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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  November 21, 2016 3:05am-4:00am CST

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a traffic stop on milwaukee's northwest side turns to tragedy. a teen driver -- allegedly fleeing police -- crashed into oncoming traffic near 27th and capitol leaving one dead and six injured. fox'6s derica williams spoke with the suspect's mother. a mangled chevy split in half...and a wrecked nissan sit among debris at the intersection of 27th and capitol. change vicki francis the mother of the suspected driver of the chevy has been up all night in anguish over the crash that happened saturday night,. she has a fractured spine, her spleen is cut her liver is cut she has badly bruised ribs contusions on her face as well as bruises and she doesnt remember even what happened police say the 18-year-old girl fled from officers who attempted to stop
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pursue, but , the chevy sped off near capitol, swerved into southbound traffic, struck a 2015 nissan altima and a concrete light pole. as a mother hurts francis sympathizes for all of the victims involved. one male passenger in her daughters car died on the scene while two others, an 18 and 20 year-old suffered serious injuries. just ask for people to pray for both families while unsure of why her daughter made the decision she did, or the consequences certain, francis hopes to prevent future tragedies and makes a heartfelt plea. i just want these kids to understand one poor choice you make affect the whole situation, affects families, loved ones and you never one if someone is going to die in a situation because of a poor choice i just want them to realize, think before you do because
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other vehicle that was hit they were taken to the hospital to be treated for non life threatening injures as the investigation into the incident continues. in milwaukee derica williams, fox 6 news. a big change in the weather this weekend... some of you may have done a double take - beacuse you even saw some snow! weather expert tom wachs is in the weather center.. mostly clear and cold tonight with temperatures falling through the around 20 in the city by morning, 15 outside of the city. mostly sunny and cold on monday with a high in the middle 30s. clouds roll in tuesday ahead of a storm system that will bring us a few rain showers tuesday night. we will warm into the low 40s tuesday afternoon. rain is likely on wednesday with a high in the mid-40s. thanksgiving looks dry with highs in the middle 40s. rain/snow showers return
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15 by morning away from the city. low: 20 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny and cold. high: 36 wind: n 5-10 mph tuesday: cloudy and breezy with rain showers at night. am low: 27 high: 43 wind: se 10-20 mph from your phone. just download the fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. milwaukees district five police department is playing 'dinner host' for families in the riverwest and harambee neighborhood. fox6s jonathon gregg shows us how fast the event has grown in
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the sights "are you hungry?" and smells "on the very end they have turkey." of a thanksgiving day dinner are a tradition for many... "it's more about getting than getting!" "vegetables!?" thats how the aroma creates so much nostalgia. and why "i look around and i see my childhood and it's just a great feeling. officer edward ciano is flooded with memories. the 19-year veteran with milwaukee police grew up in riverwest idea i would even attempted to do something like this." for the second year officer ciano and his alma mater messmer high school are hosting a turkey dinner for area families. "twenty years later i've come full circle to come back to where i was a child." last year 300 meals were dished out- this year, 400. and as you can see, a lot of good things go into making this happen. "i am scooping mashed potatoes!" like samantha weber and her
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"not only feel good about yourself but it makes you connected to the people." and then volunteers like lisa bunzel and her family. "the turkey and potato, stuffing is all there.." and volunteers like bill weber. and the many officers from district five. "right from the get-go they wanted to help." giving up a few hour to do this "we don't know if they are going to have one on thursday. so if we can bring this to them i feel better about things." because when you think about it "it' serving others feeds us all.. in milwaukee, jonathon gregg, fox6 news. a big honor for the greendale marching band. they left this morning to go to new york city. the students will play to an audience of millions in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. they are one of just seven high school band across the nation taking part. they learned they'd be performing back
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audience like this. "connor told us today that theyre used to performing theyve gone to state and did well but he said today when they practiced getting ready for the parade its much more nervous than it was before." before thursday's parade, the students will have a chance to tour new york city -- and are planning to visit the statue of liberty and the 9/11 me museum. they'll spend much of wednesday practicing before the big show. one is a musical about guy who started out in the spice trade.... the other is a guy currently involved in the spice industry. and both find themselves involved in post-election politics. how "hamilton the musical" and tosa- based "penzey's spices" - are drawing praise and criticism ... for their stands.
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these days is archaic--but a walk thru this wisconsin museum will show how far we've come. and if you're traveling---or expecting travelers--this holiday and they're flying through o'hare you should stick around. we have news that might mess up
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president -elect donald trump is spending the weekend in new jersey... he is holding a series of meetings to focus on efforts to staff the new administration. fox's bryan
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moving full steam ahead on building his administration - meeting with a slew of high-profile visitors this weekend. on the schedule - new jersey governor chris christie and john bolton, the former u-s ambassador to the united nations. paul says: "the problem with both bolton and giuliani is, they're unrepentant in their support of the iraq war...and if we don't learn the lesson of the iraq war. we're liable to commit it again." on saturday trump and pence met with retired marine general james mattis, a potential pick for secretary of defense and mitt romney who considered for secretary of state. priebus says: "it was a great first step and people should be proud of the way things are going here in president- elect trump's operation." some of the appointments could represent a shift away from the hard-line national security picks trump announced last week... including senator jeff sessions of alabama to be attorney general and general michael flynn to be national security adviser... schumer says: "donald trump, in his campaign, echoed the views of democrats, not republicans -- massive transportation bill, trade,
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cleaning up the swamp...we challenge him, work with us." ellison says: "he is not draining the swamp, he is filling it up more. more swamp creatures than ever before. he has lobbyists and big time investment bankers. he is not doing what he said he'd do for average working americans." on cam tag a trump spokesman says there is 'definitely possibility' more cabinet announcements could be made this week. in bedminster, new jersey, bryan llenas, fox news. president - elect trump says his son, barron - will move to the white house right after barron finishes school next year. an aide to the president-elect had suggested earlier that the couple is reluctant to move their 10-year-old son from new york to washington during the school year. mr. trump will be inaugurated as the nation's 45th president on january 20. from broadway to brew city -- the election is over but hard feelings remain. president-elect trump's supporters are calling for a boycott -- of a milwaukee spice company, and a
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live in the newsroom. the president-elect's supporters say penzey's spices will lose business after its owner called people who voted for mr trump "racist." mr. trump is encouraging a boycott of the broadway musical "hamilton," whose actors are calling him out. nats - booing as pence walks into theatreaudience members--who were in the room where it to notice vice-president elect mike pence as he walked into a new york theatre. the cast of "hamilton" had a message for him. we sir, we, are the diverse americans who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us pence said he wasn't offended, but president-elect donald trump demanded an apology. in a tweet, he blasted the sold-out, tony-winning show as "highly overrated." sunday, mr. trump said he would be ok if his supporters boycotted. "they were very inappropriate.
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nats - door chimethe owner of penzeys added a little spice to the election's outcome. in his newsletter, bill penzey wrote "the open embrace of racism by the republican party is now unleashing a wave of ugliness unseen in this country for decades."republican s hit back. he doesnt know me. he doesnt know anybody that i know that had purchased from him. but were racist because we chose to vote for a person that in this country we have every right to do penzey's subsequent facebook post. many were positive, including one who said, "thank you for having the courage of your convictions." some called for a responded, "calling me racist has cost you a customer." yet this penzey's store in brookfield remained busy sunday afternoon. everybody has their opinion, and i think people should stand strong about what they think because its a democracy bill penzey has stirred controversy before, including a post that residents of waukesha county had "fled west" to escape diversity in
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requests for comment. live, theo keith, fox6 news. ted thanks theo a texas community is in shock after a police officer is shot and killed near police headquarters. it happened in san antonio today. police say 50-year-old detective benjamin marconi was writing a ticket when someone pulled up behind him and shot him twice in the head. officers are searching for the
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especially in this day and age where police are being targeted across the county...and hopefully we'll solve this one real quick and if this individual is a danger to more police or anyone else we will try to get him off the street as soon as we can." san antonio police say they do not know what motivated the suspect to shoot and kill the officer. marconi was a 20-year veteran of the force. it's designed to pull curtain on a relic of the past and examine the history of behavioral and mental health treatment. appleton's history museum exhibit uses the history of outagamie county's asylum for the chronic insane. built in the 18-80's. torn down in 2001. alexa santos has the story you'll see only on fox6. reporter the history museum at the castle is trying to shine a light on a local asylum... and its evolution over the years. nick hoffman/chief curator this exhibit's a really
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about the outagamie county asylum for the insane we're telling this long history, what occurred in its walls, out in its fields, all the way from 1890 to the present. reporter called asylum: out of the shadows... attendees can get involved in a hands- on experience. nat "open up a door, to see what living conditions were like for sleeping, the facility was described as overcrowded very often." reporter a phone app acts as a first-hand, interactive guide through the space. nat "i feel youm at the outagamie county asylum" nat "if it's not behind a case, you get to touch everything" alexa santos/appleton the facility became the modern day brewster village in the late 1990's and museum curators say that about 50% of the artifacts here in the exhibit are from the original asylum. nick i think there's a lot of curiosity itself about the asylum itself and what occurred there. reporter jeff marks worked at the facility before it became today's brewster village. jeff marks/brewster village it was known as the insane
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care never wanted to come there, it was the last place you wanted to end up. reporter he said while the facility struggled decades ago, the new and improved brewster village has come a long way. jeff pretty much on a daily basis, we needed to restrain or seclude people. since moving into this facility with pretty much the same population, we have never used a separation room. reporter museum curators hope the exhibit helps remove some of the stigma of modern-day mental health. in appleton, alexa santos, fox new. ends trt: 1:44 the exhibit will be open through september 20-18 at the museum on college avenue in appleton. it was cold and windy start to the gun deer hunting season.. but now things are starting to heat up for deer processors.. the local store seeing the surge
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dnr. and could it cripple holiday travel? the big announcement
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mostly clear and cold tonight with temperatures falling through the 20s this evening. we'll drop to around 20 in the city by morning, 15 outside of the city. mostly sunny and cold on monday with a high in the middle 30s. clouds
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a few rain showers tuesday night. we will warm into the low 40s tuesday afternoon. rain is likely on wednesday with a high in the mid-40s. thanksgiving looks dry with highs in the middle 40s. rain/snow showers return friday. tonight: mostly clear and cold. 15 by morning away from the city. low: 20 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny and cold. high: 36 wind: n 5-10 mph tuesday: cloudy and breezy with rain showers at night. am low: 27 high: 43 wind: se 10-20 mph she already has an impressive resume.. and now former miss wisconsin and miss america laura kaeppeler fleiss - has another job to add to it.. how she has saved a kenosha
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break break its busy at the butcher! the annual gun-deer hunt is keeping many local meat processors working
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put into place by the wisconsin d-n-r to better monitor chronic wasting disease. fox6s bret lemoine is live outside bunzels old-fashioned meat market with more. workers here are putting in extra hours this weekend... as the rush to get processed meats begins! its a proud family tradition... tn 'this year was a good year, my grand ..being passed down to the next generation for the first time. wp 'id like to go out there again.' 12-year old wilburt pete is just back from the gun-deer hunt with his grandfather, tony noblin. but its another first... tn 'back in the day, we use to cut it up ourselves.' ...that brings them to 'bunzels bun-zells deer processing' at 79-th and burleigh in milwaukee. noblin is giving the butcher some
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pounds of steaks, patties and sausages back from his weekend haul. vc 'were almost working around the clock.' butcher vincent cianciolo see-on-see-oh-low barely has time to rest... processing two dozen carcasses sunday morning alone as many rush in hoping to get their meat back by thanksgiving. vc 'we try to get back to them within a week.' but bunzells is also helping the wisconsin d-n-r out by keeping donated kills in storage to monitor for chronic wasting disease - c-w-d for short. these are deer killed by local municipalities - like river hills and mequon - for study. the animals are tagged... vc 'the tag will stay with the meat in tag with the head. the head will go to the dnr for testing.' once the d-n-r gives the all-clear on the remains for c-w-d, bunzells donates the meat to local food banks. vc 'this is crunch time for us here.' and pretty soon... it will be chow-time for noblin and his family. tn 'looking forward to chewing on that meat!' the gun-deer hunt began this weekend and wraps up next sunday.
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did you tag a deer during opening weekend? we want to see your pictures! head to the links page of our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app to submit your pics and view our gallery. looking ahead - workers at chicago's o'hare international airport who voted to strike soon will announce when they plan to take action. service employees international union local 1 officials say they'll announce the date of their strike at 10 a.m. tomorrow at the airport. about 500 strike after a vote thursday. they work mainly for private contractors and are seeking union rights and a $15 per hour wage. a former miss america has stepped up to lead the miss kenosha scholarship pageant. the pageant was at risk of being canceled next year - because they don't have an executive director. laura kaeppeler fleiss has agreed to take on the job of directing the local pageant. among other
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donations and sponsors. fleiss captured the miss america title in 2012 after being crowned miss kenosha and miss wisconsin. a young woman taken way too soon, but her spirit lives on as she still inspires many lives today. tom pipines goes beyond the game. the cheerleaders at south milwaukee high school "rock". as in "seniors" rock..which is an adoption agency for older dogs. because seniors are often overlooked in shelter environments. most people think that they want a puppy. and they look at senors saying 'ah well, ya know, that dog could have issues faster than a puppy could'. 15:34:57 andrea sutton co-founded seniors rock. her daughter daisy had a special gift for connecting with the cute canines. 15:27:49 we took some of the hardest dog cases; dogs that
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them, just by being in her presence. and she would fall in love with them. and we would find the perfect home for them, and she would cry. and then she would look at me and say, 'let's do it'; let's get another one'. 15:28:11 daisy also loved cheerleading. she was excited about joining the south milwaukee team. but last june, before going to the first day of practice, 14 year old daisy passed away while talkin there were no signs of anything wrong. the cause of her death is still a mystery. andrea, who is a cancer survivor, raised daisy on her own from the time she was 8 years old. 15:26:21 my little girl was my rock. we were broke; i couldn't work. and it was ok because we had each other, and we made it through. and then we just moved forward from there. through her i gained strength. and through me she gained strength too. 15:26:43 even at a tender age,
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15:29:19 don't ever take anything for granted. never stop hugging your kids. spilled milk doesn't matter. hold them when you need them to. guide them when you need them to, and even though your'e a a friend. 15:29:35 15:21:11 i wish i would have known her; she would have been one of our girls. i love my team and i would have loved her just as much as the kids on the team 15:21:18 c sodemann and her cheerleaders have come to know daisy sutton through the love of the south milwaukee community and beyond. 15:18:51 we decided to do a moment of silence for daisy at one of our home games against greenfield, and the miracle minute for seniors rock because daisy was very much involved in that. 15:19:03 the girls have daisies on their bows. so every time we start a game they always touch their bows in honor of her. 15:19:19 15:49:06 it just makes me want to be happy; because she's still here with us. 15:49:15 a "miracle mile" was
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daisy sutton because of her love for the dogs. on this day, a presentation was made in daisy's honor. andrea sutton continues to be amazed by how many lives her daughter continues to touch. she is grateful for all the love and support shown by the cheerleaders- and the entire south milwaukee school and community, and she plans to stay with them as if daisy were 15:29:37 the bond my daughter and i share was incredible, unlike any relationship i've ever had. and, i can't wait to get it back. tp; fss if you'd like to learn more about seniors rock-in honor of daisy-there's information on the links page of our website -- fox six now dot com -- and your fox six news mobile app.
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but then something went horribly wrong.. an argument turns deadly. one friend is dead - the other is tonight's most wanted. and you can go from indonesia to east africa without getting on a plane! tonight - a tour of the holiday folk fair. we have a cold night ahead with temperatures dropping through the 20s this evening. a gradual warm up is on the way. i'll have your thanksgiving week forecast
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set shot bump back w/ tc is about to call it quits. plus-- the harry potter spin-off waves its wand to the top of the box office. details in the buzz. it takes a wizard to defeat a sorceror-- at least at the box office. harry potter spin-off" fantastic beasts and where to find them" booted marvel's "doctor strange" out of the top spot this week. that
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completely-- it came in second. meanwhile-- the animated film "trolls" hung on for another week-- coming in at third. rocker vince neil says hes no longer playing at president-elect donald trump's inauguration in january. the frontman for motley crue said he was asked to perform months ago-- even before mister trump won the election. however-- he told t-m-z his band was uninvited. there's no word yet on why. duck dynasty will be ending after it's current season. the ro after last night's 11-th season premiere-- saying it was their decision. the reality show about the family that makes products for duck hunters was a big hit when it premiered in 20-12-- but ratings have declined in recent years. the series finale will air april 12th. and that's the buzz. a slight warmup is on the way. weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. the launch was a success - a new satellite - orbiting the
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every day.. plus - did you finish getting all your leaves to the curb? how the city is turning those piles of leaves .. into piles
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tonight at ten. hunkering down on hackers! his job is to protect people keep their computer information safe. but then - he was hacked! and it's a growing problem for i-t experts! "after like the first attack, im like, were ready for them. you know, theres no way they're gonna get through to us again. was i wrong." steps they're now taking - see if they can work to protect your information. plus, what exactly are they? we'll introduce you to the babies from down under, new at ten. anim crews are searching through the wreckage after a train derails in india. police say more than 100 have died... and at least 150 others injured.
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train derailed. rescuers are still trying to reach the injured and recover bodies. the cause of the crash has not yet been determined. the asian-pacific trade summit coming to a close today.. and leaders of 21 nations say they will continue working toward a free trade agreement that would include all their countries. the apec statement released today in peru says its members will resist all forms of protectionism,'' including by manipulating currencies and exchange rates. it alss climate change goals established last year in paris. your weather forecast is about to get better. the goes-r satellite was launched from cape canaveral saturday. the launch was delayed for a short time because of a technical issue but launched without any problems. the goes-r satellite is the first of three satellites being built to replace the aging united states
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adlib to wx weather mostly clear and cold tonight with 20s this evening. we'll drop to around 20 in the city by morning, 15 outside of the city. mostly sunny and cold on monday
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a storm system that will bring us a few rain showers tuesday night. we will warm into the low 40s tuesday afternoon. rain is likely on wednesday with a high in the mid-40s. thanksgiving looks dry with highs in the middle 40s. tonight: mostly clear and cold. 15 by morning away from the city. low: 20 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday:
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mph tuesday: cloudy and breezy with rain showers at night. am low: 27 high: 43 wind: se 10-20 mph wednesday:cloudy with rain likely. am low: 40 high: 46 mostly cloudy. am low: 37 high: 44 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with a chance for rain and snow showers. am low: 33 high: 41 wind: nw 5-15 mph saturday: mostly cloudy. am low:
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it's a play on words but this fundraiser has warm message behind it. the lowlands group hosted the "chili weather coat drive" today at their cafe hollander location on the city's east side. everyone that donated a coat or any other type of cold weather gear was treated chili-- along with a specially-brewed lowlands beer. that way-- they say-- they're able to warm everybody up. "there's a lot of people that can't afford a good coat and it gets really cold in wisconsin and we want to make sure we keep as many people warm as possible. times can be tough and we wanna warm you up." all of the donations will be given to the silver spring community center. today's coat drive was a kick-off for cafe hollander's re-opening. they recently underwent renovations to celebrate 10
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this weekend an opportunity to visit a world of cultures all under one roof. fox 6s julie collins has your passport to the holiday folk fair international. 'welcome to china.' - girl 'welcome to india.' - boy 'welcome to uganda.' - girl 'welcome to indonesia.' - boy welcome to the holiday folk fair international - your passport around the world. 'its kind of a mini united nations where you bring these individuals together that might together to celebrate to share their culture, their values, their beliefs.' its the only place you can go from indonesia to east africia without the costly plane ticket. 'were first generation immigrants here and ive been here for 18 years and for me, sharing my culture especially food, its such a good blessing.' from hand made crafts to cultural cuisines - this year - gail
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last year and it was so good!' theyll spend the day eating their way around the world - starting with chinese. 'from here were going to go walk around a little bit and then try mexican next. this years folk fair broke down barriers and brought races together. 'its a reunion of family and friends and ive made so many friends from different ethnic groups, i was walking around with one the other day and i said everyone gets along here, why cant we just along they like do here?' the holiday folk fair - a l every culture. in west allis, julie collins, fox 6 news. one last sweep. today is the deadline for getting your leaves to the curb. since weather was unseasonably warm -- leaves clung to the trees longer than expected, so the city of milwaukees department of public works extended it's deadline until today. last year sanitation staff collected more than 16,000 tons of leaves - all of which are recycled and reused to help the environment.
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landfill we are collecting them and send in them to a commercial compost site where its made into soil products and that with sold in bulk or bagged in retail stores." it takes about two weeks for leaf collection operations to cycle through the city. if you missed today's deadline -- you are encouraged to mulch the leaves with your mower, compost them or take them to a city self-help center for composting. two teenagers suspected of killing an illinois congres 15-year-old jovan wilson is grandson of democrat danny davis. wilson was shot in the head friday night at his home in englewood. officials say it happened after an argument over a pair of gym shoes. after the shooting the suspects-- a 17- year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy fled the scene. one day after the tragedy-- congressman davis-- shared memories of his grandson. davis says: "his father just told me about how proud of him
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that all of his life was in front of him." davis went on to add - the gun violence that has plagued the city just turned personal... saying-- "it becomes a part of the culture of an environment that has got to change." charges against both suspects are pending. a savannah firefighter died on saturday in a rescue mission after a dock collapsed in the georgia city. the f "apparent medical condition" and later died at a hospital. the dock -- which connected passengers to a ferry crossing -- gave way - sending people into the savannah river. thirteen people were hospitalized, and another 30 suffered minor injuries. u.s. marshals say two men were lifelong friends...when an argument in the street turned deadly. now one friend is dead and the other is wanted for murder.. fox6's jonathon gregg has this week's wisconsin's most wanted. it's hard to imagine the chain
3:58 am
get out of the vehicle." compelling one man "some yelling back and forth." to kill a close friend. "yes. they were friends." but u.s. marshals say that's what happened on a fall day this past september. "there was an argument between the two which escalated." on september 29th 2016, witnesses tell milwaukee police a man neighborhood of townsend and north 37th street. "it's going to be on the street in front of that 3366 north 37 street." that's when this man, 33-year-old eric bills rolls up on mcmillan. "witnesses say eric bills pulls up in that red chevy pickup truck." apparently bills had a beef with his friend. witnesses say they could hear the men shouting and then shoving.. "then bills produces a gun and
3:59 am
collapses to the ground. crime scene investigators would find lead and shell casings. "multiple gunshot wounds and the victim is transported to the hospital where he later dies of his injuries." bills leaves the scene but now a homicide charge follows him wherever he goes. marshals say bills could still be driving his red chevy. "it's got a wisconsin plate of md6362." agents say bills is a milwaukee guy. in fact he and his friend came up in the neighborhood where the shooting went down.. "both grew up in that area. that 37th street area and many of the people around the area know these two." and now they kn this to a friend..non one around him is safe. jonathon gregg fox6 new.s eric bills is five-seven and weighs 170lbs. he has short dark hair and brown eyes. he is a felon and currently wanted and charged for first degree reckless homicide. if you have an information on his whereabouts you can call u.s.
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lights, camera, access. >> "the shining's" shelley duvall. >> if she is suffering with a mental illness -- >> the man threatening me is the sheriff of nottingham. >> is it ethical for dr. phil to treat the very troubled shelley duvall in front of millions on tv? i'm natalie morales. while dr. drew is weighing in, he faced that very dilemma before. >> why should we do this is the question? >> j. lo's kiss with ex, marc anthony. more mariah with her dancer. new britney and the music doesn't end there. i'm liz hernandez. bruno mars shares his very humble beginnings. this was your house? >> yes. >> has gwen given you any tips? >> he kept a low profile since the split. now gavin rosdale is ready to talk. i'm scott evans. how much is angelina's high powered attorney, laura wasser,


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