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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  November 8, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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tonight at 9 - faceoff. the "it is the most humbling feeling.. and the billionaire businessman. "i am with you. i will fight for you and i will win for you, i promise. cheers but who will seal the deal. it's been a long and grueling campaign.. soon it will come to an end. several states already called for candidates..
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we have crews covering all the over the state.. theo keith is live with clinton supporters in middleton and myra sanchick is live with trump supporters in oshkosh
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steph thanks theo republican donald trump saying he's not nervous about tonight - .. but his supporters might be.. myra sanchick is live in oshkosh
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there's always a bit of nervous excitement in any election. here too. but still optimism that their candidate, donald trump will prevail. supporters at the ron johnson victory party in oshkosh are filling the watching the results pour in and applauding when the results go their way. donald trump of course made numerous appearances in wisconsin i spoke to the communications director for the wisconsin trump campaign and he says they are confident wisconsin will be delivered for trump. but earlier today mr. trump was asked, what if. what if the election does not go his way. here's his response. well i'm gonna have to see under what circumstances. honestly, i want everything to be really really smooth and really really good. i understand the importance of that. i was very good in history and frankly i fully understand.
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different ways. a lot of anticipation and energy in this room. and optimism. live in oshkosh myra sanchick fox6 news brad thanks myra wisconsin and the nation - keeping a close eye on the u-s senate race between republican incumbent ron johnson and his challenger russ let's take a look at the latest numbers
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fox 6's bret lemoine is in middleton tonight with the feingold camp. but let's head to ashley sears who has a look at the ron johnson campaign party in oshkosh--ashley? senator johnson arrived here around 7:30 tonight. he is joining his supporters watching the results come in at the oshkosh convention center. this has become a very tight race. john is feeling very confident. he has painted his challenger russ feingold as a career politician who favors big government. johnson overcame a double digit deficit in the polls--bringing this race to a virtual dead heat. he's hoping momentum will catapult him to victory. johnson has been touring the state trying to win over voters. johnson says: "i feel good. i think all the momentum is on our side. i went to the last two packer games, on
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there working the tailgate crowd, talking to people and the level of support is really encouraging." now it is just a waiting game. senator johnson will address supporters as soon as results are in. live in oshkosh, ashley sears fox 6 news. brad thanks ashley challenger russ feingold hoping to get back to washington.. fox6's bret lemoine is wi one of the big questions of the night is whether hillary clintons strong poll numbers heading into this election will have an impact down-ticket. russ feingold certainly started out with a solid lead over ron johnson... but that all but evaporated in the last marquette university
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wisconsins last senate race... we find evidence that a presidential election helps the democratic senate nominee. in 20-12, as wisconsin went blue for president obamas second term... cheeseheads also elected tammy baldwin. she beat former governor, republican tommy thompson, 51 to 46. voter turnout in that election was 72-percent. democratic state representative chris larson says... feingold and hillary clinton... will help many dems on the ballot tonight. are committed to representing all people - even those who didnt vote for them. they are committed to bringing people together. when you listen to them talk, there are about unifying people - about unity and fairness.' well see if the expected large turnout helps feingold tonight. live in middleton, bl, fox6 news. steph thanks bret u.s. representative paul ryan -
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speaker. ad lib results.. our aj bayatpour is with the ryan watch party in janesville.. aj? delivering his acceptance speech as he will continue to represent the first congressional district. ryan has said he would also seek another term as speaker of the house. the question now is whether republicans will retain control of congress and, if so, whether theyll re-elect ryan as
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washington of some republicans upset ryan wasnt all-in on donald trump from the beginning. youll remember one month ago when ryan distanced himself from trump following that leaked audio recording of trump making lewd comments about women. trump himself, as well as his supporters in wisconsin and across the country were very upset with ryan. the speaker recently warmed to trump, campaigning for him this past weekend. tonight, he said.... "you know, working for you has been one of the greatest honors of my life. i can't even begin to express my gratitude to your generosity to your good will." something to watch going forward...if ryan does keep his job as speaker, what kind of relationship will he have with the president, regardless of who wins. the ryan camp will also be tracking what happens in the house - even if republicans stay in the majority, they are
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here in janesville.
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and we're just getting started - follow the election on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. we have up-to-the minute vote totals as well as victory and concession speeches streamed live when they happen. also, join the conversation on the fox6 news facebook page -- we're expecting it to be quite the chat. stay with us our election
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you decide coverage continues tonight - let's tale a look at the tally for the electoral college.. ad lib results also what about the popular vote? let's take a look..
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for the most part -- everything went smoothly. with more on that part of our coverage. according to election officials, this is one of the busiest locations. but according to voters here tonight, shorter lines than in past years. the number of voters tallied at right around 1300 this evening at cass
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also registering before voting. at times, there were more people registering than voting. overall it was a successful election day in milwaukee county. officials say there were only minor issues with people remembering their identifications. and voters here at cass street school say in the past, it wasnt this easy... 'longer lines for sure so very, very happy with the process tonight' 'i actually thought it was going to be long lines but it was quicker than i ou estimating a similar voter turnout this year compared to the 2012 election. but they say with the number of early voters, this year could surpass 2012. in milwaukee, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. brad thanks brit looking at some other races - democratic congresswoman gwen moore didn't have a republican challenger - but did
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our beverly taylor is live at j and b's pub and grill with the moore camp. ive talked to several people here and gotten a wealth of emotions: fear, excitement, they watch the results come in the presidential race-- ;which became a nail-biters as many state results were too close to call. next was the senate race between ron johnson and russ feingold. there is also support for candidates not in tough races, including congresswoman gwen moore. she spokes just moments
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and every one of you for your confidence, your belief, that marching into the 115th congress. i'm going to be there, ready to kick some butt." as for now, all eyes are on the numbers. congressional district for u.s representative james sensenbrenner.. he's held office sine 1979 .. and will stay for another term.. our madeline anderson is live with the republican watch party. a lot of cheering going on here here at the delafield brew haus for the waukesha county's gop watch party as more of teh results come in in favor of donald trump. all eyes right now are on the presidential
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nervous, many are cautiously optimistic. waukesha county of course has a heavy conservative voter turnout and could play a key role in how wisconsin swings, especially when it comes to the down ballot races like the senate race. early results from the county clerk show trump getting 60 percent of the vote here. on another note, wi attorney general brad schimel is here. he says his office hasn't received any complaints of problems at the polls. across the country, today, clinton voters were generally describing their candidate as better qualified. trump backers are saying he would break with politics as usual. ted perry is in studio b with
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i've been bouncing back between two influence women in wisconsin politics. margaret farrow--the former republican state senator from waukesha county and the first woman to be wisconsin's lt governor--she's also on part of the group "wisconsin women for trump" the democratic voice tonight comes from jocasta zamarripa--who represents milwaukee's south side--and tonight is winning her
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and the candidates both promise quite the party tonight - a live look at hillary clinton's election night venue.. she's set up inside the jacob k. javits convention center, in new york. many say the sprawling convention center has a symbolic
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ceiling. and a live look at donald trump's campaign party headquarters - the new york hilton midtown hotel is just a few blocks from his trump tower home.. the hilton claims to have hosted every u.s. president since john f. kennedy.. eleci be right back.
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about the electoral college? stephanie and ben handelman are here in studio a with more. -- right now pulling ahead in basically every state but new hampshire. trump dominates in the southeast -- doing very well in swing states like north carolina and florida. many states on west coast still up in the air. many of their polls are set to
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and our election coverage will continue through the night - join us for fox6 wakeup - starting at 4 am for the latest results and a recap of election
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the states are lighting up for


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