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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 25, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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i am concerned about hard- working folks who want nothing more than the security of knowing they can get the care they need. >> president obama makes a new push for health-care reform. it it looks like congress will not pass health care reform before leaving on the summer recess, but the president is continuing to push his top priority. breanne carter has the latest. >> the president says small businesses are the companies that sustain communities, but they are also getting crushed by skyrocketing health-care costs. this person's family has owned and operated casual ventures and arlington, 15 years, and still provides health care for some employees. >> we pay for half of the hmo coverage. it is getting expensive.
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>> while they have been fortunate, other small businesses have had to drop health care coverage for laid- off employees. it said in a new white house report, president obama said small businesses pay up to 18% more than large businesses for health care. >> is not sustainable and not acceptable. >> under the president's plan, small businesses would be of the purchase health care through an exchange program, giving the owners a chance to compare the prices and plans of many providers. companies that provide coverage for employees would also be given a tax credit, but not everyone on capitol hill agrees. >> i believe it is much more important to do the right thing, which remains reducing -- which means reducing health-care costs. >> this man is not sure if or how he will benefit. >> i do not know how much it will be and what kind of option it will be. i do not have enough
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information. >> the president originally had hoped congress would vote before the august recess, but he says he expected to be ready for his signature by the fall. breanne carter, abc 7 news. senate majority leader harry reid says he expects to resume negotiations on the bill once congress returns in september. president obama is trying to quell the controversy surrounding the arrest of harvardfero h por gssryenates jr.. ryhe invited gates and the cambridge mass. police officers sergeant james crowley to the white house. the both accepted the vitation. gates said it is time to move on. he hopes his arrest will lead to greater sensitivity about racial profiling. hundreds of protesters took to the streets of d.c. tonight, calling for the release of activists in iran, part of a global demonstration. john gonzalez has the details
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from the national mall. >> hundreds have gathered. this is one of dozens of rallies around the world. about 110 in cities like berlin, amsterdam, and new york city. hundreds of protesters are here in d.c., condemning what they call human rights abuses by the iranian government. this is in light of last month's disputed presidential election and the turmoil that has continued in that nation. it dozens of protesters have been killed and more than 100 arrested and detained. today, the protesters, many of whom are wearing green and solidarity, are demanding those protesters be freed. we spoke with an organizer and i asked how this affects the rest of the world. >> iran has led the islamic world and many different ways, the islamic revolution in 1979. now this movement will itself,
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10 years from now you'll see other countries following the example. >> while hundreds of thousands of protesters around the wor have called for the resignation of current iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad, from what they call a corrupted election last month, the revolutionary guards today announced if israel attacks their nation, they will bomb nuclear plants in tel aviv. these protesters believe that is no coincidence. this rally started at 18th and k in northwest d.c., marching down the streets as we speak. they will eventually end up here on the national mall, several hours tonight. my from the national mall, john gonzales -- live from the national mall, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. d.c. police are cracking down with all hands on deck this weekend, meaning that all available officers are on duty and on patrol through the city. they're speaking with committee members about crime.
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police chief cathy lanier is having them patrol and serve communication between residents and the police. the police are investigating an imysterious rdered inside of her fairfax he.coom the bo mmhurdesay on hummer road in annandale. richard reeve has the very latest on the investigation. >> cynne, as officers continue to investigate, we're learning more about the victim. she lived in this home that is also a business. she was a wife, mother, and she operated this facility about four years. yesterday, something went terribly wrong. the police have remained on the scene more than 24 hours, looking for evidence in the stabbing death of 53-year-old chung auh. >> that is horrible. how we can treat people around here. >> officers responded to the 911 call at the acupuncture clinic
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on hummer road around 4:00 p.m. friday. sources said chung auh was found tied up and stabbed in a bathroom and discovered by a customer. >> this is a tragedy. >> the death has sparked headlines in the caribbean- american newspaper. community leaders are voicing concerns about homicide inside the area business in broad daylight. -- in the korean-american newspapers. >> it is our community and it is sad. >> sources say she had to be a security cameras in the building, also used as a residence by her and her husband. this frequent customer said she would not lock her doors during business hours. >> you open the front door and people are in and out. >> detectives are continuing to work here.
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customers say she was a crime -- kind, christian woman, survived by her husband and two grown children. detectives expect to be here seral more days. richard reeve, abc 7 news. people looking for bargain- basement deals on new homes have found exactly what they were looking for today. hundreds of first-time home buyers and seasoned investors came to the grand hyatt hotel in northwest for home auction. 240 houses and d.c., maryland, virginia, delaware were on the auction block. >> it is a little difficult out there. i'm trying to get lucky. >> the properties are on sale. you can fix them and make a little money. >> homes that were once worth as manage as 3 $2,000 sold for a quarter of their original cost in some cases. -- some homes that were worth as much as $300,000 sold for a
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quarter of their original cost in some cases. brian van de graaff has the weather forecast. >> 're watching showers off to the we liveu sperpe doppler 7 radar, motion, some of thetorms have ldog tether. shi tathi arnings to the north andoh, ut e metro, lightning possilinits ie frederick, western loudoun county, fauquier county. sunshine e li thud ghe clouds are in, fillin i showers moving in. most of us still in the 80's, some storms in the evening. the rest of the weekend forecast coming up. still to come up -- she is stepping down tomorrow. how is alaska governor sarah palin spending her final hours in office? a deadly firefight in afghanistan. and an airplane crashes a few feet from a highway.
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a small plane crashed near an oklahoma city highway, critically injuring all five people on board. it went down in front of a bank. nobody on the ground was hurt. firefighters say it look like the pilot was trying to make an emergency landing when it hit a tree and crashed into the ground. the faa officials are still on the scene. an american airlines flight returned to boston for an mersey landing. it was headed for pr when somebody smelled smoke. it returned to the airport to be checked out. passengers were put on other flights. maintenance workers examined the plane. a top u.s. envoy in afghanistan met with president
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karzai and his top challengers. presidential elections are scheduled for next month. tight security will be in place as taliban fighters continued attacks. militants armed with automatic weapons attacked eastern afghanistan today. the seven militants died. supporters of the ousted honduran president zelaya blocked a highway, calling for a return of him. they quickly retreated back into nicaragua when about 100 supporters clashed with the police. the former president was ousted in a coup last month. up next, sarah palin is spending her final weekends governor of alaska. what is next? and what is in store for the rest of the weekend? brian van de graaff is tracking the latest.
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this is the final weekend in office for alaska governor and former vice presidential ninee sarah palin. she is spending her final 48 hours in office sharing hot dogs at picnics across the state. she steps down tomorrow. as for her future plans, no one seems to know. >> is spent a couple days with her. she would be good. >> even her father does not know her plans. palin said she is resigning because of the constant distraction of ethics investigations. as she leaves, an independent investigator says she may have improperly raised money for her legal defense. a metro train operator has
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been placed on leave after opening doors on the wrong side of the platform. madrid says the operator took a drug and alcohol test and the incident is under investigation -- metro said. if you plan on running the blue line tonight or tomorrow, give yourself extra time. metro said crews will be working on the rails between the stadium armory and addison road seat pleasant. metro says to add at least 30 minutes to your trip. a lightning strike targeted a florida woman's car while she was driving down the highway. the woman and her son were driving through fort lauderdale when severe weather hit. emergency crews were called to the scene, but neither the driver nor her son were injured. very lucky. that is scary. >> not our weather here has
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been -- are weaeerer h has er been war >>we shorsndhors thrmdetorss continue toar m down th.piarke livepe surpl der d 7r, dara off heda wt,t, hogin together motass the sgetoto.y erth gin to stay together. they are causing heavy downpours and lightning. up toward frederick and down toward leesburg, a little bit closer, we're talking point of rocks, next in line damascus, gaithersburg. to the south, mclean, warrenton perry -- warrenton. look for heavy downpours. the big picture shows a severe thunderstorm watch and pennsylvania and southwestern virginia. around here, it is not of the severe nature at this point. that is good.
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if anything pops up, we will let you know. more more sure of to the west. arlington 88 degrees, the wind is dusty out of the south, southeast, shifting out of the southwest. the clouds have bnee building as the afternoon goes on, and the rain has fallen in some areas. 85 degrees fairfax station. nationals park 80 degrees, 87 degrees waldorf. it will get stickier as the week approaches. at 89 degrees fairfax, 88 mom trust. -- 80 degrees montross. tomorrow, look for strong storms, partly cloudy, showers and storms to be stronger as the front continues to push through. tomorrow not as lovely as today. we anticipate some showers part of the forecast. through the evening, hot, a line
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of storms approaching from the west. bad time, should be wrapping up with the storms. tomorrow, 60's, low seventies, sunshine early. more showers and storms as the afternoon wears on. at the beach, low 80's from the jersey shore, delmarva, mid-80s virginia beach and the outer banks. thderstorms as well at the beach. monday and tuesday, same drill, hot, humid, afternoon storms likely. >> we definitely need the rain. thank you. we are ready for some football. >> on the doorstep of redskins' training camp, tim brant went out and had a sit down with head coach jim zorn. sports is coming up.
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the washington nationals probably thought they had a good chance against the san diego padres, the worst hitting team in the national league. somehow, they found their high bats. five-one at the san diego. the bottom of the seventh, the nationals say we will come back. bases loaded, christian guzmna, but washington falls, 6-2. washington redskins coach jim zorn is putting the final touches on his plan for the redskins' training camp. they open training camp next thursday. in a conversation with tim brant, the ever optimistic coach says he is expecting big things from his team this season. >> what we continue to fight, and that was really a testament
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to the quality of guys we have here. nobody gave up. there was not a coach or player who cashed in because we were not going to go to the playoffs. let's talk about golf, england, the senior british open. dogfight between fred norman and -- between norman and fred funk. fred funk falls apart on the back of the golf course, double bogey. here is on 15. funk is nine under after three rounds. greg norman taking advantage of the opening. norman is the leader after three rounds, 10 under par. >> canadian open, 15th hole, olson at the t. parry -- olson at the tee. watch this, it bounces and rolls.
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it hits another ball. will it go in, absolutely. he gets a bmw roadster for doing that. what do you think of that? >> i love it. a nasty crash at the hungarian grand prix. the driver lost control. a piece of debris, and he crashes, right through the barrier. he was rushed hospital where he is undergoing surgery. wnba all-star time, and the mystics will be represented with a light beard. -- with alaina beard. she is out, that is a three- point play. she finished with 14. the west had total control. that jumper is money.
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record scoring 130 points and the west wins the game. nice game for beard though. we will be right bk.
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a bride to be in iowa -- idaho took the plunge, literally. joy to an amusement park in boise. she says she got the idea from her photographer, who captured the moment on camera. do not worry, the bride to be is not going to be married in that saudi dress. she borrowed it for the photo shoot. -- she will not be married in that soggy dress.
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>> that looks cool. >> it is a memory. we have couple of thunderstorms off to the ederick, mdou thrghud n ou county. rnom mtg wonerte meresrn axrfai,rfti essenally coming through prince william and fauquier county is. and it will work its way east of town and be out of here. more thunderstorms tomorrow, scattered, hot. same deal monday through saturday. broken record, high heat and high humidity. true july-like temperatures. >> we have been waiting for it. >> the daily rain chances are good for us. >> the grass definitely needs the water. thank you for joining us tonight. we will see you back here at 11:00. have a good evening.
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i'm david muir. on "world news" this saturday


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