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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  December 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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in the deadly oakland "ghost ship" warehouse fire have been released. the death o thirty-six-- but it's expected to rise as the search continues for victims. fox's claudia cowan has more from oakland, california. what began as a late-night dance party turned into a massive fire that killed dozens of people - many of them teenagers... now police and first responders are searching what remains of the building looking for victims and evidence of wrongdoing. he did the primary focus has
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recovery. once that is completed, then we will start having the conversations and shifting the investigation to whichever direction is appropriate. >> it's not clear how the fire started, but a criminal investigation has been opened by the alameda district attorney. neighbors say they been known locally as the ghost ship, which has been converted into living spaces and a content area on the second floor. many former are describing the buildings operator as unstable and erratic. >> he's smart, he knows he's very knowledgeable, he is he can be very charming. but he does have his little rage fit. he gets a little angry. >> the mourning process is underway. survivors, victims families, and area residents placing remembering the last friends and
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bright side to this as each day will find more and more validation of great of a guy he was. >> locals say this isn't the only converted warehouse in the neighborhood and they are urging authorities to investigate other potentially unsafe buildings to make sure this kind of tragedy does not happen again. claudia cowan, fox news. >> time for news and weather together. >> there will be no charges filed against the police officer who shot and killed jay anderson district attorney says a meeting with anderson's family and attorney today to share the news, anderson was sitting in his car and madison park when he was killed last summer. please say anderson had a gun. the anderson family attorney says he reached out to the u.s. attorneys office to pursue this case, they plan to seek federal criminal charges against the officer. >> the death in the small town is leaving and answer questions tonight. officers and their only
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shot his girlfriend to death and moved. officials are looking for his vehicle. the dark play of 2016. pickup truck. >> republican lawmakers question today of the states transportation budget. in a video released by his office, taking a bumpy ride in the back of an ambulance urging his fellow republicans to consider more funding for road. others like governor scott walker opposed the idea criticizing vase o to a tax hike. the bucs organization making their own moves this monday. milwaukee's planning commission considering designs for a pedestrian mall and entertainment block around the arena. >> the plans include and get this a brewery. jonathan craig has the latest on developments. he's outside the bradley center. >> a few weeks ago, the bucs release these fancy renderings of the entire entertainment
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president peter bacon stood by those designs. >> the buildings are actually kind of background. the outdoor spaces are really what is the focal point. >> monitor the latest designs of the nearly 30 acres of space and a texans of renting the future home. >> we're trying to make it this grand sort of space that was about itself. designs for public space including and outdoor performance face and children's >> the esdh we're showing you today. >> also three beacon buildings. even though tenants have not been repealed, one design gives away an intended attraction a brewery. >> and think in wisconsin, you be remiss if he didn't include beer. so i think it gives you an opportunity, we will know in the peer garden and some of the buildings like the flipside that that is a good directional for a
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to the peer garden. the entertainment block has planned space for private and public art. >> what it doesn't show is two or three iconic public art pieces. >> something fagan addressed specifically to the plan commission. >f if you look at the design of the development and open to the north, this is about inclusion, it's about how do we really draw traffic from all directions. >> to get the plan approved those latest designs. two minor conditions, when that they include places to park your bikes in future designs. reporting in downtown milwaukee, jonathan gray, fox six news. the gate jonnathan thanks. >> popular sotes down there. you speaking of the bucs, they get a win off the court today and they tried for another one on the floor fourth later
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the classic food court just opened up in the old pabst brewery. 'quite honestly it just might be a gold mine. and why not go for it.' all the details-- new tonight at 6. the search for a steady run game continues in green bay, >> this search for a steady one game continues in green bay especially now that the weather calls for that more than earlier in this season. as proven once again yesterda he's the main man in a mass that jaskin depresses the in the fourth quarter of the packers a win over the texans. >> it was a lot of fun. the offensive linemen did all the work. i do this along to the blue ball
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seahawks. you can once again made here this sunday on the packer station. of course, defensive lineman mike daniels will join uli 0 lasy start this week by hosting the spurs tonight.... 10:56:50 ah it's always looser when you win, man. it's always looser. we've won four in a row; so it's up to us to keep it going. tonight is kind of anothe really good team. we're going to have to play well. they're not going to beat themselves; so it's going to be a challenge for us and it's going to be good". 10:57:07 lifelong milwaukeean bud selig is going into the baseball hall of fame..... he goes from ardent fan to team owner to major league commissioner, all of which earns him the honor, which is announced last night..... he shares his emotion on the matter today in
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honor that i've ever received. i don't thin there's any question about that but to be included in the hall of fame in a sport that i love is, it, um, it really has left me almost speechless."
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engineering firm lays out options for a lucky architecture and engineering from preparing our placing the metal part dome bear the cost estimates for various options and keeping the dons range from anywhere between $40 million which would be a shorter term and $64 million for a complete replacement on the existing foundation. those option are an update from a 2008 study looking at replacing the show dome and expanded to include all three domes. the cost of this years 12 days of christmas totals are you ready? $34,363. it increase of almost $230 for mosher. so you're best deal, the
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with a cost of both partridges and peer trees down from last year. for the first time since 2013 the cost of those 11 pipers piping wind up as a result of wage inflation so that the cost of 12 drummers drumming. this years indexes 82 percent higher than it was was first introduced back in 1984. for more on information on these and other stories, a link at >> is time for your news and weather together. the man accused of killing nine people in a cha carolina church in june of 2015 has decided he does not want to represent himself after all. he had asked a judge to reinstate his defense attorneys. filing a motion on sunday asking in a handwritten note if his lawyers can represent him in the guilty phase of the trial only. last week he told the judge he wanted to represent himself, a move the judge called strategically unwise. it's unclear what the judge will decide about the latest request. this trial has been declared in the murder trial of former
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he was on trial for shooting walter scott last year. so fun video which we frozen here showed schwager shooting scott in the back as scott was running away. the jurors indicated to the judge three times on friday that they could not reach a decision. they were able to consider both murder and manslaughter charges against legal. they said he shot scott in self-defense. a win for protesters of dakota access pipeline as the army corps of engineers sunday says they will have to look for an alternative route members of this you tribe and their supporters have been fighting the pipeline for months and it could be hazardous to their water supply. tribal leaders worry the decision could change directions and may not be permanent. >> there and definitely white snow on the ground yet still from yesterday. >> the first snowfall was really like a good houseguest. it was good to look at it didn't
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long. now it's making its way out of here before the cold air arrives. speaking of the snow from yesterday, if you want to see some specific totals from across the area, i just updated our weather blog. if you go to and click on the weather section, go to our weather blog or if you have our storm storms under apple joining courage everyone to get, we have a tab on there and you can click on there and see the area storm totals. the snow isgo with a live link outside as we're overlooking the courthouse and the interstate downtown. we've got the clouds in place, temperatures in the mid- 30s right now. 34 degrees at mitchell international. two points are in the mid 30s. because i do point is relatively close to the air temperature, or seen some patchy fog in areas here tonight. the wind blowing just a little bit out of the south southwest at 8 miles per hour.
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27 degrees right now. when chills in the 20s with air temperatures hovering around the freezing point where at 30 now for your folks in waukesha, west bend good evening. you folks are checking into. you know now 31 degrees. these temperatures will be holding steady trot the night tonight as we had the cloud cover in place. we have had a few light snow showers in the fond du lac recently. that's making its way off to the ni i p aas touin.nd w e it wovlk ey ctttdr has recent cold air dropping in. when chills minus 20. in the coming days the first on the ground doesn't help. dontavis out that former.
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of the soh where they are drought stricken right now. they're getting that rain across parts of georgia and into alabama tonight. as a look at high temperatures from across the country today. thirty-five was it here in milwaukee. the colder air off to the west is what is going to spill down in our direction over the next few days. that is going to bring the coldest air of the season are waived by the middle part of the week. sky vision shows you what we're as we look on the wide view throughout the night tonight. notice the light snow staying up to or not. you can see light snow showers by 6:00 a.m. out towards la crosse. we may see a few flurries in our area by midday in the early afternoon. not a big deal with that. we may start to clear out a little bit by early in the evening tomorrow. the big story is going to be wednesday. not so much with any
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but with the cold air. the westerly breeze on wednytm l a mereh ste soestnyplr.irh owwiewiis d8 daa xe cngsnlinnd in the meantime, we've got to prepare for the cold. >> john, thanks very much. we all have to prepare for the cold. we're collecting coats for kids. it's about to get chilly as bob just said. we ask that you join us for a special collection this wednesday night from 5-7:00 p.m. tom will leave the comfort of the weather deck mp at the
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the first 200 people to donate at least for coats will get there at ticket vouchers to see the highland club covers on new year's eve. for more details go to our website at hundreds of. >> people and great lumber, tennessee gets a first look over the weekend at their homes damaged by all those wildfires. the town is still closed to outsiders, but some residents are now allowed to go back and check on their houses. hundreds of homes and businesses 13 people were killed and dozens were injured. one woman says her home was paired from the flames, but it still damage. this has gotten so hot. you know it had to be so hot that it has plastered the wood. officials say they are still searching the area and more victims could be found. wildfires have been burning across the southeast for weeks now fueled by the worst drought in almost a decade.
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after an emergency landing yesterday at the san antonio airport. the front landing gear on the united express plane collapse. crew members deployed emergency slides and evacuated all the passengers. the plane was on its way from houston to monterrey mexico when the problem was discovered. the flight was diverted where the front. under armour wins a major deal with major league baseball. the leagu deal with the sportswear company to provide player uniforms starting in the year 2020. under armour will provide training gear and outfit players with fitness technology. major league baseball screen deal with majestic athletics and in 2019. marking the end of a 35 year partnership. in the british conservation
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paraglider. the landing in dover completed a three month trip from russia as the 41 -year-old traveled more than 4500 miles following. she phoned the birds which is. to raise awareness over the dwindling number of the species. >> they've the really good problem is t wetland habitat all across the flyweight that that's a real big issue. you can really noti just different that there are less and less wetlands. plus and musk places the birds can rest on migration. in 1990 of french ornithologist became the first person to successfully complete the migration route the a group of birds. justin bieber makes a big announcement. >> we're getting another look at the new guardians of the galaxy movie.
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tour. the senior announcing his first-ever stadium tour in the u.s. his move to play stadiums instead of arenas means far more available tickets and a more elaborate production. the tour will take place sometime next year. director lee daniels now has a star on the hollywood walk of fame. daniels latest work includes he is also known for directing film titles for paperboy, precious, you can catch his newest tv show, *-asterisk featuring latifah on december 14, right
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dubai sets a new world record... check it out... this is the world's largest flower sculpture. shaped as an airbus a-three eighty...the sculpture took six months to
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flowering plants that are able to grow as many as five million individual flowers. it will be on display in dubai for the next three years. open we start tonight at 6 with breaking news-- no charges will be filed against the wauwatosa police officer who back in june. we have team coverage. fox 6's brittany shannon was with the anderson family-- who spoke earlier this afternoon. we start with bret lemoine-- he's live at the wauwatosa police department where the police chief just finished speaking. wauwatosa police have provided us with a copy of the district attorneys dcision not to pursue charges against the officer in this
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in it, theres an official narrative of the events that transpired during the early morning hours of june 23-rd. investigators say the officer was patrolling madison park after it had closed. the officer approached jay anderson, who appeared to be sleeping in his car. the officer noticed a semi-automatic firearm on the passenger seat. after viewing the gun, the officer took out his firearm and ordered anderson to put his hands in the air. anderson, meanwhile, allegedly lowered his arm to officer then fired his gun, shooting anderson. there are 28 seconds of video recorded of this incident - there are no other witnesses except for the officer and this video. wauwatosa police chief barry weber says the officer underwent counseling and has been cleared to return to duty. weber says... the officer has also received death threats since the shooting took place. he says... the officer was clearly in a dangerous situation. when he investigated he observed a semi automatic handgun on the


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