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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  November 15, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm CST

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when he commited a string of seven carjackings in just a weeks time. tonight - he's sentenced to 41 years in prison. but is he remorseful? beverly taylor has the story you'll see only on fox6. there were 512 carjackings in 2015 in milwaukee. and, 19-year-old brandon newson of milwaukee was sentenced for committing seven of them. it started on may 24th 2015, with the first victim who was eight months pregnant. 2:47 the defendant app her and basically points a gun at her and tells are to get out of the car.a similar scenario would be played about six more times with him threatening his victims with a gun. 'i want to apologize to the people he victimized.'newsons aunt spoke on his behalf. 'putting him in jail is not going to help. so many go in and coming out with the same problem ... he needs mental help!!.the prosecutor told how newsons carjacking spree ended may 31st 2015 after getting stuck in a swamp in
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dispatcher that he was scared after being tuck in mudand then newson spoke. i know the stuff i did wasnt right. thats all i knew at the time.the prosecution recommended 50 years of initial confinement. i think i need time to understand who i am and im sure youre going to give that t rosa sentenced him to 41 years of initial confinement. this carjacking problems is completely out of control and needs to be addressed in a very forceful way.'newson was released from lincoln hills juvenile corrections in february and committed these crimes in may. he had two earlier juvenile delinquency cases that were dismissed or ordered supervision.
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bank and leading police on a chase through several counties enters a not guilty plea in court. police say 41-year-old patrick paasch walked into the north shore bank near 60th and forest home on november first... handed a note to the teller demanding money... and threatened to shoot. he then took off -- leading police across three counties before stopping for cigarettes at a hartford gas station. he was caught shortly after that. the packers probably couldn't have rallied against the titans-even if they'd had a "5th" quarter! looked as good as the 5th quarter highlights of sports photojournalist
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some good news to share about the green bay packers. packers legend donald driver is headed for the packers hall of fame. driver will take his place among the franchise's all-time greats as part of the 4th induction class during a ceremony next july 22nd in the lambeau field atrium. he says his hard upbringing helped get him to green bay. "you know, i think about the journey every single day because it's the journey that allowed me to get that phone call. i think if my
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don't know if i would've worked as hard. i don't think i would've put in the time and effort but it's the journey that allowed me to put in the time, put in for what i wanted to accomplish and you accomplish something special that i'll be able to share with my family for a very long time."
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will also be inducted next year. to see more of the donald driver interview - go to a tough question for parents.. would you want your kid's teacher - to be packing heat? one state lawmakers says you bet! his controversial plan for guns in schools and why he says the current ban is unfair - and unsafe. and got a flat tire? they can help you for free! to the rescue.. we have a warm up on the way before the coldest air of the season arrives. i'll have your
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people magazine names this year's sexiest man alive... and we're getting our first look at the movie based off the boston marathon bombings... the details in tonight's buzz. "the rock" johnson this year's sexiest man alive. the former wrestler is currently starring on the h-b-o series-- "ballers" along with co-starring in the "fast and furious" franchise... and his upcoming film "moana." johnson told the magazine with the new title he felt he had "pretty much reached the pinnacle." j-j abrams is headed to broadway! the "star wars" and "star trek" director is producing his first broadway show...called "the play that
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drama company struggling to put on a show. previews begin march ninth. nat-bell, crowd "they say half-a-million people watch the boston marathon here in new england." nat "hey!" "baby." "hey, you behaving yourself?" nat-boom we're getting a first look at the boston marathon bombing drama "patriots day." the movie stars mark wahlberg, michelle monaghan mon-a-han , john goodman, kevin bacon, and j-k simmons."patriots day" opens december don't get used to this mild weather.. weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. plus downtown protest. why dozens of people marched outside th wells fargo bank branch. first he was upset - now, he's inspired. reaction after a child
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home survellience. also - some are calling it one of the most cost effective ways to stop crime. these camera helpful, one police department is helping you get them. what department that is....and the extra steps its taking to get the survellience up and running, new at ten. a new sendik's is now open in west milwaukee... a ribbon-cutting ceremony was today at the 42-thousand-square foot store on miller park way. the nearlly 5 acre development will also includes a goodwill store and an applebee's restraunt. a sendik's spokesman says the new store will compliment its
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diverse area and we're catering to that ethnic diversity." it's one of six new locations sendik's plans to open in the next year or so. for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to the business journal. adlib to wx weather decreasing clouds tonight with patchy fog fall through the 40s before bottoming out around 40 by sunrise. becoming mostly sunny on wednesday with a mild high in the middle 50s. a powerful storm system begins to impact us thursday with a strong south wind and warm temperatures. we'll warm into the middle-to-upper 60s. warm & windy on friday with a chance for rain showers. highs in the 60s. rain could mix with snowflakes
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flurries possible saturday with wind chills in the 20s. tonight: decreasing clouds. patchy fog. low: 40 wind: wsw 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly sunny. high: 55 wind: se 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny, breezy and warm. am low: 46 high: 67 wind: s 10-20 mph friday: mostly cloudy and windy with a chance for rain showers. am mph saturday: cloudy, windy and cool with a chance for flurries. am low: 40 high: 40 wind: nw 20-30 mph sunday: partly sunny and cold. am low: 25 high: 35 wind: nw 5-15 mph monday: partly sunny and cold. am low: 22 high: 37 wind: ne 5-10
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the holidays are right around the corner - and many families in our area don't have enough to eat.
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wisconsin for the food for the holidays campaign. join us for the food for the holidays phone bank, tomorrow from four p-m until 10:30. your donation will make a big difference for those in need this holiday season for more information visit on our website at the controversial dakota access pipeline has made national headlines, pitting native american and environmental groups.... against large energy companies. that ongoing battle ?made its way to wisconsin today. fox six's carl deffenbaugh has milwaukee. north dakota and downtown milwaukee are separated by hundreds of miles, but the chants of protestors brought those two places closer together on tuesday morning. a group of about 50 people gathered outside the wells fargo bank to rally against the dakota access pipeline... the bank is one of the organizations helping finance the project. 'we are here in solidarity. and we care about what is
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11- hundred miles of pipeline that would carry crude oil from north dakota to refineries in illinois. the section in question is where the pipeline would tunnel underneath the missouri river, near a reservation belonging to the standing rock sioux. the tribe fears the pipeline could pollute its water supply and destroy native sites. 'to have that amount of disrespect that is both disrespectful in law and disrespectful as a human rit, it.' backers of the 3-point-7 billion dollar project have touted the pipeline as the safest and most efficient way to transport oil, rather than using rail or trucks. they dispute the project would contaminate drinking water or effect tribal land. the protest in milwaukee was one of many around the country, and comes a day after the u.s. government delayed a decision on whether the construction could continue. 'our goal, really, is to educate people. to show the people at standing rock sioux reservation that even though we are out here in
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to support them.' employees inside the wells fargo building said they were not allowed to comment on the protest. carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. the american cancer society has some stark numbers when it comes to the rate that wisconsinites die each year from smoking. for instance-- 5-thousand wisconsin residents die each year from smoking related illnesses, almost 18-hundred from lung cancer alone. "great american smokeout." health care advocates say the day encourages people to finally kick the habit but also remind them-- it's normal to try several times before succeeding. "they need to know about experiences, about facts about education and they want to know about stories. they want to hear from other individuals who have succeeded." mcmurray says smokers should not be discouraged and create a plan to quit for good and this thursday is the perfect opportunity to get
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it's national "traffic incident response awareness week a good time to honor those who help us on the roads.. fox 6 got a ride - along with the milwaukee county sheriffs office freeway service team. the team has five vehicles - and crews offer a variety of free services - towing vehicles, changing flat tires, providing fuel --even tightening a belt. but remember - they need room to do their work. its dangerous to work on the highway, especially, when youre towin vehicles, in a work zone--with limited shoulders, that its critical that, that, that drivers know to move over and another reminder for motorists -- wisconsin is a steer it, or clear it state.. meaning - if you're in a minor crash - and no one's hurt - you must move you vehichle out of traffic. one of the two bald eagles rescued from a storm drain in orlando last week has died. the eagles were fighting over territory when they got trapped. one of them flew away; the other was taken to the audubon center for birds of prey for treatment. over the weekend, the eagle's condition
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yesterday. an elderly couple dies in a mobile home explosion in tennessee. firefighters found the 73 year old and 78 year old - holding each other. investigators believe oxygen tanks in the home are to blame. it could have been a tragedy-- an eight-year-old m-p-s student brought a gun to school yesterday. officers were called to lafollette school a little after one in the afternoon.4 faculty was able to confiscate that weapon. thankfully, the gun was unloaded. m-pd took the gun from home. parents say theyre relieved no one was hurt. for something like that to happen, its just...somebody- they slipped through. thats just how it was. the district attorneys office will be reviewing the case in the coming days to determine if anyone will face charges. a new year - and a controversial new plan. one wisconsin republican wants
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carry on the grounds of private schools. as political reporter theo keith explains it's one of several second amendment issues that will come up in the g-o-p controlled legislature. when police show up after a shooting incident, will it be a recovery or a rescue operation? state representative jesse kremer says it's unsafe and unfair to ban licensed gun owners from carrying on school grounds. were setting parents up for failure. as soon as they drive into our unholster their firearm - if theyre a law- abiding concealed carry holder - and put it in a lockbox his bill would leave it up to private school administrators whether to let guns in their buildings. outside, they wouldn't have a choice -- licensed guns would be allowed. kremer say wisconsin needs to get in line with federal law. he says school administrators are hesitant to publicly support his proposal, but a forum at kettle moraine lutheran high school over the weekend, the washington county sheriff said he was on board. the broader position that i have
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able to decide that on their own kremer says that focusing on private schools will be more doable than broader legislation affecting private and public schools that went nowhere last session. republican leaders expect lawmakers to discuss the issue but wouldn't predict an outcome. democrats say the plan shows republicans are not listening to the concerns of school professionals. we need to listen to those people who are school leaders, school board members and law enforcement personnel, and unfortunately, i dont think republicans are going to listen to them kremer sa lawmaker to push legislation targeting public schools.and he pledges to advance a bill allowing gun owners to carry on college campuses. live, theo keith, fox6 news.
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now at 10-- not so fast. wisconsin's attorney general files a motion to keep brendan dassey in prison. plus-- jl 'we need to know who these people are.' milwaukee police release new video from inside the bmo harris bank the night it was set on fire. and-- it's hard to watch. a guard gets sucker punched. but the inmate who did it won't be punished. we begin with that fox 6 exclusive. a mother is relieved her son won't face caught on camera attacking a racine county correctional officer. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. the sheriff says it's disappointing. his family says there was more to the violence. our ashley sears has the story. 11:44 im happy someone heard me. it's a ruling this racine mother-- has been waiting to hear. 13:14 you could see this is a
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may soon be out of the racine county jail. anderson has been an inmate there for months. he was charged with armed robbery--then while on the inside-- this-- anderson was seen attacking a correctional officer. 'it just underscores how dangerous and important of a job these officers face each and everyday.". last thursday, a judge ruled anderson was not guilty by reason of insanity. his mother says he's been dealing with mental illness for some time. homicidal, suicidal, he talks to himself. or has friends that no one else knows. she claims his attack on the officer was brought on by abuse in jail.. they were making his condition and his problem even worse behind closed doors. but the racine county sheriff tells fox 6 in a statement: he is "...not aware of any allegations of abuse. should there be an allegation we will investigate." adding "it is not uncommon for inmates to


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