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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 21, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> jessica burton says it is a wake-up call. she saw them together. she said everything seemed fine. >> we can never be too careful. >> she is a bosnian immigrant here illegally, working for a company based in the united states. at that point, she did not leave the country. live, courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> investigators are trying to figure out a sheet cared for other children in the area. police would like to call them if you have information. new at 5:00, more questions about your safety. this is one of the older 1000 series cars at the end of the train. metro said it was not going to
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put those older model cars at the end of the train because it is dangerous. >> earlier this month, metro's gm says that all of the 1000 series cars are now safely -- safely sandwiched in the middle of the trains. there was a photo taken that revealed otherwise. joe took this photo of car number 1282. it was headed the shady grove at about 6:30 a.m.. that series of older cars was a bald in the fatal crash near last -- last month. >> i would think they should be careful after what just happened. >> several weeks ago, all of the 1000 series cars had been placed where they were considered safest. >> in a rare case, we will put a series 1000 in the trailing
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portion of the train. >> a spokesman says this is the first time since the announcement that these rail cars have made an appearance at either the front or back of a train. >> we were short some cars, so we made a decision to put the last two cars on the rear of the train to put service on the line. >> he says he tracked down the train and learned that it had made one trip to shady grove. at 7:00 a.m., the train was pulled from service. these writers say they feel comfortable that the system is safe. >> is metro. in time, they will get it all straightened out. >> i am fine with it. >> the red line has been running slower with fewer trains as they continue their investigation. metro says this is the first time since the gm announcement
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that the 1000 series cars were not in the middle of the train. live in northwest, julie parker, abc 7 news. an investigation from a deadly crash as far from over. there will be tracking until thursday. the trains will operate on manual mode indefinitely. several students studied abroad and china are quarantined because of possle exposure to a swine flu. the high school students from washington d.c. andylar mandr ti one stuntei has a confirmed case and is now hospitalized. other than hundreds of cases of swine flu, it has become deadly here. only five deaths have been reported. at a doctor is accused of being in possession of illegal -- of illegal drugs. his wife is speaking out, saying
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police had it all wrong when he was arrested. >> his trial is winding down as we speak. there could be a ruling at any moment. in the last few months, he has had his medical license pulled, arrested on a separate assault charge, it is on trial for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. his attorney and his wife are strongly denying these accusations. dr. ug m mug shot stands in sharp contrast to photos taken years earlier. his wife defended her husband, she insisted that we keep for camera at a distant -- at a distance. >> he is brilliant. >> authorities say they found drugs and drug paraphernalia inside, and according to state medical records, he tested positive for cocaine in a
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subsequent drug test. his attorney says his client did not use or possess drugs. the maryland board of physicians and trends -- and suspended the -- suspended his license after is it -- prescribing powerful drugs to patients. >> this is devastating. i would not wish this on anyone. it has practically destroyed our lives. >> dr. greenberg's wife says that within a month, she expects her husband to appeal the suspension of the medical license. he faces a separate trial after police say he has sold at a neighbor and took a swing at a police officer.
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the famous watergate hotel went up for auction today. it did not attract any bids. bidding opened up at $25 million, and there were no takers. 10 bidders had registered for the foreclosure auction. after the infamous break-in that landed president richard nixon's resignation. at test scores need to improve and maryland's schools. scores were up statewide and all grade levels in both reading and math except for fourth grade reading which was down slightly. baltimore city continues to lag behind the rest of the state. it is official. many prince george's county workers will have it two weeks off without pay. we are now live with why this will affect your safety. >> it was debat for months, and of the vote is in.
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it is unanimous that prince george's county council has approved nearly 6000 county workers will be forced to take 10 days off without pay by next june. the county residents say that because it will be devastating. >> i will not be able to make my mortgage payment. it will hurt. >> the idea was pushed through by jack johnson, hoping to put a dent on a budget deficit. he claims the housing crisis and thousands of unpaid taxes from foreclosures. >> we could not do the furlough and lay off 800 people. that is not an option. >> they are building a new museum. there are other contracts out there that can wait. >> this will save $20 million, but union leaders argue it is a
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dangerous price to pay when dealing with people's safety. >> [unintelligible] >> the president of the civilian association says that the move essentially takes 100 police officers off the street over the course of a year. >> maybe the 911 call doesn't get its -- it doesn't get dispatched as quickly as it should. >> it is important to note that this is all government employees except teachers. union leaders have tried this as a dictatorship by jack johnson. the county executive says it is the county's charter that allowed him to lower his salary -- if the county's charter allowed him to lower his salary, he would. and vanity spotted the northern chesapeake has been
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identified. the u.s. geological survey established to the manatee as a young male. he was found munching on grass in the maryland's harbor irina -- marina. you can see photographs and videos. aquarium officials urged people not to get too close to the animal. >> i think i would sneak out if i saw one of those things. >> amenities are huge. more rain could be on the way. >> of the meteorologist has the first look at the forecast for us. >> it looks like we have some nice cloud formations. it is warm and humid down here on the field of national park where the national state on the mats at 7:00 this evening. we have been watching a few of the thunderstorms off to the west oer west virginia.
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they were under a severe thunderstorm warning. up towards pittsburgh and cleveland, we wille se isolated showers chances. isolated will be a word that we hear a lot over the next few days. there are four or five ingredients that we need for widespread storms that are in place. we're going to drop down through the 80's in the evening hours. and isolated thunderstorms and the forecast, especially on the western fringes of the viewing area. it begins to look a little more like summer around here, but we have only had a quarter inch of rain. we need the rain, and we will highlight our rain chances coming up. back to you. >> a good year. coming up, and 89-year-old man is attacked in his home.
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neighborhood. >> and a respected harrd la hoscr was arrested afrteho a neighbor reports he broke into his home. why he is calling it racism. >> i am very sad and very ashamed. >> chris brown apologizes. are his fans going to forgive?
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authorities are trying to track down a person that videotape and espn reporter while she was alone in her room and posted it on the internet. the video shows. andrews standing nude in front of a hotel mirror. -- the video shows that iran andrews standing nude in front of a hotel mirror. prosecutors have drped a disorderly conduct charge against a harvard university scholar. thereported seeing it to black men trying to force open the front door. he returned, and found his front door jammed. he was the victim of racial profiling. the arrest was regrettable and
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unfortunate. tyler parry is paying for 65 children to go to out -- it to go to disney world. the black and hispanic children -- the valley club in huntington valley denied that it turned away kids because of their race. it was because of safety concerns. chris brown is apologizing to his fans and a girlfriend rihanna. he faces felony assault charges relating to an attack on rihanna. he agreed to get professional help at live his life a role model. speaking directly to his fans, he said he was sorry for the february incident that sent his girlfriend to the hospital. >> i have told her countless times, and i am telling you today that i am truly sorry. >> it was before the grammy awards. in this video, he does not offer
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details, but repeatedly expresses remorse. >> i am sad and ashamed of what i have done. >> some fans say it is too little too late. >> you have a face that everybody looks up to. >> atonement for something you did wrong is the best way. i think he should of done it sooner. >> i think he should get the professional help that he needs. >> it is up there with the most taboo issues in society, whether it is beating a woman or molesting a child, they are both the same. >> only time will tell whether fans willor f agivend forget. >> i can only pray you forgive me, please. >> brown's sentencing is scheduled for next month. he also has a new album scheduled to be released this fall. people are gathering in india for the longest solar
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eclipse of the century. on wednesday, the moon will pass between the earth and the sun blocking the sun for as much as six minutes and 39 seconds. if you're going to look at it, be careful. doug hill has been watching the skies. >> he has -- he is at a national park with the latest on the weather. >> if i had a dollar for everyone coming out -- coming up to me and asking if it is going right to die, i could afford a good dinner. the evening is sponsored for military families to take care of their kids, military needs for the national guard and reserve units that are fully deployed. they are going to be giving out thousands of t-shirts. it will be a lot of fun. we have a giant check to present
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tonight to. -- tonight, too. ad r aarndgihe rar and scan showsture tsc showsan that rain is probay no going to happen. sturp fto sirwill be levels arn fairfax. a light southwesterly breeze. ghe hi i. 85 the dew point levels areo u p up. warm, t, bu not at seaulho bde should be clo trweo 90 degrees for temperatures for this te nr day on the twenty first of july. weav83e raineares tu the northeastmt withre more clouds and cool temperatures only in the 70's. the real hot stu is in the deep south across texas.
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moisture is swinging to the central plains with a lot of storm activity there. we will see increasing tropical moisture off the east coast. all that is tropical moisture that will be touched by increasing southerly winds. that will make it very warm, humid, and a tropical-feeling around here. we're missing is the main at ingredient to touch offome thunderstorms. there is just a chance of isolated shower or thunderstorm over night. tomorrow, we will start at all over again. 80 by midday. 85 by the afternoon. maybe it isolated thunderstorm, but they will be few and far between. thursday will be a little bit bigger chance for showers and thunderstorms. the highs are expected near 87. friday looks like we will be closed to 90 degrees. isolated thunderstorms a possibility in morning and midday.
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saturday may be a great beach day. feeling like summer. we will be right back into again sunday through tuesday with highs in the upper 80's. , hazy, hot, and he met. reagan national airport, only a little bit of rain. no rain here for the mets and the nationals. >> a great day to be at the ballpark. tonight, primetime takes us inside the life of a family with a big challenge. what you do when the man of the family wants to become a woman, and how you tell the children? we are going to see how renee and chloe prince a struggle with how their life at home and in public has changed from the inside out. that is coming up on primetime family secrets followed by abc
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news at 11:00. an elderly man says he was scant and attacked. there may be more victims out there. >> and what local doctors say about a new weight-loss pill. >> are you looking for a new car? the safety crash tests are in. live from the
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trivet with gas prices heading upwards, many people are thinking about buying smaller cars. >> we have a look at how some two-door cars hold up in crash tests. >> the latest car crash tests are in. they show that sometimes, a two- door cars rate differently in safety than ford or models. don't let their size fool you, these cars may be small, but new tests that may have big benefits. what cars aren't bragging rights? the institute for highway safety broke it down. these to hold up well in front and, side, and a rear crash test. they are the top honors. the four focus and the volvo p30. >> the best performers are the ford focus and the volvo.
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>> they conduct a test on two- door cars to a see how well they hold up against their counterparts. the chevy kobold and the honda civic -- cobalt and honda civic square well. they had airbags that prevented serious head injury. recent studies indicate reran the crashes are the most common in the last. citing the zero crashes often cause most deaths. the ratings -- side crashes often cause most deaths. live from the satellite center, abc 7 news. >> for more video of those crash tests, go to the web site --
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website why police may never know what killed four little girls found dead in their mother's home. >> in stafford county, va., senior citizens square off
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captioned by the national captioning institute
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tonight, an elderly man survived a scam and an assault. police are wondering if there could be more victims out there. >> stafford county deputies caught up with the alleged con artist not far off of route 1 where they were near the man's house. they were caught behind this grocery store right here. stafford county deputies say this all happened after their confrontation with a senior citizen. the neighbors know what happened, especially those that have lived near here for a long time. the 89-year-old man fought off those who tried to take his money. >> i guess they were after money or whatever they could get ahold of. >> these four men face the barrel of the man's gun after they forced his way in and tried to attack him.
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>> he was able to get the gun from underneath the mattress and brandished a firearm, pointed it at them. >> they traveled and his red pickup truck. they had said they had been there row for -- before to repave his asphalt driveway. the victim paid them $2,000 in cash. they filed a report at the sheriff's office. the men had returned and were ransacking his house. that is when he pulled a gun on them. the scam artist left, but deputies caught up with them and arrested all four. >> watch out more closely. >> her driveway was resealed last month, but she was careful. >> nobody has stopped and tried to take our money. the >> the deputies believe that
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the elderly have been targeted specifically. if you have any information that might help investigators or you have been in contact with someone who has tried this can you, you can hit our web site at wlj -- website at lucky to be alive tonight after being trapped in a fiery crash. the man's jeep overturned and caught fire. the driver was unable to get himself or his dogs out of the car. authorities rescued the man and flow into the hospital was not life-threatening injuries. the dogs were taken tomanispahot toons contrnsucontiti trus yesterday afternoon.
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police are charging the driver of the van with reckless driving, driving license, and failing to obtain a virginia license. all men were sent to the hospital, most of them were not wearing a seatbelt. some remained in critical condition. more disturbing details of the trial of the woman killing -- the woman accused of killing her children. it is all about how the girls died, what happened? >> most of the day was focused on that. 16-year-old brittany's best friend said that her mother was verbally abused her in front of the other children calling her a slut and decor -- and a whore. most of today focused on the autopsy. the judge is trying to decide that these are cases of murder or neglect. twoassista
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were drilled after it -- about how they reached conclusions. most testified that they had marks on their necks, suggesting they had all been strangled. the bodies were in such divans -- such advanced to decomposition. they could not determine the exact cause of death. looking at the eyes to see if they had died from strangulation was impossible, because the eyes were gone. the fact that the 16-year-old sister was found dead in the next bedroom was what looked like stab wounds. they told the judge that they were demanding the deaths were homicides. the last known people seeing the dog -- seeing the daughters arrived -- the daughter is alive and took the stand today.
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they talked for more than ho she said she was homeschooling the girls and refused to let him inside the home. he saw the girls and explained that she had have documents before she could home school. as for the girls, they seemed healthy and clean. the mother told him that she did not need any help from the district. he went back to the house twice and drove past several more times. no one ever answered the door again. prosecutors maintn that the three young girls were killed in may of 2007. this is seven months before the bodies were discovered. live from the court, abc 7 news. drivers and virginia have the work place is to stop. 18 rest stops close overnight to save the state millions of dollars. orange barrels were placed at entrance ramps to signal the closures.
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we will see how traffic is all around the region this evening. >> traffic out there on the beltway in each direction across the american legion bridge, right out of bethesda across little road, and iraq reported iraq new wreck -- a new wreck reported. there is also one of the george washington parkway before you get on to the legion bridge. it is causing the delays on the parkway. in montgomery -- on montgomery village avenue, lanes are open. a new wreck reported near frederick county. it involves a police jarrett -- a police chase eastbound on interstate 70.
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the fourteenth street bridge has no incidents reported in either direction. all lanes are open as you head south for the beltway in springfield. a very slow ride up towards silver spring. that is a look attraffic, back to you. coming up, the answer c soon be found in a pill. >> and how local students are learning and helping the >> and how local students are learning and helping the envion car insurance.m what you might not know is that you can contact geico to see if you could save on homeowner's and renter's insurance too. for more information call 1-800-947-auto or check the yellow pages for an office near you.. [tires screeching] [screech] accidents can happen anytime.
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that's why geico's here 24 hours a day, every day. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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it many of our area's streams are polluted. >> and there is a less expensive option that helps students learn at the same time. >> looking in many rivers and streams are contaminants. some you can see, and some you can't. chemicals can ruin waterways and everything in them. biologists are keeping up with students from eleanor roosevelt high school to try to clean up the waterways. the program began during the school year and continues through summer break as students
5:40 pm
try and to find the source of toxic leaks. students put clams in the streets and set up water. >> you can come and see them. >> clams clean the water, absorbent toxins in their tissue. the clams are collected from streams, and scientists pry them open to detach them from their shelves. lab test review -- reveal the secrets, the kinds of pollutants and the water. >> hopefully, we can get rid of these sources. >> there is a banned pesticide believed buried years ago that is slowly leaking. the discovery was wide -- was eye opening for the students. >> i thought it was " you can tell the health of a stream by analyzing plant -- it was cool that you can tell theealth of the stream by analyzing clams.
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>> in the newsroom, abc 7 news. coming up next, more than luggage fell out of a plane's overhead bins. >> my goal is to lose 50 pounds. >> while achieving it could be as easy as taking a pill.
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if we don't act, medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act.
5:43 pm
the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
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we look at a new drug that can help you lose weight. >> one of the first clinics to test it out is right here in northern virginia. >> a weight-loss clinic in arlington tested the pill on about 30 patients in our area. the results have doctors and the field buzzing. it could hit the market as early as next year. it is hard to find an america who has never been on a diet. >> i just started trying to lose some weight. >> my goal is to lose 50 pounds. the >> 26% of americans are obese. a drug called contrave can go further. half reported weight loss of at least 5%.
5:45 pm
an average of over 17 pounds. >> from a medical perspective, it is very significant. >> at the washington center for weight management and research, they oversaw the study. contrave is a combination of two drugs, a widely used antidepressant and alcohol and drug use drug. it controls under. >> it works on cravings. it is a problem in our environment. >> is a heavy-duty drug cocktail that some have concerns about. the fda asked for a black box warning on one of the key ingredients in contrave, an increase in suicidal thinking. the drug is quickly moving forward, not a silver bullet for weight loss, but to treat the serious condition of obesity.
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it has passed the food and drug administration requirements for effectiveness and plans to seek fda approval early next year. also, new guidelines about labor induction during pregnancy. the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists say at women need to be at least 39 weeks long before they should be induced. the previous guidelines said it was all right as long as the baby was full term,r 37 weeks. labor's induced about 27% of pregnancies in the u.s.. tonsils are being removed for sleep related breathing issues. students gain greater attention span, the results of getting a better night's rest. the study does not back up previous research that tonsil removal can be a valid treatment
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for a phd. -- for adhd. the crew of the space shuttle endeavor was tweeting today. they had some great advice. when it comes to sneezing, it is best that one aim as well. -- one aimes well. it sounds like a horror film, but this one was all too real for those on board southwest airlines flight. the scorpion attack the passenger medfly. a 44-year-old says that something dropped from above him. he felt a pain on his hand. the panic set in when his 10 year-old son opened the overhead compartment and saw several more scorpions. >> there were three little
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babies. one was the bottom of my bag, and there was to alive. i killed them both. >> no word on how the scorpion's got on the plane. they can crawl and the clothing and shoes as easily as spiders. >> was samuel jackson on that flight? things could get a little confusing next month, because, -- the two met and are both named kelly. they struck up a conversation, began the day, and they are engaged to be buried. -- began to date, and they are engaged to be married. president obama continues to try to pump new life into his
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health care rerm plan. who is the targeting today? the republican candidate for governor bob macdonald has plans to fix transportation problems in northern virginia. coming up at 6:00, what a sales tax at liquor stores will play in his master plan. we will have that for you. he did not say whether or not they were happy to find out it was not going to rain. >> it would be nice to cool things off. if you walk up the steps here up to the mezzanine, it is about 10 of 15 degrees cooler there. bu have been watching theudhe cs ild here, we see these very small downpours. there is a liteownpour and some lightning just northeast of buoyou moving across the line into howard co.offo thetheo, s'g
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to the northeast. most will stay to the rest -- to e thweue othgef blid r. watertoidts po s willpol a brief little shower like we're seeing t b alet's checktouhe temperatures. degrees reported in manassas. in fact, we will see a push of tropical moisture, the upper level winds will create showers and thunderstorms, and it will be hit and miss tomorrow. we will have a better chance of showers and storms on tuesday. on wednesday, look for skies to be partly sunny, warm and humid with isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. we also have an increasing chance of thunderstorms on thursday afternoon, berry summer like.
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saturday as a hot, sunny day it looks like. that is it from the field. what i would get to have a uniform on and be playing third base. not going to happen. >> don't have any flashbacks. they could use some help. there were 0-5 since the all- star break. doug, the trade deadline is 10 days away. we're looking at you. we have some video of fantasy camp. rumors are rampant. and they want you to come in and fix the seventh inng tonight. look at you. this is just two years ago. the good news, that was 50 pounds ago, too. [laughter] >> are you ready? >> i want to play, buddy. believe me.
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>> keep the dream alive. the nationals are on the field right now. they play the mets tonight. july 31 used to be a huge day for player movement. the nats like their young new players. the players are still very optimistic. they try to respond to the brand new manager. >> we all go out and work hard. we tried to prepare ourselves for the win, but we have been coming up short after the all- star break. hopefully, we can go out and get a number one and get that one ouof the way and get on the road. >> i say they win tonight. lance armstrong felt better about his performance today. he is still a minute and 37 seconds behind. there was a tremendous crash at high speed.
5:53 pm
bernard lost control and went over his handlebars. he was said to have lost consciousness over head trauma. he was airlifted, and there has not been an update on his condition laugh -- condition yet. a terrible crash today. there you have it. a dangerous sport. up next, they make their way to capitol hill. >> what they want
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they want congress to help them and their families recovered. we're live with what the wounded warriors are saying. dodge they're saying that there is a belief that we support the troops. we often forget about them when they come on. congress is just as forgetful, they say. it is not just about the wounded warriors, the fight is about the families. for sara way, and has been a long and exhausting journey to
5:57 pm
capitol hill after losing an arm and suffering traumatic brain injury in iraq. it required some extremely have. -- extremem rehab -- extreme rehab. therefore, it came at the time and expense of his wife. it did not solve the bigger problem. >> we have met families that are facing the exact same problems we had 5.5 years ago. >> the wounded warrior project took up the cause. not just for the troops, but for their families. >> many have lost their jobs, health care, and the savings. >> her son requires round-the- clock care. that meant cindy, a single parent, had to quit work >> what happens a fight and up
5:58 pm
with cancer? >> this group is pushing congress for the creation of a caregiver program. it would mean monetary compensation for care givers, extend health benefits to those that have given up their jobs and offered a mental health support. for every wounded warrior, there is a family making its own difficult sacrifices. one of these measures would also provide training for families to care for the wounded. the house is considering a weaker version right now, but it might exclude some needs. the wounded warrior project is trying to persuade them to make the improvements. they're not sure if the white house will sign off. it all cost money. live in the newsroom, abc 7 news. that will do it for the news at 5:00. at 6:00, president obama goes after he tackles the health care reform plan. a
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harvard scholar is arrested outside his home, police dropped charges, but is not over yet. a student in china comes down with swine flu. captioned by the national captioning institute we began on the safety of metro. the failure that caused last month's deadly crash may be widespread. four lines failed to detect trains. metro has stepped up since the accident, and repairs have been made. after last month's deadly crash, all 1000 series were supposed to have been placed in the middle of train configurations. that is not what we found this morning. here is a picture of a 1000 series car at the end of the train. the general manager says that these cars have been placed in the center of the trains.


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