottom. >> gus: bama is a great team but as we've seen with a&m's loss today, obviously vanderbilt was able to play very well today even in a loss. >> joel: florida losing. these not good for the conference when you move into the part of the season when the conference will be evaluated by the committee. >> gus: and they'll give it to hasty and hasty goes down immediately.
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yard and 113 touchdowns. marks both in texas tech history. three minutes to go in the fourth. and a handoff. hasty. third down and 11. >> joel: what a day for tcu. 62-22. all facets of their game firing on all cylinders. give that guy credit. one of the best coaches in the country not just defensively as jim grobe pointed out and rightly so but the way he's coached the program for the last 20 years has been as good as
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>> gus: 62-22 and the progressive performance of the game and goes to guess who? auto kyle hicks. >> joel: 26 rushes, 192 yards. he was fantastic for this tcu team. give a lot of credit to the guys up front but when you average 7.5 a pop and put it in the end zone five you are the performance of the game and the first tcu player with five-plus rush td's and when you put ladainian tom linson's name on the board you've done something special. >> gus: they hand off to anderson. two minutes to play.
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improve to 3-3 in the big 12. baylor losing back-to-back weeks and tcu 6-2 and 3-2 in the conference. >> joel: second straight year baylor has lost back-to-back games to tcu. >> gus: sawyer running the ball. >> joel: to give you an idea how well this texas christian team play against texas they held them to 3.9 yards per play. per play. then they come into the fourth-ranked rushing team in the country, baylor and they hold baylor to three yards per rush. gary patterson is doing something special right now in fort worth. at 4-4 they won't get a ton
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this, nobody in the big 12 want to see the horned frogs roll into town right now. >> gus: grayson muehlstein comes in. >> joel: he's smart. chose tcu over harvard. he is the catalyst of this offense kenny hill. >> gus: 20 seconds to go and he goes down. that should be the final play of the game. kenny hill, great all-around
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kenny hill rushed close to 200 yards and the offensive line dominating the tcu defense led by gary patterson. sensational. the final score from waco, 62-22. tcu to beat baylor. we'll be back with more from mclane stadium after these


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