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the trial be held in a county other than waukesha due to all the publicity, and that the two girls have separate trials. i think that the girls are so different so it needs to be separate may 14th 2014 paul renkis was a waukesha sheriff's lt. who responded to the crime scene, a little girl stabbed in a wooded area multiple times. the retired officer told how geyser confessed. he says he read miranda rights to the girl and them.. agreeing to talk more about what happened. i asked her where the blood came from. she told me she was forced to stab her best friend to death. .. telling renkis the girls committed the crime for slenderman. she told me she had a sleepover and she and another girl stabbed a girl and they were forced to stab her. a detective who interviewed geyser on videotape says he had spoken with geyser's parents and asked geyser if she
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not re read her the miranda rights again. there is also a psychiatrist interviewing geyser and preparing a report about her mental health at this time. a judge will make a decision on the fate of the confession.. at a later date. live in the newsroom myra sanchick fox6 news mary thanks myra the man accused of drowning his young son reaches a plea deal today... trial was scheduled to begin for 25- year-old sean flowers -- but first- degree reckless homicide. sean flowers the third drowned in a pond july 30th on milwaukee's northwest side. flowers will be sentenced january 25th. no criminal charges will be filed-- so, the person arrested for threatening the wauwatosa police department will be given a ticket. it stems from the jay anderson case. police say five threats of violence were made against the department last week. that's when it was announced no charges will be filed against the officer
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for anybody who had been wishing for winter weather: wish granted. you have the snow -- and now comes the cold... fox6 weather expert tom wachs is on the weather deck with just how cold it's going to get. weather a few light snow showers are possible around midnight. no temperatures will fall through the teens, to around 10 by morning. mostly sunny, blustery and cold on tuesday with a high around 17 and wind chills around zero during the day. partly sunny, windy and very cold wednesday with a high around 14 and wind chills below zero all day. morning wind chills wednesday
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sunny and bitter cold thursday. highs in the single digits. morning wind chills around -20, afternoon wind chills -5 to -15. another winter storm could impact us friday into saturday. stay tuned. tonight: light snow showers overnight. low: 10 wind: wsw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. blustery and cold. high: 17 wind: w 10-20 mph wednesday:partly sunny, windy and cold. am low: 6 mph with winter weather arriving in full force -- road crews are reloaded with a fresh shipment of salt. 20-thousand tons of de-icing salt arrived this morning at the port of milwaukee. this particular load coming from ontario, canada... some will be used on local streets on
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will also be bagged up and sold for residential and commercial use. in total -- the port of milwaukee handles approximately 1-million tons of salt each year. you can call it your initiation to milwaukee winters... the first big snow storm is causing headaches today for drivers finding parking tickets on their car. fox6s jonathon gregg joins us live on the east side ?with details. its something i have to keep track of as a murray hill resident... but we did costly mistakes. without walking more than a block, we found enough winter to go around. 'its deep over here.' for melissa stevenson 'its not a huge deal...but..' shes trying to brush it off. the snow, and, 'today at 9:42
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'i got one yesterday though...' is good this morning but trying to laugh off the ticket she scored sunday. and thats probably the best way to handle milwaukees friendly reminder, 'oh...i dont want to talk about.' of where you can park during a heavy snow. "my boyfriend's car is like four cars that way and i', sure he's got a ticket." on monday, the city was handing out quite a few. ticket, ticket, theyre lucky, theyre lucky, and heres another ticket, thats at least ten on one block, at forty dollars a pop, this is near campus thats a lot of beer money.' 'its just extra money, right before the holidays.' that too. a costly winter morning. 'i called my dad all flustered.' and we havent even talked about
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all in good time, but for now, do what haley did. 'i check the sign. i double checked it.' it was a rough morning for quite a few drivers on the eastside. but admittedly, avoidable, maybe consider it a 40 dollar reminder, double check where you're parking. reporting from cramer and park place, jonathon gregg fox6 news. now's a great time to download the fox6 storm center app to your mobile device. it's free for apple and android devices -- and even offers a temperature layer on the interactive radar. wisconsins recount is over - and a day ahead of schedule. it showed almost no change in the results. political reporter theo keith -
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wisconsins recount is over. the final numbers show president- elect donald trump won by 131 more votes than on election night. im personally very happy it was done because not only wisconsin and the world knows our system has integrity.but, on wisconsins new partisan elections commission, one republican member called green party candidate jill steins recount request 'a scam.' keep this from happeningthe elections commission certified the results a day ahead of the federal deadline, guaranteeing that congress will recognize wisconsins 10 electoral votes. governor scott walker called it a 'ridiculous' recount and thanked clerks for working long hours to finish counting. i think theyve shown throughout this process it was very clear that the vote was legitimate here in the state :52speaking to conservative talk radio host charlie sykes, walker said he and fellow republicans would seek changes to the state law
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candidate jill stein to successfully request the recount. but two commission members said they would not specifically ask the legislature for the change. it will not be our job to make recommendations to the legislature. we dont yet know the actual cost of the recount, but stein has to pay the bill.she gained 66 votes out of this, meaning if the estimate of 3.9 million stands, it would cost her 59- thousand dollars per vote. in madison, theo keith, fox6 news. election commissioners said there was no evidence of russian hacking in wisconsin's election. but the c-i-a says it believes russia did try to influence the election, to help mr. trump. meanwhile -- a federal judge rejects a request for an election recount in pennsylvania. jill stein had requested a recount there.. over potential hacking of state voting machines. but the judge said there was no credible evidence to support that claim --
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federal deadline for the electoral college. if that happened -- the ballots of about 6-million pennsylvania voters would be nullified. if you're curious how the wisconsin recount affected the tally in your county -- you can check it out on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. simply click the "links" tab -- or search "election recount" for a link to the wisconsin elections commission. former presidential candidate bernie sanders making a non-campaign related stop in wisconsin today... the vermont senator was kenosha for a taping of the m-s-n-b-c show "all in with chris hayes." and tomorrow -- it will be president- elect donald trump in our area. mr. trump will in west allis as part of his "thank you" tour. the event is set to begin at 7 p-m at the state fair expo center. governor walker and house speaker paul ryan are scheduled to attend as well. tickets are still available-- we've posted the details on our website fox6 now dot com a member of wisconsin's newly
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has resigned less than six months into his term -- saying the partisan board is too secret -- lacks transparency -- and is purposefully set up to fail. robery kinney issuing a statement today -- describing his reasons for resigning from the "wisconsin ethics commission." kinney was one of three democratic picks for the board -- which also has three republican members. the new partisan commission replaced the nonpartisan government accountability board in july. governor scott walker speaking toa the middle east... the governor tweeted a series of photos during his trip overseas... walker says he got a chance to meet a number of wisconsin soldiers and foreign service members. the governor was was joined by two other governors -- mary fallin of oklahoma and brian sandoval of nevada. he says even with u-s military presence -- serious threats still exist. "its still a very dangerous place to be. not only for our men and women not only in the armed forces but in the foreign service in the embassy. just as a vivid
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stops in kuwait -- the united arab emirates -- afghanistan and germany. there isn't much of an update on the health of aaron rodgers today, but we can certainly see that his team is feeling an awful lot better than it had been recently... tim van vooren joins us early with the latest from green bay... ted, packers coach mike mccarthy says he planned to meet with his quarterback today and see how he feels after suffering a calf injury early in yesterday's victory.... after th sports that he wouldn't be missing any games... he plans to provide an update on wednesday... there is no question that we are seeing an uptick in the team's play.... the packers took the fight right to the favored seahawks on sunday.... after looking out of sorts, stagnant and overmatched at times during a four game losing streak, green bay is the confident aggressor yesterday..... a sense of urgency is apparent and will have to be in place again next sunday at soldier field... "these guys stayed the course. we've had a lot of moving parts. we take a lot of pride as a coaching staff of being better and later in the year we feel that's kind of the way we're designed with the youth of our team. just keep
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you have to play your best football this time of year. we're getting ready to play an opponent that emulates that also." the packers play next sunday at noon in chicago and here on fox six... we will have a special edition of fox six news afterwards will plenty of postgame reaction.... green bay has three straight wins but needs to keep winning to have a shot at getting into the playoffs.... suspects after three crimes are committed in the less than 30 minutes... up next... why police believe the same people are responsible for the string of thefts of milwaukee's northwest side. plus... a group of top republican lawmakers in washington side against president-elect trump when it comes to russia's alleged involvement in the u-s
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call the big guy! [ bell dings ] santa? no, jingles. [ knuckles crack ] [ spits ] ooo. ouch. [ neck cracks ] [ darien ] switch and get half off any smartphone. plus up to $650 back. the season of stealing? a group of three suspects are being sought by milwaukee police... after they committed three crimes - in thirty minutes. police say one of them even punched a woman. fox six's justin williams has more on this crime spree. its just horrible, and this is christmas-time! which, apparently, marks the season of stealing, for three suspects, accused of committing three crimes--in just thirty
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according to milwaukee police, on december 7th, a group of three, unidentified suspects started their spree, around 12-40 p-m, at this walgreens, near 91st and appleton, where police say they stole an item, and run out of the store. how would you have that much nerve, to do that, you know? within, roughly, 20 minutes, investigators say the same suspects crossed the street, and go into this family dollar, where they stole several items, before fleeing. im not surprised. im just glad didnt nobody die. then, just 10 minutes later, police say the suspects stole several items, fro and silver spring. here, police say an employee tried to stop the suspects, only to be punched by one of them--before they leave the store. oh, my goodness! its really gettin horrible, out here! crime doesnt surprise me, any longer, in milwaukee. milwaukee used to be a great city, but its, slowly, deteriorating. you know, its becoming the crime milwaukee used to be a great city, but its, slowly, deteriorating. you know, its becoming the crime center of the world, seems like, you know? so much crime, you know?
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her face, has recovered. meanwhile, milwaukee police continue their search for suspects. if you have any information on these crimes, which might assist their investigation, you're encouraged to contact them. this is the latest, in milwaukee. i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. fox 6 news. get a closer look at the suspects police are trying to identify -- when you visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. the story is on our home page. it's time for your news and weather together. milwaukee police are investigating a homicide near 5th and walnut... officials tell us that's where a 27- year-old man was shot shortly before 11 this morning. the victim was taken to the hospital
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motive -- and a suspect. two women charged in connection with the death of a 7-year-old boy both pleading not guilty today. 44-year-old etter hughes and 47-year- old mary martinez appeared in milwaukee county court. trevion winnigham was taken to the hospital late last month suffering from numerous injuries.... he died a few hours later. both hughes and martinez face numerous charges related to child abuse. the milwaukee county medical examiner's office says it is investigating the the death of a man who collapsed after o found near 23rd and keefe -- and later pronounced dead at froedtert hospital. it's unclear right now whether the shoveling played a role in his death. toss to weather weather a few light snow showers are possible around midnight. no accumulation expected.
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the teens, to around 10 by morning. mostly sunny, blustery and cold on tuesday with a high around 17 and wind chills around zero during the day. partly sunny, windy and very cold wednesday with a high around 14 and wind chills below zero all day. morning wind chills wednesday will be in the -10 to -15 range. partly sunny and bitter cold thursday. highs in the single digits. morning wind chills around -20, afternoon wind chills -5 to -15. another winter storm could impact us friday into saturday. stay tonight: light snow showers overnight. low: 10 wind: wsw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. blustery and cold. high: 17 wind: w 10-20 mph wednesday:partly sunny, windy and cold. am low: 6 high: 14 wind: wnw 15-25 mph thursday: partly sunny, bitter cold. am low: -4 high: 7 wind: nw 10-20 mph friday: cloudy with the chance for snow. am low: 5 high: 23 wind: se 5-10 mph saturday:
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am low: 20 high: 30 wind: nw 15-25 mph sunday: mostly cloudy. am low: 5
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patients -- even if they're in different cities! up next.... the new technology is taking pressure off doctors and nurses -- while allowing them to provide faster and
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doctors in grafton are monitoring patients hearts in three counties! its all happening in real-time. fox6s deandra corinthios explains what this means for patient care
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heart beat sounds the alarm... techs at the aurora medical center in grafton...see it in real time. "even when the patient doesnt have a nurse in front of them talking to them" the techs connect with nurses and doctors in a matter of seconds. "in cardiac patients it makes a huge difference if you can catch the patient when the problem starts to happen" but now ...a new" telemetry heart monitoring hub" transmits data from patients at three aurora inside this room at the grafton location, two telemetry techs can monitor about 120 different patients. on the top left-hand side of that screen, patients in hartford. on the top right hand side of that screen, soon, patients in sheboygan. the rest of the patients on the screen are here in grafton" the mequon company techteriors worked with g-e healthcare to customize the hospital's vision: "we are actually able to take all of the separate screens we
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display " telemetry techs are on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week. this takes some pressure off the nurses who used to have to do the work. "this is their sole job and they're able to get really good at doing it." using technology to provide faster...more efficient care to patients....and hopefully a better outcome. "if we intervene immediately we will be able to prevent a cardiac arrest" in grafton deandra corinthios fox6 news aurora healthcare is looking to re-vamp its technology in kenosha an i at multiple locations. investigating claims of russian involvement in the u-s elections... that's what a group of top u-s lawmakers is calling for... up next... how some republicans are siding against president-elect donald trump by joining that call. plus... a warning after one woman says she was nearly sexually assaulted in the locker
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top republican and democratic leadership are breaking with the president-elect when it comes to russia's involvement the u-s elections. they're calling for further investigations into the matter. dianne gallagher has more. sen. mitch mcconnell/-r- majority leader: "the russians


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