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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  November 15, 2016 3:05am-4:00am CST

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northwestern's center on wrongful convictions of youth applauding the news in a statement online: "we are in the process of making arrangements for his release and hope that brendan will be reunited with his family by thanksgiving. meanwhile the wisconsin department of justice says attorney general brad schimel intends to fight the decision by filing an emergency motion in the seventh circuit seeking a stay of this release order. milwaukee criminal defense lawyer chris cherella: i would imagine that the 7th circuit is going to issue a regard to that decision, sometime within the next week to 10 days or 2005... a then 16-year-old dassey confessed to helping his uncle steven avery rape and kill photographer theresa halbach. her charred remains were later found on the avery family property in manitowoc county. dassey's attorneys appealed his 2007 conviction... and in august of this year... judge duffin agreed with them...ruling investigators coerced dassey's confession. in september the
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conviction. if they determine that judge duffins order to suppress the statement was indeed correct, ultimately the state will have to make a decision to re-try him without that statement. dassey is currently at columbia correctional in portage. family members reacting to the news online also reiterated that same sentiment from his attorneys: they hope dassey is home for thanksgiving. in the newsroom, madeline anderson fox6 news. dassey's uncle -- steven avery -- is still trying to appeal his case. a special prosecutor is representing the state -- as avery is asking for extensive testing in his homicide case. avery claims manitowoc county officials framed him for halbach's death . his attorney -- kathleen zellner-- tweeted today -- avery's case has been slowed down because of dassey's release. something new is expected to be filed soon. we invite you to check out our collection of avery stories going back as far as 2003. search "avery
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dot com or the fox6 news app. milwaukee police -- looking for the suspect who gunned down a well-liked local musician. 33-year-old colin dem-gee golly gee willikers demge was killed saturday in the riverwest neighborhood.police were called to his home on wheel weil and found the man outside of his home with a gunshot wound. a friend tells us the victim had nothing but friends.. and fans.? i cant even think of why anyone would do this because this guy was completely innocent he was actually a big community. to have something like this happen in his community its very wrong. friends and family have planned a tribute benefit in his honor. the details of that -- and a link to a go fund me page for funeral expenses -- are both posted on our website, fox 6 now dot com police recover a gun from a milwaukee school today. m-p-d says the child with the only eight years old. a.j. bayatpour is live at lafollette school with that
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to lafolltte around one oclock this afternoon. officers recovered the gun from staff the school. fortunately, the handgun was unloaded. its not uncommon for kids to come home from school with a letter to their parents. for something like that to happen, its just... but this note, stapled to one student's homework assignment, stands out to parents we talk to both on and off-camera outside lafollette school monday. they slipped thro the letter says staff was made aware of a student in possession of a weapon. faculty found and confiscated the weapon. it adds 'please remind your students how important it is to tell a trusted adult if they see or hear something that makes them uncomfortable.' milwaukee police say they were called for a subject with a gun. that eight-year-old student. the gun was unloaded. police say the child took the gun from home. its not just my child in
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child attends here. after school, concerned parents are quick to point out...this couldve been much worse. im glad to know nobody didnt get hurt behind this. m-p-s declined to comment tonight, saying all information will have to come from police. m-p-d says the district attorneys office will be reviewing the case for any possible charges. live outside lafollette school, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. brad thanks aj police are investigating after shots are fired near another m-p-s school. the call came at 3:55 this afternoon. police say someone reported a person with a gun across the street from washington high school near sherman and wright. we're told the incident had nothing to do with the school. and fortunately no one was hurt. menomonie police releasing two photos-- following the death of a u-w stout student. 24-year-old hussain al-nah-dee alnahdi - was beaten to death last month. he's originally from saudi arabia-- but was studying
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wisconsin. police are now trying to identify the women in the surveillance photos-- believing they could have information related to alnahdi's death. as nice as november has been-- winter is just around the corner. let's check in with weather expert tom wachs. partly to mostly cloudy tonight with temperatures falling into the 40s the low 40s near the lake by sunrise, mid-30s inland. partly sunny and mild on tuesday with highs in the upper 50s. mild conditions continue through mid-week, with a warm up late in the week. 60s return to the forecast thursday and friday. a powerful storm system moves in friday bringing rain and wind along with it. the coldest air of the season blows in
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tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. low: 41 wind: wnw 5 mph tuesday: partly sunny. high: 58 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly sunny. am low: 42 high: 57 wind: se 5-10 mph check the radar anytime - right from your phone. just download the fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. a rough tide. the packers are in unchartered waters. they're losing. and that hasn't happened much with ted thompson and mike mccarthy running the show. but in the "what have you done for me lately" business of the
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knows that better than head coach mike mccarthy. tom pipines here with the blitz. the last time packers had a 4 and 5 record, when aaron rodgers was healthy, was in 2 thousand 8--the quarterback's first season as a starter. everything is being questioned. and everyone-including mike mccarthy. a normally guarded head coach had some candid and revealing comments when talking about the rough road that has some publicly crying for his time in titletown to end. let's just state the facts. im a highly successful nfl head coach. to me it's always bumpy and thats the joy of it, thats the game, what you did last year or 2 thousand 10, it doesnt factor. you have to stay in tune with the now. obviously people outside our room don't feel good about the now. personally i enjoy these
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gone career has gone professionally. our adversity football production is not high enough now, there's a fine fine line of winning and losing and we are on the wrong side of the line right now. obviously mccarthys men have been on the wrong side of that line. while the coach takes the ted thompson continues to stay ou operandi. it will be interesting tom see how the next two months play out. brad, mary. controversy tonight over one of president-elect donald trump's first appointments. what kenosha-native reince priebus has to say about working with the alt-right leader steve bannon. plus-- it's called the epicenter of poverty in wisconsin. tonight new plans to help
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attacks. but police say they've solved a string of sexual assaults. those stories and more
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committing a series of sexual assaults this past week. milwaukee police say a 21 year old is in custody. fox6's myra sanchick spoke with one of the victims mother. i just wanted people to know there was a rapist out here this woman, who we are not identifying was woken up friday evening. her 17 year old daughter was in the hospital. the most recent victim of what seems to be a serial rapist. so disturbing. it's unspeakable what he did. i won't speak on what he did but he did l for dead this mother says her teen was walking home from work in the evening near 76th and good hope, when a man grabbed her from the sidewalk at gunpoint and dragged her to this field. she says he assaulted her at gunpoint for about a half hour, hitting her with the gun and choking her. its disturbing. i haven't slept. i'm a nervous wreck you know. i think i'm in more pain than her cuz sh'es still in shock. but im taking it worse because of he put her through something she wasn't
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he did a lot milwaukee police say the tuesday before another woman in the same area was grabbed by a man who attacked her at six a-m. another woman attacked not far away that night. police released this sketch of their suspect. this woman's daughter managed to get out of the field and ran, half dressed into traffic on north 76th street. a car stopped and took her to the hospital. she ran into traffic. someone stopped and i thank you guys to whoever stoppe a did. i really appreciate it she is also relieved.. there is a suspect in custody. i'm very happy.,but i'll be happier when justice is served. the case is expected to go to the district attorney's office in the coming days. live in milwaukee myra sanchick fox6 news milwaukee police are investigating after a body is found near 7th and pierce... they say the victim is a man. he was found just before 9-30 this morning. police are working to
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but they say the death does not appear suspicious. shorewood police are searching for three suspects in a carjacking... it happened shortly before 6-30 last night near capitol and woodburn... officials say the suspects pointed a gun at the driver -- then took off in the victim's silver ford focus. people living in the area say the crime has them concerned -- and frustrated. "we walk our dogs, a lot of people in the community have dogs. i'm just concerned about people being victimized." asked to call shorewood police. sad news to report tonight-- p-b-s journalist gwen ifill has died of cancer at age 61. ifill was co-anchor of p-b-s newshour with judy woodruff. she moderated the milwaukee debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton at u-w milwaukee back in february. she took a leave from her nightly show for health reasons earlier this year - without ever making her
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president obama is encouraging americans to give president-elect donald trump some time to get adjusted to the responsibilities of the presidency. the president says the u-s will remain a world power after he leaves office... and that mister trump told him personally he was committed to the u-s playing an important part in the nato alliance. the president discussed his conversations with the president-elect while speaking in his first news conference since the election. "i remember what it was like when i came in eight years ago, it is a big challenge. this bigger than any one person and that's why ensuring a smooth transition is so important." the president-elect is still working to build his administration. more appointments are expected this week. kenosha's reince priebus says it was "surreal" - to be named president- elect donald trump's chief of staff. but some groups -- including milwaukee's jewish community -- are denouncing another of the president- elect's appointees. political reporter theo keith
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gop chairman reince priebus is undoubtedly the less-controversial of president-elect donald trump's first appointments. everyone says, reince priebus, is a saint. the devil is steve bannon bannon was the trump campaign's c-e-o and led breitbart news, an alt-right website which has featured headlines such as "bill kristol: republican spoiler, renegade jew" and "birth control makes women unattractive and crazy." steve bannon, no one has any idea how thats going to work republca support the trump campaign, are concerned because breitbart has opposed house speaker paul ryan. as excited as i was to see reince priebus elevated to be chief of staff, it was a real red flag and a blow to see steve bannon elevated to be such an insider in the white house priebus, who is close with ryan, says he does not share the concerns. i havent seen any of
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was a force for good on the campaign. hes very wise and smart if there is a power struggle,veteran democratic consultant evan zeppos expects priebus to win. zeppos has known priebus for years, and says if the wisconsin republican has success working with the g-o-p congress, it will leave bannon on the outs. i think mr. bannon will have difficulties. and i think hell have difficulties because the establishment will chew him up a little bit on monday priebus acknowledged administration would be to work with g-o-p leaders in congress to make sure the priorities get done. by the way cnn is reporting that paul ryan's job as speaker is safe. he apparently will not face a challenge in the newsroom, theo keith, fox6 news. the milwaukee county board has overridden county executive chris abele. abele tried to veto a provision in this year's budget that would reduce his office's budget to 2011 levels. but the county board voted 12 to
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in a statement the board chairman theodore lipscomb says - abele should "keep his promise and help shoulder the burden of milwaukee county's budget gap." the "epicenter of poverty," in wisconsin, that's how one non-profit describes milwaukee's 53206 zip code. but plans to turn a five-story warehouse into a "day-time homeless center could transform the neighborhood. fox6's jonathon gregg has the story "53206 is one of the most impoverished zip codes in the wisconsin." volunteers like joanna beamon are trying to mend a damaged neighborhood. "the donations will come in here." the area..struggles with unemployment and homelessness and is shorthanded when it comes to physical resources, like shelters. "we represent the hopefulness but the practical solutions." sister maccanon brown has set out to buy this five-story brick warehouse, "scarcity of
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sanctuary for the homeless. the cost of property is $175-thousand dollars. 25-thousand has already been pledged or raised. "we are all in this city together, and anything that represents homelessness, at risk homelessness poverty leads to the deterioration." but the cut-off date according to sister brown is december 23rd, less than six open." five floors, with 35-thousand square feet. a rusted and dusty blank canvas. in milwaukee jonathon gregg fox6 news. plans include a day-time shelter, a medical clinic and employment center.. but that is all dependent on meeting their fund raising goal. if you'd like to know more about donating, we've included a link on our website, fox6 now dot com. it seems harmless enough-- but a pen left in a bathroom ends in 8 felonies. coming up-- why you might want to think twice the next time
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and later-- they were just trying to be nice. a group of bikers gets quite the surprise when they stopped to help someone stranded on the side of
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partly to mostly cloudy tonight with temperatures falling into the 40s this evening. we'll drop into the low 40s near the lake by sunrise, mid-30s
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highs in the upper 50s. mild conditions continue through mid-week, with a warm up late in the week. 60s return to the forecast thursday and friday. a powerful storm system moves in friday bringing rain and wind along with it. the coldest air of the season blows in 30s by sunday. tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. low: 41 wind: wnw 5 mph tuesday: partly sunny. high: 58 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly sunny. am low: 42 high: 57 wind: se 5-10 mph still developing tonight-- a d-j in kenosha may have victimized countless women. he's accused of recording them in the bathroom-- with a pen. the disturbing details are coming up next. the packers are in a pickle..and they're trying to figure out a
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if they go overtime! "blitz overtime--ahead on
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a kenosha county man is free on bail tonight after being charged with eight felony counts. he's accused of placing a spy camera pen inside a women's restroom at a local tavern. justin williams shares the
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our women's bathroom ... in the bar's bathroom, the pen was here, so that, when the women would sit down, er, whatever ... you can anticipate the adjectives. sick. sick to our stomachs. my boss is just totally disgusted. monday, marge dougherty describes with disgust, a recent situation inside sullivan's place, in kenosha, nobody wants to use anybody's pen, anymore. this, marge explains, with what friday night dj, chris bohatkiewicz, allegedly did, on november fourth, when, prosecutors say, the record- spinner admits he placed what appeared to be a pen, on the floor of the women's restroom. several hours later, a man used the restroom, and picked-up what he ultimately determined to be a spy camera pen -- complete with a memory card. when he turns the device in, to police, they find images of eight people, as each uses the restroom. you never know where you're being recorded, anymore. when police questioned bohatkiewicz, he, reportedly,
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explaining he derives pleasure from the pictures. he's done weddings. he's done graduations. he's done many places. so, hopefully, you know, none of those had any hanky dankies. i spoke with an investigator, who tells me there could be additional victims. if you think you may have been victimized by this dj, you're strongly encouraged to contact the kenosha police department. this is the latest, in kenosah. i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. sentencing day for one of the men charged in a rolling shoot-out and fiery 20-year-old "delvin hoard" has been ordered to serve 5-years in prison. prosecutors say he fired his gun out of the sunroof at another vehicle in early february. his car then crashed near the corner of fifth and main.... injuring three people. prosecutors say the incident stemmed from an argument at a restaurant. take a look at these pictures. racine police are looking for the man who stole from a couple of convenience stores. they say he hit up the open pantry on durand avenue and the speedway on 21st and green bay road. they believe this is his car. if
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washington county authorities say this is the truck that lead them on a high speed chase down i-41. they say the driver hit several construction barrels and a concrete wall before he eventually exited and pulled over in a neighborhood. the washington county sheriff's office says the driver was arrested for 9th offense drunk driving. steel beams that will eventually be par arrived at the port of milwaukee today. they came all the way from luxembourg. the beams-- many of which are over 50- feet long-- are now on the way to merrill iron and steel in sko-field schofield. there they will be cut and detailed to meet the specific design specs for the roof of the new arena. "all of the preparation in our shop will be cutting, coping, drilling, welding, basically making as much fabrication in the shop as possible so that when it's delivered from the site, the site crew can do the
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the beams will be back in milwaukee next summer. the arena isn't scheduled to be completed until 2018. the titans jumped on the packers with 21 points in the first quarter and the team was never able to recover. it was a solemn locker room for this week's blitz overtime, as players talked about that start and what they need to do going forward. team and same we were surprised, this is the nfl, if you don't come to play that stuff happens, and it's going to continue to happen if you don't come with that initial juice." "it was tough, it was tough but we as players got push through that and we have to just keep working to get better and stuff doesn't go the right way all the time we gotta get through that." "i felt like we were still alive in the game i
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set us back but i feel like we could have came back and got into the game." "we're taking it week by week obviously there are 32 teams that want that super bowl trophy, super bowl stuff but at the end of the day we gotta take it week by week, what is this 3 straight losses now and we gotta try and flush everything and come up and next week get a win that's the only thing we can do." "t i know we are capable of far more what we showed out their the whole game especially the way we came out." "we've always had great resiliency here and we just gotta keep on fighting." anything that's positive that is helpful in building this team up then that's what we look to we learn from mistakes, get rid of the negatives and build on the positives." "i think we can still win them all if we put our minds to it, everything is still in front of us." "i'm confident everything is
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we are back to the drawing board on to washington." "i have 100 percent faith in every guy in this locker room i still appreciate the guy to my left, the guy to my right, the guys across the ball we a below 500 football team and come out next week and try to get a win." a group of bikers gets quite the surprise when they stopped to help of the road. recognize that guy? yeah... their good deed paid off - big time. that story is coming up next in the buzz. and later-- it maybe november. but it's time to think summer! two huge acts are coming to the marcus amphitheater. we take a sneak peek at the summerfest 50. this mild weather continues for now...but the coldest air of the season is on the way. i'll have
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? (motor revving past) ?? (horn and squealing tires) ?? (brakes and crash sounds) this winter, pay attention, go slow, and stay in control while driving. and let's achieve zero deaths on wisconsin roadways. at the new live-action "beauty and the beast." the details in tonight's buzz. a group of bikers in new jersey got quite the surprise when they stopped to help a fellow biker on the side of the
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bruce springsteen! the bikers were returning from a veterans' day event and pulled over to help him out after his motorcycle broke down. they gave springsteen a ride to a restaurant, where the singer paid everyone a round of drinks and promised them some concert tickets. the first trailer for the live-action "beauty and the beast" is here. the movie stars emma watson as belle and dan stevens as the beast. it'll be in theaters on march 17. kendall jenner's instagram suddenly recently told "allure magazine" that sometimes she'll quit social media to clear her mind. jenner's twitter and facebook pages are still active. and that's your buzz. our unbelievable stretch of weather continues! our unbelievable stretch of weather continues! but for how long? weather expert tom wachs is
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plus-- you know the 50th summerfest is going to be huge. a look at the first two headliners announced-- still to come. and next-- got any chores you've been avoiding? amazon may be
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amazon is expanding its coverage in milwaukee -- and 19 other cities. milwaukee is now part of amazon's home services coverage. home services allows customers to order about 12-hundred services like plumbing, lawn work, painting and other odd jobs. the most popular services on amazon home services are tv wall-mounting, house cleaning and furniture
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love this! "corner bakery cafe" opens it's second wisconsin location. the new restaurant is on 76th street in pleasant prairie. instead of a drive through it has a "park through"-- food will be delivered right to your car. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, adlib to wx weather partly to mostly cloudy tonight with temperatures falling into the 40s this evening. we'll drop into the low 40s near the lake by sunrise, mid-30s inland. partly sunny and mild on
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conditions continue through mid-week, with a warm up late in the week. 60s return to the forecast thursday and friday. a powerful storm system moves in friday bringing rain coldest air of the season blows in this weekend with highs in the 30s by sunday. tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. low: 41 wind: wnw 5 mph tuesday:
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mph wednesday:mostly sunny. am low: 42 high: 57 wind: se 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 48 high: 64 wind: s 5-10 mph windy with rain likely. am low: 50 high: 63 wind: s 15-25 mph saturday: cloudy, windy and cool. am low: 42 high: 42 wind: wnw 15-30 mph sunday:
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high: 37 wind: nw 5-10
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we may be approaching winter-- but it's never too soon to start thinking about summerfest. 2017 will mark the 50th run of the festival. fox6s carl deffenbaugh has details on the first two big names, who will be coming to
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one of the best music festivals in the country, you need something to get the party started. 'this is the 50th year of doing this festival and were so excited about it.' and with good reason. milwaukee world festival announced the first two headlining acts for summerfests 50th anniversary. the red hot chili peppers will get things started not in a stadium arcadium, but in the marcus amphitheater on opening night, june 28th. and th sound just like fire on july 2nd. 'this was pretty exciting for us. both these acts are top tier artists. its going to enhance the festival and were excited.' and if november still seems early to be thinking about summer, well thats just what it takes to stay relevant in a shifting landscape. 'bands seem to be planning out their seasons earlier and earlier. and in the midwest, the window is only like four months of decent weather when you can work outdoors.' 'both acts have history on these grounds, but its been a while. the chili peppers performed here in
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in 2006 on the briggs & stratton stage. shes of course a much bigger act now, and has elevated to the marcus amphitheater.' 'well theres been a lot of acts that have done that through the years. that have played on smaller stages and worked their way up to that kind of status.' think of it as another way to measure the longevity of milwaukees summer staple. as a dose of californication will help summerfest raise its glass to 50 deffenbaugh, fox6 news. if youre looking for a stocking stuffer -- tickets go on sale friday for both acts -- at 10 am for pink, and noon for the chili peppers. admission tickets are already available online. click the "links" tab on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- for more information. more than a thousand people are stranded after a powerful earthquake his new zealand. the 7 point 8 magnitude quake triggered a small tsunami and
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train and vehicle access to coastal towns and disrupted drinking water and sewage services. military helicopters and a navy ship are being dispatched to rescue stranded tourists and residents. vaughan says: "the most important thing for us is making sure that visitors and residents have sanitary services. we need to make sure that sewage is disposed of cleanly." the full extent of the damage is st but the country's prime minister says clean-up efforts could take months and cost billions of dollars. at least 8-thousand people in the dominican republic are forced from their homes after because of severe flooding. sixty communities lost communication after rivers overflowed -- and shelters have opened to take care of the victims. officials say more than 15-hundred homes are affected -- 40 destroyed. several bridges have also collapsed. the trial for sergeant bowe
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february-- but the judge moved it to may 15th. bergdahl is accused of walking off his post in afghanistan in 2009. he was then taken captive by the taliban for nearly five years, and was released in a controversial prison-swap in 2014. today attorneys argued about who could have access to the evidence in the case-- calling some of it "top secret." bergdahl is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. he faces up to life in prison. guilty of murder for leaving his son in a hot car in 2014. prosecutors say justin ross harris intentionally locked his son in the car because he wanted to be free of family responsibilities. the prosecution showed evidence that harris was "sexting" with six women on the day of his son's death... one was a minor. harris be sentenced on december 5th-- and could spend the rest of his life in prison. a police officer in traverse city, michigan has been placed on
3:57 am
confederate flag at a "love trumps hate" rally friday night. the police chief says the officer was on duty-- when he drove near demonstrators with the confederate flag on his pickup truck. witnesses say the off duty officer was also drinking at the time of the incident. snow says: "the fact that this man carries the shield of the traverse city police department, i think wax a lot of the good work that our current chief has done in trying to improve community rel from active duty while police conduct an internal investigation. authorities suspect arson is to blame for a massive fire at an unfinished condominium complex in charlotte, north carolina overnight. nearly 60 firefighters were called to the scene around one-thirty this morning. dozens of people at a nearby apartment complex had to be evacuated. it took firefighters about 90 minutes to knock-down the flames. thousands of children whose parents are in prison -- will
3:58 am
to pick out the present. fox6s deandra corinthios shows you how its all possible. picture these volunteers as santas elves... "as you can see, many many gifts to wrap" and the salvation armys distribution santas workshop... "the children will smile...theyll see the wrapping paper and theyll be excited to see what is inside!" its thanks to the salvation armys prison toy program the work began on monday. there are more than 4 thousand presents to wrap for children whose parents are incarcerated. "these individuals are chosen they work with the salvation army, we know they will be incarcerated during the holiday season" "the salvation army purchases all of the toys and then give the parents this catalog. the parents can then flip through by age group and select which toys best fit their children." the parent can also write a card to their child. this one from a father to his son reads 'i think about you all the time and i truly want the best for you.
3:59 am
' "the goal is to keep the family intact, to keep the relationship going so that the day will come where there is a reunionthe gifts are packaged for the post office...and shipped to the childs home. theyll never know the salvation army was involved... there are no markings on the package. the return address simply says 'distribution center' keeping the magic of christmas alive... "they need our help, they need joy, they need to know somebody cares." in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news all of the gifts for the prison toy program are purchased with funds from the red kettle campaign. and the salvation army says there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer. they need bell ringers for two hour shifts...between now and christmas eve. learn more about the prison toy program and how you can help the salvation army. click "links" on fox6 now dot com or the
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four days before the presidential debate, he called me up and threatened me. >> he feuded with her as a president but how a president-elect trump will handle megyn kelly's new allegations. i'm natalie morales. kelly brings up another disturbing chapter from his past. her underoath. >> it's been a wild ride. i'll tell you that. >> behind the scenes at "60 minutes," i'm liz hernandez. ivanka's chameleon eyes. what is up with her changing eye color. >> i had a lot of social issues in school. >> and hailee steinfeld on her own teen trauma. how fate helped end the bullying. >> this seems like the best option. >> can i borrow your wedding ring? >> of course.


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