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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  December 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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preparations underway. but we'll start our team coverage with tom wachs -- who's in the weather office with a look at just how much snow we should expect. weather winter storm watch for all of se wi from saturday night through sunday night increasing clouds tonight. it will be very cold with temperatures falling into the teens by sunrise. mostly cloudy and quiet during the day saturday with highs in the low 20s. sno saturday evening. the snow will continue through the day sunday and taper off sunday night. 6-9" of total accumulation is forecast, lower amounts toward fon du lac county. tonight: increasing clouds. cold. low: 13 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: snow moving in from the west during the evening. high: 22 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: snow likely. tapering off sunday night. 6-9" total
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high: 30 wind: se 10-20 mph the first major snowfall of season on the way.... milwaukee officials say -- they are. fox6's myra sanchick has more on what the city is doing. milwaukee officials say they are ready, prepared and will do whatever it takes to make the streets safe. as sure as the the snow falls each year, the day before that snowfall customers call. we sell a lot of salt, shovels,
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see more of it bliffert's is one of many hardware stores now in the thick of it. people always procrastinate,put it off here we go the predictions are that soon the area will be in the thick of it. wednesday brine was put on streets, an anti icing operation that is intended to stop this weekend's snow from sticking. it's worked on the past on bridges, and now it is on major streets for the first time. saturday we will be starting the operation by cali deploying 102 salt trucks to get into the districts, the residential streets and pre salt those areas plow blades are being mounted onto garbage trucks to get ready for snow accumulation. it is important in the winter that we follow parking regulations. there are posted parking regulations throughout the city. please when you park your car be mindful of the posted signs. from shovels and snowblowers to big rigs preparation is in full
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have safe and passable streets so you can home, you can get to your destinations and visit our city and businesses can be open. it's very important to us the advice from the dpw is be patient, snow plows travel around 25 mph and be aware of the parking regulations on your street. live in milwaukee myra sanchick fox6 news ben thanks myra further north in washington county... early notice of the storm, is giving
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justin williams is live, near the highway 41-45 split, with more. justin? spending the day in washington county, we find folks who are getting set for the snowfall by getting the items they need, to get down, or get to work. whether theyre waiting for weekend work, its calm, before the storm. or, priming their plans to play, we live in a state of outdoor enthusiasts. the pending precipitation is prompting people to prepare. our people are working, very hard, that, when our customers come in, they can find everything that they need, for the impending weather. friday, the weekend plans are a- changing, in washington county, the guys have been startin to plan this, early on, this week, already. where highway department director, scott schmidt, says 28, salt-filled snow plows are loaded, and lined-up, for duty. theyre meeting, early, today, to discuss when the first guys are gonna come in, how long theyre gonna be in the shop, so they can, kinda, coordinate that, because they only have so many hours that they can be on the
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when you see a weather forecast, like that, that usually translates into sales dollars. at this cabelas location, the extra work is welcome, when its inspired by winter weather, and the seasonal surge. when you have the double whammy of the holiday traffic, and the impending weather, it does, it makes for a lotta traffic, coming in. and, our folks are ... very seasoned, so they know, when we have those kinda things, comin together, for us, theyre working extra hard to get out the seasonal items, and then, the weather-related items, also. restrictions on snow plow operators -- who, he says, can only work 16 hours, before a break is required. and, speaking of a break--that's exactly what those operators request from drivers, in the form of a 500 foot buffer, for those who are following the snow plows. this is the latest, in washington county. i'm justin williams, fox 6 news.
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with snow on the way -- you'll want to keep the fox6 storm center app handy! it's free and available for apple and android devices. you'll have instant access to interactive radar -- forecasts-- and even road temperatures. dead. on. arrival. a federal judge wasn't impressed with a lawsuit aimed at stopping wisconsin's recount. he says -- because it's almost done -- let's keep going. political reporter theo keith was at the hearing -- in madison. federal court in madison, the parties were coming back out. the state's top elections official -- was satisfied. were happy that there was not an additional complication thrown in at the end here the pro-trump "great america pac" and "stop hillary pac" -- filed the lawsuit eight days ago trying to stop wisconsin's recount. over a 20-minute hearing, judge james peterson said the counting is almost over and "there is virtually no chance" it changes the election's
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l hillary clinton has cut into president- elect donald trump's 22-thousand vote margin -- by just 49 party candidate jill stein requested the recount and is footing the multi- million dollar bill. ive told our observers again and again and again, its not about who won. its about the process election administrators say they expect to certify the recount results by tuesday's deadline. the lawyer representing the pro-trump groups wouldn't say if his clients planned to appeal the judge's decision recount. we were pleased to see that the recount, as was discussed in court, is occurring smoothly, that there havent been any problems, and thats a positive development for the voters of wisconsin wisconsins elections administrator said that dane county and outagamie county would probably be the last two to have the recount done, but hes confident they will finish in time. at federal court in madison, theo keith, fox6 news the elections commission is posting daily updates as the presidential recount continues. track the developments on our
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president obama has ordered a review of russian hacking of the democratic national committee -- and whether there was a real attempt to influence the presidential election. we're also learning more about security preparations for the upcoming inauguration. the obama administration is again accusing russia of hacking the emails of both democratic officials and the clinton campaign... now the president is ordering a full review of the allegations -- with his top counterterror advisor saying russian involvement view the cyber threat as simply a technical problem or an intelligence problem but rather a threat certainly in the national security space." some republicans are pushing back -- accusing the white house of giving political cover to clinton -- and also criticizing the intelligence community for making the allegations public -- claiming it damaged the credibility of the electoral process. "i do think what they did by going to the public was a terrible move, i think it
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not true -- and insists foreign interference in an american election isn't something that should be taken lightly. "we are committed to ensuring the integrity of our elections and this report will dig into this patttern." meanwhile, we're also learning more about security preparations for the upcoming presidential inauguration... there have been no credible threats so far - but homeland security is ramping up ahead of the massive crowds - and protests - expected to descend on washington in january. adversaries will want to try and take advantage of." "outraged and appalled". those words tonight by a group of moms in milwaukee. the progressive moms of milwaukee say milwaukee county sheriff david clarke should explain what's going on at the county jail.. in light of four recent inmate deaths. julie collins joins us with
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month period and this group of mothers who demonstrated today said the jail is an unsafe environment. they say someone needs to be held accountable for the recent deaths. hell hath no fury like a mother protecting her children - "we are not violent individuals but we want to show that we are caring mothers.' and this morning these mothers from the group 'progressive moms of milwaukee' marched into sheriff clarke's office with their children in tow. 'having the children here for us is mainly serious about this, we are peaceful about this, we are going to do something that is ok for our children to be at.' their message... 'a formal request...' a request for an investigation into the milwaukee county jail - their letter says they are appalled by the four deaths inside the milwaukee county jail in just six months - most notably a newborn delivered by an inmate. 'everybody knows that child birth is not a quiet thing; that women suffered. that man that dehydrated to death clearly
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milwaukee to be known for that.' the women left diapers & teddy bears at the sheriffs office in memory of the newborn that died. they also wrote notes for the sheriff's suggestion box -- calling for his resignation. 'we are here to say as milwaukee mothers we are not divided us are together and we are going to do what we need to do to make sure this doesnt happen again.' sheriff clark didn't answer any of our questions submitted to his office. we were directed to the county jail's facebook page where he responded to the name along tells me everything i need to know about this politically motivated and politcally-orchastrated democrat party operative. this is what is meant by fake news. an astroturf movement that has no knowledge of what is even involved here..." he went on to critize the media's coverage of demonstrations like the one this morning and questioned where the progressive moms were during a recent violent 24- hours in milwaukee. to read the sheriff's facebook post in it's entirety log on to fox 6 now dot com,
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requesting a face-to-face meeting with the sheriff. wrapping up the recount... another county in our area finishes counting presidential election ballots. up next... why waukesha county took a little bit longer to recount than others. plus... hundreds of books for kids. the local business making sure first- graders grow up loving to read. that's still
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as day nine of the presidential recount in wisconsin comes to an end... waukesha county joins the growing list of counties that are wrapping up the process. fox6's madeline anderson spoke with the county clerk today... she joins us live in the newsroom now with more. the clerk says it's a relief to have all of the ballots counted... but her work isn't completely done... election officials spent several hours today approving the vote totals. counting the last of the 240-thouan morning... waukesha county joins the more than 60 counties that have completed the recount. ill tell you last night at 10 when we were able to get all of the tabulators pretty much cleared and just asked for a small group to come in today, there was cheering, it was almost like a celebration. :35 county clerk kathleen novack says the results from the recount and election night will change by about 80 votes... spread out among all the candidates. and thats a very small number. ive been here every minute. observer tom gilding with the moorehead
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results after he says waukesha county often neglected to announce tally totals when a new ward was finished. well look at them closely. novack admits things got off to a rocky start on december 1st... workers didn't begin the actual process of counting ballots until the following day. it was more learning efficiencies, i wouldnt say it was we had issues. but she says once they switched from regular voting machines to a high speed tabulator on sunday... things ran smoothly. right now we just have the final making sure all of our tallies count so that we can report to the wisconsin election commission and certify our recount results. the clerk says in total... the recount effort in waukesha county will end up costing between 350 and 400-thousand dollars. reporting live in the newsroom madeline anderson fox6 news. ben thanks madeline it's time for your news and
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help finding a critically missing woman. sabrina allen was reported missing from the area of third and nash. she is five foot six-- 230 pounds -- and suffers from health issues. she has a medium complexion and black hair that may be in a bob- cut with bangs. she was last seen wearing a navy blue, knee-length coat with green lining. if you know where sabrina is -- you're asked to call milwaukee police. a sussex man accused of having enticement charges. according to the waukesha county sheriff's office-- 19-year-old adam rosman had inappropriate contact with several minors between october of last year and this november. rosman is also facing multiple charges of sexual exploitation of a child and soliciting a child for prostitution. milwaukee police are investigating a shooting near 27th and galena... officials say a 44-year-old man was shot late last night -- and taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. it's still unclear
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shooting -- and whether any suspects have been arrested. toss to weather weather winter storm watch for all of se wi from saturday night through sunday night increasing clouds tonight.
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falling into the teens by sunrise. mostly cloudy and quiet during the day saturday with highs in the low 20s. snow moves in from the west on saturday evening. the snow will continue through the day sunday and taper off sunday accumulation is forecast, lower amounts toward fon du lac county. tonight: increasing clouds. cold. low: 13 wind: nw 5-10
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the west during the evening. high: 22 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: snow likely. tapering off sunday night. 6-9" total accumulation. am low: 22 high: 30 wind: se 10-20 mph 23 high: 26 wind: w 5-15 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and cold with a chance for flurries. am low: 13 high:
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wednesday:mostly cloudy and bitter cold. am low: 0 high: 10 wind: wnw 5-15 mph thursday: mostly cloudy and bitter cold. am low: -3 high: 9 wind: sw 5-15 mph
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...spreading some holiday cheer in downtown milwaukee. that's what a group at st. johns northwestern military academy was doing today... hear from the caroling cadets -- and their proud leader -- next. [ whistling ] we've got a problem, friend. half off any smartphone for anyone who switches? what's the problem? the naughty list shouldn't get deals! yeah, but anyone who switches gets half off of any smartphone. even these? yeah, any smartphone. call the big guy! [ bell dings ] santa? no, jingles. [ knuckles crack ] [ spits ] ooo. ouch. [ neck cracks ] [ darien ] switch and get half off any smartphone.
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but fox6s carl deffenbaugh shows you -- one group of students was on a singing tour of milwaukee -- two decades in the making. from deck the halls to white christmas, this choir of cadets is on a mission to spread holiday cheer. 'we just go around milwaukee and we sing.' 'it gets everybody in the christmas spirit.' choir from st. johns northwestern military academy. and for five years in a row, theyve made the trek from delafield to downtown milwaukee for a day of caroling - eight stops in all. 'every year we get a little treat around this time of year, to come out and test our voices with them too.' the day away from school is a gift from choir director dennis brooks, a man who admits he is crazy about christmas. 'i start decorating november
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to christmas music november 1st.' 'mr. brooks is always such a jolly guy. its definitely his season.' brooks has organized this trip for more than two decades, at different public school stops throughout southeastern wisconsin and now at st. johns. 'i want to show them off. i want the world to see what kind of young men we have, because theyre wonderful young men.' and wonderful singers, at the most wonderful time of the year. carl if you like what you heard -- st. johns has two concerts this sunday on their delafield campus. a winter concert at 1 p-m and a festival of lessons and carols at 3. president-elect donald trump making a stop in louisiana for his "thank you" tour. but that wasn't the only message mr. trump was sharing. ...why it doubled as a "get out
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plus... this kangaroo didn't just visit a local school today -- he came bearing gifts. the surprise these students received --
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president-elect donald trump has already held more than 90 meetings
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allis on his "thank you" tour... but today -- mr. trump was in louisiana -- where an important senate seat is up in the air. joel waldman has the latest from washington. the president-elect tending to party politics at this "get out the vote" rally in baton rouge, where gop state treasurer, john kennedy, is facing off against democrat foster campbell in a senate run off election this saturday. a kennedy win would mean republicans would head into the new year with ana majority ... trump says: "if you don't go to the polls, he's not gonna win. and if he doesn't win, i've got myself a problem in washington." the president-elect is planning another stop in michigan later today, all part of his ongoing "thank you" tour ... but, earlier, inside trump tower, the president-elect huddled with house speaker paul ryan.. the powerful republican leader made it clear things were going smoothly, after a rocky beginning to their relationship. ryan says: "we had a great


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