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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm CST

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>> ...for a job before >> ...for a job before they finish it. -- captions by vitac -- our big story at 4: prison doors will not open for brendan dassey. his room at home was ready to go... after a federal judge ordered the conviction, released from prison by the end of friday. but today-- a higher court says... not so fast. fox6's myra sanchick in the newsroom with the latest on this ever-changing story. late yesterday the state department of justice filed an emergency motion to stop dassey from getting out. it worked. the seventh district court of appeals made a short ruling the emergency motion to stay brendan dassey's release was granted.
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murder conviction in august, ordered dassey released from prison this week. dassey had been convicted of the rape and murder of teresa halbach in 2005 , along with his uncle steven avery. the judge ruled investigators coerced the mentally challenged dassey into confessing to the crime when he was 16 years old. state attorney general brad schimel argued setting dassey free would jeopardise the state's case as it moves forward to try to show dassey is guilty, and jeopardizes the public safety. the reaction was facebook and twitter. dassey's cousin tweeted: "this is just bs and words can't express what we are feeling." dassey's brother went to facebook, writing, he's not getting out...the seventh circuit jduge denied the request. then tweeting, thanks for ruining our holidays brad. hope you feel might and proud of yourself. good buddy. earlier this week the family and their legal team were preparing to bring brendan dassey home for thanksgiving. that now will not happen.
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when there are significant updates in the dassey case, you can be among the first to hear about it -- if you have the fox6 news app on your mobile device. we'll send an alert. plus, "like" the fox6 news facebook page for updates and "live" reports as this process unfolds. milwaukee police identify the victim shot and killed near 68th and congress yesterday. they say it is 18-year-old jahlin lopez. a second gunshot victim arrived at a nearby hospital a few hours later -- injured in t police continue to search for a homicide suspect -- they say it started with an argument...and lopez died at the scene. the suspect took off...and police have not made any arrests. a woman is suing the milwaukee county sheriffs office for mistreatment that resulted in the death of her newborn in the jail. her attorney tells fox6 his client 30- year-old shade swayzer was arrested when she was 8 and half months pregnant. despite this and a diagnosis of severe mental illness she was placed in the
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of the jail. swayzer alleges when she told guards she was in labor.. nothing was done and she delivered the baby in her cell where it died. the medical examiner did conduct an autopsy.. but has not ?disclosed whether the baby was alive or stillborn at the time of birth. we have reached out to the sheriff's office for comment.. deploying more police - four alderman on milwaukees south side are looking for more officers to keep their neighborhoods safe. alderman donovan and 3 others say districts 2 and 6 have seen an increase in crime yet the police staffing in those areas i julie collins joins us live from district 6 with more - julie? prostitution.... robberies.... car jackings...are just a few of the crimes neighbors in milwaukee south side have reported to their alderman and the police. but they say emergency response times are lacking and patrols are theyre asking for change. alderman donovan along with aldermans
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milwaukee police chief ed flynn asking him to reassign officers to their districts. the five aldermanic districts on the citys southside are home to approximitly 220-thousand residents. currently there are 215 officer assigned to district 2 and 6 - and alderman donovan says thats simply not enough. sot 'without a doubt. take for example police district 6, running from cleveland to college, the lake to officers assigned there, keep in mind those officers arent working everyday and every shift.' late this afternoon, common council president... ashanti hamilton released a statement urging these council members to rescind their letter saying they ignored their
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concerns of the entire city. we reached out to milwaukee police regarding this letter and have yet to hear back. live julie collins fox 6 news. steph thanks julie state-wide report cards are released today -- showing school scores across wisconsin. among the results -- some positive news for milwaukee public schools. ted perry joins us in the studio with the details. nearly one third of milwaukee public schools are doing better academically -- according to the new numbers released today that's about 50 schools -- all category" in the newly designed 2015 to 2016 school and district report cards. the district is now in the "meets few expectations" category -- up from the "fails to meet expectations" category. superintendent doctor darienne driver says -- it's a good start. "we have some progress people can feel good about the direction we are moving in but we still have that call to action the urgency to continue. once you are able to feel what success is what it feels like you want to keep going and
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hundred percent efficiency" across the board for all milwaukee public school students. five school districts in wisconsin received the lowest score -- failing to meet expectations -- including racine. back to you. a giant plane is in the skies above mitchell airport. according to flight radar on twitter, the "a-c 380" will be flying out of mitchell for thene that new engine will power the "a 350- 1000" plane -- which can carry up to a whopping 366 passengers. according to airbus -- the new engine will make possible long-haul routes like shanghai to boston or paris to santiago - and burn 25 percent less fuel than similar planes. weve tied our record high temperature for today! very windy tomorrow with highs in the middle 60s early then falling
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cloudy. low: 55 wind: sw 5-10
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with change on the way, make sure your mobile device has the fox6 storm center app. it's available for apple and android -- and offers instant access to the fox6 weather forecast. we are taking a live look at annual christmas tree lighting is a little more than an hour away. the 103rd annual tree is a 38 foot tall colorado blue spruce -- donated by milwaukee residents. public works staff decorated the tree with more than 5 thousand lights and 150 ornaments... including 12 that represent milwaukee's neighborhoods, created by local artists. city hall is a new location -- for years the ceremony was held in red
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go on at 5-29 today. hearing christmas music on the radio might play the biggest role in getting people in the holiday spirit. some are in the "it's too early" camp... others say, bring it on.. and that's what radio station 95-point-seven did earlier today.. "five, four, three, two, one...." "milwaukee's christmas station" through christmas night. every year, 95-point-7 flips from its normal programming into 24-seven christmas music. and even though milwaukee hit a record high temperature today... the station says it could not be a better time: "it fits that the holiday lights are happening tonight in milwaukee. they're lighting the christmas tree downtown. the holiday lights extravaganza is happening at pere marquette park. so it's kind of time with that to get everyone in the spirit at the same time."
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the year" by andy williams. one group in japan really loves wine -- so much they're bathing in it! why they say it's good for your health. and an asteroid is heading for california! at least -- that's the hypothetical situation nasa is preparing for. how it simulated the event. cravy, i'm jenna sachs. contact 6. 44 years, millions of dollars returned, hundreds of thousands of people helped. what does that add up to? contact 6. the milwaukee institution led by jenna sachs. she's here to help you and your family because you
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deliver pizza -- and you don't have to tip! starting this week -- drones will be delivering dominos pizza. but -- only if you live in new zealand. yesterday domino's pizza delivered two orders without leaving the store. the drone delivery is thought to
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by drone" in the world. but the store didn't just strap a pizza to remote controlled plane. it took months of testing to make sure it all went as planned and the pizza stayed hot. the company says this new method will actually create jobs... they plan to hire drone order loaders and fleet management. wine lovers in japan are taking a relaxing wth to the next level. they're actually bathing in it! a spa in japan has filled a pool with a 12-foot bottle of merlot. not only is it a novel idea, it's actually good for your skin's aging process. red wine contains an anti-oxidant that stimulates cell proteins and promotes longer cell life. the japanese spa also has tubs filled with hot sake, ramen noodles and
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liqueur is now on sale. but if you want to buy a bottle - you have to pass an exam first. australian cold-press coffee liqueur mr. black used the world's finest and most expensive panama geisha coffee to make the liqueur. one bottle of the panana geisha liqueur will set you back 115-euro -- right only six bottles were made -- so the company vetted customers by testing their coffee knowledge first. even non-digial books by tech giant apple seem to be a little pricey. the company is selling a 300 dollar coffee table book about its own products. "designed by apple in
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showcasing 20 years of apple design with 450 images. the book begins with the 19-98 i-mac... and ends with the 20-15 apple pencil. two versions of the book go on sale this week. a 330-foot asteroid is on a collision course with downtown los angeles.... according to nasa. but don't worry... the scenario
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coming up on fox 6 news at four... it's finally here... fantastic beasts and where to find them is in a number of theaters tonight. but before that -- gino sits down with the star, ezra miller to talk what makes his character special. here's a live look outside. ad lib what you see weather expert tom wachs is up next with a look at the
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windy tomorrow with highs in the middle 60s early then falling into the 50s by dinner time. a few showers are possible in the afternoon. there is the chance for light rain and snow mix at night and into early saturday then blustery and cold conditions. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 55 wind: sw 5-10 mph 'something is stalking our city. reaping destruction and then disappearing without a trace. witches live among us. we have lived in
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"fantastic beasts and where to find them" is much different than the one we've come to know in "harry potter." gino sat down with ezra miller who not only stars in the film but is a harry potter super fan himself. ad lib to bite 'how happy are you to be in this film happy beyond expression more happy than i could say. what is the experience like making this. its feeling the sort of inexpressible happiness i was just referring to and the excitement and the joy to in this world that is one of my premiere fascinations on planet earth is these stories and this myth. and thats one side of it. and then really trying to take the calling of this character seriously and rise to occasion and embody some of the trauma and the trauma, the deep hurt that this person is feeling. and so kind
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time. freak out because im so excited to be on the set of fantastic beasts and where to find them and now play a character who is freaking out but in a very different way and in a quieter way.' and gino i hear you tried some magic of your own. ad lib to bite "gino comes from the land of beer. i wish that he would disappear. gino magically
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how one hundred dogs were rescued from an animal center in texas, and where they came from. plus -- a cricket wireless is robbed on highway 100. but not before a victim is shot while trying to intervene... why police need your help in solving this case. the key to cracking
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the search for a suspect continues, in west allis, this evening, following an armed robbery, and a shooting. justin williams is live, outside the west allis police department, with
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this afternoon, west allis police tell us it was a customer who was shot, inside a cricket wireless store, around 7 o- clock, wednesday night. tonight, investigators continue their search for a shooting suspect. the key to cracking this case, we had a robbery on, about highway 100, and cleveland, at a cricket store, there. could come from you. were hoping that somebody driving along, or walking along, or working in one of the businesses that was open, might have seen something. thursday, west allis deputy chief of the investigation into a wednesday night shooting, inside this cricket wireless location. the individual, or suspect, entered the store. he had what would be described, either, as a sawed-off shotgun, or a short-barreled long gun. after the suspect, reportedly, made a monetary demand, a customer cut-in. unfortunately, the victim of the shooting did try to intervene, and was shot, while intervening. police say the suspect stole an undisclosed amount of money, then, ran off on foot southbound... before apparently heading west on
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gunshot to his arm.. i would not advocate actively becoming involved. i can understand the frustration of somebody, seeing it occur ... deputy chief fletcher shares words of caution those who might mimic the shooting victims actions. we want people to be good witnesses, but we, certainly, dont want them to put themselves in harms way for , for, for property being stolen. this cricket wireless shooting suspect is described as an african american early 20s. he was wearing a black hoodie with some sort of red logo on the front, along with dark jeans, and tan boots. if you recognize this suspect, or have any information which may help investigators, you're encouraged to contact the west allis police department. live, in west allis, i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. steph thanks justin milwaukee police want your help.
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suspects, wanted for a shooting that happened overnight. it happened just after 12 - thirty near 76th and chambers. officials say the two suspects chased a 22-year-old man in their vehicle and shot him, he was taken to the hospital with non- life threatening injuries. anyone with information is asked to call the police. two people are dead after a crash in sheboygan county. it happened last night in the town of rhine. officials say a driver failed to stop at a stop sign- hitting another car. an 80- year- old man and 79-year-old woman from elkha the driver of the car that was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. one person is dead after a large explosion in canton, illinois last night. fulton county officials say the blast damaged several buildings...and the surrounding downtown area was evacuated. 11 people were taken to the hospital..and one of the victims later died there. the cause is still under investigation. and officials in alabama officials want to know how an explosive device ended up outside of a school yesterday. a bomb squad blew up
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lockdown. the device was found on the hood of a cafeteria worker's pickup truck. officials don't believe students were in any danger ...because the explosive was too far away from the school building. but they say they're taking the incident very seriously and searching for suspects. in pennsylvania, a scare in the sky over a political protest leads to an arrest. a drone can be seen flying over a protest against president-elect trump in downtown philadelphia last night. about three hundred people were marching through the streets whe reportedly flew dangerously close to a police helicopter. swat officers responded and tracked the person flying it to a college dorm. a 20 year old man has been arrested and is charged with reckless endangerment. check out this video, showing a coast guard air rescue-- officials say a logger in oregon is recovering in the hospital today. emergency crews found the man suffering from a broken back and symptoms of hypothermia. they flew out, secured him to the jayhawk helicopter and brought
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time. ted perry joins us now from the news room with some stories you'll see on fox six news at five. a local uber driver gets her stolen car back. but it was a long and crazy journey that even led her to the scene of another crime. at five, how she finally recovered the car and the questions that still remain. also at five, a heated argument between a hunter and a dog walker over the use a public park. coming up, the confusion surrounding the incident. we'll have all that and more about 20 minutes on fox six news at five. thanks ted. new york police will beef up security for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. this move-- after a magazine article published by the islamic state called the event an "excellent target." fox six's julie collins tells us about one local marching band that's about to make the trip... and what the district is doing to reassure everyone the trip
4:34 pm
synce and on time... 'footwork is tricky at first.. but practice makes them perfect... 'in a week, we practice about... 4 sec pause ... 11 hours. so, its a lot of work.' that hard work has paid off. we recently caught up with the greendale sunday, the band leaves for a trip to the big apple.. 'oh my god, i just looked at my friend and we just freaked out because i always wanted to go to new york.' the greendale marching band is just one of seven high school bands nationwide participating in the 90th annual macys day parade. 'weve already had a whole season of marching so it just kind of
4:35 pm
hard part is just knowing the pressure that we only have, like, i dont know how many days, but we only have like a month to get this down.' band members learned of the honor in april 2015 and ever since have been practicing every movement to every song. 'weve performed in front of thousands of people before at national competitions... but 50 million on tv is a lot more than that.' with the added pressure comes excitement 'i have not been to new york before. im very excited to go.' though a threat a potential terrt attack oming has been top of mind. e school releasing this stateme students are being briefed on what to expect garding heightened securyd we ls amazing stage." in greendale, jh pd and federal put secuty plans in place. in a stement, the company id-- in rt: our inter-agency partners lead curity efforts along alaaofthe n constant communication with these agencies as they actively monitor and evaluate parade security. to read the full statement from both greendale school district and macy's log on to our website fox 6 now dot com. breaking news now -- we are taking a live look as a car fire on on i-41 is shutting down all southbound lanes of traffic. this is near county k-r, the kenosha racine county line.
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it has long been know that your mood can affect your health. but how bad can it really be? coming up -- how too much negativity could actually lead to your death. plus -- we all do it... connect to businesses wifi when we visit. and it never seems unsafe. but, what we could be putting at risk and how to be protected. here's a live look outside right now. ad lib what you see weather expert tom wachs is in "i'm tom hooper, i'm katrina cravy, i'm jenna sachs. contact 6. 44 years, millions of dollars returned, hundreds of thousands of people helped. what does that add up to? contact 6. the milwaukee institution led by jenna sachs. she's here to help you and your family because you
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many of us are constantly connected with our phones and laptops - but how careful are you with public wi-fi? contact 6's jenna sachs identifies the potential weak spots in your devices and reveals a few simple fixes to keep you and your data more secure. in todays mobile universe, working from home often means a home away from home --using public wifi. but how safe is it? 'public wifi carries some risks.
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it sounds basic, but start by making sure your firewall is turned on. its the first line of defense against viruses and malware. when youre on public wifi, the biggest worry is probably hackers. consumer reports security expert dean gallea created a fake wifi hot spot --allowing him to observe and capture someone elses internet activity. "i dont think people are aware how easy it is to do what i did." but several tweaks protected on public wifi. including turning off settings like network discovery and file sharing --that will make it more difficult for people near you to see your data. an 'open' wifi hotspot makes you particularly vulnerable,becaus e any hacker can join it without a password. you can also add a layer of protection to public wifi by using a virtual private network, or 'v- p-n.' "a lot of people are familiar with vpns from their work, because many companies require their employees to have a vpn if theyre logging on from home or
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get a vpn yourself for a few bucks a month and it adds a lot of security to their own computing." consumer reports says every adjustment can make a difference. another important step you can take to protect yourself, is to set up automatic updates on your devices -- and always install them when theyre offered to you. keeping devices like phones, laptops, and routers updated --ensures that they are armed with the latest protections. i'm jenna sachs contact 6. do you have a consumer issue or investigation idea? give jenna a call!! the number is on yu file a complaint on the contact 6 page at fox-6-now-dot-com.
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temperature for today! very windy tomorrow with highs in the middle 60s early then falling into the 50s
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rain and snow mix at night and into early saturday then expect decreasing clouds plus blustery and cold conditions. wind chills saturday and sunday will stay in the 20s.
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mph friday: mostly cloudy with a few afternoon showers possible. high: 65 wind: sw 20-30 mph saturday: lingering rain/snow mix then decreasing clouds.
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high: 38 wind: nw 25-35 mph sunday: mostly sunny and chilly. wind chills in the 20s. am low: 25 high: 38 wind: nw 5-15 mph monday:
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am low: 24 high: 43 wind: sw 8-12 mph tuesday: increasing clouds with rain at night. high: 46 wind: s-se 5-10 mph when it comes to kids, many parents buy food they think will be healthy for them. but what may seem healthy, might not actually be the best option. and what researchers recently discovered about milk may surprise you. mary stoker
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children who drink whole milk are leaner and have higher vitamin d levels than those who drink low-fat or skim milk. canadian researchers studied nearly three thousand children between two and six-years-old. they calculated their b-m-i and vitamin d levels. finding, whole milk drinkers had a body mass index score almost three- quarters of a point lower than other kids. study authors say that's enough to be the difference between a healthy weight and being overweight. they think whole milk keeps plus -- whole milk drinkers only need a third of the amount of milk to have the same levels of vitamin d. mary and if you want a healthy heart-- you may want to watch your attitude.... it turns out having a negative, pessimistic outlook on life is bad for you -- quite literally. researchers in finland found that pessimists have a greater risk of dying from heart disease than more optimistic people. scientists say that pessimism drives up blood sugar and blood pressure-- factors that are known affect
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from the a-t-m... you're going to want to wash your hands. investigators took swabs from the keypads of more than sixty machines in new york city, finding the most abundant bacteria on the keypads were normal human skin microbes -- like you'd find on surfaces in your home. but, they also found bacteria from fish and chicken, suggesting more serious sicknesses are possible. a-t-m's in laundromats and stores had the most bacteria. researchers hope the finding will help discover how bacteria spreads in a hundred puppies and dogs rescued from an overcrowded texas facility.... arriving in st. louis today. the dogs, rescued by a team of six members from the animal cruelty task force of the missouri humane society. they made the 16 hundred mile round
4:50 pm
from two months to adults....and consist of many different breeds. "the people that owned this rescue had the citizens in two neighboring counties continually dropping off animals to the point where they had almost 900 animals on their property." each one will receive the proper exams and vaccinations, as well as spay or neuter surgery and a microchip. they should be available for adoption within the next week. a daring new concept is taking hold at one texas restaurant ... the dallas ditching tips altogether. instead, they're raising the prices on the menu by 20 percent -- with the hopes of generating more income. that way, they can pay their employees a higher hourly wage. the owner says he has no idea how it will all work out, but he's keeping high hopes. "nobody wants to be the first because you don't know what is in stock." "whatever it is i'm taking the bull by the horn - we'll see what happens." this isn't the first restaurant to ditch the tip. earlier this year, businesses in several major cities ...
4:51 pm
francisco ... replaced gratuity for higher wages. a wild scene in philadelphia as a hot air balloon makes a surprise landing on a baseball field. officials say the balloon had taken off about 40 miles outside philadelphia. panicking neighbors called 9-1-1 as they saw flames coming out of the balloon. four people were inside the balloon at the time of the landing. the pilot says it was a planned landing not an accident. but officials say the pilot gave them a different story about why they landed on the field. : "they were doing some some sort of fuel con about 17 thousand feet. they encountered some heavy winds and they decided to land at this location." police say they have concerns over the pilot's decision to land in an area filled with people. there are no reports of any injuries. still ahead on fox 6 news at 4: a look at police officers they say you've never seen before. there's nothing like this by the
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5. denver police are providing a view of officers -- they say the world has never seen before. fox6's kim murphy shows you how the city is highlighting their efforts
4:55 pm
heart. and in this inaugural police officer calendar.. there is a lot of heart. 102 there's nothing like this by the way in the entire country. 1925 i think it shows the foundation of what every officer is, somebody who cares about people. you don't ever hear about it. a small group of denver police officers spouses set out to change that, to paint police officers in a different light. 222 these coaches, leaders. they are remarkable people who do remarkable people, behind the badge. kristen lopezs husband, tony lopez junior, was shot six times during a traffic stop in december of 2015. he made a miraculous recovery and returned to work 9 months later. he is on the cover of this first of its kind calendar. nats 602 doing what he loves and what he says saved his life, crossfit inside, there are stories of officers like youve never seen them.
4:56 pm
sponsoring rescued horses, building custom motorcycles, taking inner city kids fishing. lopez 1938 you don't realize everything cops do and we don't like to talk about it, you don't do it for recognition you just do it because it feels right. none of these officers wanted this attention, but they were convinced to take part .. for a good cause. mayor 839 i think this is groundbreaking, and perfect timing. every once and a while its perfect pitch chief 1230 this is perfect timing. when i was looking at the video, it took effort to not break a tear. when i saw lopez and john adsit with all the bad in the world, they just want you to see a little bit of
4:57 pm
the brendan dassey case... earlier this week a judge ordered his release from prison... by friday night. now, a higher court says not so fast.... what has to happen next -- if dassey ?hopes to leave prison a free man anytime soon. that is our big story at five... not getting out. that's the ruling from the 7th u-s circuit court of appeals. it has sided with wisconsin attorney general brad schmm blocked brendan dassey from getting out of prison. this back and forth case has a new twist. we have team coverage this evening with ben handelman in mishicot... but we'll start with fox six's myra sanchick is in the newsroom with the latest. brendan dassey's family was planning to have him home for thanksgiving. that's not happening. media camped out at the columbia correctional institution in portage, waiting for 27 year old brendan dassey to walk free. after serving 11 years of a life
4:58 pm
with his uncle steven avery-- a federal judge overturned dassey's conviction in august.. saying investigators coerced a confession from dassey. that same federal judge ordered dassey be freed this week.. while the state appeals the earlier ruling. dassey's family, including steven avery were excited. avery asked this letter be shared, thanking his supporters and talking optimistically about his own freedom. he writes "when i get out it i want to see all my supports and all th only want to be happy"... according to tmz, these are pictures of dassey's room ready to go at a manitowoc county home. then state attorney general brad schimmel filed an emergency motion, arguing that setting dassey free would jeopardize the state's appeal.... and public safety. the seventh district court of appeals made a short ruling: the emergency motion to stay brendan dassey's release was granted. the reaction was fast and furious on facebook and twitter.
4:59 pm
express what we are feeling." dassey's brother went to facebook, writing, he's not getting out...the seventh circuit judge denied the request. then tweeting, thanks for ruining our holidays brad. hope you feel mighty and proud of yourself. good buddy. so far no statement or reaction from the dassey legal team. when the ruling came out this kathleen zellner tweeted, never easy. live in the newsroom myra sanchick fox6 news mary thanks myra in manitowoc county -- many are still just digesting this news. fox 6's ben handelman continues our team covereage -- he's live in mishicot -- the hometown of dassey and steven avery. ben? good evening guys-- the avery property where dassey and his uncle last lived is just


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