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tv   AB Cs World News With Charles Gibson  ABC  July 8, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight, security breach. new evidence that federal buildings are vulnerable to bomb attacks, despite stepped up security since 9/11. power play. world leaders agree to take limited action on global warming. critics say the decisions don't go nearly far enough. bottle battle. high price, fancy label, but where exactly does that water in the bottle come from? fair play. airlines are cutting ticket prices to their lowest levels in years. and, the prime minister who is in hot water not for his policies, but for his personal is in hot water not for his policies, but for his personal escapades. captions paid for by abc, inc. good evening. if you walk into a federal office building, a passport
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agency or a national museum, you will see them. federal protective service offers, with a billion dollar budget, the service protects 9,000 buildings. the mission state says they will secure the buildings in an effective manner by deploys a highly trained police force. well, that's what they say. today, congress heard the reality is far from that. pierre thomas is in washington tonight. pierre? >> reporter: hi, charlie. you would think that federal buildings would be among the most secure in the nation. but this new report suggests that at some locations, security is, well, laughable. this demonstration is one example of the powerful explosives congressional investigators easily snuck into federal buildings across the country. undercover video shows one investigator toting a bag full of bomb components -- liquid
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explosive and a detonator. he places it on the x-ray machine and then walks through a metal detector. security breached in 27 seconds. investigators said guards were simply not paying attention to the items that should have caused great concern. >> the guards were not even looking at the screens that would show the materials passing through. >> reporr: investigators went to ten federal buildings at undisclosed rotations across the country and got the same result. >> it's stunning. it's shocking. it just says that basically some people have forgotten the lessons of 9/11. >> reporter: today, at an emergency congressional meeting, outrage. >> this is a crisis. it's simply unacceptable. it sounds to me like gao did everything but put the word bomb-making materials on the packages. >> reporter: and inspectors find other examples of incompetence. one guard discovered sleeping at his post.
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they learned another guard accidentally fired his weapons while apparently playing quick draw in the bathroom. and one guard was so distracted he allowed a baby in a carrier to go through an x-ray machine. >> this is lack of training. >> reporter: today, the head of the federal protective service said he's working to fix long-standing problems. but admitted to a less than passing grade. >> it's purely a lack of oversight on our part. >> reporter: charlie, that's perhaps the understatement of the day. homeland security officials say they are working to overhaul this program. >> pierre thomas reporting from down in washington, thank you. and there has been a real widespread cyber attack targeting government ajen sips in the u.s. and south korea. these attacks were designed to overwhelm websites at places like the white house, the pentagon, the nsa and the state and homeland security departments. the attacks have had minimal affect.
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the secret service says its computers were slowed down, not knocked out. overseas next, president obama is in l'aquila, italy, which was devastated by an earthquake earlier this year. it is the sight of the g-8 summit. high on the agenda is global change and the danger posed by nuclear danger in north korea and iran. jake tapper is there tonight. >> reporter: with italian prime minister berlusconi as his guide, president obama visited the l'aquila earthquake zone today. to help revitalize the region ere more than 50,000 residents are still homeless, berlusconi moved the g-8 summit here. this evening, the g-8 leaders would not support tougher sanctions against iran for its post-election violence nor sanctions against iran and north korea for their nuclear weapons programs. instead, they issued statements. >> it's very important for the world community to speak to countries like iran and
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north korea and encourage them to take a path that does not result in a nuclear arms race in places like the middle east. >> reporter: when it came to global warning, environmentalists had been hoping for bold action on climate change. but little consensus was achieved. the target had been for g-8 and other nations to reduce greenhouse gases. instead what was agreed upon was a non-binding goal of a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions worldwide by 2050, with a goal nor industrialized countries of 80%. their hope to limit the rise in global temperatures to no more than 3.6 degre fahrenheit. and the g-8 failed to get major polluters such as china and india to go along. developing nations complained that the industrialized world has not followed through with aid and technology to help them. >> we'll be working with the developing countries between now and then to try and firm up
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commitments. >> reporter: but the g-8 has fallen sort of some commitments. when in 2005 they promised a $2 $25 billion to developing reg n regions such as africa, they only delivered 1/3 of that money. >> the african countries are being hit hard by the economic crisis. >> reporter: the g-8 nations said they would give a report indicating what money pledged had been delivered. but what nations need, a humanitarian said, is not recooked promises but immediate action. charlie? >> jake tapper who is at the g-8 summit with the president, thank you. greenpeace the environmental group, used mt. rushmore to make its views known on global warming today. they unfurled a giant banner next to the skull sure of lincoln, with the worlds "america honors leaders, not politicians, stop global warming." the group accused the g-8 leaders of diluting their environmental goals.
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can you see the comments and weigh in with your own thoughts at next, we turn to health care reform. vice president joe biden said the nation's hospitals have agreed to forego $155 billion in medicare and medicaid payments in the next ten years. biden said the deal gives a boost to health care reform, but the view from capitol hill is not near limb as roe si. george stephanopoulos is here in new york with us. we haven't been keeping track for a few days on how the negotiations between democrats and republicans are going on health care reform. how are they going? >> reporte there's been a lot going on, and it's not necessary progress over the last couple of days. a few important developments. number one, all of this talk about taxing health care benefits that enployers give, that's all but dead right now. democrats made it clear that they didn't want to go down this path. so did president obama, and republicans started to flake
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off, as well. that idea is dead right now. also, these negotiations continue on the hill, but they are on life support right now, in part because if you lose the taxing of the health care benefits, there are very few other ways that democrats and republicans can agree on to fill that gap and president obama said he wants this health care reform paid for. finally, charlie, the deadline that president obama wants. he wanted the senate and the house to pass health care reform by the august recess. that's the end of the first week in august. that is looking a little bit harolder to achieve right now. and i heard talk for the first time today that that recess may get extended. they may try to stay in longer in august. >> so, they are in trouble. >> reporter: on the bi partisan negotiations. democrats are planning a fall had back plan to go this alone, democrats only. that increases the chance to see the public health insurance option in the bill. >> all right, let me turn to the stimulus package. huge amounts of money supposed to go out to create jobs, among
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other things. we got a gao report today that says they're not rebuilding roads, they arrepaving roads, that doesn't create as many jobs. states are using this to pay down their deficits, which don't create any jobs. this? bad shape? >> reporter: well, the white house disputes some of that. they say that the gao says that the stimulus package is spending the money more quickly than they expected. and they make the point that only about 25% of the money has been put to work, and there's a lot of good to come down the road. but economists are saying that a second stimulus is going to be necessary, because of this high unemployment right now. the problem you have right there, there simply aren't the votes on the hill to get it done. >> all right, george stephanopoulos on health care reform and the stimulus. overseas now to china, where president hu jintao left the g-8 summit to fly home to deal with the ethic protests in his country. a local leader called for the death penalty for anyone behind
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the violence, but even that has not been enough to stop the unrest. clarissa word is in ward is in . >> reporter: the official party line here today, the situation is under control. but when we ventured out into this ethnically divided city, we discovered a disturbing theme. a mob of han chinese, armed with sticks and bats, visually beating a uighur man, before turning their outrage to us. it's been three days since bloody riots broke out, pitting uighur muslims against the dominant han chinese. the cause? two uighurs died in a brawl with the han. now 156 people have been killed and more than 1,000 injured, making it the worst ethnic violence this country has en in decades. fearful of losing even more control, the government has blocked all internet, text messages, and international phone calls, and today, china spared no manpower to put a stop
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to the bloodshed. thousands of troops have been pouring in here all day and they basically formed a perimeter around the predominantly uighur area. that's to make sure that the uighurs don't get out and the han chinese don't get in. but in uighur neighborhoods, the presence gives little comfort. our lives are in danger, this woman said. we tried to talk more, but local police harassed us. across town, the han we spoke to blame uighurs exiled in the west for the violence. internationally, there are bad elements who want to split the motherland, this man said. tonight, officials are appealing to the residents to put down their weapons, but the hatred and distrust here simmers. clarissa ward, abc news, china. back in this country, at dover air force base today, a solemn ceremony. caskets of seven aricans killed in action in afghanistan were returned home.
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admiral mike mullen is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, and attended the ceremony. he's said to felt especially braun today, given the large number of remains coming home from a particularly deadly day. and still ahead on "world news," new findings abbottout bottled water. what you're paying for and what you get. that will be our "closer look." struggling airlines slashing ticket prices agai and love, italian style. with theyes of the world on italy for the g-8 summit, the prime minister keeps his eye on the ladies. announcer: 93% of those ho tried activia would recommend it./ julia tolbert, tell me your story. and i honestly thoughta/ it was just a part of life. what made you first ry activia? i saw this ad, and i said, ok, i love yogurt and hey,it worked!, i saw this ad, humm. said, ok, announcer: activia is clinically prven to help regulate your igestive system
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there are a couple of reports out today that look at a question everyone has wondered about. is bottles water any better than what you get from the tap? government and environment investigators went to capi hill with their findings. while bottles water sales have dipped recently, it's still a big business. almost $16 billion a year. but these reports say more often than not, it's money down the drain. elisabeth leamy takes "a closer look." >> reporter: if the best things in life are free, why do americans spend billions of dollars on bottled water? do you feel like it is healthier than tap water? >> i don't really drink tap water ever. >> reporter: do you drink tap water? >> are you kidding me?
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>> reporter: many consumers believe bottled water is better. but a group found that the water contained the same contaminates that tap water does. in fact, the industry acknowledges that as much as 45% of bottled water comes from municipal water supplies. some have filtered after that, some not. bottled water manufacturers are not required to disclose where the water comes from, how it's treated or if it's treated at all. and only about a third of bottlers give this information to consumers voluntarily. >> doesn't say anything about sources or anything. just, so, you don't know where this water really came from. >> reporter: at a hearing today on capitol hill, representatives explored options like requirie ing test results on websites, just like tap water suppliers do. why single out watter? >> it makes up more than half our body. we're drinking eight servings a day. no other food are we consuming
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so much of a single product. it desers a special place, special attention. >> reporter: the bottled water industry has long argued that its product gets plenty of score overnight already. >> it is regulated by the u.s. food and drug administration, and the states. >> reporter: but representatives may introduce legislation to force water bottlers to be more transparent. elisabeth leamy, abc news, tonight. coming up, airlines offering deep, low discounts. how low can the prices go? but we also speak mpgs so you can fly by gas stations. in fact, we speak mpgs so fluently, we can say one more thing. the new ford fusion is the most-fuel-efficient midsize sedan in america. and that's something no one else can say. we speak the 2010 ford fusion. get in... and drive one.
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geget the picture. drivers might soon be seeing lower gas prices, as the price of oil continues to fall. today, the price of oil was down more than 4%, to just above $60 a barrel. driven lower by worries about an economic recovery. oil prices have plunged more than 18% in just over a week. something else head ed lowe, air fares. summer travel is at its weakest nervously looking to the fall.e so, the airlines have just started offering some of the cheapest ticket prices in years. here's lisa stark. >>eporter: they are eye-catching deals that airlines hope passengers can't pass up.
6:51 pm
southwest is offering one-way fares for as low as $30 for short hops, such as seattle to boise, and as little as $90 one-way for longer flights, say from new orleans to chicago. the sale ends at midnight tonight, and it's for trips after labor day. >> it is breathtaking, but it is for a purpose, and that's really to get people in those seats for fall travel. >> reporter: it's not just southwest. airtran and frontier have announced big sales, and membership jor carriers are following suit. fly round trip at the end of the summer from seattle to baltimore for just9, $19 compared to $360 a year ago. orp dallas to tampa, $137, $250 a year ago. >> nobody wants to be undercut in this economy, when one of them has a sale, they all have a sale. is reeling as the economy and ry consumer confidence continue in the doldrums. it's not just the airlines,
6:52 pm
hotels are scrambling, too. come parped to last year, hotels have cut their rates an average of 23% in new york city. 21% in las vegas. 18% in west palm beach. and 16% in phoenix. at new york's hotel beac, advance bookings are off. >> hotels are offering special rates and special deals and special incentives. >> reporter: t one area with few deals, car rentals. prices are up 73%. rental companies are making fewer cars available, allowing them to raise rates. overall, though, for those who can afford to travel, the sky's the limit on good bargains. lisa stark, abc news, washington. and if you blinked, you missed it, but for one second today, the numbers lined up naetly. this afternoon, the clock hit 12:34.56, and today is the seventh month, eighth day, ninth year.19 happens only once a century.
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when we come back, a world leader whose cavorting may have finally crossed the line.
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>> finally finally tonight, political scandal, italian style. italy right now is playing host to world leaders at the g-8, and the host is prime minister silvio berlusconi, and the sp spotlight is on the women in his life. the late stories about berlusconi and his wandering eye have many italians saying enough. here's nick watt. >> reporter: today, a former topless model took the g-8 first lady to tea with the pope. this could only be berlusconi's italy. the one-time model was last year appointed by berlusconi minister of equal opportunities. >> he likes girls. >> reporter: berlusconi is a self-confessed ladies man, with
6:57 pm
a great tan and hair plugs. >> most italian men like the idea of a man who, as he grows older, has fewer wrinkles and more hair and plenty of girls. >> reporter: but now, the statesman is accused of paying for sex, and there a protests. >> he don't know nothing about a woman. >> reporter: a number of, let's say, profession allaydies, are claiming they were paid to attend berlusconi parties. i ceived neck laces, bracelet, says this woman. nice things for young girls. a bruised berlusconi told a magazine he owns that he has never paid for sex. i have never understood what satisfaction there is without conquest. berlusconi likes a conquest. in april, he attended a lingerie model's 18th birthday party and give her a diamond necklace. mrs. b, an actress, accused her
6:58 pm
husband of concerting with minors and filed for divorce. >> majority of italians like berlusconi. but they are getting a little bit tired, because he's making italy look silly. >> reporter: berlusconi has survived endless accusations of corruption, but now the 72-year-old's unflagging libido might spell the political end for a man known to his young female friends at pappi. nick watt, abc news, london. and that is "world news" for this wednesday arlie gibson, and i hope you had a good day. for all of us at abc news, have you had a good day. for all of us at abc news, have a good night. captions by vitac
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