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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  December 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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-- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by cbs television distribution we start at 4 with breaking news -- a charging decision has been reached in new line good afternoon. we are going to start with breaking news that is yet to happen. a charging decision has been reacheded and the police shootig death of j anderson. >> this according to the family'ss attorney, jonathan they will be holding a news conference, jonathan safran as well as anderson's family with their reaction to it to the decision. just to take you back on what this casen involved, 25 your jy anderson was shot and killed by a wauwatosa policer officer on
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he was sitting in his car in madison park and police say he had a gun at the time. he believed he was sleeping in his vehicle and that is when an officer opened fire. since the day of the shooting, anderson's family says there's been a lack of transparency and they've been calling for the officer involved to be identified. they've also been calling for video.s anderson's father says he has seen the video. she says anderson's hands he says anderson's hands weru yi time and tell the office officer there was a weapon in the car. >> where looking live here jonathann safran's office. he's the attorney for the end family and will be holding a newsli conference in just a little bit of his downtown office. the officer involved in this june 23rd incident was involved in the previous incident the previous year in july 2015 with the fatal shooting as well. cleared of any wrongdoing in or not. anderson's attorney and his family have always alleged this
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on duty, should not even have been on patrol the early morning when anderson died. our britney shannon is down there, and we are going to go to her in just a little bit but for now we will carry on with the other big news stories of the day. keep it right here. once it starts you won't see it sooner anywhere else you might draw a big story big story at four, for the: th first time sie his cars were attacked by criminals anthony pettis is speaking to lal media. >> sat down with the mmm mma fighter and joins us with more. >> he has a fight of his life thisig weekend as he tries to wn the featherweight title and through his training, to separate crimes took place at his home in milwaukee, the first in late october. three cars were burned ine i his driveway. you dooir please it appears some set fire to suit to vehicles and it spread to the third part in the driveway. last week's surveillance videoat
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shows ton people first attemptg to open the door for brown county language is locked. then they moved too a white rane roverer which is unlocked and after opening that passenger sideth door, one of the men appears to reach into the range rover before leaving the scene. property was removed from that vehicle a 13 -year-old was arrested in connection to t crime. >> it is scary to see with this is that appeared i feel like there has toh be some changes ad i feel likea i'm in a position changes so it's up to me to go out there and figure out of a set of how doh r do i make it right for everybody else?it' >> he continues to work with milwaukee youth but says he mus first focus on the upcoming featherweight title which is the fight is this saturday. after the 13 year old's arrest in connection with a break in the break-in a break in, this case is currently in the juvenile court systems are no other informati il nowc. >> you can get a closer look at the pictures of fire damage to thoseap vehicles at or theli fox six news out.
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re: how to do is all you have to do is search pettis.g >> sheriff's officials are searching for any information related to a blue dodge ram. the 2500 make a cab pickup last seen driving around the fox eight area last weekend. if you have any give deputies in dodge county a call.wo described as one of the worst fires to ever hit oakland california ini the city's history. >> 36 people confirmed dead and in what they're calling the ghost ship fire and fire crews stilll searching the building. here's more on this here is more on this ever developingit story. >> the video says it all. authorities say they expect the death toll to be climbing even higher before this investigation is finished. rescuers worked 52 hours straight through the weekend
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parts of the roof and some walls had caved in.. by biarritz resister word parts of the building will yet collapse. >> it doesn't seem like that is a fire that is survivable. so in reality i think for all of us is that they're dead. >> meanwhile, a memorial has been set up in oakland for those killed in the fire leaving the mentor contributes to thed dea. investigators believe o thought were the fire started, at the back of the building.c i about 30 percent of the two-story warehouse remains to be searched. work has resumed on the buildint but fire crews have not found any more victims at this time. a recount effort officially begun in a second state now. us district judge ordered early thisg morning that michigan electionof officials to begin counting before noon today.s this recount, like wisconsin,
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candidate jill stein. donald trump ended up winning michigan 16 electoral votes on november 8tht by 0.two percentage points, or just a little less than 10,000th votes out of more than 500 millionmi cast. there's been raised $7 million to fund the recount efforts happening here and in michigan. wisconsin is now in the fifth day m of the recount effot with 1 million votes counted so far andt next to zero change in elec as of last night, six counties in thea state had completed ther recount. and in all but six the margin of votes remain the same. the deadline is december 12th election officials are notm worried about missing that deadline.on if you would like to stay up-to-dates on the progress you can do so as officials are posting dailyon updates. you can track all the developments at
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at admin ate donald trump names one time rob name's onetime rival ben carson as his secretary of department of housing and urban development.o doctor carson's name has been attached to multiple cabinet level positions throughout this transition process. according to an aide, the neurosurgeon turned down the house and beat the job because of his lack of experience running a federal agency. checking in on the forecast out here. a chilly cloudy day but must come to an end. outside right now we have clouds inte place and place in place looking out over the city. 33 degrees at mitchell international withle a south southwesterly wind at 9 miles per hour.e low to mid thirties areawide and temperaturesbe holding steady throughout the night courtesy of the clouds that will hang around.d. we have clouds offshore north west and somee sprinkles around earlier today but no precipitation tonight. we could see if a few flurries
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cloudy skies tomorrow temperatures holding steady around freezing overnight. we could see if you flurries tomorrow and we'll show you howh cold coming up in a few minutes. >> our storm mobile app is free for apple and android.o while yesterday's victory bnf to help them going intog january and play even more important games?. keep hackers do not control their own destiny.nn that is a tough spot to be in but by winning yesterday for their second victory of the week they at least remain relevant in thewy postseason chase. green bay scores twice in the fourth quarter and wins the game the traction is hard to find literally on thest snow andpa figuratively given away each
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but style points are not what the packers are seeking these days. >> we need a win. we need to win at home. cold weather, possible snow, frankly that's part of the corrections today and you found those are all part of collections all part of lessons that you could apply for because it looks like it may be similar to we are focused on getting we're focused on getting better ourselves and that the environment were playing in and the specifics of the environment that we played in yesterday. >> monitoring injuries as the week goes on.or you can watch the big gameee between the packers and seahawks uc this sunday on youra packers station and we will have a special edition of fox six
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lineman mike daniels joins us live as well. a lot happening this sunday. trying to stack successes. >> seahawks looked pretty good last night. wednesday the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearlrl harbor that cost thousas of americans lives. >> that ultimately pulled america into world war ii. how survivors are beinggin hono. shopping at thegr line. how amazon is getting skipping
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we are awaiting a live press conference being held by attorney jonathan safran and the family of jaket anderson and killed by a trained to safran police officer transit police officer in june. we will bring it to you live. >> greeted by hundreds of supporters as a kickoff and in the store we and the stork week of events the group was welcomed
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and jeers at the honolulu nationale airport. it was december 71,941st, a day that will live in infamy that 350 japanese airplanes attacked the us fleet at pearl harbor. that9 9 attack sank ships destd 188 aircraft and killed more than 2400 people. we will never forget that date. >> never. >> it is getting farther and farther aa and how would you like to never wait in line at the grocery store ever again? >> it seems too good to be true right? amazon is testing the store in seattle thought of check onp outline checkout outline called amazon go. shoppers simply scan their amazon apple may enter the stor then sensors register the items you putting your store and automatically charge them to your amazon app. when you are finished you walk
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not charged charge charged and the app senses absences that. the company announced the program on twitter today. you can seet the tweets. right now it's only open to amazon employeese but is expectd to open the public next year. united airlines wants to add another charge to airline tickets. united recently announced plans to start charging customers extra to put him back in the it but they say no matter the ticket price, the overhead bin should be free.h a set of the united gets away with that other airlines will follow suit in.r w australians are celebrating christmas with a whole lot of cheer. >> this is to year we cheer we can get behind. there was a good chance their christmas tree looks nothing like yours.s. it is made of beer cans. morer than 125 cans jacked upa
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the tree helps raise money for charity so it is good in a lot of ways. in a any box stores, walmart, lowe's, peeling values in an attempt to lower propertyh values. >> it is an issue we will hear more and more about it in wisconsin. we look into the dark store theory and how it could affect you. >> shopping place where you can find almost anything, and in the city of wauwatosa, there are dozens of options. >> their they are choosing this location because it is desirable and it is going to be e benefice >> but the mayor says big-box stores are becoming bad business for local government.t >> it would make me very hesitant to support ain big-box store. >>e a in the past four years,
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sued the city of wauwatosa claiming their assessed values are too high. >>ca the dark store theory is a store that is dark. it has no lights on it. >> present prairie assessed or says stores s esther says stores want assessors to value their business is the same as a closed or darkk store. >> now all of a sudden just for property tax purposes, we have to consider evidencei from vacant or abandoned locations. >> thisthwa target in the villae wasg constructed in 20 oh six fr $15 million. >> municipalities start lowering values because of this dark storen strategy >> that is a good story that we hope to bring youau in its entirety but we wantm to give yu now to the laws. offices of
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family.h >> it looks like we're going to this live >>l the mother of jay's child js jail and other family and friends and other supporters also here.e.d an after a lengthy meeting this morning which included me anderson familya members district attorney's office and members of the anderson family and their supporters as well as detectors with the milwaukee police department to investigate if the shooting, the district attorney's office advised that there will not be issuing criminal charges against wauwatosa police officer officer joseph mensa. this charging decision is another case being added to a list of cases around the country with no criminal charges being filed against a police officer who shot and killed shot and killed a citizen. after waiting for more than six months since jay were shot and killed in madison park, in
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were dreading. they did not want the decision to drag out any longer and they did not want to at wanted to comment to closer to the christmas holidays. the family is obviously extremely disappointed in district attorney john chisholm decision in this case and this is a difficult day for them. j anderson junior was asleep in the park on june 232,016th and had been asleep for some time without bothering anyone are doing anything wrong until officer mensa interacted with him at approximately 3:00 a.m. the officer had be shooting only 11 months prior to shooting j anderson. after running the license plate, officer mensa knock on the passenger side front window of the vehicle, while mr. anderson and they had a verbal discussion whereupon mr. anderson lowered the passenger side front window and raised his hands in the air as he was instructed. it is alleged that after speaking with him for some period of time, officer mensa than observed a handgun in the vehicle somewhere in the front
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that handgun has never been photographed in the vehicle, and the investigative materials that we have seen do not describe where was located. the officer was not equipped with the body camera to record the interaction but video recorder from the dash camera mounted in his squad for card depicts the 20 seconds or so prior to the shooting and mr. anderson had his hands in the air. officer mensa had his gun drawn and pointed at mr. anderson through the lower passenger side front window. we'll be officer claims that mre handgun that was in the vehicle and refused to keep his hands raised in the air while he waited for backup to arrive arrived to assist him, there is no evidence that mr. anderson longed for, touched, raised or pointed in the alleged handgun that may have been in the vehicle. at least twice a video recording depicts mr. anderson's hands falling down in his head slumped forward as if you were falling asleep or passing out. it was during the last time when mr. anderson's hands and had went down one officer mensa
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repeatedly striking mr. anderson six times resulting in his death. video from the fbi was shot with this morning and does not shed any further light on what you've seen in the past from other enhanced video provided by the state. since being advised to have the state law by john chisholm i have been in contact with you the united states attorney's office for the eastern district of wisconsin milwaukee and i have requested that they communicate with the united states department of justice civil rights department criminal investigation to conduct a further investigation. we believe criminal civil rights charges are advice addressed in this case. they will be investigating this case. his family has repeatedly asked the city of wauwatosa and the police department to repeat the video, as horrific and difficult as it may be to see. but the district attorney's office has again indicated today that they have no objection to
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wauwatosa has previously indicated that once the district attorney made that decision, you would agree to make to release that a video. we will see when it is released for others to see and draw their own conclusions as to the actions of both mr. anderson junior and police officer joseph mensa. that is the statement we have and we are available for questions. >> can you give us more background and to why they decided not to charge the >> the district attorney as in every case has indicated that his decision-making has to do with whether or not he perceived that the officer perceived the threat and whether the officer phelps that he was in fear of great bodily harm or death to himself or others. although dh da chisholm did not particularly say the reasons why he indicated that based on what he observed ihe video and what statements and investigative materials he had reviewed, he felt the officer
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>> and i'm sorry? >> can we hear from the family if we have some questions. >> absolutely. >> we just want to know how you are feeling right now. >> i feel sick to my stomach just to know that he's back on the fourth and my daughter will never be able to know her dad, that she will never be able to see her dad again. it's not right. he killed two people. you should be in jail. how do you l a a person killed two people and not charge them. if it was another human being they killed jay, he would be charged. so i can joseph b charts? how can we move on with his life and start a family when julie can continue his life with his family he had on? it's not fair. my seven -year-old don't have to see this on the noon news that this man who shouted that is able to walk away. my daughter will know when she turned 16 that the dude that killed her dad is still out here and her dad is gone. he didn't do nothing wrong and
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regardless of whatever. he was in the park asleep by himself. he didn't harm nobody is just so unfair that i have two kids by him that we'll never will never know him. never in my babies ask about him daily. i seen the video again today, and i think joseph mensa should come clean. i think he knows he killed my son. that video shows that he killed my son. my son was not doing anything. he never picked up a weapon. now he is going free and it's disgusting that this man gets to walk the earth and my son is dead. he did the video offer any more clarity to you today? >> no. from day one when i seen it, i knew before any and enhance the
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j never touched a gun. his hands hand was up. when we buried him, his nose was broken. he hit that stern will pretty hard and i've been saying this from day one. he never, never touched nothing. he never went that way. so just the videos it's nothing. we've been saying this since day one. >> i will tell you the video provided by the fbi, they had an opportunity to seek state was not better. it was probably some of the video we have seen before. the state provided some enhanced video that helps from a quality standpoint and again, this is a video being shot from the inside of a police officer squad car. it is now facing the anderson's vehicle so it is sodas going through that windshield and now into the second windshield of the other vehicle depicting mr. anderson. that is what we can see that it is pretty clear in what we've been able to see and what i've described. >> and audible.
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we asked them questions today, and some of the things that they were saying, it was like they didn't even care. the only thing they want -- they justified was his with his hands going down. and if that's what we have for our police officers out here and the district attorney's out here, it's sad. it's sad. attorney is attorney is going to look at this can you expound on that? >> the way it normally works by the federal government and i've been involved a number of cases like this, they will usually deter two and wait for the local jurisdiction to make a decision so although they may monitor, they will not get any of the investigative material or do anything actively as far as investigation until the district attorney district attorney's office has made a io that was the reason i contacted
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district attorney's office and get their investigative materials. they will then decide what needs to be done, further investigation standpoint. they, again, are the agency that makes the criminal charging decisions like the district attorneys office uses district attorneys office uses a poli department, the us attorney's department of department of justice will utilize the fbi as they is their investigative agency to determine what else needs to be done if anything beyond what the investigative materials are that they have and will be it will review it and make the determination from a federal standpoint as to whether or not there are federal criminal civil rights charges to be brought against the office q do you feel like this was timed in any way? going into the colder weather to avoid demonstrations or anything like that? >> i do. i do. even thursday they knew their decision on thursday. we had a meeting set up already on thursday, but they canceled it because they did not want us
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anything. >> how does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel like i felt from the beginning, that these people don't care about anybody's lives. that's how i feel. they just don't care. >> we will try you that when the meeting was scheduled last thursday, and this was for us to look at the fbi video, i did then get a subsequent request at that meeting be changed could be there at the meeting. we did not know if at the meeting today at a decision was going to be made. we knew that he was going to be available from that e-mail so that he would be available for questioning and answers, but obviously, you've heard what linda feels fie band that is certainly her beliefs. >> and audible. >> no comment. >> can you all tell us what is
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>> at this point from the family standpoint other than having the involved and try to get materials which we will continue to try to do, we will cooperate, the family will cooperate and hopefully meet with those families of the us attorney's office, the department of justice. they can tell you themselves they want there to be an ongoing criminal investigation. from an accountability standpoint, they want and feel that the officer in officers charged criminally, whether it be federal court. that is what they're they are looking for. that is the accountability they want and a decision will be made after that as far as what proceeds further by way of a civil case. >> and audible coalition for justice or another act inaudible or demonstrate or would you rather not at this point? >> at this point to be honest with you, there are numerous groups who are involved and
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think the family will not let up. i speak with the family every day. we sit down almost daily. there are others who are joining in, and we will continue. there is no stopping. this is a matter of transparency that was not there. we also must remember that in this case gun was removed, there were things that were done that are very suspect even in terms of being out there for eight or nine minutes expressed at the end of the day, you can show me 30 seconds of his hands bring up because whether there offers six minutes or five minutes, we don't know. and that officer i will maintain this until the day i pass away, his statements are not consistent. they're not consistent with what they are not conehwh gave his ss inconsistent with what he said
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not make sense. >> one thing i do want to make clear and certainly the family can speak and i'm not trying to speak for them, they are obviously devastated by the decision that was made today. as we've seen in other cases, we do not want this community or others to in any way to anything from do anything from a violent standpoint. we do not want to see what happened in sherman park cap than sherman park cap again although there is a lot of frustration and a lot of groups t the police department here we don't want and i'm sure the family agrees with me, we do not want there to be any type of actions like that. civil disobedience we understand. people are frustrated and have a right to demonstrate. people have a right under the constitution to express their opinions and we want to make sure that nothing happens in any way that would be violent or in anyway cause those any way cause those types of things.
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>> i know you want the video out there. that means you're going to have to keep seeing it over and over again which have got to be tough for you to think about going forward, both of you. if it is released it will be out there over and over again just got to be hard. >> well i seen the video over and over again, numerous times, so it really won't make a difference. i mean it's just going to let everybody else see what i seen since day one. and i seen him getting i'm going to be reliving that they would with that video for the rest of my life, so it really won't make a difference. i just want everybody to see it, that he did nothing wrong, that he fell forward while his hand was up. >> this officer is dangerous. you can't, you know, with the
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wauwatosa, my family lives in wauwatosa. we talked about this over and over. the people from wauwatosa are here now. there were two victims there in 11 months. this officer is dangerous, period. not just because of what he did but the manner in which he did dated. when it is released and when you watch and poke holes hope old and calculated he is in, watch how he is just cool. he is just continued cool like nothing happened. his mannerisms they do not want to be shocked or shook up. he was just cruel about it like no big deal. you will see it once it is released and hopefully wauwatosa will be transparent and not play games. hopefully we'll get the footage and the other documentations and everything else that you guys have seen. >> any other questions.
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department of justice investigation. >> i would hope so. the district attorney district attorney's office has indicated they have no objection. i'm sure the us attorney's office feels the same way all .lthough i'm not speaking wauwatosa has indicated once the district attorney's office made a decision that they would release it. i hope to stand by their word and do that. it has been a long time. obviously around the country this is the has become a big issue and many other jurisdictions have made it to be like this be the people can draw their own conclusions. this one part of the investigation but i think it is important for the public to see it and for the family to know people have had the opportunity to draw their own conclusions and we think it is important so we is important so we agai asked that wauwatosa releases into the hope they don't wait for the investigation is going by the department of justice because that also could take a number of months q do you think there is any reason why should not be released?
4:35 pm
and have never questions? otherwise thank you. >> that is jonathan safran and theo family of j anderson reacting to jay anderson reacting to the news that thenc attorney john chisholm will not be charging the officer involved, wauwatosa police officer joseph mensa with the jets last summer of jay anderson. the court that stuck out to me, my daughter won't know her dad. that from jay anderson's fianc?e and the mother of his two children. >> very much so. as you heard at the end of the press conference there talking about what is next in this case and the us attorney's office has agreed to take this case on., we will have much more coming up on this case in and the press comics were expecting from the wauwatosa police department at
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welcome back. our tour on the weather deck this afternoon let's look at some of the snowfall totals from yesterday.t beaver dam one of the highest totals coming in in dodge county.n jefferson four.3 inches folk than jackson and washington county 4 inches and mitchell international one of the lower totals but this will be the official total for milwaukee, one.8 inches. it is good to put in our memory banks that most areass got above the one.8-inch mark anywhere close to 6 inches in some areas.l we will see temperatures holding steady at arou 32 on cloudy skies tonight. a few s flurries possible tonigt tomorrow but the big weather story is the coldest air of the season wednesday through saturday with little wind chills coming into play as well and we will look at all of this in and in the six day planner coming
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and we will have more news right
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we are getting the story back in that we had to interrupt to bring you the news conference here it isa many box stores appealing their assessed values in an attempt to pay lower property taxes.e this is a move that cost
4:42 pm
>> you can imagine this isb and issue that we will be hearing more and more about the dark story theory and how store theory and how it affects you. >> shop in the biggs big big box store, a place were you can find almost anything, and in the city ofof wauwatosa, there are dozens of options to get their choosing this because their choosing this because it desirable. >> that the mayor says big-box stores are becoming bad business for local >> it would make mee very hesitant to support a big big-box coming in. >> in the last four years stores like target, lowe's and firestone has sued the city of wauwatosa saying their assessed values are tooy high use in the strategy called dark store the dark store theory geek it is a star that is dark, but has no lights on.
4:43 pm
assessors to value their businesses the same as a closedj or dark store. >> now all of a sudden just for property tax purposes we must consider using sales or evidence from vacant orhe be abandoned locations.s. >> this target was constructed ins. 2006 for $50 million. the village is tested at 24 million but target claims it is only wortho six.five. >> this will because of this dark store strategy and that would mean a shift in taxes it would they would see an increase of nearly $900 in annual property taxes. in wauwatosa taxpayers would see a jump of nearly $400. >> people to people do need to be aware of this. >> everything 12 appeals from 12 box stores like lowe's assessedr
4:44 pm
but the company says it is only worth 7 million. the north drummond is upset that want to9 21.9 million but.o >> think of what we could do in our community with $275,000. >> tax attorney don millis represents about 60 stores across thebix state, including wauwatosa's big-box uses big-box stores properties are specifically branded making resaler difficult >> it's what it's worth, not for its what's worse is for its work to the owner. the issue is what it's worth toi the market and we know that when lowe's goes on market of walmart goes on the market it's going o sell for a lot less than walmart and lows put into it. >> this target appeared closed earlier this year.
4:45 pm
the dark store theory argues properties like this one should be comparable to similar sized operating stores. >> but what i'm talking about is the mere fact of what it is make that non- comparable and i don't think that's what the law is and i don't think that's whate appraisers would argue. >> it doesn't sound fair. intuitively it does not make doesn't make any sense.ns for that reason they're working closely with legislators drafting a bill to close this taxe >> unless this legislation passes, they will be noticeable effect over the last couple of years with this his tax ships this tax shifts would >> we need legislation to set the boundaries and to provide clarity for our assessorsio because that is what is really being questioned. >> a loophole with the potential tow cost homeowners big bucks
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we got our snowy weather yesterday and today its it started to melt a bit. >> for the most part it was beautiful but not a lot of work that had to go into it. >> out here on the weather deck we are seeing this snow really starting to melt. it will be a little bit more fat melt tomorrow as well then anything left will not melt as we head toward the middle part of the weeks with the coldest r of the coldest air of the seas let's talk about tonight first. this is is a live look this afternoon from our camera are city set cedric city camera looking here and you see the clouds we have int place with temperatures on the cool side. we are at 34 degrees at mitchel international right now, i a dewpoint of 30 with two points in the low thirties but we are seeing patchy fog in some areas that will continue this evening as well.
4:50 pm
than 10 miles per hour and a wind chill at windchill at 28. twenties areawide and that will continue here as w temperatures generally in the thirties. in most areas where on the low to mid thirties and we will likely hold steady in the temperature temperature departments throughout the night tonight because of the cloud cover that is ini place. we have some snow showers developing an extreme northwestern fond du lac. michael had up for the green bay area with high so outside few light snow showers for you folks in western fond du lac county over the next hour most people will remain on the dry side tonight5 but we see clouds around and as a result those steady temperatures.dy as we broaden out the view we have a lot going on across the country now including wintry weather, several inches of snow across parts of northth dakota, and they expect wind chills tomorrow in parts windchill smiling parts of noro dakota to be all the way down to about
4:51 pm
starts to move in. you will get around some of that cold air by wednesday and a lot of rain for the drought stricken south right now including down toward atlanta georgia. they have a tornado warning in effect across the tornado florida panhandle right now. and let's show you what we are expecting here is to look across high temperatures across the country today you'll notice we have the coolest air off to the northwest. is heading our direction. as we go throughout the night night tonight we will stay in the clouds was steady temperatures in the low thirties and patchy fog around as well. mostly cloudy tuesday. the storm system for west could bring some far west cou br flurries. i would not be surprised to see those rolling through by late in the afternoon or early in the evening we make clear out of bed that. certainly on the chilly side with highs in the mid thirties
4:52 pm
on wednesday not a lot, whether standpoint. a few clouds around but the wind out of the west at 10 to 20 miles per hour. the high temperatures will only be in the twenties during the day wednesday as this cold blast of air comes in from the northwest. wind chills will likely not get out of the teens wednesday thursday or friday. temperatures in the thirties thirties tonight with mostly cloudy s some patchy areas with 36 for the high tomorrow. 28 wednesday 25 thursday and down to 23 for the high on friday. wind chills in the teens wednesday thursday and friday then a chance for some accumulating snow on sunday so later in the weekend. we will keep you posted on that though that is still far out. older air coming in by wednesday. we will have more knee was right after the news right after the
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inin metal into mother's law and how much money active military make tough it is for them to bee with their families during the holidayt season, they decided they wanted to make a >> who would think that a little modest home like this one would was the headquarters for military personnel on perhaps the most importantp position, getting home. >> he could literally right. >> literally write a blank ch lives to our country for them to be able to be home with family of holidays or other
4:56 pm
>> that is why pam and terry created the nonprofit helping heroes fly >> they do not make a lot of money.a as ane matter of fact, they make near poverty levely income. >> started up in february of 2016m and 46 active military personnel have since may made it home to their families. >> if there is a funeral, if thered is the birth of baby, if there is a wedding, if it is just a morale boosting are rnr considered a luxury. >> sol far over $30,000 is been spent on. getting our men and women in uniformrm home but the problem is the money has just about run out. >> we probably have around 2,000 or $2,500 in the bank. >> a staff member contacted helping heroes fly .com and said he has 446't marines want to but can't who want to but can't get home. these gals are not about too quit.
4:57 pm
them were doing what we can't wish we could do for all of them we're doing for the few that we can. our big story tonight is fired him at 5:00 p.m. a press conference is happening possibly in just a couple off minutes in wauwatosa and we will bringng yu thev latest on that as soon as t > the background is a familyf j anderson junior demanded the footage of him beingt shot by a transit officer last summer. they got to see ry it today. let's go firstd to britney shannon whoho is downtown in the office of the anderson family with more on what we saw about 40 minutes' like a press conference wrapped up not long ago and after months ofti waiting, the anderson famiy learned todayay that the officer
4:58 pm
will face no charges. his family is obviously very disappointed.ent. his fianc?e said the news made her feel sick today. the family met with district attorney john chisholm earlier today. he toldtw them the officer who shot and killed anderson on june charges. he also answered family questions. anderson was sitting in his car in madison park on june 23rd. police say he had a gun but anderson's there has not been a lack of transparency during the investigation s and the reviewed new dash cam videoh from the fbi today but they said it did notan provide any additional clarity.u his fianc?e said it showed what she is known from the sh beginn, the anderson had his hands up when he was shot.iy she says it's an image she cannot get out of hero head. >> i see him getting shot. i'm going to be reliving that the day with that video for the rest of my life so it really
4:59 pm
that he did nothing wrong. >>im anderson's fianc?e said tht in response to beingag asked if she woulds want this video to be released, that she would see it over and over again. she said yes because she can't get it out of her head to begin with. attorney john safran says he plans to file federal criminal charges and has reached out to the us attorney's attorney's he did a couple of things here, they just don't believe the story from police do they? they talked about a gun and kept saying the alleged gundy alleged handgun and they are not sure this officer should've even been on patrol that day. can you elaborate on both of those points? >> family members are saying that this officer that we're talking about was involved in a separate shooting 11 months prior to anderson being shot.
5:00 pm
with. they're saying and you said, that things are just not adding up in and there they are saying he should stand up and take some ownership of what has happened here. >> the other thing about the gun, they say they were on scene for seven to nine minutes and there were some circumstances around about the that were confusing. can you elaborate on that as best you can -- i'm sorry. actual and going to let you off the hook on that question get >> we're told police chief barry were told police chief barry standing by and in public is going to listen to the news conference. >> wauwatosa mayor kathy eli, wauwatosa council member sheryl verdana, city administrator and wauwatosa police captain. chief webber will make a statement and he will answer questions. i provided you with copies of the da letter to chief weber


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