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tv   FOX 6 Wake- Up News at 6  FOX  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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portage... where brendan dassey could walk out as a free man... today. jl 'we need to know who these people are.' and authorities now offering thousands of dollars... to help put an arson case from the milwaukee unrest in sherman park... to rest once and for all. good morning and welcome to wakeup! sunny. high: 56 wind: se 5-10 mph tonight: a few clouds. low: 45
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= major delays yellow on traffic map = delays will brendan dassey walk out of a wisconsin prison today? that's the big question... after a judge ordered him to be released... because his conviction for his role in murdering teresa halbach was thrown out. kim has the latest in the newsroom. brendan dassey's case---getting a fresh look... following the hit netflix docu- series "making a murderer". the state is fighting the ruling, making one last plea to
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they plan to file an appeal. they've asked a judge to make a decision on his freedom by 4 -p-m today. dassey's lawyers have submitted a plan to the courts that show their client plans to live with his mother in a trailer 100 miles from manitowoc. they say dassey plans to take classes and receive job training. probation agents are currently reviewing that plan. we will continue to monitor the very latest developments all day. for more on the dassey story - visit fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news see stories we've posted going back as far as 2003. it's all part of our "avery archive." the a-t-f is offering a 10-thousand dollar reward for tips that leads to the arrest of a bank arsonist. this was during the unrest in sherman park. theyre searching for the people responsible for setting fire to the b-mo harris bank. deandra corinthios is live from the a-t-f headquarters downtown with more. the a-t-f says they've been
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identifying these a big missing piece in the puzzle... they want you to take a very close look at newly released video...hoping you'll recognize the suspects this is surveillance video released tuesday by milwaukee police from inside the bmo harris bank that burned during the august unrest in sherman park. it was sparked by the fatal shooting of sylville smith by a now former milwaukee police officer. police say several suspects windows. before leaving, one of the suspects set an item in the building on fire. the agency is responsible for investigating all seven commercial fires set on fire. dozens were arrested during and after the unrest... but officials are still looking to identify others. atf officials have a message for the business owners and others who live and work in the sherman park neighborhood. "we want them to have full confidence that sherman park is a safe place to conduct business, it is a safe place to patronize businesses and if someone does something to disturb the safety
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businesses they will be brought to justice" initial reports indicate 1-point-two million dollars in damages occurred just at this bank. if you have any can contact the a-t-f or milwaukee milwaukee dc fox6 news. developing this morning - e-s-p-n is reporting that the milwaukee bucks will no longer stay at hotels owned by president-elect donald trump. angelica's following that story and more post-election headlines. sources tell the network the bucks are among three n-b-a
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they say the team has already made other arrangements when traveling to chicago and new york. we've reached out to the bucks for confirmation-- but we have not heard back. meanwhile... governor scott walker is taking over as the new chairman of the republican governors' association. walker says he sees an uncommon opportunity with republican control of congress and the white house... with republican governors in 33 states -- there will be more than at any time since the 19-20's. walker will spend the next year laying gubernatorial races slated for 20-18. house republicans also unanimously voted to re-elect paul ryan as house speaker yesterday... making this his second term at the top. we'll have more on ryan's response to the vote... in the next half hour of wakeup. a child's remains - found in a chicago lagoon. now - police make a break in the case -- and it all points to a milwaukee man. plus - an airport employee - shot to death... while on the job. was there a motive? what
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a high school student... accused of stabbing five other students. how police caught him
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rob's weather you are watching the fox 6 wakeup news. today: mostly sunny. high: 56 wind: se 5-10 mph tonight: a few clouds. low: 45 wind:
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a man with ties to milwaukee has been charged with the death of a toddler... whose remains were found in a lagoon last september. chicago police came to milwaukee looking for kamel harris - about a year ago. they wanted to talk to him about the death of kie-o knox.the toddler was in harris' care when he disappeared. now police say harris killed knox in rockford, illinois-- and disposed of his body in chicago. police say harris "snapped" and killed the toddler after the lactose- intolerant boy was fed milk and cried for hours. harris was already in a northern illinois jail on unrelated charges. a southwest airlines employee is dead... after a man shot him at will rogers world airport in oklahoma city. police say the gunman lay in
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where the 52- year-old employee was killed. police sealed off the terminal... and later found the shooter dead in a pickup truck. the airport temporarily suspended flights in the wake of the shooting yesterday. no word yet on motive in the man's murder... but investigators believe the shooting was premeditated. in utah... a 16-year-old boy is accused of stabbing five high school students... before stabbing himself. school officials say the stabbing happened in the boy's locker room yesterday morning. school resource officers tazed him after he stabbed himself... and police took him into times... and range from fair to critical condition. they protested president-elect donald trump's victory for five days... but did they actually vote? startling new numbers out of portland - next on wakeup. plus - new calls for abolishing the electoral college. the action the u-s senate could take... straight ahead. and new business opportunities arriving in west milwaukee... thanks
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watching the fox 6 wakeup news. today: mostly sunny. high: 56 wind: se 5-10 mph tonight: a few clouds. low: 45 wind: s 3-7 mph traffic check red on traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays from calls to shake up the system... to new details about more than 100 protesters who were arrested in portland... kim's in studio with a look at the latest developments... in the wake of election day. starting in portland: out of 108 protesters arrested following last week's election... only 31 voted. that's according to voter logs released by the county's elections division. out of the 72 who didn't vote...
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minors who weren't old enough. protesters took to the streets for five nights... with police reporting clashes... damage to cars... vandalism... and failure to obey orders. meanwhile... retiring democratic senator barbara boxer wants to get rid of the electoral college. the california senator introduced a new bill yesterday - after hillary clinton won the popular vote... but still lost the election. boxer calls the electoral college an outdated and undemocratic system. yesterday morning... president electoral college is actually genius in that it brings all states, including the smaller ones, into play. campaigning is much different!" but in 2012... mr. trump tweeted "the electoral college is a disaster for democracy." it would be extremely difficult for senator boxer's to pass since it's a proposed constitutional amendment. anchors chat/toss to rob rob's weather forecast from fox6 chief meteorologist rob haswell overnight
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again this morning resulting in fog. however, it does not appear to be as dense or as big an issue as yesterday morning. high pressure moves over us today bringing even more sunshine. that will help us warm into the low to mid 50s today. a strong area of low pressure takes over the forecast thursday and through the weekend. ahead of that low we warm up to the upper 60s and might even tie a record high we stay warm friday but when the cold front clears, temperatures will plummet. highs will dip to the 30s and 40s. we can expect strong winds and there is a chance for a few snow showers. today: mostly sunny. high: 56 wind: se 5-10 mph tonight: a few clouds. low: 45 wind: s 3-7 mph thursday:
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10-20 mph friday: mostly cloudy and windy with a chance for rain showers. am low: 53 high: 62 wind: sw 20-30 mph saturday: cloudy, very windy and cold. slight chance or rain and/or snow showers. am low: 40 high: 40 wind: nw 20-30 mph sunday: partly sunny and cold. am low: 26 high: 38 wind: nw 5-15 mph monday: partly sunny and cold. am low: 24 high: 40 wind: ne 5-10
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in your business headlines - a new sendik's is now open in west milwaukee... a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held yesterday at the 42-thousand-square foot store on miller park way. the nearlly 5 acre development will also includes a goodwill store and an applebee's restraunt. a sendik's spokesman says the new store will compliment its location. its that time of year - college acceptance letters may be showing up in your mailbox... and that means bills the most expensive colleges in the country... and u-p-s.... expecting a record number of deliveries this holiday season. how many gifts will be shipped out... in the mood for a last minute vacation? how to get in on the jetblue flash sale... today's lunch: taco meat in a soft shell tortilla. refried beans... shredded lettuce... cheddar cheese... sassy salsa.... and fresh orange
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over. right now with highs near 56. our chance of seeing snowflakes later this week next. you are watching the fox 6 wakeup news. anchors adlib weather over live pic happening now - jetblue's offering a flash sale. some one way fairs are listed as low as 34-bucks each way. through thursday and saturday travel between december first and march ninth. there are several blackout dates within the window. the sale fares fall under jetblue's "blue" fare type... so it does not include free checked baggage as part of the purchase price. the sale ends at 11:59 tonight. u-p-s... predicting a record nmber of deliveries this holiday season. more than 700 million packages are expected to be shipped out between
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the last holiday season. the u-s postal service also expects to deliver 750 million packages... also up from last year. the busiest mailing day will likely be december 19th - that's the monday before christmas... and the busiest delivery day will be that thursday. to roll in now - and that means bills are soon to follow. so where are the most expensive schools to send your child? c-n-n reports... for the second year in a row... harvey mudd college in california is the most expensive... costing nearly 70-thousand dollars. columbia comes in second... followed by the university of
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place... costing more than 66-thousand dollars- and this is interesting: 13- percent of freshman at the school this year... are the first in their families to go to college. coming up - the steps the state of wisconsin could take... to prevent brendan dassey from walking out of prison this afternoon. and right now - police searching for an arsonist - how you can help them... coming up. who was caught on camera punching a jail guard... was found not guilty... and big honors - for a former packers star. how the team is celebrating donald driver.
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jl 'we will not stop until the people responsible for setting these fires are brought to justice.' people responsible for setting a bank on fire during the summer's unrest in sherman park. why authorities need your help in finding the suspects. after ten years behind bars-- brendan dassey could be set free today. how the state is trying to keep him in prison. anchors adlib welcome back rob's weather today: mostly sunny. high: 56 wind: se 5-10 mph tonight: a few clouds. low: 45 wind: s 3-7 mph
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= major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays brendan dassey could be a free man today. a judge has ordered he be released... and we now we know where he'll go if he gets out. our ben handelman, with the state's last ditch effort to keep him locked up. the watch is on at the columbia correctional facility in portage. will brendan dassey leave here a free man or stay locked up? dassey's conviction for his role in the murder of teresa
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making a murderer-- was thrown out. monday a judge ordered he be released. the state is fighting back. in a motion filed tuesday afternoon by wisconsin attorney general brad schimel, he's asked to court to keep dassey locked up, until the state's appeal can be heard in a federal courtroom. this while the process for dassey's release moves forward. his lawyers turned in what they are calling dassey's "comprehensive release plan." attorney's say dassey will live with his mother in a trailer for the next three months 100 miles away f he'll take educational classes and job training with the goal of working in the computers and video games industry. lawyers say dassey would like to volunteer at an animal shelter and take group therapy with his family. probation agents could approve his release plan as early as wednesday. the state is hoping the same judge who determined dassey must be let go--- will change his mind. the state has asked their request to keep him locked up be decided by 4 p-m wednesday. our cameras will be outside the prison in
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for more on the dassey story - visit fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app -- just search "dassey" to see stories we've posted going back as far as 2003. it's all part of our "avery archive." the milwaukee driver who police say hit and killed a 5-year-old now faces criminal charges. nicole has the latest in the newsroom. police say 30-year-old sherman liddell was behind the wheel -- driving with a suspended license. convictions for driving with a suspended license. he told authorities he was driving his girlfriend's s-u-v when 5-year-old rickyia langham darted in front of his car. he said he panicked and fled the scene. 'had he stayed there... this may not have been a criminal charge or at least not as serious as it is now.' liddell faces a 1-hundred thousand dollar cash bond and is due in court later this month. a domestic violence situation
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the suspect is in custody. police were called to the area of 75th and glenbrook -- after two people were shot monday night. a 57-year-old woman was taken to the hospital. 30-year-old kortni thornton died at the scene.police say the suspect is a 32-year-old man that she knew. after the police finish the investigation-- the case will go to the district attorney's office for charges. a teen... caught on camera attacking a racine county correctional officer... he was found not guilty by reason of insanity.... giving his mother a sen the inmate's family says there was more to the violence. 17-year-old deonte anderson was locked up for armed robbery. family says he suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. they claim he was abused by correctional officers while locked up. the sheriff says he's not aware of any allegations of abuse... but says if complaints are made they will be investigated. anderson's mother is happy with the ruling. i was happy, but i was afraid. i'm happy now but im afraid
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the racine county sheriff says he says given the violent nature of the offense, he has concerns about how quickly the ruling was made. meantime, anderson remains in custody-- and will have a review hearing next month. a retired kenosha county sheriff's captain is due in court today... clarence mielke is charged with four counts of sexual assault.he's accused of having intercourse with a woman at his employment--- carey manor. it's an assistant the victim suffers from a mental deficiency, which does not allow her to give consent. the facility has since been shut down. mielke's preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9-45 this morning. a serial carjacker is sentenced to 41 years in prison. police say brandon newson was just 17 years old when his crime spree began. he was charged with 7 carjackings-- affecting 10 victims in just a week's time. newson was released from lincoln hills juvenile corrections in february. these crimes were committed just three months
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unrest in sherman park... and milwaukee police are release new video from that night. mpd and the a-t-f are looking for the people who set fire to the b-mo harris bank...and they're offering a reward. deandra corinthios is live from atf headquarters downtown with the latest right now-- there's a 10-thousand dollar reward for tips that lead to the arrest of a bank arsonist. the fire at the b-mo harris bank is one of night... youre looking at surveillance video from inside the b-mo harris bank that burned during the august 13-th incident. initial reports indicate 1-point-two million dollars in damages occurred just at this bank. managers were forced to open a temporary office directly next door. other businesses impacted that night include jet beauty and oreilly auto parts. the unrest was sparked by the fatal shooting
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the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives-- or a-t-f for short --is investigating the criminal damage done to commercial businesses that night. investigators want to know who went into the bank that night. "if someone is able to look at those pictures maybe the characteristics of the person they may recognize, if they could give us an idea of who these people are, we really need that information" the bmo-harris portion of this case... if you have any information about who was involved during the august incidents... youre asked to give milwaukee police or the a-t-f a call. reporting live in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news. a fan favorite- now receiving a huge honor from the green bay packers. donald driver's going to be inducted into the team's hall of fame... class of
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donald driver was elected on the first ballot. he was selected in the seventh round of the 1999 draft... playing in 205 games during his 14 year packers career. that's the second-most in franchise history - following quarterback brett favre who is first. driver is the packers' all-time leader for receptions and receiving yards... and he also scored 62 career touchdowns. he helped lead the packers to a 2010 super bowl victory... and couldn't be more honored to be inducted into the "to be among those great legends, the vince lombardi's, the curly lambeau's, the bart starr's, reggie white, brett favre, i mean that list goes on and on. and when people mention those guys' names, they will come and mention mine. and you have to appreciate it. those things are priceless". former green bay cornerback mark lee will also join donald driver
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22nd. new this morning: you can own a piece of milwaukee history...and also help a good cause in our community. a limited number of original chairs from the riverside theater are up for auction. they date back to 1927. and 100-percent of the proceeds will be donated to milwaukee area domestic control center -- or madacc. only 60 sets of chairs are available. and once theyre gone, theyre gone. brian kramp will be live at madacc to real milwaukee at 9am. happening today: bayshore's holidazzle tree will be delievered. the 40-foot balsam tree -- which came all the way from medford -- will be lit up in the shopping mall's square this saturday. 65-hundred lights....and 88 snowflakes will decorate the tree. meanwhile -- another wisconsin tree is headed for the white house! the rare balsam-fir mix from oconto is expected to arrive in washington d-c the day after thanksgiving. it was just cut down yesterday.
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nation's capitol...and will get to present the tree to first lady michelle obama. the tree will be on display in the white house blue room. coming up - as president elect donald trump's cabinet takes shape - details on a close supporter on the campaign trail... who's turning down an offer to serve. plus - did the u-s commit war crimes in afghanistan? the accusations service members and c-i-a agents face... straight ahead. and wildfires... continuing to rage in the south. how long firefighters say it could take them to put out the flames.
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wakeup news. rob's weather today: mostly sunny. high: 56 wind: se 5-10 mph tonight: a few clouds. low: 45 wind: s 3-7 mph traffic check red on traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = n the united states... accused of committing war crimes in afghanistan. angelica's following that story and more from across america. a new probe from the international criminal court
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and the c-i-a subjected at least 60 detainees to torture back in 2003 and 2004. prosecutors say they will decide soon whether to seek authorization to open a full-scale investigation. the united states is not a member of the court ... but its citizens could face prosecution if they commit crimes in a country that is a member, like as afghanistan. in minnesota... three men accused of trying to leave the u-s to join iss... have been sentenced. hamza ahmed was given 13 years in federal student loan account to finance a trip to syria. hanad musse and adnan farah were each given ten year sentences. the three men all face more than 20 years of supervised release once they serve their terms. they are part of a group of nine men being sentenced this week in minnesota... after members recruited and inspired each other to join the militant group. in north carolina... a wildfire has now burned more than 44-hundred acres... and is being called "the most
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involved in the battle to put out the flames. nearly 10 million dollars have been spent on the wildfire so far... and now... firefighters say they could be dealing with hot spots and underlying fires for months. thousands of people have been told they need to evacuate ... being given just hours to pack and leave. house speaker paul ryan... will keep his title. the wisconsin congressman was re-elected to a second term yesterday. he tweeted: it is a tremendous honor to be nominated by my colleagues to serve as speaker of the house. no house g-o-p members re-elected ryan in a unanimous vote. ryan says a new dawn will be ushered in this january. welcome to the dawn of a new unified republican government. it feels real good to say that actually. this will be a government focused on turning president-elect trump's victory into real progress for the american people. our team is very excited and we cannot wait to get to work. there was some question whether or not the re-election would be
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rocky relationship with now-president-elect donald trump during the campaign. meanwhile... house democrat decide to delay their leadership elections till after thanksgiving. it's a move that could spell trouble for longtime leader nancy pelosi. a group of younger democrats had reportedly been organizing behind the scenes to mount a challenge to pelosi . ohio congressman tim ryan is considering running against her.. "this is not about in the past election, in my mind. this is about the next election. and what do the leaders look like, what does the message soundl us to pick up the seats that we need to pick up to get back in the majority.' pelosi has served 14 years. house democrats say a new leadership vote will be held november 30th. turning to the executive branch... were president elect trump is continuing to assemble his cabinet. one person you won't spot at those meetings: former presidential candidate ben carson.
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an offer to take the job as secretary of health and human services. instead... his spokesperson says he will continue to advise trump from outside the white house. carson, a retired neurosurgeon, ran for the republican nomination, and later threw his support behind trump. there had been rumors carson was in line for a cabinet position, but williams says carson never wanted a role. anchors chat and toss to rob
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rob haswell overnight temperatures have dipped to near the dewpoint again this morning resulting in fog. however, it does not appear to be as dense or as big an issue as yesterday morning. high pressure moves over us today bringing even more sunshine. that will help us warm into te pressure takes over the forecast thursday and through the weekend. ahead of that low we warm up to the upper 60s and might even tie a record high thursday. we stay warm friday but when the cold front clears, temperatures will plummet. highs will dip to the 30s and 40s. we can expect strong winds and there is a chance for a few snow owers. today: mtly sunny. high: 56 wind: se 10h tonight: 45 wind: s 3-7 mphursday: mostly and warm. high: 68 wind: s 10-20 mph friday: mostly cloudy and windy with chancefor3 high: 62 wind: -30 h saturday:y d cold. slight chancerain d/or snow showers. am low:40 hi: high: 38 nd: nw 5-15 mph monda partly sunny and cold. low: 24 gh: 40 wind: ne 5-10
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yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays the numbers are in: and not much has changed for the badgers in the latest college football playoff ranking. the team is holding stead in 7th place for a second week in a row. alabama - still undefeated - stands in first place... followed by ohio state... michigan... clemson... louisville and wash washington all lost for the first time this season last saturday - with the wolverines and tigers losing to unranked teams. saturday - with the wolverines and tigers losing to unranked teams. the baseball writers' association of america... naming its "managers of the year." in the american league - indians manager terry francona won.... while rookie dodgers manager
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the two managers go way back.: francona led the red sox to its first world series win since 1918 back in 2004... and dave roberts was one of his players. led the red sox to its first world series win since 1918 back in 2004... and dave roberts was one of his players. the association voted on managers before the playoffs began. an m--l-b minor league picks an unusual name to rebrand itself: the new orleans "baby cakes." yes... you heard that right. input... suggestions and more for the triple-a new orleans zephyrs to come up with baby cakes. don't worry - the name isn't completely random - it's paying tribute to the "king cakes" - a dessert sold during mardi gras. fans helped pick out the franchise's new name - the
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and tailgators. straight ahead - why a world famous author had to clear up claims about her latest work... on social media. plus - why apple had to hunt down some of its products and buy them back. live look... time now... you're taking a
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nasa... releasing unbelievable new photos of saturn. nasa described the photo of the north polar region... like
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spot at the top of the watercolor painting. that dark spot at the top of the planet... is the eye of a hurricane-like storm. the image was taken by the cassini spacecraft... roughly 890- thousand miles away from saturn. starting today - apple is selling you a photo book... about itself... for 300 dollars! "designed by apple in california" showcases 20 years of apple's design with 450 images. the book and ends with the 2015 apple pencil-- a stylus for the i-pad pro. it's dedicated to the memory of steve jobs. but there's a catch - mashable reports apple didn't have an archive of its own products... meaning it had to go around buying its own designs for the book! back by popular demand! the peach butt emoji has returned. earlier this month apple changed the look of its peach emoji... because it heard the piece of fruit emoji
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that decision... so apple decided to reverse course again -- and change it back to look similar to the original... with just a slightly longer stem. emojis are set by a group called the unicode consortium, but tweaks can be made by companies like apple. social media... playing more and more of an influential role in getting news and facts out to its audiences. but mistakes happen - and it turns out - even the world's wealthiest auo "just like your suitcase... i think there's much more to you than meets the eye." j-k rowling had to fact check her movie, "fantastic beasts and where to find them" on twitter. the film opens this friday as part of the harry potter cannon. people are already speculating details about a sequel that's scheduled for november 2018-- a post on "snitch sneeker" said the storyline in the sequel will pick up shortly after the end of the
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tweeted on sunday "this isn't correct, i'm afraid...the sequel doesn't begin days after first movie ends although we do go to paris. " jl 'the information that we can gather from the public is very now at seven --- new surveillance video is released showing the inside the bmo harris bank that was set on fire during the unrest in sherman park. ahead the reward being offered to track down the suspects. plus --- all eyes are on the columbia correctional facility in portage... where brendon dassy could be released later today. ahead where he could be living. good morning and welcome back to


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