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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 10, 2009 12:05am-1:05am EDT

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time now for tonight's "closing argument." a private swim club outside philadelphia is under fire for denying 65 black and hispanic campers from using the pool, even though they paid dues. the club president initially said they were concerned the campers might change the complexion of this predominantly
12:06 am
white club. the choice of words that triggered widespread criticism. the club today hit back, calling allegations of discrimination completely untrue. and aming the decision on overcrowding. so tonight we ask you, are they telling the truth? and are you convinced by their explanation? tell us what y think by clicking on the "nightline" page on or the "nightline" twitter page. but that's our report for tonight. "jimmy kimmel live" is up next. from all of us at a g ns,ewood nit,rimeca as,. hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. join me tonight for my game night, eminem and will ferrell. >> i'm excited to be your first guest, kimmel. >> announcer: live from los angeles it's "jimmy kimmel
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live," game night. tonight -- will ferrell. and eminem. and now, with six seconds, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by abc, inc. >> thank you. thank you for agreeing to meet. on such short notice. this is the nba finals preshow or post show, depending on where you live. we live here in the los angeles, the home of the lakers. [ cheers and applause ] and herpes. did you know herpes was invented here? the lakers and orlando magic. let's just say orlando has not
12:08 am
seen excitement like this ever since they opened the new dave and busters. we're very excited. people make fun of the l.a. sports fans, they say we're bandwagon jumpers, we leave the game early and we're gay, and they're right on all of the occasions. but we know all about sports even the casual fan like this young lady who dazzledthem with sports knowledge on friday night. >> they want redemption and laker fans can feel it coming off the 27-point humiliation of denver. >> really glad that the lakers actually conquered, you know, their score or whatever they had to do at the nuggets, you know what i'm saying? >> that's right. at their station. spoken like a hard core basketball liker. most everne oside of orlando and denver are hoping to see kobe bryant play lebron james in the finals that did not happen, and the referee showed a blatant lack of favoritism.
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he walked off the court without shaking anyone's hand and afterwards he said he refused to shake because he's a winner. winners don't shake hands when they lose, because that would make them losers. technically, if your hands don't touch you're still a winner. suffice it to say, that i hope lebron james and susan boyle of "britain's got talent" are on an island and making sweet sweet love. they have been waiting for a title of any kind for quite a while now. we put this together maybe to hopefully cheer them up a ltleit bit. >> cleveland, ohio. a city without a major sports championship in 45 years. but hey, you've got the rock and roll hall of fame, the tallest building in all of ohio and chef ityardee. n dan e to tracy jacmak dennis kucinich thd at's it,
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but that's a lot. cheer up, cleveland. you're great american city and you don't have this. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, that's something. so -- so turn the frowns upside down that's what i'm saying. we have a fun program for you tonigh ll ferrell is here tonight. when we come back, eminems going to teach me how to rap, so hang out. this isatt, olivia and jaden. they told us they needed a laptop with... olivia: a large screen,, long battery life, - the ability to share pictures... - announcer: for under $700. we told them, "you find it, you keep it." - matt: we'll definitely make a choice today. - look at this. what do you think about these over here? the mac'too small. a thousand dollars? for under $700, we can't get a mac. let's keep on looking. - olivia: this is large. - it has windows photo gallery. - ( jaden yells ) - apparently he likes it too. we're getting this one. - olivia: oh my gosh! that works. - it's unanimous. and a pc. - thank you. we're pcs so we can share photos of this little guy.
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i'm pretty much the same as i am in a plastic bottle? except that you'll save, like, $600 bucks a year. but other than that, we're pretty much the same. pur. good, clean water. kind of consider myself a robinhood of the directing world. buick enclave the finest luxury crossover ever. i need some zen time with this model thank you.
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round of miller lite. (announcer on call) it comes... watch this now... got it! my goodness! now you have seen it all. (announcer) that's what greatness tastes like. triple hops brewed. great pilsner taste. millelite. taste greatness. hi, we're back. as one of america's most popular talk show host, i get to eat the world's largest meatball, i got to do no and since i was a intentionally and first heard the music "mr. komode" i wante d to try my hand at rap lessons
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and here it is, here is me with eminem. ♪ thanks for meeting with me, i appreciate it. you know my goal is to become a rapper. >> are you serious? >> yeah, i am serious. i'm sick of doing this show to be honest with you. i'm really sick of it. >> okay. well, for me what i do in my career is i like to draw like things from my past. you know what i mean? >> yeah. >> think of something that upsets you as a child or something like that. >> like emotional pain. >> yeah, like emotional pain. things like -- >> oh, all right. when i was in high school, i was manager of the shoe department at a clothing store and i never really felt appreciated. so that could be something. [ laughter ] >> that's a start. that's a start. you know? >> you know what the worst thing that happened to me as a kid is? and it was my first day of junior high school and my dad got a new briefcase and so his old briefcase was sitting in a
12:15 am
kitchen and my mom said i have a good idea, you should put your books in the briefcase and the first minute of my first day of junior high school i walked into the school cafeteria where my briefcase -- with mybriefcase and the big kids screamed at me, hey, briefcase, joe! >> jimmy, you could use that as your rap name. briefcase joe. >> you're saying take my weakness and turn it in -- >> yeah. yeah. you turn your negatives into a positive. >> i like that. i can do that. all these things down, honestly. >> let's put it down on paper with pens. i'm just trying to think of things that rhyme with joe because it's briefcase joe. i was thinking of the word go rhymes with joe. like moe. like if somebody is named moe. dough. that's good. they call me briefcase joe, i've
12:16 am
got a body made of pizza dough, you know. >> wait? >> i've got testicles -- i do have those. i have two of them. >> i'm like an eskimo, i go to -- -- >> i've got a garden hose. >> that's clever because it seems like i have prostitutes living in my garden. >> well -- >> no? >> it's good enough, good enough. >> but you're not in the gang. >> i am in a gang. i am in a gang. a couple gangs right now. >> reach down, deep inside you. and like always make your life seem worse than it actually is. >> worse? >> yeah. you could take little truths and just stretch them as far as you can. you know what i mean? >> who i should say is my mother chopped me up inside the briefcase and mailed me to the school. >> yes. >> okay. good. >> so i'm in a briefcase like a hungry man dinner, i was thinner
12:17 am
back then, that's why i fit in it. my mother spit in it. and sealed it up and closed it, don't lock it, mom. >> octomom. >> octomom. >> yeah. >> yeah. no, no. she has nothing to do with this actually. >> i could try -- >> no -- >> if you don't like it. >> it's not good enough, you know what i'm saying? i just ain't mad at ya. >> i ain't mad at ya neither. >> i ain't mad at ya, you know what i'm saying? you know what i'm saying? >> yeah yeah. >> you know what i'm saying? >> definitely. but, you know what i'm saying? >> maybe you could say something like this. yo here i go, they call me briefcase joe, i'm flipping and ripping and dipping and i hit them in, give them an enema and hit them in the cinema, skin them ale and then the drive is mistaking their heart and squirting lenin in their eyes, something like that. you know what i mean? kind of simple. [ laughter ] >> yeah.
12:18 am
>> all right. so remember, you know, just kind of rock with it. your natural rhythm, you know, let it flow free. >> yeah. okay. good. ♪ yeah. this is one going out to all my homeys in compton. you know what i'm saying? hey. hey. do you know anybody -- >> from compton? >> yeah. >> no. >> you don't want to say that. >> okay. let me try it again. yo, this one's going to all my homeys in sherman oaks. i know people there. >> okay. hang on one second. >> yeah. oh. oh. all right. >> a little inspiration. >> thank you. ah this going out to those two jerks from junior high school
12:19 am
who called me briefcase joe and guess what, it's now come to pass that it's come to be a good thing for me. yo, here i go, they call my briefcase joe, i write my lyrics down on the microphone, here the beats they go, and you could be the rapper, i'm the dj, yo, my lyrics just erupt like a volcano, everywhere i walk, when i talk they know. i'm flipping and dipping and ripping and hitting them with venom and skinning them alive, and seeing the women arrive, yeah, squirt, lemon in the eyes. yeah yeah, you know what i'm saying? ♪ ♪ they call me briefcase joe, his name, his name is briefcase joe, oh, no more ♪ >> testicles are vegetables, they go into mexico, they are on death row. ♪
12:20 am
briefcase joe, they call him briefcase joe, his name, his name is briefcase joe ♪ ladies and gentlemen, briefcase joe. >> i love listening to myself, i really love it. >> crazy. yeah, you sound good, man. >> thank you. >> you wanted it, you got it. briefcase joe, put them in your briefcase, eminem, you are done, son. good-bye. >> briefcase joe. >> hey. that's in -- that's my briefcase! hey. hey! wait up. ♪ briefcase joe, briefcase joe [ cheers and applause ] >> i like it a lot. >> you do? >> and there's eminem, his new album "relapse" in stores right now. we'll be right back with will ferrell.
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♪ hi there, we're back. our guest tonight needs no introduction, but it seems like i should give him one. yes, i will give him. his new movie "land of the lost" opens in theaters tomorrow. please welcome will ferrell. [ cheers and applause ] oh, i'm sorry. i'm really, really sorry. we just -- it's been a while,
12:25 am
but it's good to see you. >> great to see you. >> it's disconcerting to have this kind of silence with you entering right now. >> i like it. i like it. [ cheers and applause ] what's up, guys? >> you're a real celebrity lakers fan, true? >> i am. [ cheers and applause ] >> since you were a tiny little baby. >> i grew up during showtime, right? i forget the players, but god -- [ laughter ] no. >> who's your -- >> remember jamal wilkes? >> sure. >> kareem. >> norm nixon. >> mark laps burger. rambis. >> that was preshow time. >> that was predinner show. that's what it was called. >> but you're serious, you go to a lot of the games. >> i do, yeah. >> i have some photographs. >> i heard about this. >> i wanted to go through them because i want to ask you something. this is -- well, this is a real
12:26 am
laker fan, jack nicholson. certainly. [ cheers and applause ] >> a real lakers fan. >> there's will at the lakers. [ laughter ] here's teri hatcher. [ laughter ] apparently aware that she's on camera, but she's got a lot of cheerleading going on there. well, you're a cheerleader on television for a while and you can see it right there. >> i w. [ laughter ] >> see, i get into the game. not about screwing around. >> and there's leonardo dicaprio, really kicking up his heels. [ laughter ] you hate basketball, don't you? >> it's where i get a lot of rest, yeah. yeah. >> yeah. >> but see, i get into it so much that's why i'm not cheering. >> because when the team is not doing well you suffer along with the team. unlike dyan cannon who is out there cheering.
12:27 am
>> in her tight little jeans. even though i wear tight little jeans. >> yeah. have you become friendly with any of the players? do you have that sort of a relationship with the team? >> i have gotten to know shaq a little. >> which shaq? >> shaquille o'neal. is there another shaq? >> no. >> no. he would actually sing to me. no joke. >> really? >> because we had -- he was a guest on "saturday night live" once and we did a sketch where i crawled up into his arms in little footty pajamas, and he sang -- he cradled me and he sang "no one is going to hurt my little man". [ laughter ] so we had done this sketch and it got cut from the show and we'd be at a game. it could be the tensest moment and he'd look over at me, and he'd go -- ♪ no one is going to hurt my little man ♪ so we'd sing back to each other. >> that's a weird relationship. >> kind of a weird relationship.
12:28 am
>> you were on the show with man versus- how long did it take to shoot? >> 48 hours in the most northern part of sweden. >> why? >> i don't know. i was drugged. and put on the show. no, i couldn't resist it. i'm fan of the show and i thought -- i'm going to hate parts of it, but this is something i can't say no to. >> that's just what heidi and spencer said before they went on "i'm a celebrity, get me out of here". >> they were supposed to come with me. >> they were? did you actually drink urine -- your own urine? anyone's urine? >> i kept asking him though. i made a joke that we drank our own urine and i got urine drunk. [ laughter ] but we didn't actually -- i kept asking him, so when are -- is now a good time to drink our urine? and i could tell he was getting more and more pissed every time i asked him. and i was intrigued by the fact of drinking my own urine,
12:29 am
subliminally i worked up to the point that i thought, i think i need to drink my own urine. >> well this is exciting. this is a first for abc because when we come back, will ferrell is -- no, he's not. don't be ridiculous. will ferrell, "land of the lost" it opens tomorrow. be right back. >> field rations are running low. i made the determination if need be, if faced with starvation, we will cook and eat joka. i have been tnking about this a lot, actually. if it were the secret ingredient on iron chef, i'm sure bobby flay would serve it with red peppers and cumin and braised polenta. wouldn't be an easy thing to do, but if you slow roast the little guy i'm sure that meat would fall off the bone. >> thank goodness. "land of the lost" it opens tomorrow. so dramatic. >> yeah.
12:30 am
>> wow. >> we eat him immediately. >> so this is a serious take on "land of the lost." >> finally. >> which was a great television show. also a terrible television show. >> at the same time. >> simultaneously. that we'd be forced to watch on saturday mornings, in lieu -- we didn't have cable. >> we didn't have cable. yeah, with the horrible visual effects. with the characters that you could see the zippers up the back. >> if kids haven't seen the original "land of the lost," it's well worth looking it up on youtube. >> but at the time you thought it was killer. itted to live there -- i wanted to live there. >> this is what the guys went through backhen. >> giant-sized fruit and dinosaurs with no backs of their mouth. yeah. yeah. yeah. >> yeah. you play the banjo in the film. >> i do. >> and do you really play the banjo? >> i really learned the actual
12:31 am
original song. >> oh, really? >> because we happen thave -- >> oh, no. >> we have a banjo here. >> wow. >> do you need those things for your fingers? >> i don't have the fingers. >> oh, yeah. >> which are literally called things. they're called ban go things. >> yeah. >> this is a -- >> a banjo. >> a good time banjo. those are the best ones. >> made in the u.s. of a. >> exactly. ♪ marshall, will and holly on a routine expedition ♪ ♪ met the greatest earthquake they've ever known ♪ ♪ high on the rapids, they struck their tiny raft and plunged them down a thousand feet below ♪ ♪ to the land, land of the lost
12:32 am
to the land, land of the lost ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> there you go, thanks a lot. thanks to eminem and thanks to will ferrell. our game night special, we'll be joined by denzel washington, amar'e stoudemire and please remember to join us later this evening for a brand new program with thomas haden church and a spelling bee champion whose name i can't pronounce. don't forget to get your pets spayed or neutered whether they want it or not. please, we'll see you soon. >> announcer: stay tuned for more "jimmy kimmel live" game night with denzel washington, and then dahntay jones and chris birdman anderson and grant hill. the kenmore elite he5t washer?
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>>need them, got them? need them -- >> my man. >> i've got four seats right here. >> n not four seats, but floor seats. >> no, not floor -- >> right above the floor. >> floor seats. spike lee gets floor seats.
12:37 am
>> yeah. yeah. >> jack nicholson gets floor seats? >> yeah. >> everybody gets -- i want floor seats. >> these beautiful seats, you're with the olsen twins. a million dollars. >> let me see. >> let's go. >> hey. >> they're counterfeit anyway. >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! game night. tonight -- denzel washington. dahntay jones and chris birdman anderson face off against amar'e stoudemire and grant hill. and at the buzzer, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
12:38 am
>> hello. i'm jimmy kimmel and if you look under your seats, please find your hymn books and turn to page 17. a chance to go to church today. game two of the nba finals between the lakers and the magic. they scheduled it on the same night as the tony awards, which wh kind of cruel, sadistic programmer would do that to me? how am i supposed to make jazz hands when i'm wearing the foam finger. jack nicholson courtside. are we sure he's still alive? lakers coach phil jackson going to his tentnbh tiastlche oa c. which a.ismazing. van gundy is going or the his first. have you seen stan van gundy by the way? he looks more like the manager of a greek restaurant than a basketball coach. [ laughter ] in fact, watch this to see if it makes sense to you.
12:39 am
>> if you want more, you have to pay extra. that's how we do it. no substitutions. >> it works, right? i'll tell you, it's been a semi-disappointing series for nike. they were banking on the lakers to play the cavaliers. they had been running a big ad campaign starring puppet versions of kobe bryant and lebron james but the match-up didn't pan out. instead the orlando magic wound up in the finals so nike had to reshoot the commercials very quickly and to pair kobe against the magic superstar dwight howard, and it didn't come out as good. >> dwight, i've been meaning to talk to you. you look sick, man. >> i feel good. >> what? i don't know. something ain't right, dude. >> oh. cause i don't have arms. >> no. that's not it. >> well, what it is then? [ laughter ]
12:40 am
>> i feel like dancing. care to join me? >> i wish i could. but i have no legs. crying ] >> you see that? [ cheers and applause ] not the same -- one thing that always interests me is what happens to the world champion t-shirts they made for the team that loses. the nba and all the other sports leagues makes t-shirts for both teams so they can sell them then half of them go to waste. what they do, they ship them to africa for real, to people who need -- like right now in africa there are thousands of ndy thirn who-- needy children who --ink the cardinals won. we send them thi-ss rtd aney usse computer viruses. this is fromr "merican idol, danny gokey. th ie s ththwenest one i think,
12:41 am
susan yle is not number one, neither is the bird flu. this one, i'm not sure how this one but it's crazy, isn't it, uncle frank? >> you're crazy, jimmy. >> thank you, uncle frank. i've said this before, there's perhaps no more foremost expert on basketballs than my uncle frank. it wasn't invented in the '80's with magic or larry, but it's been around for a very long time and my uncle frank has been there since the beginning. here to share the origins of the game -- the wolverine origins of the game. >> he's dribbling, dribbling, very good. bend your body and go towards the basket. then all of a sudden you grab the ball and go up and you go over the opponent's head and go higher and higher. and you go right off the backboard. he missed it. huh could you miss a shot -- how could you miss a shot like that -- oh, no, he made it.
12:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> we have a good show, denzel washington is here tonight. and when we come back, we're going to play what we call the team meeting game with denver nuggets versus the phoenix sun, so stick around. we'll be right back. ♪ when can a-shirt be a pacifier? when you add ultra downy with renewing scent pearls. you get 3x longer lasting freshness so you feel more connected. which can turn a sweater into your sanctuary. downy...feel more. and get up to 33% more loads from a single bottle. how about enough water and energy savings... to pay for the dryer? another reason why mo amemericans choe... energy star-rated kenmore appliances than any other brand.
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hi, the. with us his new movie "the taking of pelham 123" opens on friday, denzel washington is here tonight. [ cheers and appuse ] next week, join us for more nba specials and at at the regular time with artie lange, chef adam perry lang, paris hilton, blink 182 and no doubt will be here. time to get down to business, time to play the game where we find out how much the players really know about each other. the teammating game. [ cheers and applause ] oh, well, well. hello there, fellas. here we go. let's meet the teammates from the phoenix suns, grant hill and am'e stoudemire here. representing the denver nuggets, dahntay jones and chris birdman anderson.
12:47 am
pleasure to have you here, fellas. we put each of the teammates in a sound proof booth and we had them aner a series of questions about the teammate and now we'll see how much they actually know about each other. are you ready? each correct answer is worth five points. we'll begin with chris. chris, we asked dahntay to name your most embarrassing moment on the court. what did he say was your most embarrassing moment? >> um, we were in practice one day, and he kept on antagonizing me that he wanted to come into the paint and try to dunk on me. well, he got that opportunity and he grabbed my jersey and he dunked on me and everybody in the whole gym started going crazy. so that was probably like -- >> when he dunked on you. >> yeah. >> okay, dahntay, what did you say? me dunking on him at practice, that's absolutely right. fi points for the nuggets. [ cheers and applause ] all right. we switch roles here. dahntay, we asked chris what your favorite tv show is?
12:48 am
what is your favorite tv show? >> "entourage". >> you say "entourage". let's see what chris said. chris said "the real housewives". so you guys -- do you watch -- >> i never watched it. >> never seen it? >> not at all. >> you don't have a favorite housewife? >> no. >> let's go over to the team phoenix suns. amar'e, we asked grant the following question. if you were on the road, and they screwed up hotels, and you had to share a bed with another member of the team -- >> oh, man! >> -- which team member would you choose? >> it definitely would not be shaq. [ laughter ] i would probably say steve nash. >> let's see what he said, steve nash. all right. grant, we asked amar'e to name your most unusual body part.
12:49 am
what did he say your most unusual body part is? [ laughter ] >> well, since my teammates make fun of them all the time, i'll say my ears. >> your ears? like the president, your ears. and let's see what amar'e said. your ears. [ cheers and applause ] yes, sir. all right. let's go back to the nuggets. chris, if dahntay were a fruit, what fruit would he be? [ laughter ] if he were a fruit, what would he be? >> i have seen him on the plane and he does dip into the fruit platter and he -- he eats all of the pineapple. >> pineapple. pineapple is your answer? >> that is my final answer. >> pineapple is the final answer. let's go to dahntay. pineapple is absolutely right. we have a tie game.
12:50 am
all right. same question, we verse it, dahntay, we asked chris if he were a fruit, what fruit would he be? and what do you think he said? >> the same thing. i see him on the plane all the time with the sugar and he dips the strawberries in the sugar together. like a whole bowl of strawberries and sugar and whipped cream. he lays it on there. >> that's because he takes all the pineapple. >> strawberry. >> let's see what chris would say you -- chris said strawberry. oh, my goodness. these guys really donow each other. all right. our final question. grant, we asked amar'e what celebrity would you like to make sweet, hot filthy love to? what did he say? >> oh, man, i'm married, man. >> right. but we're talking -- you know, everyone has a celebrity.
12:51 am
>> halle berry. >> halle berry. let's see what amar'e said. amar'e? >> i didn't mean to do it to you, g. >> denzel washington. [ laughter ] really? all right. now this could tie the game up. we asked grant the same question, to whom would you most like to make filthy h love what do you think he said? >> um, i would say ciara. >> ciara. let's see what grant said. fantasia because you're always singing her songs. well, that signifies we're running out of time. 15-10 and we have come to the final question. actually it's the teamwork challenge. you worked together with your teammate on this challenge and
12:52 am
this renders the rest of the game completely useless. to the nearest poundow much does our security guard guillermo weigh? you have to guess guillermo's weight. >> guillermo? >> come on out here and let the men see you. there he is. [ cheers and applause ] turn around. write down your answer. how much does our security guard guillermo weigh? the closest answer will win it. the gentlemen are thinking. guillermo, do you have any guesses as to what you might weigh? don't say it out loud. yeah, right. maybe when you were born. [ laughter ] all right. here we go. okay. dahntay and chris say 195 pounds. yeah. i think you're quite low. [ laughter ] let's go over to amar'e and
12:53 am
grant. 220. guillermo, step on the scale and let's see what you weigh. >> come on, guillermo. >> guillermo weighs -- you choked the scale. what is it? >> 217.4. >> the suns win it. tell them what they win. >> two macho cologne and a couples massage get away at the best western l.a.x. >> congratulations to amar'e and grant. we'll be right back with denzel washington.
12:54 am
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hi, there, we're back. our guest tonight has two golden globes and a whole state named after him. his latest movie with john travolta opens on friday, it's called "the taking of pelham 123." please say hello to denzel washington. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you.
12:58 am
>> you totally are denzel washington. >> yes. yes. >> it's good to see you. thank you for coming. >> my pleasure. >> how did a guy who's originally from new york turn into a lakers fan? like you. >> well, i was a knick fan first. always. and still am a knick fan but i have been out here -- i went to a game in 1984, it was the game when mchale horse collared rambis -- >> it was a celtics game? >> yeah. celtics game. me and robert townsend -- >> yeah, robert townsend. >> we went to the game and after that we got season tickets and i had them ever since. >> watching the lakers play turned you -- >> first of all, i'm from new york. so if the celtics come to the garden and play the knicks, they cod win the game. but they're not going to walk around the garden afterward. >> no, no. >> yeah, no. right? where's mario? you know what i'm talking about. he knows what i'm talking about. mario, come here. [ cheers and applause ]
12:59 am
come on, mario. >> a guy we just met in the audience. >> yeah, for the folks at home, you don't know who mario is, but you will. mario from brooklyn, right, mario? >> we just met mario in the studio audience before it began. >> you remember me? >> you have to talk into -- >> i'm trying to get a job. it was fun. >> you saw him every morning and you don't remember this guy? >> every morning. >> you saw me, did i speak to you? >> yes. >> what did i say you. i said hey, mario, how are you doing today? >> no, he'd have a cigar and sit back in the chair -- >> are you sure it was me? >> you were in "the taking of pelham 123." >> i think so. >> jay street, canal street. >> that's right. >> where else did we go? >> where else did we go?
1:00 am
[ laughter ] where else did we go? it's us now. that's right. >> and john -- >> shouldn't you be wearing a hat and selling newspapers yelling extra, extra right now in front of a newsstand? [ laughter ] >> mario, i want 10%, all right? >> for what? >> don't start stammering now. now you can't speak now. >> actually i woed with him on a better movie than that. okay? "more better blues". >> you're too young. get out of here! how old are you? >> 36. [ laughter ] >> going to the laker game? >> if i get tickets. >> why are you looking at me if i get tickets? if i get tickets? >> actually, tomorrow night -- >> hold on to that thought, d we'll be right ba take a break
1:01 am
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1:03 am
[ cheers and applause ] denzel washington is with us and we got to meet denzel's son, mario a little while ao. >> my young son, mario. yeah. >> he's back in the stands now. well, by the way, your kids are all athletes, aren't they? >> yeah. they all play sports. >> all play sports with the rams, your son plays -- >> a professional football player and my other son they won a state championship this year in high school. >> wow. unbelievable.
1:04 am
[ cheers and applause ] makes me so much more disappointed in my own children. >> it's early yet. >> you and john travolta spoke to each other mostly over the telephone in this movie. >> yeah. the first three weeks i was on camera and he was like in his dressing room on a mic. then the next three weeks he was in on camera and i was in the dressing room. >> could you go out to dinner and talk to him over the telephone? would there be a stand-in? yeah, i'm in the bathroom, john. let's go through the scene. >> right. right. no, we kind of -- we kind of -- i don't know if we did it on purpose but we stayed away from each other a little bit so it would be fresh when we do come together on the screen. >> oh, you're trying to say you don't like each other? >> that's right. no. no. john is a good, good man. >> yes, he's a very nice man. but i guess that's how real acting goes because it was me, i'd go, why do i need to be on -- put anybody else on the other end of the phone. >> right. right. >>n fact, i may have tried to trick him would have been my move. but i guess you're more honest


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