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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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not only held onto his u-s senate seat last night... he received stronger support from wisconsin voters than president elect donald trump. something political experts say is astonishing given johnson trailed fiengold by double digits in the polls a year and a half ago. its a political miracle. uw- milwaukee professor mordecai lee calls the outcome of the u-s senate race in wisconsin a stunning upset. incumbent republican ron challenger russ fiengold 50-to-47- percent. typically... in high turnout elections... like this one... lee says the electorate skews liberal. and so going into yesterdays election, the expectation was that hillary clinton would win wisconsin, and russ feingold would win because they would carry this wave of high turnout. in a sit-down interview this morning... johnson says the results are a reflection of voters' frustrations with the status quo.
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put a lot of stock in them.last night... a baffled russ feingold urged supporters to show restrain in the midst of what he says could be some of the most challenging times in the country's history. obviously something is happening in this country, tonight. i dont understand it completely. that something... lee says... is the beginning of a political revolution in the state. i think we should say that wisconsin is a republican state. working with trump on strengthening the economy... securing america's borders... and confirming supreme court justices with conservative values. feingold's staff did not return our calls today for comment. after many ugly-months of campaigning -- the voters finally had their say. donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. ted perry joins us in the studio with more. by all accounts -- trump was trailing his democratic
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polls. that's not how things played out last night though.... donald trump / -r- president elect: i love this country! exuberance from the new and unexpected president-elect. donald trump / -r- president elect: i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all of americans. hillary clinton speaking this morning -- after privately conceding the race to trump last night. hillary clinton / -d- former presidential candidate: this iso so hard for and i'm sorry that we did not win this election. our responsibility as citizens is to keep doing our part to build that better, stronger, fairer america we seek. political pundits said clinton had a clearer path to the 270 electoral votes needed to win the race. as the night rolled on-- that path narrowed as key battleground states
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wisconsin also turned red -- the first time in years. donald trump says: now it is time for america to bind the wounds of division. president obama also calling for unity post-election. president barack obama says: now everybody is sad when their side loses an election but the day after we have to remember that we're all actually on one team. we're not democrats first, we're not republicans first, we are americans first. mi clarke is responding to speculation that he may join donald trump's cabinet as homeland security secretary. in a statement he says: "i am the sheriff of milwaukee county. i will continue to be the sheriff of milwaukee county until i am no longer the sheriff of milwaukee county, at which time i wont be the sheriff of milwaukee county. anything other than that is pure speculation." meanwhile -- governor walker tells a-m 620's charlie sykes that he's not interested in a cabinet position -- if he was
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house speaker paul ryan wants republicans to go big and go bold after trump's victory. political reporter theo keith was in janesville this morning, where ryan met reporters for the first time after the election. good morning everybodypaul ryan's party will control the house, senate and white house. for ryan, it's reason to be optimistic that think what donald trump just pulled off is an enormous political feat. its an enormous feat in that he heard those voices out there that other people werent hearing. only last month, ryan said he would no longer defend trump after video surfaced showing trump bragging about groping a woman. but wednesday, ryan said trump "deserved tremendous credit" for a coattail effect that allowed republicans to maintain their majorities in congress. i think the mistakes we made in the past is we didnt seize the
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here. the opportunity is to go big, go bold, and get things done for the people of this country ryan confirms that he will run again for speaker during upcoming leadership elections. it's unclear whether he'll face a challenge. the speaker says he's talked with the president-elect twice since trump's victory tuesday night and are planning to meet about their transition plans. ryan held his briefing in the same building that trump held his first wisconsin rally back in march. back then, a few of his supporters jeered when trump mentioned ryan's name. that all seems to be water under the brid in janesville, theo keith, fox6 news wisconsin election officials say turnout was lower than expected. coming up later in the show -- we'll crunch the numbers and look at the effect it had on the results. president obama, hillary clinton and speaker paul ryan had lots to say today. visit the politics section of fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- to watch the statements in their
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beaver dam has been ruled justified. 59-year-old "james quealy" was reportedly suicidal and drunk -- when he stood on his balcony with a gun back in august. quealy was shot and killed -- after he shot at a deputy. according to the wisconsin department of justice -- quealy's motive was determined to be "suicide by cop." in the d-o-j's report... there was criticism of the department's video system -- which malfunctioned prior to the shooting. now a developing story-- milwaukee police continue to search for a man they say is responsible for two se west side the alleged attacks happened less than a half a mile apart. one happened near a school for hearing impaired children. angelica sanchez is live. with more. angelica. one parent tells me she is hoping the public can step up and help authorities in this investigation. police have released a sketch of what they believe the suspect responsible for both alleged attacks looks like. " i am concerned about the kids go here too as they walk home
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a woman who wishes not to be identified by name expresses her concern to fox6 for her loved ones that attend a sign language school on the same block a sexual assault was reported. "my daughter and granddaughter go here and i just heard there was a suspect around." " i am concerned about the kids go here too as they walk home and go to school some of them can't hear" police say the first report occurred tuesday just after 6am in the 79- hundred block of west acacia street. they say the female victim was simply walking in the area. then just after 7pm a second victim was attacked as they were walking t denver. investigators were on scene for several hours gathering evidence...including security footage from a nearby business. the alleged attacks were half a mile apart from each other the suspect was able to escape. this is a sketch of the suspect police belive to be responsible for both alleged attacks investigators say he is a black male, approximately 25 years old, 5 foot 5 to 6 feet tall, husky build, short hair, with a diamond studded earring in
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wearing a light blue and gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and dark shoes "there's deaf kids here too watch out for the suspect anybody that knows him please find him and get him apprehended." we've reached out to milwaukee public schools... reporting live on milwaukee's north west side i'm angelica sanchez fox6 news. steph thanks angelica fall day -- but change is in the air. weather expert tom wachs joins us ... sunny conditions continue. details ahead and it's a position that some nfl teams don't even fill anymore. so why do the packers now have 2 fullbacks? tim van vooren has some of the answers later in
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decided in last night's election. gwen moore will retain her seat in the fourth district-- taking 77 percent of the vote. republican jim sensenbrenner was also re-elected to the house of representatives. he was facing off against khary penebaker in wisconsin's 5th congressional district. government.... republicans will keep control of both the senate and the assembly.. today speaker robin vos addressed that majority. he says he believes the success of donald trump and paul ryan helped contribute to the success of local republican leaders.. vos says: "yes donald trump being on the ticket was a help we said that over the course of the summer.. i spoke publicly i knew he would be a benefit for our candidates but i also want to give credit to the legislature as a whole and the candidates who
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2017 is a budget year and some of the big items on the table will be transportation and health care. although republicans have the majority -- vos says he's looking forward to working with both sides. some gusty winds of change -- headed our way. tom wachs will be in with his forecast. plus. with a record number of early- voters in the state.... voter turnout itself was way down. coming up -- we'll look
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donald trump's win in wisconsin...the first for a republican nominee since 1984. looking into the results, his victory can be explained state...and who didn't vote. a.j. bayatpour explains... i generally always vote democrat; i lean left a lot of the ways and i was very dissatisfied with hillary as a candidate. i felt like she didnt really bring anything. while jake schnar voted third seems many others simply stayed home. compared to 2012, nearly 58-thousand fewer people voted
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about 43- thousand fewer votes than barack obama did four years ago. wisconsin was decided by fewer than 27-thousand votes. in brown county, turnout was similar to 2012 but donald trump's margin of victory was six times bigger than mitt romney's. anita johnson with citizen action of wisconsin says it's too soon to say how much photo i-d laws had to do with the drop-off. we have to get the count on how many provisional ballots were given out and why they were given out. maybe a two or three-point drop in turnout was likely. charles franklin with the marquette law school polls says the surprise in side. both of them had come down a bit so it didnt look then that turnout would really affect the balance of who got more of the vote. apparently, there was some difference in that, though. the final m-u poll had clinton winning wisconsin by six points. franklin says pollsters nationwide are trying to figure out what happened. this is not the first time a poll has been wrong but whats striking is this time, it was a lot of polls that were wrong, not just here in
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franklin says a couple other surprises in the exit polls: donald trump did better than mitt romney with both african-american and hispanic voters. trump also did just as well with republican women as he did with men. weather clear tonight with lows in the upper 30s to low 40s. a strong southwest breeze will bring us
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saturday with highs around 50 and lows in the 20s and 30s. staying dry and sunny through early next week. tonight: mostly clear. low: mostly sunny and windy. high: 63 wind: wsw 10-20 mph friday: mostly sunny, windy and much cooler. am low: 42
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saturday: mostly sunny and breezy. am low: 32 high: 50 wind: sw 5-15 mph sunday: mostly sunny and breezy. am low: 35 high: 56 wind: sw 5-15 mph 42 high: 57 wind: w 5-10 mph clear tonight with lows in the upper 30s to low 40s. a strong southwest breeze will bring us back into the low 60s tomorrow. cooler friday and
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around 50 and lows in the 20s and 30s. staying dry and sunny through early next week. tonight: mostly clear. low: 40 wind: wsw 5-10 mph thursday: most high: 63 wind: wsw 10-20 mph friday: mostly sunny, windy and much cooler. am low: 42 high: 49 wind: n 15-25 mph saturday: mostly sunny and breezy. am low: 32
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mostly sunny and breezy. am low: 35 high: 56 wind: sw 5-15 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 42 high: 57 wind: w 5-10 mph with the chants of "kuuuuhhhn" no longer lingering around lambeau field, the packers fullback position is again part of their focus. tim van vooren has the story next. and despite the schedule being on their side, the badgers are trying to tune out the noise from friends and family. we'll hear why coming up in sports.
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season, the packers are in a strange position. they're optimistic with 8 games remaining. but there's a lot to reflect on, including the role of the offensive backfield. tim van vooren takes a closer look tonight at lambeau field. "with all the focus on packer running back injuries this season, ty montegomery's role has certainley changed but so too has second year fullback, aaron ripkowski's." "obviously a fullback by label is his position but hes done a very good job with his one back oppertunities especially in the blitz pick up and the protection." "i gotta give a lot of credit to aaron ripkowski. i think he's come on the last three or four weeks. he's done a great been great and most importantly his performance have been really solid for us." "green bay has another fullback on the active roster now, bringing up joe kerridge from the practice squad to help on special teams and be a second fullback." "if it's on offense, if it's on special teams, just wherever i can fit in, what i can learn the best and execute it out on the practice field is what i'm going to do." "an average joe and the ripper,
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tim van vooren, fox six sports." you can see the packers and titans right here on fox 6 sunday at noon. the cowboys and steelers game will follow. and remember the fox 6 sports blitz is at 10:35 where we'll break down the packers game. on saturday, the badgers are back home and facing a team they should beat. but they can't look past illinois even though so excited that the badgers are ranked 7th in the college football playoff rankings. "at the beginning they were like that but now they are starting to understand my personal role on this team. they know i don't want to hear that and they know that if they know it then i probably know it but i don't really care. one week at a time, even for dad." voting is not over just yet. this is your final week to decide our game of the week as the high
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level 4, the semifinals. homestead versus monona grove in oconomowoc, catholic memorial takes on pewaukee at kettle moraine and cedar grove-belgium meets clinton at slinger. voting comes to a close tomorrow night at 10. tomorrow the bucks will try to avoid what could be described as a trap game. they'll host the new orleans pelicans who come in to the bradley center winless in 8 tries. the bucks are 4-3 so far this season. meanwhile the marquette golden eagles don't tip off for real until friday. signed 3 players. 6'7" jamal cain from pontiac michigan, ike eke a 6'9" 220 pound player from detroit and theo john from minneapolis all sign letters of intent to marquette. one player who had the chance to sign with marquette is terrence lewis from riverside high school. however, the area player of the year signs with iowa state today. follow breaking news 24-7 by heading to fox six now dot com. breaking news anytime at
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harvey: there is somebody who is not at all surprised by donald trump winning. >> killer mike, he said why hillary clinton wouldn't win. >> what i said to black people was, demand something in exchange for your ote or threaten to stay home. >> i feel vindicated to a degree by the outcome of all of this stuff. and i'm definitely hyper sensitive on racial issues. >> no, not you! >> miley cyrus just posted a video balling. >> thank you for inspiring all of us. harvey: celebrities lost in this election. the most powerful person in this election, possibly it worked
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supported her, michelle obama. >> michelle obama would be a great president. >> i was just going to say she has no experience, but apparently that is not an issue. >> van jones on the state of america. >> this was a whitelash. harvey: there was somebody who went off the rails more than van jones. richard engel. >> it is absolutely catastrophic. >> say good-bye to roe versus wade. >> oh, i'm definitely getting pregnant and getting an abortion in the next few months while i can. >> serena williams down in the bahamas. her butt is like the best thing i have ever seen. >> i always get angry at my dog when he sniffs another dog's butt, but now i get it. [laughter] >> i love this country! thank you. thank you very much. announcer: well, there it is, the country has spoken. donald trump, the 45th


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