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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  November 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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as his garage and business equipment go up in flames. fox 6's brittany shannon talked to residents who are thankful the fire didn't turn out worse... "i'm in tears for the owners" strong winds, fanning the flames at this cudahy garage. the owner, watching helplessly... "32:57 thats only i can do because the fire was too much 33:00" a fire that started with a bang... "34:00 we heard this boom loud bang and i thought it was a gunshot at first 34:05" but when tenants glenn keidl and his home...instead, they saw flames... "34:51 i thought i could at least try to contain it until the fire department came. but it went up real fast there was gasoline in the area, a mattress then all the wood 35:01" we're told a tenant who lives on the property was using a grill as a fire pit and knocked over some gasoline- causing this. "36:49 it was blowing toward my house and the flames were shooting up so high you can see the garage is a total loss 55 it was coming over so much i was worried the house would start on
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about is some singed siding. "37:34 im pretty lucky it didnt spread to the house" the person who was using the fire pit was taken to the hospital with some burns on his hands. you can see the garage is a total loss. the owner of this property tells me they had some equipment for another business property stored inside the garage. they couldn't tell me how much was lost, but they e in the thousands. in cudahy, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. a motorcyclist is dead after a serious crash in near saukville. it happened a little before 11 on highway 33 near county road "eye". it caused quite the backup. the sheriff's department shut down the highway to reconstruct the accident. in brown deer-- an elderly driver crashes into the "family table" restaurant. police say he hit the accelerator instead of his brakes. there were people inside at the time-- but luckily no one was hurt. the owner tells us this is the second
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their building in the last 3 months. shorewood police are investigating a carjacking and armed robbery. it happened on woodburn street just north of capitol. police say three men in an older model suv stole a car at gunpoint and took off . they were last seed headed west on capitol drive. kenosha's reince priebus - will be president-elect donald trump's right hand man in the white house. the g-o-p chairman -- soon to be chief of staff. political reporter theo keith is live in theo, priebus bridges a gap between the president-elect and establishment republicans. president-elect trump -- appears to be trying to strike a balance. he also appointed steve bannon -- who once led the alt-right breitbart news and was the trump campaign's ceo -- as chief strategist. bannon and priebus are billed as "equal partners" in the white house. gop chairman reince priebus
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campaign trail -- even traveling to wisconsin in the campaign's final week. who here wants to elect donald trump and mike pence and make american great again yeah!! :21his loyalty -- and his longstanding relationship with republicans like house speaker paul ryan -- earned the president-elect's trust. reince is really a star. and he is the hardest-working guy. mr. trump has learned what wisconsin republicans say they've known for years. take assembly speaker robin vos.the two were both college repu in fact, sometimes i worried that he was going to have a heart attack because he is so intense and such an incredibly hard worker :56 but this is exactly why hes been so successful priebus grew up in kenosha and went to tremper high school. he led the wisconsin republican party before moving to d-c to become r-n-c chairman in 20-11. his allies in wisconsin expect priebus will guide the president-elect, a political newcomer, through the early stages of his administration. he will help guide donalds hand in this selection process in which donald trump will surround
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integrity. i just really believe thats whats going to happen former governor tommy thompson told me he brought at least 15 wisconsinites to washington after president george w bush made him health and human services secretary. it remains to be seen how priebus will fill out his staff. live, theo keith, fox6 news. priebus' fellow wisconsinites tweeting out their congratulations. he's proud and excited for priebus. governor walker wrote "congrats to our fellow cheesehead". the governor has said he will not go to washington d-c to be a part of trump's cabinet -- planning to finish out his second term here in wisconsin. politico says milwaukee county sheriff david clarke has been mentioned as the possible homeland security secretary. the sheriff did a radio interview late last week-- where he said "if the president
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immigration was one of president-elect donald trumps core campaign issues - with many elements pledged for his first day in office. as the countdown to inauguration day continues, milwaukees latino community is left with questions about their rights... and what happens next. fox6s bret lemoine explains... nat of forum in this spanish-only forum hosted by latino-rights group 'voces de la frontera,' many are reflecting... and worrying... about a donald trump presidency. bl could be deported?' jf 'yes and no.' jf 'when i go out i dont know if im coming back.' jose flores has been in the u-s for 20 years... but says his path to citizenship has been incomplete. jf 'i tried before, i tried. but i cant.' being separated from his children, who were born here, is his biggest worry. lf 'if they go, im going to follow them. i am not going to
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on a strict immigration plan, including building a wall along the border and terminating president obamas amnesties.... on day one. mr. trump pledged anyone here illegally... is subject to deportation. mc 'its not feasible financially, and not feasible practically.' immigration attorney marc christopher tries to calm some of these fears... mc 'theres the law and then theres the way the president enforces the law.' mr. trump gives his first post-election tv interview to '60 minutes' sunday... trump the message at this together... and show strength in numbers no matter the outcome. lf 'i know that he is going to try and do things to us - the hispanic community - but were going to be ok.' milwaukee mayor tom barrett was also present at tonights forum. he told the crowd he doesnt want to see families torn apart... and urged the latino
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the packers suffered a shocking loss..this time, at tennessee. and in a disturbing trend, green bay didn't compete until it was too late. tom pipines kicks off our team coverage. the packers performance in the first half-particularly on defense-was shameful--and alarming. it comes down to this: ted thompson and mike mccarthy are lea time since the oh 8 season..aaron rodgers first as a starter-when green bay finished with a 6 and 10 record. the colts kicked 'em with a 96 yard kickoff return to start last sunday's game. today, demarco murray rans for a 75 yard touchdown on the titans first play from scrimmage. 7-0. the hosts led 21-0 after one quarter. marcus mariota-known for his turnover tendencies-did anything he wanted to the packers alleged defense. rishard
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mariota threw 4 of those in the before intermission. 28-7 afte4 getting gashed for 4 straight tds, the defense finally got a stop. punt to trevor davis..muff..fumble ..recovered..ed to another mariota td pass 35-10 35-16 at half. rodgers 2 td passes..2 interceptions running for the goal line from 20 yards away. that had to set off a skrimish. 47-22. the packer's 3rd straight loss and 4th in 5 games hurt too. tim van vooren brings the blitz. is it possible for a 47-25 football game to be decided in the first 2 minutes? maybe. the packers fail after
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titans cash in, 75 yards on the ground on their first play from scrimmage. gap discipline. we didn't execute the full scheme of the defense. did it set any kind of a tone? that one play? i mean, any time the offense scores on the opening play like that, it sets a pretty big tone. we went 3 and out. sometimes that happens as an offense. it's not what you want, but sometimes it happens. it's the first drive of the game. you can't say anything about that having anything to do with the rest of that game. it doesn't matter if something happened is still time on the clock, then we have time to fix it, and we just didn't do that. so i don't want to hear anything about a 3 and out on the first drive, because that's just, that doesn't matter, and that's just ridiculous. for the second straight week, the packers are down right from the jump. it's a long way up hill. they're unable to make that climb. at nissan stadium tim van vooren, fox6 sports. stick around for the fox6 sports
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be that the packers rebounded from a 4 and 5 start to make the playoffs. if not, a serious look should be taken at the leadership of messers thompson and mccarthy. it's been so warm this month-- it feels like we're just being greedy if we ask for more days like today. weather experts tom wachs joins us now. we have a mild start to the week but big changes are on the way. i'll have your plus-- lots of men are growing beards this month. but what does that mean for their hygiene? contact 6 heads to the admirals locker room to find
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break "movember" is here! and you're probably seeing a lot more workplace. contact 6 wanted to find out ... whether the old assumption is true ... that facial hair ... can be downright dirty. jenna sachs set out to find if she could change the face ... of facial hair. it's that time of year where the men of fox 6 ... start to look a little furry. "movember" is here ... and men are growing out their facial hair ... to raise money for important research in the fight
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a stiff upper lip is required ... to withstand the teasing about what could be hiding in those beards. we "mustache" facial hair really as dirty as people think? for an answer... we turn to accelerated analytical labs. i'm definitely on team beard so definitely hoping the results show that beards are clean. lab supervisor thomas hirsch ... insists he will be unbiased as we swab our subjects' faces for germs. were definitely going to find some nasal bacteria, maybe some mouth bacteria. since were going to be collecting our were here at the lab to learn how to do that without compromising our experiment. were gonna swab different parts of the beard, maybe the lip area, the cheek area and chin area. after some practice in the lab .,.. it's time to meet our subjects. and who in this city.... knows more about wild and unruly facial hair .... than the burly men of the milwaukee admirals? oh yeah, get in there. in the admirals locker room ... we find guys more than willing
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inspection you could find anything, left over breakfast, some gatorade. some of the guys in here may have some things going on underneath there, we're not sure. we test eight guys right after practice. some had showered ... some had not. i shampoo mine. maybe not with proper beard shampoo but i use shampoo. i don't take time to wash it. i just shower. we also swab the faces ... of the cl for comparison. i don't want to know, i don't want to know what's under there. even the admirals p-r guy ... wants to know what's right under his nose. i think it's awesome, especially if i have the cleanest face. then ... the samples are off to the lab. a couple weeks later .... it's time to reveal the results to the team. actually the cleanest beard was austin watson photo pops up of watson since he was just called to the pros. our cleanest clean shaven face was this guy. haha
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that day ... our lab supervisor has a theory about that. the people that did practice, you're collecting all this sweat and bacteria on your chins in your face. most of the faces were pretty clean ... both bearded and clean shaven ... with just the normal facial bacteria. so the myth is busted. but there was one exception ... our test found ecoli in one beard. it's most commonly found in fecal mater or poo. wait ... what? someone had poo in their face? well-- that;s nott possibility. ecoli can be in raw good, you see food recalls where they have ecoli. ecoli is in water, if you swim in lake michigan you have ecoli on you. so what did we learn from this? if you're growing a beard for november just make sure that you wash it. as for the admirals ... was it me? i just came out of practice. this study is just ammunition ... for teasing among teammates. yeah, i'm shaving today got to
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we're not revealing who had the dirtiest beard ... because we're not cruel. but here's what we learned ... if you have facial hair ... the potential for a dirtier face does exist ... maybe because it's a place for bacteria and sweat to collect ... especially if you've been sweating. but if you take basic steps to keep your face clean ... you''re fine. mostly clear tonight with temperatures falling into the 40s this evening. we'll
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inland. we will see some clouds around on monday, but it will be a mild day with highs in the middle 50s. most of the week looks quiet a mild with highs in the low 60s. a strong storm system is forecast to move in friday night with rain and wind. this storm is forecast to usher in the coldest air of the season by late in
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low: 40 wind: sw 5-15 mph monday: partly to mostly cloudy. high: 56 wind: w 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny. am low: 42 high: 56 wind: w 5-10 mph 41 high: 58 wind: s 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 45 high: 62 wind: sw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with the chance for showers at night.
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high: 63 wind: se 15-25 mph saturday: cloudy, blustery and cool. am low: 48 high: 48
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effort today in tennessee. even mike daniels would tell you that his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was inexcusable. so was the way mike mccarthy's men lost. tim's report from nashville next in
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after the colts kicked 'em all over lambeau field, one would think that the packers would have played for pride-and with an edge today in tennessee. instead, they mailed in the first quarter with one of their worst performances in years. think about this: since the stunning nfc championship game loss at seattle in january of twenty 15-the team run by ted thompson and mike mccarthy hasn't even played 500 football. the defense was deplorable for an entire half. demarco murray on the titans a 75 yard jaunt, 7-0 for the 2nd straight week, the pack dig too deep a hole to get out of marcus mariota to anthony fasano; the titans owned dom capers unit.. 21-0 after the first quarter. aaron rodgers and jordy nelson made their 8th td connection of the season. 21-7. but mariota-who was 19/ of 26 for 295 yards and
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with no running game-31 of 51 to james starks 35-16 h number 12 two td passes, number 12 two td passes, 2 picks.. rodgers 20 yard td run 35-16 but mariota--averaged over 11 yards a pass- to rodgers 7 plus r mariota--averaged over 11 yards a pass- to rodgers 7 plus couldn't be stropped. 47-25. the packers fall to 4 and 5 for the first time since oh 8. tim van vooren blitzin. at times, the packers appear to be lacking strong leadership. however, one key offensive player, one key defensive player, willing to look in the mirror after sunday's loss in nashville. obviously i gotta play better. we gotta find a way to score
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efficient, especially early in the game when we get good field position. but, yeah, i felt we made some good plays at times. you know, i let my team down in some areas today, with the penalty, and the opening run. so i have to correct myself before i can say anything to anybody, because that wasn't my best performance to date. i let the guys down. i let the fans down. i got to do better. a week ago after the packers lost at ho was loudly expressing his frustration in the shower afterwards. he was more composed this sunday, but no less upset. in nashville, tim van vooren, fox6 sports. the vikings are doing their best to come down to the packers level of ineptitude. the visitors were shutout in the 2nd half against washington, green bay' s next opponent on the road. preston smith had 2 sacks of sam bradford and a game-altering interception. after a 5 and oh start, minnesota's lost 4 straight..dropping into a tie with ide detroit.
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can feel ya! in tampa bay--jameis winston throws for 312 yards and 2 scores. freddie martino 43 yards. 2-7 chicago falls to oh and 5 on the road..36-10. the badgers are up a notch to 6th in the college football playoff poll. alabama's number 1 ohio state up to 2. louisville 3rd michigan 4th after iowa stunned em. clemson 5th. if only the packers could take a page from the badgers storybook season on defense. 4 interceptions of illini qb jeff george junior in the first half saturday. nice to get a laugher..and that "d" really good. and, you know, four takeaways, third down
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finally tonight-- a gesture of thanks in franklin today. "gus' mexcian cantina" ope enforcement officers and their families. everyone was treated to a meal complete with rice and beans and enchiladas and it was all for free. the owner says it's the least he can do for all the men and women on the who protect and serve. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking
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by froedtert and the medical college of wisconsin, menards, uw madison, stepnhafels, and prohealth care. hello and welcome to the fox 6 sports blitz. your home for everything local throughout the year. i'm tom pipines joined here in the studio by brandon cruz. tim van vooren is live in nashville, tennessee where the packers lose badly to the titans. we will get to tim in a bit, but we begin with the fox 6 stories of the week. at number 6, one more game. the


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