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tv   FOX 6 News at 11  FOX  November 25, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm CST

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11. we're following breaking news.. in the charleston church shooting. a fedea that dylann roof is competent to stand trial on multiple counts of murder. roof is accused of killing nine people at the mother emanuel african methodist episcopal church in charleston, south carolina back in june of 2015. jury selection in the federal trial is scheduled to resume on monday. breaking overnight... actress florence henderson -- america's favorite t-v mom -- has died. her manager says she died of heart failure last night. she was most known for her role as carol brady on the "the brady bunch."
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at the hospital in los angeles. but the manager says henderson was not sick... and her friends and family are shocked by her death. dgx barry williams-- who played greg brady on the show-- tweeted "deeply saddened. florence was one of the most gracious people i have ever known, proud to call her mom and life long friend. " dgx maureen mccormick... who played her daughter marcia... tweeted this picture earlier this morning... saying "you are in my heart forever florence." talking... join the conversation on the fox6 news facebook page or fox6 now dot com. share your favorite brady moment -- or something you took from that iconic 70s shows. in new jersey.... one person is dead after a shooting outside a mall in south jersey. it happened early this morning at hamilton mall near macy's department store. the mall was scheduled to open at 6-a-m for black friday shoppers. police have not yet announced any arrests.
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in a deadly road rage incident near a walmart. this was in reno. officials believe a fight over a parking spot led to the fatal shots being fired. the suspect fled the scene after the shooting...and police continue to search for him. the walmart near where the shooting occurred remained open for black friday shoppers. meanwhile -- no reports of any violent incidents in our area overnight with shoppers. many stores offering big deals this morning for black friday. carl deffenbaugh was at toys r us this
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up bright and early this morning... it's part of the tradition of serving their one- day-only black friday brew.
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aren't? what are the big sale items? we have all the answers for you with the ultimate black friday shopping guide -- on fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app. you'll find it right on our home
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riverwest community... shot a block away from a place where everyone knows his name. now, his coworkers and friends are coming together to help. fox 6's brittany shannon has the details. it's a slow thanksgiving night at public house bar in the riverwest neighborhood... even still...bartender, dante smith, is giving back... "49:37 tonight im donating all of my tips" it's clearly marked inside... "49:48 im donating to a good cause. ask me what it is. its just for seths recovery 49:51" seth schuster--a well-known board member of the riverwest public
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west neighborhood 16" according to a go-fund-me page, the well-known community member was shot in a random drive-by outside of a neighborhood bar. police reports state the victim was shot in the back near pierce and center on tuesday evening. his friends at the bar learning by word of mouth... "50:37 shots were fired and he happened to take one 50:41" now...friends online...donating more than 14-thousand dollars to help in his recovery calling him "public we need to show him the love that he has shown us." "51:22 they care. that we care 26" the form of a tip jar on thanksgiving night. according to the go fund me page, seth is still in critical condition at the hospital. police say they currently have no suspects at this time. in milwaukee, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. charges are pending against a
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authorities say it was 1 a-m thursday when 37-year-old justin murphy was seen speeding down elmhurst and golf roads in waukesha county at 100 miles per hour. he soon lost control of his car and drove through a residential area. he finally crashed his car just feet away from the side of a house. he then walked away from the scene covered in blood. state patrol says he was arrested shortly after that and taken to a local hospital where blood work determined he was in fact under the influence. hiring a contractor for you but what happens when that contractor violates it? contact 6 has the story. after the break -- why a recount of the presidential election in wisconsin...might have become more likely. an officer involved shooting in chicago leaves a 19-year-old dead... why the victim's family says it was unjustified. "i'm tom hooper, i'm katrina cravy, i'm jenna sachs. contact 6. 44 years, millions of dollars returned, hundreds of thousands of people helped. what does that add up to? contact 6. the milwaukee institution led by
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open enrollment ends december 7th. call unitedhealthcare to learn more about our choice of aarp medicarecomplete plans. ?? here in our state -- many remain divided on one very important question -- who won the election? candidate jill stein announcing that the green party has raised enough money to pay for a recount in the badger state. a.j. bayatpour has reaction from both sides. one night after they rally in front of city hall, activists calling for a recount in the presidential election wake up to an announcement from green party candidate jill stein: they've raised enough
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deadline is friday. im thankful on thanksgiving that this happening because this is what democracy looks like. holly mosher says, for her, it's not about the candidates. she says it's about following the advice of some computer scientists who say it's a red flag that clinton often performed worse in counties with electronic voting machines instead of paper ballots. this is important. in democracy, we need to trust our vote. i just think its a lot of wasted motion and energy. thiensville village president van mobley was an early supporter of says even after an error in outagamie county, mr. trump's margin of 22-thousand votes in wisconsin will hold, adding a recount will keep his clerks from the jobs they'd normally doing this time of year. llocal officials have to manage these and even if we get some small payment from the state elections commission to cover the labor cost, theres an opportunity cost. the wisconsin elections commission already told all 72 county clerks to prepare for a recount. mosher says she's already
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1,000 people in wisconsin. the stein campaign is now asking for donations to cover recount costs in michigan and pennsylvania. the last statewide recount in wisconsin was in 2011 for the prosser-kloppenburg supreme court race. in the newsroom, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. looking across america -- a police involved shooting in chicago leaves a 19-year old dead -- the man's family says the shooting is unjustified. authorities say officers were responding to a c approached two men at a bus stop near the scene -- they say the men started running in different directions. investigators say a police sergeant shot and killed 19-year-old kajuan raye after he pointed a gun at him during the chase. so far, authorities haven't recovered a weapon and family members say raye didn't own a gun. it's not clear if the sergeant was wearing a body camera, and investigators say they are missing some information in the timeline of events. protesters fighting the dakota access pipeline kept up their rallies on
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off with law enforcement officers in morton county, north dakota. police accused some protesters of wearing body armor.. earlier this week -- one protesters nearly lost her arm when demonstrators clashed with police. protesters say police threw a concussion grenade near her, but police deny that. more than two dozen demonstrators were hospitalized after those clashes.
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home is an act of trust. but what happens when that contractor violates it? four women reached out to
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contact 6 -- and promised to make things right. but did he make good on it? jenna sachs has the story. talia russo's house in racine has been without siding ... since july. i need my house done before winter. what's more ... she paid someone nine- thousand dollars to get the job done. he keeps telling me it's gonna get done, it's gonna get done. he never shows up. nothing ever gets done. across racine ... a similar story. he's given me nothing but runaround. half finished for months. we were getting a lot of rain. garcia paid the same contractor ... more than ten-thousand dollars. every other excuse was, oh i'm loading up the truck and i'll be there within a half hour and he just never comes. both women are talking about jamey rehm ream ... of midwest home improvements.rehm sat down with contact 6 on
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on her property. rehm says these projects ... were delayed because of conflicts with homeowners ... insurance issues... and difficulty finding quality crews. jamey: just not a lot of qualified people out there that go out to work every day. jenna: cause the people who have worked for you would say, well, it's because you haven't paid them. jamey: i don't pay them if they don't show up. if they show up one or two days, they get paid for one or two days when the jobs complete. we asked him when he plans to finish russo's home . we're going back there monday. contact 6 checked ... they didn't. her house will be done by done by friday on her house. it wasn't. as of today ... russo's house is still only partly finished. we also asked rehm about money garcia wants back ... for windows she now refuses to let him install. that's fine i will sent that out monday as well. garcia still hasn't gotten that check, her cousin ... ruth rodriguez ... is also waiting for money back from rehm. he kept saying next week monday, next week monday, or ill see
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rehm to replace her roof ... which is literally falling off ... but the end date of her contract passed ... and no roof. i feel like he's just a con artist. i'm not. i've had issues with workloads that obviously spilled into other areas of my jobs and i do work every day to try to get it taken care of so everything can run smooth. he's also had some issues with the law ... appearing in kenosha county court... for bad checks. in 2006 ... rehm was convicted of theft by miswrote on it and i had issues with it, yes. there are also small claims cases against him ... like amelia alcalan's. it's caused a lot of stress. a court has ordered rehm pay her 30- thousand dollars. this is the home equity loan that i took out to have the work done. rehm assures us ... he will start making payments to alcalan ... and will also send rodriguez her money back. the next time we talk youll see, i mean, its gonna be, everything is gonna be taken care of. it hasn't been taken
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should hire you? jamey: i'm good at what i do. i have had some issues but i do make sure i take care of them. i'm not running from anything. i'm not hiding from anything. rehm promised us he would repay three of those women but so far ... none of those women have received any money. as for talia ... the woman with the unfinished house ... we sent an expert from j and b construction to check out her place. he said the job is unorganized and hasn't been done with any sort of consistency. he said that job three weeks ... not four months. for information on what you should look for when hiring a contractor, we have a web extra for you on i'm jenna sachs, contact 6. still ahead -- we look back at the legacy that actress florence henderson leaves behind. new businesses are constantly popping up... real milwaukee's brian kramp takes it upon himself to check out the grand openings -- giving you an inside
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with new businesses constantly popping up its nearly impossible to visit all of their grand openings... so real milwaukee's brian kramp has taken it upon himself to see check out the latest hot spots to give you an inside look at whats new in town. "barre district is a lifestyle studio that specializes in barre and barre hybrid classes. do the full push up here. we are a combination of yoga, pilates, and ballet dance conditioning. down nose to knee. that utilizes the ballet bar. thats not going to happen. so the workout focuses on small stretch. youll feel that calf stretch. its a very low impact exercise. down an inch now up an inch. most people come in with very little flexibility. the nice thing about barre is our technique is that everyone can do it. deep inhale. the results come very quickly. it is truly the fastest way to transform your body. we guarantee results if you come three to four times a week. leg shaking is normal its not a sign of weakness its a sign youre working your butt off. everyone is welcome here we have men women we have all ages anywhere from 16 to we have clients in their low 70s. this is our brewery. this is third space brewery we just opened in
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ware factory. we brew delicious beer. we have six beers on tap currently. we distribute those beers across the city of milwaukee to bars and restaurants. we wanted to create a brand that was fun approachable welcoming to people. so we stumbled upon outside of our first space home and our second space of work and we thought that sounded pretty cool and we thought a brewery could be a third space for people. so we created this third space for people to come and sample our beers and hang out in our third space. kevin and i have been friends for almost 20 years and kevin comes from a west coast
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known for very bold flavors. the midwest is known a little bit more for very balanced and drinkable beers. so we wanted to merge the two together and create really bold flavors but that are balanced drinkable. were thai-namite in wauwatosa at 87th and north avenue. weve built a really good fan base on the east side so we had to bring it out west. its been really great to see how many people are so excited to have thai-namite out here. the food is thai cuisine and sushi. its absolutely phenomenal. we have really grea have been in this family business for a really long time. every single dish here im proud of. its amazing. and we have craft cocktails that have a touch of thai to them. weve got a great beer lineup and lots of wine to choose from. we have a new kids menu and sushi. just a dot of sauce. amazing sushi its so fresh. the dragon is our signature here. when the customer sees that they go oh thats a dragon yeah everyone loves that. we have something for everyone. i think
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it. yeah. if the customer is happy then i am. did you see the
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big stories at 1130. a beloved t-v mom... dead at 82. how florence henderson is being remembered. plus -- black friday is officially in full swing. we'll take a look at everything from the large lines... to the
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in new jersey.... one person is dead after a shooting outside a mall in south jersey. it happened early this morning at department store. the mall was scheduled to open at 6-a-m for black friday shoppers. police have not yet announced any arrests. meanwhile -- nevada police looking for a shooter involved in a deadly road rage incident near a walmart. this was in reno. officials believe a fight over a parking spot led to the fatal shots being fired. the suspect fled the scene after the shooting...and police continue to search for him. the walmart near where the shooting occurred remained open for black
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violent incidents in our area overnight with shoppers. many stores offering big deals this morning for black friday. carl deffenbaugh was at toys r us
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up bright and early this morning... it's part of the tradition of serving their one- day-only black friday brew. deandra corinthios has more.
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nation's favorite television mom has passed away. her manager says florence henderson - who was carol brady on "the brady bunch" - died of heart failure last night. she was 82. as stephanie elam reports, henderson came from a simple background... but reached for the stars. natsot: the brady bunch theme that lovely lady is florence henderson, who played america's favorite mom - carol brady - on the 19-70's hit t-v sitcom, the brady bunch. but her
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born in 19-34 in dale, indiana, henderson grew up poor, with an alcoholic father and a mother who left when she was just 12-years old. henderson used her singing talent to entertain the family and help make ends meet. florence henderson / no font : "i dont ever remember not singing. and i would sing and pass the hat. and i would sing for groceries."natsot: oklahoma her big break came in 1951 when she landed a starring role in rodgers and singer-turned-actor then took her talents to t-v. in 19-59 she was on set as n-b-c's "today girl" and she became the first woman to guest host the tonight show in 19- 62. then in 1969 - henderson became carol brady. florence henderson / no font : "i created the kind of mother that i wished i'd had, and i think everyone longs for. i get so much fan mail from all over the world. everybody
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i get so much affection."henderso n continued to act and sing on t-v for decades after the brady bunch. she even cha-cha'd her way into our living rooms in 20-10 on dancing with the stars. natsot: "dancing with the stars." henderson had four children with her first husband, ira bernstein. she met her second husband, hypnotherapist john kappas, while undergoing treatment for stage fright and a fear of flying. florence henderson : "people hypnotized her!"the treatment worked so well, henderson became a certified hypnotherapist herself. henderson became a patient of a different kind when at the height of her career - she started to lose her hearing. florence henderson / no font : "you can't imagine for someone who makes living through music, when you all of the sudden don't hear piano or violin, it is the most terrifying feeling in the world."doctors discovered she had an ear disease... but after
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. florence henderson : "i have stainless steel and teflon in both of my ears, i can cook in both ears nothing sticks to them!"henderson seemed to always look on the bright side. florence henderson / no font : "here's the way i feel about it larry, if you're not having fun, you shouldn't be there."larry king: "say good night florence." florence henderson / no font : "good night florence, oh! smiles good night, good night everyone." still ahead -- our pet of the week is here. we'll meet daisy! a motorcycle rider in iowa gets a lot of attention when he hits the road...
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"i'm tom hooper, i'm katrina cravy, i'm jenna sachs. contact 6. 44 years, millions of dollars returned, hundreds of thousands of people helped. what does that add up to? contact 6. the milwaukee institution led by jenna sachs. she's here to help you and your family beca we'd like to welcome you to join fox6 tomorrow for a special concert honoring the military, veterans and their families. it's called "america salutes you". and it features performers like cyndi lauper and gavin degraw. so tune in tomorrow night at 5 - right here on fox6.
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christmas! wisconsin's largest outdoor drive-thru lights display opens for its 21st year. more than one million holiday lights will be strung up for "country christmas" in waukesha. it costs 15 to 20 dollars for a carload to go on the mile-long trail... which winds through the woods. "country christmas" runs this weekend... and then december 2nd through the 31st from 5 to 10 each night. for two tuesdays in december.. few bucks -- six to be exact -- to drive through country christmas. you can find the details on our website -- fox6now dot com. and the candy cane lane kickoff is at 6 tonight. this will be the 31st year that the west allis neighborhood has lit up to raise money for the macc fund... fighting childhood cancer. the event is free... and runs through friday, december 26th. visitors can make a macc donation fund at the candy cane lane... or donate online. the lights display runs from oklahoma to montana
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friend are pretty hard to miss when they ride together. especially because one of them is a dog, named elvis. elias johnson has
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sue shannon from the wisconsin humane society is here with "daisy" the 3-month-old puppy. she's also talking about giving tuesday next week. people interested in adopting can call 414 animals or go to
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11. humans aren'tth animals at the hogle zoo in salt lake city were treated to pumpkins -- as part of the zoo's "feast with the beasts." the most popular part of the feast is the giant elephant stomp.. where the big guys are given pumpkins as a once a year treat. one of the pumpkins grown by the utah giant pumpkin growers association weighed almost a thousand pounds. thanks for joining us at eleven. our next newscast is at four
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