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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 430  FOX  November 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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television's most beloved moms unexpectedly passes away.... a glimpse at the legacy of florence henderson. also at 4:30... we're following breaking news this black friday morning... details on a de in nevada. good morning and thanks for starting your day with wakeup. lets go straight to our fox6 weather expert rob haswell in
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entertainment news this morning -- actress florence henderson, who played the mom on "the brady bunch", has died. angelica joins us from the newsroom with the details. her manager says henderson died of heart failure last night. the 82-year-old actress was surrounded by family and friends at a hospital in los angeles. but the manager says henderson was not sick... and her friends and family are shocked by her death. henderson played carol brady, one of television's most famous moms,
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started in 19-69 became a huge hit in syndication and led to a number of spin-offs and movies. henderson's own mom left her family when florence was 12-years old. the actress later said that carol brady was essentially the mom she always wished she had. kim and jessob. back to you. also breaking overnight -- nevada police looking for a shooter involved in a deadly road rage incident near a walmart. this was in reno. officials believe a fight over a parking being fired. the suspect fled the scene after the shooting...and police continue to search for him. the walmart near where the shooting occurred remained open for black friday shoppers. closer to home -- many stores started their black friday hours much earlier this year. the checkout lines remained steady throughout the day at kmart in west allis. doors opened a 6-a-m yesterday morning to a crowd waiting outside. "im here with my two girls my husband and my mom. we just kinda hit every store we can in
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but are set to re-open in about a half hour for a new round of black friday sales. starting in the five o'clock hour of wakeup -- we'll have live team coverage throughout the morning... with the black friday madness in our area. which stores are open -- which aren't? what are the big sale items? we have all the answers for you with the ultimate black friday shopping guide -- on fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app. you'll find it right on our hom yesterday morning, the greendale high school marching band performed in the marcy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. band members learned that they would take to the streets of the big apple in april of last year, and they've been practicing ever since. nine-hundred parents, friends, and relatives tagged along to new york to watch the show in person. the greendale band was one of just seven high school bands in the county to take part in this
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the spirit of the first thanksgiving is alive and well in racine. the dan and rays "rendering thanks" dinner was free for anyone who wanted a hot meal and some fellowship. this is the seventh year of the free dinner inside festival hall. two business owners, dan johnson and ray sty-beck stibeck started the meal while the country battled a recession and high unemployment. 'i used to have all the family over, but i cant do that anymore. so i came down here last year, the to see lots of people that i knew.' the dinner has grown organically from seven-hundred people in year one to more than two-thousand last year. and hundreds of volunteers make sure there is plenty of food and the guests have everything they could need. a popular member of the riverwest community... shot a block away from a place where everyone knows his
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are coming together to help. fox 6's brittany shannon has the details. it's a slow thanksgiving night at public house bar in the riverwest neighborhood... even still...bartender, dante smith, is giving back... "49:37 tonight im donating all of my tips" it's clearly marked inside... "49:48 im donating to a good cause. ask me what it is. its just for seths recovery 49:51" seth schuster--a well-known board member of the riverwest public house cooperative. "51:13 hes an icon in the river according to a go-fund-me page, the well-known community member was shot in a random drive-by outside of a neighborhood bar. police reports state the victim was shot in the back near pierce and center on tuesday evening. his friends at the bar learning by word of mouth... "50:37 shots were fired and he happened to take one 50:41" now...friends online...donating more than 14-thousand dollars to help in his recovery calling him "public house family" and saying "today we need to show him the love that he has
4:36 am the form of a tip jar on thanksgiving night. according to the go fund me page, seth is still in critical condition at the hospital. police say they currently have no suspects at this time. in milwaukee, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. charges are pending against a pewaukee man who is facing his 5th o-w-i offense authorities say it was 1 a-m thursday when 37-year-old seen speeding down elmhurst and golf roads in waukesha county at 100 miles per hour. he soon lost control of his car and drove through a residential area. he finally crashed his car just feet away from the side of a house. he then walked away from the scene covered in blood. state patrol says he was arrested shortly after that and taken to a local hospital where blood work determined he was in fact under the influence. from coast to coast -- americans are flocking to malls and stores.. for the
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while you may be tempted to jump on every deal this black friday... contact 6 explains why it's not the best time to shop for everything... a recount of the presidential election in wisconsin... now closer to becoming reality. the push candidate jill stein is making. time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this
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shopping? it's a popular day to get deals on all sorts of things, especially electronics. but contact 6's jenna sachs explains why it might not be the best time to shop for a tv. consumer reports says black friday bargains have changed in recent years. "probably the biggest trend with black friday that weve seen is just that its no longer about black
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see deals, creeping up earlier and earlier every year." unfortunately, this shift in black friday shopping hasnt been all good. "one of the downsides to black friday shopping is that for a lot of consumers, its a lot more work than it used to be. you used to just look in a circular on sunday and go out and pick the store you want to get to. because of all the online activity now, you really have to monitor all the different websites." and dont think that just because something is advertised as a the lowest price you can find. for example, consumer reports says there are sometimes better deals on tvs, like shopping closer to christmas, or waiting a few weeks for super bowl sales. "a lot of it is based on inventory levels. so if retailers and manufacturers dont sell a lot of tvs during the year they may have the buildup in inventory." but to really find the lowest prices on tvs, plan to buy at the end of february or the beginning of march. thats when stores clear out last years models at
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on the market. some tvs to keep an eye on in the coming months include these 4k models from samsung, lg and sharp. i'm jenna sachs contact 6. do you have a consumer issue or investigation idea? give jenna a call!! the number is on you screen or you can file a complaint on the contact 6 page at fox-6-now-dot-com. coming up -- why a recount of the presidential election in wisconsin...might have become more likely. all over the country -- americans are hiti malls.. in search of the best holiday deals. we'll have the black friday round-up. keeping tradition alive.. thousands of miles from home. how american troops celebrated this thanksgiving. time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this morning.. you are watching the fox 6
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wakeup news. all across the country, americans are flocking to malls and other stores as the holiday shopping season officially begins. shoppers are looking to get some great deals this black friday... and, retailers are hoping it will be the start of a strong holiday season. fox's kristin fisher, is in new york with the black friday
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ready, set, shop! today is black friday ... the official kickoff to the holiday shopping season. and, consumers are already out in force at malls all across the country. mos says: "for me, it's just getting in all the spirit of everything. i haven't been out for black friday in years and i was ready to get back out here. it just seems like christmas when you do it." some people have been camped out in front of stores for days --trying to get the best deals. eddings says: i right over there, a sleeping bag, a blanket and a couple chairs." but, others aren't waiting for black friday specials ... they spent their thanksgiving scooping up electronics, clothes and other must-have items. mos says: "i'm looking for some new harry potter stuff and a rob gronkowski jersey and a new iphone." mos says: "i'm trying to find some new tablets and computers." mos says: "perfume sets, chinaware, home goods, stuff like that." while large crowds are expected today ... black friday isn't quite as important as it used to be, as online sales continue to grow. mehta says: "i think retailers are
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of retail stores." analysts expect big department stores ... such as macy's and kohl's ... to be offering some of the biggest discounts. and, if you're looking to save even more money ... here's another tip. bodge says: "if you're sitting in a long line, you're waiting and you've got 30 people ahead of you, try to buy a discounted gift card from that store. use your phone and do it. you purchase it, you use the code right there when you shop. you just saved yourself extra." on cam tag the national retail federation estimates about 137 million americans will do some holiday shopping fisher, fox news. you decide coverage now -- wisconsin bracing for a recount... after former green party presidential candidate jill stein challenges the november election results. angelica joins us from the newsroom with the details. the former presidential hopeful has raised nearly four million dollars in her push for a vote recount in michigan... pennsylvania and wisconsin. "so what we're saying is not that the hacking or fraud has necessarily taken place. i don't think we have evidence of that. but i think it's only natural and it's
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that our votes are counted." stein and others want an audit and recount of the november eighth voting results in the those states. after reports that voting security experts alerted hillary clinton's campaign to the possibility of hacks in key counties with electronic voting. president-elect donald trump wisconsin on election night... giving him the electoral votes he needed to win the white house. but michigan remains too close to call... more than two weeks after election day. rob and kim -- back to you. japan is a winter wonderland, which is an unusual sight this early in the season. japan's capital, tokyo, is blanketed in snow. the snowfall is the first to happen in the month of november in over
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forecast from fox6 chief meteorologist rob haswell a few rain and snow showers from the departing low today before high pressure moves over the region to calm things down this weekend. seasonal today in the low 40s but we start warming a bit in the longer range. temperatures will get into the upper 40s by sunday and hit the low 50s by monday and tuesday. rain also returns during that time. we should cool down and dry up a bit for wednesday. today:
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wnw 5-10 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. low: 32 wind: wnw 3-7 mph saturday: partly sunny. high: 44 wind: s 5-10 mph sunday: partly sunny. chance for rain at night. am low: 34 high: 48 wind: se 5-15 mph monday: rain likely. breezy and warme. high: 50 wind: s 10-20 mph tuesday: cloudy with a chance for rain showers. am low: 45 high: 50 wind: nw 5-15 mph wednesday:partly cloudy and cooler. am low: 35 high: 42 wind: wsw 5-10 mph forecast from fox6 chief
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the departing low today before high pressure moves over the region to calm things down this weekend. temperatures will be near seasonal today in the low 40s but we start warming a bit in the longer range. temperatures will get into the upper 40s by sunday and hit the low 50s by monday and tuesday. rain also returns down and dry up a bit for wednesday. today: cloudy with a few rain and snow showers. high: 42 wind: wnw 5-10 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. low: 32 wind: wnw 3-7 mph saturday: partly sunny. high: 44 wind: s 5-10 mph sunday:
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high: 48 wind: se 5-15 mph monday: rain likely. breezy and warmer. am low: 42 high: 50 wind: s 10-20 mph tuesday: cloudy with a chance for rain showers. am low: 45 high: 50 wind: nw 5-15 mph wednesday:partly cloudy and cooler. am low: 35 high: 42 wind: wsw 5-10 mph wind: wsw 5-10 mph looking around the world -- a deadly collapse in china kills dozens. police now confirming the death toll has risen. at this point -- at least 74 people are dead. it happened after the platform of a power plant's cooling tower under construction collapsed yesterday... sending iron pipes, steel bar on the workers at the site. hundreds of rescue continue to work around the clock combing through debris to find more victims and survivors. isis has claimed responsibility for a deadly truck bombing in iraq. at least fifty-seven people were killed -- and more than fifty wounded. authorities say the truck blew up at a gas station, near buses carrying shiite worshippers from iran. looking across america -- two inmates are still on the run in california. this after a thanksgiving eve
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through window bars... and tied clothes and bed sheets together wednesday night to escape the santa clara county main jail in san jose. two inmates were immediately stopped just outside the jail -- but rogelio ro-hel-ee-oh chavez and lanon campbell managed to get away.chavez was booked into the jail in august on various charges including burglary and firearms violations. campbell was facing similar charges. several department are involved in the search. a police involved shooting in chicago leaves a 19-year old family says the shooting is unjustified. authorities say officers were responding to a call when they approached two men at a bus stop near the scene -- they say the men started running in different directions. investigators say a police sergeant shot and killed 19-year-old kajuan raye after he pointed a gun at him during the chase. so far, authorities haven't recovered a weapon and family members say raye did not own a gun. it's not clear if the sergeant was wearing a body camera, and investigators say they are missing some information in the
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access pipeline kept up their rallies on thanksgiving day. hundreds of demonstrators faced off with law enforcement officers in morton county, north dakota. police accused some protesters of wearing body armor.. earlier this week -- one protesters nearly lost her arm when demonstrators clashed with police. protesters say police threw a concussion grenade near her, but police deny that. more than two dozen demonstrators were hospitalized after those clashes. still ahead on wakeup at five and six... we'll tracking the black friday deals and steals you can find in our area. make the holidays great again with a gold-plated ornament by president-elect donald trump. just how much it will cost you. time now 4:xx you're taking a
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outside this morning.. thousands of miles from home. these american troops took a short break to chow down on their thanksgiving meal in afghanistan's bagram airfield. more than 14-thousand pounds of turkey and 8-thousand pies were delivered to feed u-s. service members . organizers say there is nothing more comforting when you are far away from home and missing your loved
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hot meal and share a few laughs and moments of joy. thanksgiving is so important to the troops that logistics officers start planning for it as early as april every year. donald trump's "make america great again" christmas ornament is making quite a splash online. the little red cap is imprinted with the trump election phrase. the brass ornament is finished in 24 karat gold, and for just 9- can find the ornaments on sale at donald-j-trump-dot-com. humans aren't the only who celebrate thanksgiving. in utah ... some of our furry.. and not so furry.. friends got to celebrate too! animals at the hogle zoo in salt lake city were treated to pumpkins -- as part of the zoo's "feast with the beasts." the most popular part of the feast is the giant elephant stomp.. where elephants are given pumpkins as a once a
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giant pumpkin growers association weighed almost a thousand pounds. here's a basketball shot for the ages! a trio of australian you-tube personalities called "how ridiculous" set the guinness world record for greatest height where a basketball was shot. "how ridiculous" member "derek herron" nailed the shot from nearly 594 feet last weekend in alps. the trio previously held the record on three separate occasions -- but lost it earlier this year to u-s social media stars "dude perfect", who made a
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deals. this is a live look at toys r us on the city's south side this morning. we'll have more on this year's hot items coming up in a live report. and lining up for this year's black friday brew at lakefront brewery. what so special. rob joins us now with more on the weather. rob's weather a few rain and


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