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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  December 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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>> do the right thing. -- captions by vitac -- snow is on the way, and we'll get to the forecast in a minute, but we begin at four with breaking news. a water in walworth county. witnesses say they saw a person fall into the water. emergency crews responded to the call at about 1:15 this afternoon. multiple departments responded with boats and dive teams. official say the ice on the lake is dangerously thin. "it's too early season to be out on the lake right now and it sounds like we're gonna have some cold weather and following that you
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mak there's still areas of the lake taht are open water so we don't want to be out there. the walworth county sheriff's office says they'll keep searching tonight as late as possible. now to our big story, we're in for some snow this weekend. we could see more than a half of foot when it's all said and done. we have team coverage ahead of this wintery forecast. fox 6's myra sanchick is live in milwaukee with what the city is doing to prepare. but we start with weather expert tom wachs. he's been tracking the snow. he joins us from the weather winter storm watch for all of se wi from saturday night through sunday night increasing clouds tonight. it will be very cold with temperatures falling into the teens by sunrise. mostly cloudy and quiet during the day saturday with highs in the low 20s. snow moves in from the west on saturday evening. the snow will continue through the day sunday and taper off
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accumulation is forecast, lower amounts toward fon du lac county. tonight: increasing clouds. cold. low: 13 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: snow moving in from the west during the evening. high: 22 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: snow likely. tapering off sunday night. 6-9" total accumulation. am low: 22 high: 30 wind: se 10-20
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in charge of milwaukee's snow plow operation are saying it is our area's first major snow event of the season fox6's myra sanchick is live in milwaukee's riverwest neighborhood. milwaukee's der works says they will do whatever they need to do to keep the streets safe, as a predicted snowfall saturday night thru sunday hits. the sanitation trucks are being fitted with plows to get ready. the city says there are more than 300 workers standing by to work twelve hour shifts. they've been preparing since wednesday, putting a brine mixture on major streets to prevent the snow from sticking. it's something they've done on bridges in the past. this is the first time they've
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cg laura daniels dept. of public works-milwaukee 'i want you to know that we are going to stick to our operations. we have a rollover plan so we keep the trucks manned and we keep at it so that we make sure these streets are safe and passable and ou can safely get to your destinations.' 102 drivers will come in for a twelve hour shift, then another 102 drivers take over. an important thing to keep in mind, there may be a snow emergency called but for now looks at the parking signs to tell you if you need to move your car, so you won't be towed. and the city is asking people to be patn best at 25 miles per hour. live in milwaukee myra sanchick fox6 news
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weekends weather can mean more work, or plans to play. either way, people are preparing. this morning at the washington county highway department, 28 salt-spreading snow plows are already loaded, and lined-up, for weekend duty. the highway commissioner says last sundays snowfall gave operators the chance to familiarize themselves with routes, adding that the early warning on the pending snowfall makes it easier to adjust schedules, depending on how much snow falls. theyre meeting, early, today, to discuss when the frs are gonna come in, how long theyre gonna be in the shop, so they can, kinda, coordinate that, because they only have so many hours that they can be on the road. meanwhile, at this cabelas location, the combination of holiday traffic, and the weather forecast, have staff stocking-up on hand, and feet-warmers, winter apparel, footwear, and ice fishing equipment. with snow on the way -- you'll
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center app handy! it's free and available for apple and android devices. we know you'll appreciate having instant access to the interactive radar, forecast and road temperatures. ....developing overnight. police are investigating a shooting near 27th and galena. police say a 44- year- old man was shot about 11 last night... and taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. no word yet on what led up to the shooting... or if anyone is in custody. finding a critically missing woman. according to police, sabrina allen was reported missing from the area of third and nash. she is five foot six-- 230 pounds-- and suffers from health issues. she has a medium complexion and black hair that may be in a bob- cut with bangs. she was last seen wearing a navy blue, knee-length coat with green lining. if you know where sabrina is, you're asked to call milwaukee police. police in cudahy say they've
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old girl and asked her for sex. the incident happened tuesday. the man reportedly drove past her several times... but eventually he left the area. police haven't released any details about who they took into custody -- but he was being described as a man in his late 20s to early 30's. a federal judge says an effort to stop wisconsin's recount was "dead on arrival" in his courtroom. the judge says the counting should continue. political reporter theo keith was in madison for the hearing this morning. theo, it sur last long. quickest hearing i've ever been to. it lasted only 20 minutes. judge james peterson said he wasn't persuaded by anything a lawyer for two pro-trump groups said. great america pac and stop hillary pac filed the federal lawsuit eight days ago, when the recount began, trying to shut it down. the
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change the result of the election in wisconsin. the counting is now 89 percent completed. president-elect donald trump's margin of victory has barely changed. after today's hearing, the state's top elections official said he was confident the recount would be done by tuesday's deadline. we're expecting a handful of other counties to be finished today. so, were happy that there was not an additional complication thrown in at the end here we were pleased to see that the recount, as was discussed in that there havent been any problems, and thats a positive development for the voters of wisconsin the lawyer for the plaintiffs would not say whether he planned to appeal the judge's ruling. wisconsin is again the only state where a full recount is underway now that a judge has halted michigan's effort. live, theo keith, fox6 news. the elections commission is posting daily updates as the presidential recount continues. track the developments on our
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president obama has ordered a full review of russia's hacking of the 2016 election. homeland security and counter- terrorism adviser lisa monaco said today that the administration would be careful about revealing investigation results to the public. the review is expected to be done before president-elect donald trump's inauguration on january 20th. before the election...the u-s government publicly blamed the russian gorn influence election outcomes. mister trump has repeatedly denied a russian tie to election-related hacking. a secret santa just made the holidays a little brighter for some families in pittsburgh. the principal at h-w good elementary school says the secret santa came to the school and paid off the students' overdue school lunch balances. the person-- who wants to remain anonymous-- told the school he just wanted to give back to those who needed it most. "for some our kids the only meal
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in school." "showed up here yesterday with a check paid off all the account balances and even paid for a child's lunch for the rest of the month." "it's an amazing feeling someone would want to help as many students as they have." the parents of the students whose accounts were wiped clean will g secret santa's good deed. ad lib about secret santa coming up on fox six news at four.... tired of getting your headphone wires tangled up? we'll take a look at the different wireless headphones you can add to your christmas list. for a limited time-- you can get a pokemon go frappucino from starbucks. the stores you can
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cravy, i'm jenna sachs. contact 6. 44 years, millions of dollars returned, hundreds of thousands of people helped. what does that add up to? contact 6. the milwaukee institution led by jenna sachs. she's here to help you and your family because you
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starbucks is teaming up with pokemon go for a new beverage. the pokeo frozen raspberry and blackberry flavored take on its vanilla bean frap. the new drink is available for a limited time at stores across the u-s that are listed as pokestops or gyms through the app. the app was very popular this summer bringing hundreds of pokemon go players to milwaukee county
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today is december 9th meaning we are just 16 days away from christmas. as we continue the count down until the big day, we're going to be bringing you fun christmas facts every day. so here's your fun-filled fact for today -- "it's a wonderful life" was a box office disappointment. the film's copyright lapsed in 1974, leading to numerous t-v airings that made it an american classic.
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grinch ... again! for the second year in a row, someone has stolen baby jesus from the city's manger! the city's public works department got a report that the key figure was missing. a worker for the department wound up investigating ... and confirming that in fact the baby jesus was stolen. wally says: "you kinda hope for the best. hope that kids were around playing.. when we couldn't locate him anywhere you kid something a little more devious." mos says: "it's kind of despicable.. everybody believes in something.. god, santa.. something higher power.. but to be mean.. it's just disrespectful." the incident remains under investigation. apple has delayed the launch of its wireless airpods for the
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options out there for wireless headphones. rich demuro takes a look in todays tech report. the iphone 7 doesnt have a headphone jack... which means you have a good excuse for going wireless. there are lots of bluetooth headphones to pick from, today im showing you some of the best. apple ditched the headphone jack on the iphone 7... and promised wireless airpods would smooth things over... but until those launch... here are some solid altern up... sol republic relays sport wireless. theyre geared towards working out... but you can use them every day. i like the rubber around the buds that helps hold them in your ears, i dont like the dual bulkiness on both sides. theyre sweat proof and give you an hour of music with a 10 minute charge - 80 dollars. nats... pureboom wireless earbuds have a neat feature ... magnets on the back... join them together and the earbuds automatically turn off... so
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2 devices at once... plus you can use their button to activate siri and google now. theyre also sweat resistant... 90 dollars. nats... my favorites.... these epic2 earbuds from a company called jlab. theyre simple, lightweight... always stayed in my ears... and i hardly ever had to charge them. the only downside...they dont look as premium as their 100 dollar price tag... but overall they are a great pair of everyday wireless headphones that also make a great workout and splash proof too. nats... finally, if you really want that airpod experience... consider samsungs iconx wireless earbuds. at 200 dollars... they are super minimalistic... and although geared towards android devices, they will stream music from iphone. the biggest problem i found... the battery ... they always seemed to be dead when i wanted to use them. you can learn more about all of these headphones... including my top pick... the jlab epic 2s... which come in black, blue and teal... just go to my
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coming up on fox 6 news at four... a man must raise his nephew after his brother dies. we got the chance to talk to the stars of
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winter storm watch for all of se wi from saturday night through sunday night increasing clouds tonight.
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falling into the teens by sunrise. mostly cloudy and quiet during the day saturday with highs in the low 20s. snow moves in from the west on saturday evening. the snow will continue through the day sunday and taper off sunday night. 6-9" of total accumulation is forecast, lower du lac county. tonight: increasing clouds. cold. low: 13 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: snow moving in from the west during the evening.
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after losing his brother -- a man suddenly becomes guardian to his teenage nephew -- and finds himself reluctantly back in his hometown. gino sat down with the stars of the film -- michelle williams and casey affleck. ad lib to bite "kevin lonergan movies always pull me in. always real. how does he do that? where does that come from with him? i dont know i think hes just a really good writer. hes just. hed never been to manchester by the sea and i read the script and he wrote these characters that you know lived there their whole lives. and you think there is something special about
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but kevin he seems able to hes got the skeleton key. hes got the master key and just sort of goes oh ill write something set in this place. and the perfect movie or play about that place or those people and i think its just because he and both of these actors had to give pretty emotional and intense performances in this movie. you mentioned earlier this week you think casey affleck is going to get the oscar.
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- casey affleck michelle williams in 3:09 "there's a major scene..." out 3:59 "internally preparing for it." kirk douglas turns 100 years old
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is a picture of him and me. ad lib out of bite four... giving new meaning to winter construction. how one crew is building their very own ice castle. only ten counties have yet to finish their election recounts. so how many more votes did each candidate receive? we'll tell
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another county in southeastern wisconsin wraps up its recount efforts today. waukesha county announced it
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morning. fox6's madeline anderson joins us in the studio... she has more from the county clerk. the clerk says it's a relief to have all of the ballots counted... but her work isn't completely done... election officials spent several hours today approving the vote totals. nine days and 240-thousand ballots later... waukesha county can now join the more than 60 counties that have completed the recount. right now e step of the board of canvass making sure all of our tallies count so that we can report to the wisconsin election commission and certify our recount results. county clerk kathleen novack says the results from the recount and election night will change by about 80 votes... spread out among all the candidates. and thats a very small number. across the state... hillary clinton is currently up 609 votes while president elect donald trump is up
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gilding with the moorehead campaign has concerns about the results after he says waukesha county often neglected to announce tally totals when a new ward was finished. well look at them closely. novack admits things got off to a rocky start on december 1st... workers didn't begin the actual process of counting ballots until the following day. it was more learning efficiencies, i wouldnt say it was we had issues. but she says once they switched from regular voting machines to a high speed tabulator on sunday... things ran smoothly. we knew fromh wed get it done. i think theres a certain relief in that. the clerk says there were minor discrepancies with the results... because for example... on election night certain absentee ballots may have been rejected due to signatures from municipal clerk staff missing... on envelops. those ballots were then approved during the recount because it
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the lead piping throughout the city? that was the topic of the water quality task force meeting today. officials agreed when the city-owned portion of the pipes are replaced-- the privately-owned portion must be done as well. milwaukee mayor tom barrett proposed the city will pay two-thirds of the privately-owned replacement with property owners paying the last third. city officials say the replacement process will start next year. "in 2017, we'll be focusing on the replacing lead service daycares and schools,a s well as addressing the homes that have a damaged lead service line." for their portion of the replacement cost-- property owners will pay between one-thousand and 15- hundred dollars. they'll be able to pay it over a length of up to ten years. six elementary school students in florida are taken to the hospital after popping pills in school. according to the school board, a
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his medication with several classmates. in total, six students were taken to the hospital to be checked out - they are all in good condition. it is unclear if the student who distributed the medication was one of the six who got ill. the medication ingested is reportedly used to treat a-d-h-d. a warning on the fire risks that christmas trees can pose. this video shows how fast a christmas tree can erupt into flames. entire room to be destroyed... the national fire protection association says one in three electrical or lighting fires involves trees in the home... and 20 percent of decoration fires usually start in the kitchen... they recommend keeping your tree at least 3 feet away from a heat source -- and to add water to the tree stand every day. the final zika zone around miami's south beach has been lifted. governor rick scott made the announcement this morning. it will be the fourth zone lifted
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started this past summer. he says the state is welcoming the tourists back with open arms. scott says: "what that means is our state has no local transmission of zika. so we are going to continue to welcome all the tourist to come down here, the people who want to come down and enjoy our beaches, our weather, our restaurants, amusements..we are going to make sure everyone knows this state is open for business, and as we do that we are going to get more jobs. " although the scare is over-- florida's surgeon general warns residents mosquito repellant and eliminate standing water. beverly taylor joins us now from the news room with some stories they're working on for fox six news at five. a story sure to warm your heart in this cold weather. a local business is helping less fortunate children learn how to read. at five, the incredible gifts it gave to those kids. and, if that doesn't get you into the holiday spirit this will. coming up, see how some military cadets are spreading good cheer. we'll have all that and more--
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fox six news at five. steph thanks bev. more high profile meetings at trump tower today, and president-elect donald trump continues his so- called "thank you tour". but with the inauguration just a few weeks away, there are still lingering questions about how trump will govern. dianne gallagher has more from washington. campaign trail... sort of... the president-elect stumping for a republican senate candidate john kennedy at a rally in louisiana this afternoon...a day before a runoff election there. as trump continues his "thank you tour" hitting states that helped win him the white house... he'll be michigan friday night- but trump is still hosting plenty of visitors in the big apple... rep. paul ryan/-r- house speaker: "very exciting
4:36 pm
coming up, meeting with the president- elect." and is preparing to welcome democratic senator joe manchin and former g-o-p rival carly fiorina to trump tower monday... he's also said he'll name his secretary of state next week.. and though trump has quite a bit of work to do before being sworn-in... there's already controversy about what he may do with his free time once in office.... staying on as the executive producer of the n-b-c reality show, celebrity apprentice which could be a major conflict of interest, since the show network that is tasked with reporting on the administration- but trump adviser kellyanne conway says it won't be an issue. kellyanne conway/trump campaign manager: "he could do what he's going to do with his white house salary with the celebrity apprentice, donate it to charity or refuse, decline to take it." trump has said he will hold a press conference next thursday- his first since being elected- and will explain how he'll avoid conflict of interests in business during his presidency. in washington, i'm dianne gallagher. the coming of the cold winter weather means something
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of spring-- while others gear up for ice fishing. for one construction crew in minnesota-- they see it as a building opportunity that's a bit out of the ordinary. in stillwater-- they're building an ice castle along the st. croix river. this isn't their first time,though. they have a system in place to build the crystalized castle. hawbaker says: "what we do is we harvest icicles that we grow outside the castle, and we bring these icicles in and that's basically the brick and the water hawbaker says: "i wish the snow had come last week. the snow is a pretty integral part of our building process as well. we need it to make slush, and that's the way we freeze our icicles into place is using slush." the crew runs sprinklers on the castle to make the structure more fortified. the ice castle is expected to be done in three weeks.
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four... don't skip out on medical care just because of the cost. contact 6 shows you how to handle a high deductible health plan. plus-- a police pursuit that literally escalated. how the chase went from the streets to the rooftops. here's a live look outside right now from our camera on top of the moderne building in downtown milwaukee. ad lib what you see weather expert tom wachs is in next with a your forecast. cravy, i'm jenna sachs. contact 6. 44 years, millions of dollars returned, hundreds of thousands of people helped. what does that add up to? contact 6. the milwaukee institution led by jenna sachs. she's here to help you and your family because you
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more and more people are signing up for high-deductible health insurance plans. some are swayed y premiums. but often people dont have a choice. a quarter of all employers offering insurance now only have plans with high deductibles. contact 6's jenna sachs has advice on how to keep your health insurance from wiping you out. high-deductible health plans can really set you back. before employer insurance kicks in, individuals have to pay an average of nearly 23-hundred dollars a year and for families more than
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putting off care or theyre not getting care at all. theyre not filling prescriptions. theyre not going to the doctor." monique dows only insurance option carried a 6-thousand dollar deductible. she put off surgery and almost didnt discover that she had cancer. "it was scary to me that i almost didnt do the surgery, the first surgery, to just know what was growing inside my body. because i knew it would youre forced into a high-deductible plan, how can you afford the care you need? first, use the tool on your insurance companys website to check prices of treatments and procedures. the differences between providers can be enormous. "also consider opening a health savings account. thats an account where you put in pre-tax dollars, which you can use to pay your deductible and other qualified healthcare expenses. and that is money that if you dont spend it all this year, you can use it next year, too." and
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colonoscopies and vaccinations are free and dont count toward your deductible. if you are skipping medical care because you cant afford the out-of- pocket costs, consumer reports recommends talking to your doctor. doctors can often help you find less expensive prescriptions, diagnostic tests and other health services. more of consumer reports advice on surviving a high-deductible health plan is available on our website. i'm jenna sachs. contact 6. do you have a consumer issue or investigation idea? give jenna a call!! the number is on you screen or you can file a complaint on the contact 6 page at fox-- adlib to weather winter storm watch for all of se
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sunday night increasing clouds tonight. it will be very cold with temperatures falling into the teens by sunrise. mostly cloudy and quiet during the day saturday the low 20s. snow moves in from the west on saturday evening. the snow will continue through the day sunday and taper off sunday night. 6-9" of total accumulation is forecast, lower
4:46 pm
increasing clouds. cold. low: 13 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: snow moving in from the west during the evening. high: 22 wind: w 5-10 sunday: snow likely. tapering off sunday night. 6-9" total accumulation. am low: 22 high: 30 wind: se 10-20 mph monday: mostly cloudy. am low: 23 high: 26
4:47 pm
with a chance for flurries. am low: 13 high: 19 wind: nw 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy and bitter cold. am low: 0 high: 10 wind: wnw 5-15 mph thursday: cold. am low: -3 high: 9
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the alarm on e-cigarettes. according to a new report-- e-cigarettes are the most commonly used form of tobacco for u-s teens. from 20-11 to 20-15-- use among high school students increased by nine- hundred percent. the negative effects of nicotine use is an even bigger threat to the developing teen brain. the
4:50 pm
including e-cigarettes in smoking bans and increasing taxes on e-cigarette products. sunburns are costing americans millions at the emergency room each year. according to one study-- the cost of sunburn-related visits to the e-r in 20-13 was at more than 11 million dollars the report says the high rates of sunburn-- especially among young people-- stem from not being aware of the prevent it. experts say this shows the importance of educating the public to prevent sunburns since they can increase your risk for cancer in the long run. yoga may help reduce blood pressure in people who are at a high risk for developing hypertension. in a study-- participants were randomly assigned to either practice yoga while making conventional lifestyle changes or to only make lifestyle changes. that includes moderate aerobic exercise, eating a healthier
4:51 pm
group had notable decreases in blood pressure... while those in the control group did not. a tense scene out in salt lake city this morning-- police were able to talk a roof-hopping suspect down from his perch after chasing him for several minutes downtown. authorities say officers from the gang unit stopped a car that didn't have a license plate. that's when the suspect jumped out of the car and ran. he hopped onto the roof of a home-- then jumped from roof to roof to try to get away. he lost a shoe-- and then apparently his will to run. "he kept jumping between one house and the other, obviously they're close together. so we pulled in the containment and finally got him talked into coming down. he jumped between houses several times." the suspect had several outstanding warrants and was also on probation. a fleeing charge will likely be added to the list. a pair of conjoined twins are successfully separated in a
4:52 pm
of the procedure to separate 2-year-old conjoined twins eva and erika sandoval. the procedure took 17 hours to separate the girls, and reconstruct their newly individual bodies. the doctors used three-d models to help figure out which organs went with which girl. the toddlers have separate hearts and lungs...but were joined at the sternum, diaphragm, liver and pelvis. "for us it was a big challenge but little by little and with help of a lot of qualified people--we were able to from the top down finally separate them." her pre-operatively because she kept getting smaller. the more calories we gave her, the bigger eva got." the sandoval girls were born at 32 weeks by emergency c-section and spent seven months at lucile packard's intensive care unit. doctors expect them to spend another month at the hospital before
4:53 pm
to world news now... in south korea -- lawmakers vote to remove the president from office. this after she became involved in a corruption scandal. the country's prime minister will take over until a court rules on whether the president must step down permanently. last week, south korea's leader tried to avoid impeachment by offering to resign, if the country's parliament could come up with a plan to transfer power. the season of hitting the slopes is here. but what if mother nat coming up, how one wisconsin ski hill is bringing in some new technology to make sure there's plenty of fresh powder. [ tower pinging ] [ whistling ] we've got a problem, friend. half off any smartphone for anyone who switches? what's the problem? the naughty list shouldn't get deals! yeah, but anyone who switches gets half off of any smartphone.
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yeah, any smartphone. call the big guy! [ bell dings ] santa? no, jingles. [ knuckles crack ] [ spits ] ooo. ouch. [ neck cracks ] [ darien ] switch and get half off any smartphone.
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way it's made snow over the past 40 years. as this hill opens for the season, fox 6's angelica duria takes a look at the high-tech way they're adding snow to their slopes. there's nothing new about man-made snow. but there is something new about the snow guns being used at nordic mountain ski resort, west of oshkosh. they're packing some serious technology. "it's a fully automated, computer-controlled system. all the guns have their own weather station on board. they adjust given any changes in weather to make a
4:57 pm
thirty one snow guns make nordic mountain one of the most advanced snow-making operations in the midwest. they're controlled from a central hub at the hill, where they can change everything from the type of snow made to where the guns are aimed. all of this technology means that, all other things being equal, they can prep the resort faster than ever before. "we probably can put at least twice the amount of snow down as we could last year. it's nice now that we can double the snow quantity out. the cat has to work less, the snow quality is better. so in the end it's going to be a lot easier for me, we're gonna everybody's happy." but these upgrades don't come cheap. over the 12 years rick schmitz has owned nordic mountain, he says he's put over a million dollars into just snowmaking improvements. the most recent upgrade this past summer, adding 20 more t40 guns to the 11 he had last year, was a big chunk of that. schmitz says it's worth it. "it makes the highest quality snow throughout. it is really good snow. it's such a high quality that you can actually ski through it without grooming it, which we could
4:58 pm
snow guns." a strong start is always important for a good season. and this year, their hi-tech upgrades will have them ahead of the curve in no time. angelica duria, fox 6 news. we start with breaking news. water rescue this afternoon... they responded to lake como in walworth county... that's where angelica sanchez joins us live. she has the latest on what's happening there right now. what we know so far is this search started when a witness saw a person fall through the ice and never came out. we're told there are open spots on the lake the ice is not very thick
4:59 pm
multiple agencies are now on the scene searching for the person that fell through. we see agencies from both from wisconsin and illinois police dont have a description of the person they're looking for a dive team is still on the scene now hear what officials told out crews on the incident: 'when we have an incident like this, theres resources throughout the county so we have the sheriffs department here with their dive team. we have airboats here from delavan, williams bay. everybody pitches in. we're monitoring the situation... stay with fox6 for the latest updates on this developing story. we're live here in lake como i'm angelica snchez fox6 news now to our big story this evening: a snowy weekend ahead. an approaching system could drop several inches on our area. we have you covered before it arrives. myra sanchick and justin
5:00 pm
preparations underway. but we'll start our team coverage with tom wachs -- who's in the weather office with a look at just how much snow we should expect. weather winter storm watch for all of se wi from saturday night through sunday night increasing clouds tonight. it will be very cold with temperatures falling into the teens by sunrise. mostly cloudy and quiet during the day saturday with highs in the low 20s. sno saturday evening. the snow will continue through the day sunday and taper off sunday night. 6-9" of total accumulation is forecast, lower amounts toward fon du lac county. tonight: increasing clouds. cold. low: 13 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: snow moving in from the west during the evening. high: 22 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: snow likely. tapering off sunday night. 6-9" total


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