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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  November 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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an easy sale. but when a milwaukee man went to close the deal on his car, he became the victim of a robbery. fox 6's ashley sears explains how a mistaken call from an uber driver helped catch the criminal. never had any issues it was supposed to be a normal car sale-- at 76th and oklahoma-- nats mechanic patrick berry met up with 20-year-old kumasi wallace after he responded to a craigslist ad. he says, 'can i look underneath but berry quickly realized there would be no sale-- he scared the heck out of me and just took off. berry tried chasing after--but lost sight of his stolen vehicle. when he was on his way to the police station--he got a phone call-- somebody calls me asking 'where are you?' i said '...i was just trying to sell a car here.' it turns out berry wasn't the only person looking for wallace. an uber driver called berry thinking it was the suspect.
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given the driver berry's number, but made a big mistake giving the drive his actual name. with his information, it made it so much easier for the police to find him. police found berry's stolen vehicle a block from wallace's home. the suspect was later arrested. i was thankful the police were able to do this and catch this guy and stop him from stealing other cars. berry says he's learned a lot from the experience, hoping others will too will never do it again. berry says from now on, he will only sell cars in designated areas at police departments. police were able to connect wallace to another car theft. if convicted he faces 12 years behind bars. reporting live downtown, ashley sears fox 6 news. mary thanks ashley
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bail is set for a man accused of shooting at milwaukee police, and it's not cheap. turns out, the suspect is also wanted by prosecutors in another part of the state. our ben handelman was the only reporter in court today. state of wisconsin vs debreon jefferson. while this is his "initial appearance"- this is not dabreon day-bree-on jefferson's first time in trouble.from fleeing--- to drug possession--- the 23-year-old has a history of not showing up to face the consequences. defendant failed to appear april 5th. jefferson's reaction this time--- 100-thousand cash bail wince showing he's never faced charges this serious. he kicked my door in, and he kicked her garage door in, last week neighbors near 26th and atkinson in milwaukee reported a rash of burglaries. police were called about a suspicious person. an officer says he found jefferson looking into the back of a house-- told him to put his hands up, and the suspect turned and "fired the a
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returned two shots of his own. a bullet hole shows it was a close call--- no one was hit. when jefferson was caught after a short police chase, he told investigators "when he pulled the gun out of his waistband and the gun discharged." i think you are a substantial bail risk. in court--- it was revealed prosecutors in both milwaukee and waukesha county have been looking for jefferson for other cases. the 100-thousand dollar bail request-- accepted by the court. prosecutors say the gun used to fire at police-- was stolen from a home in this could face more than 70 years in prison. live at the milwaukee county court... ben handelman fox 6 news. ted thanks ben milwaukee police are investigating a shooting in the city's riverwest neighborhood. a 36-year-old man shot in the back near pierce and center a little before 8. he is expected to survive. no arrests have been made. we're learning more tonight about the victims of a devastating accident near 27th and capitol saturday.
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for his life. police say they were passengers in a car that tried to flee from police. they tried to stop an 18-year-old woman because of a problem with her license plates. but she took off-- crashing into another car and a light pole. "i want justice she hurt a lot of lives and it wasnt just shawn it was his friend mario who is fighting for his life " relatives tell us mario harrell broke his legs and his hips. he also suffered brain injury. charges will likely be filed against the driver in the coming days. day of the year. will the weather cooperate? weather expert tom wachs joins us now. precip will arrive this evening as a rain/snow mix inland then transition to rain overnight. rain showers will continue in our area wednesday but accumulating snow is likely in northern wi, so be
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dry and seasonable but there is another chance for light rain/snow mix by black friday. tonight: light rain. breezy. low: 36 wind: se 10-15 mph wednesday:overcast with rain showers likely. high: 42 wind: se 5-15 mph thursday: partly sunny. am low: 35 high: 43 wind: wnw 5-10 when the rain's falling, count on the fox6 storm center app to keep you in the know. it's free for apple
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-- and offers a powerful interactive radar. investigators are intensifying their search for a 16-year old lake mills girl, missing for three weeks. the teens parents are also trying to get a message to their daughter. fox6s bret lemoine has an update: lake mills police say 16-year old kendall humphries ran away from home in late october. police chief pat matuszewski mot-uh-shesh-key says humphries was located... and returned home... only to run away again on n now been three weeks since her family has seen or heard from her. pm 'she was listed as a runaway initially - we received information recently from parents that had us upgrade this to missing and endangered.' the upgrade... and urgency came with new information monday... but matuszewski declined to elaborate on specifics. pm 'we are following up on information and every lead that we get as it trickles in.'
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with county sheriffs departments... private investigators... and the 'center for search and investigations for missing children. pm 'i think its just a matter of time...' desperate to locate their daughter, her parents, nicholas and amber humphries, issued this statement: 'kendall, if you hear this message, please know how much your entire family misses you. we pray every day, all day, that you are safe. we love you kendall. please come back home to us.' kendall humphries is five feet, four inches tall and weighs about 130 pounds. eyes, with a scar on the left side of her upper lip. if you have any information, youre asked to call lake mills police. a weekend hunting trip -- takes a tragic turn. two milwaukee men found in a cabin in rurual doge county--one is dead, the other unconscious. they owned a cabin in reeseville. when they didn't return home on monday-- deputies were called out to investigate. they broke the windows after spotting a man unconscious on
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his 69-year-old father alive-- but very sick. the sheriff says they are investigating the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. people when they're going out on hunting trips a lot of times will bring things with them maybe a heater, maybe stoves thing like that certainly you need to be careful those certainely could cause carbon monoxide." the sheriff says they will release the names of the victims tomorrow. police in alabama have made an arrest in connection with the death of a fo here in wisconsin. matthew roberts died of an overdose at a west bend hotel this summer. stephanie grady joins us in studio tonight with the details. 38-year-old matthew roberts was in west bend to play with a local band at a charity function. he died from a prescription drug overdose at the hampton inn. west bend police worked with the mobile, alabama drug enforcement agency. they determined that the drugs came from a doctor. they say doctor richard snellgrove prescribed five medications in the names of
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roberts' hands. roberts' father says he's devastated. "there's no satisfaction in seeing a doctor arrested. i don't have any bitterness, no anger, nothing like that towards the doctor, but i'm also aware this is a serious issue in the medical community all over the united states." authorities say the doctor prescribed three opioids-- in and fentanyl. darrell roberts says he doesn't think he'll ever have closure. new at 10-- a federal court has blocked implementation of the new overtime rule. it would have made an estimated 4- million more workers across the country eligible for overtime pay starting december first. president barack obama imposed the law. but 21 states challenged it-- including wisconsin. attorney general brad schimel says he's "incredibly happy" the court put
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"wisconsin must have the ability to set its own priorities and policies." an m-p-s investigation into at teacher a ronald reagan high school is over. a parent claimed her daughter was being singled out after the election. she claims the teacher intimidated her with his views against president- elect donald trump. mps tells fox6 they took statements from students who were in the class when the incident allegedly occurred. milwaukee public schools' spokeswoman says "none of the student statements support the allegation made by a warning for parents tonight as we head into one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. just because a toy is on sale doesn't mean it's safe. in some cases they've even been recalled! in tonight's contact 6 report-- trouble in toyland. plus-- the b-mo brings in some big acts. but there are even bigger expectations for the new
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milwaukee's department of neighborhood services has issued four citations -- as part of yesterday's building demolition incident. the developers and contractors were cited for essentially failing to maintain control of the demolition -- which ended up all over farwell
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were all given a 465-dollar citation. the milwaukee bucks have big plans for the new downtown arena-- plans that have nothing to do with basketball. the team confirms they're hoping to draw bigger concerts and more of them. the c-e-o of the b-mo harris bradley center says the arena is "on track to present 12 to 15 major concerts in 2017." the bucks say they hope the new arena will host 20 or more major concerts. that's music to nearby bar owners ears. definitely brings a different demographic of people, people that usually dont come down here, people from the suburbs, people from madison. it definitely makes a huge difference when theres an event like keith urban or garth brooks. the new arena is set to open in the fall of 2018. it's a warning for anyone with a special kid on their christmas list. the toys you can find online may not actually be safe to play
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report ... on trouble in toyland. before you buy that hand control hover craft ... or that child's instrument ... a word of warning ... we know that children will play hard with it, will pull things off. they're curious, they're trying to learn and we need to have a safe environment for them to learn. the wispirg foundation's 'trouble in toyland' report is out. focusing on toys that have been recalled ... for reasons that include ck levels of lead or noise ... and batteries or chargers that can overheat. so our researchers searched online for recalled toys and of the 44 recalled toys they were able to find 16 that are available for sale online. like these pull toys ... which wispirg says have wheels that can break off ... and pose a choking hazard. or this pencil case ... with magnets they say can come off ... and if ingested ... cause serious internal injuries. or these light up watches ... which can
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or burns. we also have to look at the materials that are used. the report says this glockenspiel ... has high levels on lead on its pink bar. just a little bit is very toxic. the toy industry association disputes that there's 'trouble in toyland' ... it says many of these toys were recalled ... because of ongoing regulatory vigilance. it says in part ... "u.s. toy safety requirements are among the strictest in the world, with more than 100+ standards and tests in place." and to check and see if one of your kids toys is a choking hazard simply drop it through an empty toilet paper roll. for the full report you im jenna sachs.
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precip will arrive this evening as a rain/snow mix inland then transition to rain overnight. rain showers will continue in our area is likely in northern wi, so be careful traveling. thanksgiving looks dry and seasonable but there is another chance for light rain/snow mix
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low: 36 wind: se 10-15 mph wednesday:overcast with rain showers likely. high: 42 wind: se 5-15 mph thursday: partly sunny. high: 43 wind: wnw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with light rain/snow showers. am low: 33 high: 41 wind: wnw 5-10
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30 high: 45 wind: sw 5-10 mph sunday: increasing clouds with showers in the evening. am low: 34 high: 46 wind: s-se 5-10 mph precip will arrive this evening as a transition to rain overnight. rain showers will continue in our area wednesday but accumulating snow is likely in northern wi, so be careful traveling. thanksgiving
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another chance for light rain/snow mix by black friday. tonight: light rain. breezy. business to take care of..but they're movin' on up in the playoff poll. we have the
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get your morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- one of the busiest travel days of the year... how to make your trip smoother. plus thanksgiving made easy with the help of a local grocer. and where you can help stuff the bus to help those facing hunger. tomorrow on wakeup! things have gone from bad to worse that's given up close to 40 points per game during their 4 game skid. according to multiple reports, inside linebacker blake martinez-will miss from 2 to 4 weeks. number 50 hurt his knee against washington. this is martinez's 1st year, but for the packers veterans a 4 and 6 randall cobb said--"just doesn't sound right"! tim van vooren's no rookie when it comes to covering the pack. "when times are good and you're a green bay packer, times are really good. a high profile nfl team, but when times are bad and these times are bad with four straight loses, it's not nearly as fun."
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football team than this and this is just not panning out. we're giving up way too many big plays and when the plays are there we just aren't making them. simple as that." "it's not what you want but you don't change who you are. you don't change the way you go about business. you just continue to work and try to get it turned around." "the packers maintain they will simply lick their wounds and try to do whats a lot of success positive attention in the past. the flip side right now is the attention is negative. with the packers at fedex field, tim van vooren, fox six sports." the badgers are up a spot to 6th in the college playoff poll. the best path to the big ten championship game is to beat minnesota in
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west. senior day puts the spotlight on a class that went through two coaching changes. "i've appreciated the way that they've worked through it and one thing you can also see is how that group comes together and you come together in good times and in times that test you." the14th ranked badgers basketball team trying to get to the championship ethan happ 19 pts, 15 rebounds..coast to coast for the stuff against georgetown! greg gard's guys won the rebound battle, .50-21. kahil iverson with the follow slam! wisconsin whips the hoyas, 73-57. they get the north carolina/oklahoma state winner for the title. after losses to michigan and pitt, marquette coach wojo sent a message to his veterans by starting 3 sophomores and 2 freshman
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fischer and 1 . 14 points off the bench. haanif cheatham scored a game-high 20. mu blows out iupui, 104-79! giannis had his first triple double of the season in last night's bucks win over the magic, but jabari had a great night too. he poured in 22 points--and buried a career-high 5 three pointers. mr. parker had a terrific day today--donating and distributing 150 turkey dinners to milwaukee area families at the house of peace..a capuchin ministry. doing my duty as a human being, as a citizen of this county, you know helping the under privileged. people who aren't going to be so comfortable during the thanksgiving season like most of us and i just want to shine some light and give a smile and hopefully that can carry on through out thursday." love jabari's heart. ya gotta
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biographical move made about his life-capturing his meteroric rise from small town australian to nba champion with the cleveland cavaliers. milaukee panthers women
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finally tonight. 50-miles... for 50-years. a birthday one brookfield man won't forget. parker ree-ose rios spent his big day at wauwatosa's hart park-- running around the track a little more than 200-times to hit his goal. wilson elementary school kids came out for a turkey trot -- so he ran with 200 kids for a couple laps. rios says he ran 25 miles for his 25-th birthday-- so 50-for-50 just made sense. parker says: "often times my birthday falls on thanksgiving, so that kind of puts it out, but i thought for 50, 50 miles w during the sunlight hours and i thought it would be something fun to do and something to remember." rios says he doesn't take his running too seriously and just enjoys it when he does. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking
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so, i noticed you bounced a check at the bodega. how did you know about that? 'cause marcelino, he taped it up on his cash register with all of the other bad checks. he can't do that. it's the only way you'll learn. captioning made possible by columbia tristar domestic television oh. these eggs are disgusting. this chicken should be ashamed of himself. fantastic day! fantastic! what happened? well, first, i'm brushing my teeth, and this piece of apple skin that must have been lodged in there for days comes loose. fantastic. then, i'm at the foundation-- you still doing that? sometimes once in a while. when you feel guilty. no. occasionally, i forget to let the machine pick up. anyway, they made this large donation to a women's prison, and i get to go down there and check it out.


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