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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 4, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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against our troops since the war began. the first doses of swine flu vaccine arrive in doctors' hands this week. as the country launches its fiercest prevention battle in history. who should get it first? we'll ask the doctor who knows. a portrait emerges of the man charged of taking nude photos of an espn reporter. and posting them online. but friends and neighbors paint a different portrait. and one you might expect. and "whip it." the fastest girls on eight wheels are back on the screen. we'll tell you what keeps roller derby spinning back in pop we'll tell you what keeps roller derby spinning back in pop culture again and again. captions paid for by abc, inc. good m good morning, america. >> good morning, it's sunday, october 4th. they are fierce on that track. >> we got a great look behind
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the scenes of that sport. >> coming up in the next half hour. we're going to talk about swine flu this morning. the efforts against the swine flu getting kicked up a notch this week. more than 500,000 doses will arrive in doctors' offices. despite a big campaign by the government, still a lot of parents not convinced that their children should get the vaccine. we'll talk to dr. richard besser. also, yet another sign the recession is far from over, unemployment hitting a 26-year high, closing in on 10%. there are six times as many people out of work as there are available jobs. and other subtle signs, including kitchen table haircuts and empty billboards. we're looking at uncommon economic indicators. also, an unlikely twist over the gay marriage. a judge in texas has grantd that state's first gay divorce to a couple married three years ago in massachusetts. but, since texas has a constitutional ban on same-saex
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unions to begin with, this could be a landmark legal fight. we'll might one half of the divorcing couple coming up. first, ron claiborne is here with a look at the headlines. we begin with that breaking news from afghanistan, where at least eight american soldiers have been killed in a more daylong battle with taliban fighters. at two military outposts. abc's nick schifrin joins us now from afghanistan with the latest. good morning, nick. >> reporter: ron, the fighting was still raging 36 hours after this attack began. hundreds of taliban militants launched what the u.s. said a massive and complex assault on multiple bases in northeast afghanistan. it began early saturday morning, when a taliban left a local village and a local mosque to attack multiple bases in the area, with what the u.s. calls massive firepower. in response the u.s. brought in what a spokesman called anything
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that was available. in the area. including airstrikes and additional troops. now, this was the deadliest day for the u.s. in afghanistan in more than a year. last june, nine u.s. soldiers were killed in an ambush just a few miles from the base. and officials in indonesia fear the death toll from last week's earthquake could double. as hope for finding more survivors in the rubble is fading fast. more than 700 deaths have been confirmed so far. thousands more are still missing. abc's clarissa ward has more. >> reporter: home upon home. leveled to the ground. we drove four hours from the city of padang deep into the jungle, where tiny villages bore the brunt of massive landslides. 12 people leaving in this house. all of them completely buried by the mud. the stench of decaying bodies is incredibly overpowering here. so far, they have been able to
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pull out the bodies of two young boys. with only the basic of tools, it's an incredibly slow process. trees uprooted. body bags piled up as rescuers pushed on. at least four villages have been wiped out by landslides. with officials estimating as many 600 are dead beneath the mud. and some 200 wedding guests were buried alive. the brother of the bride says he has no idea of anyone of his family surviving. the hope of finding survivors here has faded. but the grieving process is far from over. for "good morning america," i'm clarissa ward, abc news, padang. and the head of the iran monitoring agency will let u.n.
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inspectors into its facility later this month. they'll visit the site on october 25th. one day after the iranian president said that president obama had made a mistake of accusing iran of hiding the facility. new york times is reporting that an u.n. analysis has found iran acquired enough information to produce a workable nuclear bomb. back in this country, wildfire is burning in southern california. it has destroyed three homes, more than 50 homes have been evacuated. it's only 5% contained. finally, they are crowd favorites at new jersey nets basketball games and they're all over the age of 60. auditions for nets' senior sational dance team were held this week in silence. the team is in its fourth year performing at that nets games. >> fantastic. >> good morning, everyone. the first weekend of october. i'm talking about snow and it's
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in oregon. they're practicing their rescues. not enough snow to open up the mountain but enough to look pretty. montana get about a foot of snow. cooler temperatures. at least grorm. it is a spectacular morning here in the nation's capital. chilly out there. 58 downtown. 58 in leesburg. yesterday we made it up to 77 degree. it was a summer-like day out there. no rain yesterday and none expected today. we'll see temperatures today in the lower 70's. through the day today, watch as the temperatures rise. very pleasant out there. breezy, those winds out of the >> thanks >> thanks so much. more on sunday outlook later on in the show.
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bill? today's the official start to flu season. but of course, it's not regular influenza but h1n1. according to the cdc, 27 states are already reporting widespread swine flu cases. as john mckenzie reports, doctors hoping they can vaccinate as many people as fast as they can. >> reporter: with the h1n1, the new vaccine cannot arrive fast enough. it's already been tested. and now, one of the ambitious influenza vaccination program in the u.s., hospitals and clinics, schools and doctors' office, will begin receiving their first shipments this week. 600,000 tubes of nasal spray vaccine. another 40 million to 50 million vaccine doses should be ready the following week. each state will decide where the supplies will be shipped.
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who should get the first vaccine batch is clear? health care workers, children, pregnant women, and people with chronic health conditions. such arizona asthma. >> it will be a little bit chaotic. if they want to get it from their private physician, find out if their doctor has it. >> reporter: but many americans are anxious about this new vaccine. a recent survey finds that about 6 in 10 adults are not certain they will get vaccinated. 4 in 10 parents aren't sure they'll get their children vaccinated. >> i spoke to my doctor and right now, there's not enough background information on the vaccine. >> this vaccine is produced like the annual seasonally vaccine is produced. we're very secured about how it was produced and tested. this is a safe vaccine and it's going to be very effective.
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>> reporter: with the first shipment of vaccine to arrive, health care officials still have to sell it to many skeptical americans. for "good morning america," john mckenzie, abc news, new york. and our senior health medical correspondent is here, dr. richard besser is here this morning. let's clear up some of the confusion here. you heard some of it in the piece. there are 4 in 10 parents saying they're not sure they're not going to get it if their kids. why should you get this vaccine for your children? >> i take this flu very seriously. while many people are seeing friends who have the flu, we're also hearing reports of children who are healthy one day, who get this flu, and have died. i also think that it's important that we don't overplay what we think we know about this flu. when we look back over history, at pandemics, at times the first wave that comes through is mild. what comes after that is much more severe. i take it seriously.
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as a parent and as a pediatrician, if i can keep a child from getting an illness that will keep them out of school, that's doing something. >> and there's also the argument if you don't do it, you're jeopardizing everybody -- if we don't all do it, there's no protection of everyone. >> i think that's an important reason why i'm going to get vaccinated and my children will get vaccinated. certain groups -- pregnant women is one group, last week the cdc reported that 100 pregnant women sent to the intensive care unit and 28 who died. if we all get vaccinated we protect them from getting this infection. >> our medical unit reached out to pediatrician, primary care physicians, about 70 have responded. most of those doctors said yes, i'm advising patients to get the vaccine. but we know that a lot of pediatricians, mine own inclu d included, say, i don't think we should get this right now. why not let the kids get sick
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and develop a natul immunity to the swine flu. can you help us understand the mixed messages that we're getting? >> two things are going on, a misconception that this vaccine was developed in a way different from the flu vaccine every year. the same productive methods. the same testing that's done every year coming up with a new vaccine. the other point is that people put this in a different category than other infections. i used to have parents that said, i would rather my kids get the chickenpox than get the chickenpox shot. that idea that this is all mild is out there. >> as far as you're concerned, very quickly, it is safe. >> this vaccine is safe. >> dr. besser, thanks for clarifying. appreciate your time. now to politics and economy.
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last week, brought yet another grim unemployment report. 263,000 more jobs lost, far more than expected. for the bottom line on how that's playing in washington. we're joined by the host of "this week," george stephanopoulos. friday's unemployment rate at 9.8%. that's the highest since 1983. is there any good news out there, any positive economic indicators out there? >> there have been several months of positive economic signs. we have seen the stock market going up since march. it seemed for several months, home prices had stabilized. lot of economists predicting that we would see growth in this quarter. but you're right. friday was a real blow. the report was much worse than people expected. we now have had 21 straight months of job loss. 15 million americans out of work and a third of those have been out of work for six months. so this is an issue that hits home for most americans and most painful for most americans right now.
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and it's creating a new debate on whether the government should be doing more. >> you have alan greenspan on the program this morning. the former fed chairman. what will you ask him? >> these are a few people in the country who know more about the economy in the country than former federal reserve chairman greenspan. the questions, how much worse is this going to get? a possibility of another downturn. a double dip in this recession. what should the government should be doing. we'll get into that debate with two key members of the senate finance committee. chuck schumer and john cornyn. they came up to the edge of passing their health care reform bill this week. >> right. the president arguing this weekend that health care reform would create jobs and help the
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economy, do you think that will go over well in congress? >> it's an argument that he has to make. the republicans have been saying that this is going to be a job killer. one of the key points at issue right now, in addition to the cost. because not only americans concerned about unemployment but also the deficit. there's a real tension between dealing with those issues. >> george, thank you so much. so much more on the economy coming up this morning on "this week." espn reporter erin andrews was back on the sidelines, a day after a man accused of stalking her was arrested. the suspect was in court yesterday. eric horng has been following the story. >> reporter: erin andrews did not know the suspect. michael barrt, doesn't seem to fit the profile of a criminal stalker. a clean-cut sales executive. described by friends as just a regular guy. michael david barrett stood quietly in court. handcuffed and dressed in a prison jump suit.
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as a judge ordered that he transferred to los angeles to face felony stalking charges. he posted the recordings on the internet after trying to sell them. his attorney says, the allegations are out of character of his client, his attorney said. >> i have known him for a number of years. >> reporter: the 47-year-old divorced father was arrested friday night at chicago's o'hare airport. in court papers, the fbi said at least on two occasions barrett recorded erin andrews with his cell phone camera. after tampering with the peepholes of her hotel room doors. he allegedly learned which rooms she was occupying, just by asking the hotel worker. to book a room next to her. erin seen just last night covering college football is relieved by the arrest and she said in a statement -- she talked about her ordeal with oprah last month. >> i kept screaming. i'm done. my career is over.
8:16 am
i'm done. get it off. get it off the internet. get it off. >> reporter: barrett has no history of serious crimes and abc has learned that he's held high-level sales. his neighbors describe him as nice. >> he was always very friendly. he would say hi. nothing out of the ordinary >> reporter: he remains in custody in chicago. he's due back in court to figure out how he'll be transferred to los angeles. if convicted, he faces up to five years behind bars, bill. >> okay, eric horng. now, we turn to texas, the next legal battle over gay marriage, where a judge granted the state's first gay divorce and declared the state's ban on gay marriage unconstitutional. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> good morning.
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>> if i understand this right, you married your husband in massachusetts. three years ago. and because of your job and a sick relative, don't want to have to move back. established residency to get the divorce. but knowing that texas doesn't recognize your marriage, what did you expect when you filed? >> well, i think, in reality, i'm not sure we really knew what to expect. but there's a full faith credit law that says, if you have a legal event in another state and you move to texas you're paying your taxes here. and if you need to split your assets, we'll protect you under the state laws of texas. it doesn't say, if and when, there's no qualifiers. >> and when a judge ruled in your favor, what was your reaction? >> after ten months, some of it is relief. some of it is sadness and some of it is overwhelmed. because, the flood gates opened again. >> this is such the emotional
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opposite of couples beaming on the courthouse steps in massachusetts or iowa. but did you take time to celebrate this as a victory? >> i don't think the end of anyone's marriage can celebrated as a victory. >> gay marriage advocates are celebrating this as an interesting way to get the whole issue in front of state supreme courts and then possibly the u.s. supreme court. how much of that motivated you here? >> from the beginning, i have said this is not a test case. i'm not the poster child. in reality, for ten months, there have been two people on the plane. the pilot and myself. in the cabin alone. if anybody else wanted to bring their cause to the table, they could have been there. some of the greatest negative feedback that i have gotten has been from the legal community in
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the gay and lesbian community. you can't just jump on when you want to and claim your stake. this is my battle over the full faith credit. not -- this is not about gay and lesbian marriage. >> peter, the texas attorney has vowed to appeal. how long are you gentlemen prepared to fight this? >> you know, it's funny the only individual that has made this is a test case is the attorney general of texas. when we filed this divorce, we didn't have a press conference on the courthouse steps. this what we're doing. we looked at this case for many weeks before we filed. and said this was the only way to get my client a divorce so that he could separate his assets. the attorney general, there's an election coming up. my challenge is, let's step up and not confuse the issue. this is not about gay marriage, this is about gay divorce. as they move into a very complicated political season
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next year. >> all right, we appreciate your time this morning. and we'll be right back. coming up on "good morning america" -- a cut above. what they say about the state of the economy, haircuts. and roll with it, a new movie celebrating a whole new generation of girls spinning across the country. i couldn't believe i was actually having a heart attack. i remember being at the hospital, thinking about my wife. i should have done more totake care of myself., now i'm exercising, waching my diet, and i trust my heart to lipitor. (announcer) unlie some other, cholesterol lowering medications, lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and certain kinds ! of heart surgeries in patients with several common risk factors
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besides my husband, and dogs, and family. with the chantix and with the support system, it worked. it worked for me. (announcer) talk to your doctor to find out if prescription chantix is right for you. >> good morning. it is 8:27. in the news, thousands of runners laced up their shoes for the army 10 mile this morning. that means a lot of rose closures. the race started at 8:00 in arlington. it roads are expected to ope back up around noon. now with a check of the forecast withday. good morning, dave. >> good morning, kathy. a good morning to hit the pavement out there. as we go through the day today, look for the temperatures at
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noon to be around 70. windy conditions out there. 15-mile-per-hour but a great day out there. more of the same tomorrow. >> thanks, dave and thank you more of the same tomorrow. >> thanks, dave and thank you for watching we'll be back at the magic of the internet doesn't just happen. we're working every day, the inventors, the creators, the builders; spending tens of billions every year, competing and innovating to make it faster, smarter, and safer. it's a great collaboration-- those who use the internet to do amazing things and the companies that keep building and improving it. and we want everyone, everywhe in america to be part of it. we're broadband for america, your partners in this amazing journey.
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♪ fish for breakfast. that's an eagle coming in for
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some fish there over clayoquot sound on the west coast of vancouver, canada. so peaceful. take you there coming up. >> can't wait for that. >> good morning, america. i'm kate snow. >> and i'm bill weir. thanks for joining us. the latest action movie flick to hit theaters. "whip it" is drew barrymore's directorial debut. it's set in the world of roller derby. we'll meet some of the women who do this for real. one woman who said she lost 65 pounds. they love feeling pretty and violent at the same time. >> it's an interesting piece coming up. also, are you making cuts because of the recession? literally cutting your own hair. this is a 5-year-old getting a buzz cut from his dad at home. there's been a surge in at-home
8:31 am
haircuts. one of the uncommon economic indicators we're taking a look at coming up. >> ron claiborne goes out to -- >> you heard about that one. >> we begin with more details on that breaking news out of afghanistan, where at least eight americans have been killed. abc's nick schifrin joins us again from afghanistan. nick? >> reporter: ron, u.s. troops were badly outnumbered in this attack. hundreds of taliban fighters launched the attack early saturday morning, it was still raging more than 36 hours after they left a local village to attack a joint u.s./afghan base as well as multiple bases in the area. the u.s. responded with quote, anything it had available, according to a spokesman, including airstrikes and
8:32 am
additional u.s. troops. this was the deadliest day for u.s. troops in afghanistan in more than a year. last june, nine soldiers were killed. just a few miles from the base that was attacked yesterday morning. this attack could have not come at a worse time in this country. the political situation is extremely volatile. president hamid karzai has been accused by his rivals of quote, stealing this election. by the end of the week, we'll know the final results of this election and we'll know if president karzai has been re-elected. ron? >> thanks, nick. and in other news, israeli police say palestinian protesters hurled bottles. after being barred from one of the holiest shrines. police said they dispersed 150 demonstrators. at least 16 people have died in the latest typhoon that hit philippines. landslides from the typhoon buried two families in separate villages. it spared manila.
8:33 am
the storm is now headed toward taiwan. in chicago, hundreds of mourners attended a funeral for 16-year-old who was beaten to death on his way home from school. among the mourners, reverend jesse jackson. finally the skateboarding dog is helping bring customers to his owner's car dealership. in danville, virginia. the owners found the dog playing with their son's skateboard and he's been riding ever since, the dog not the son. good morning, everyone. it looks like the northeast is starting to clear out after yesterday's deluge. early-morning fog is burning off in new york city. 70 degrees along the coast. further inland, rain. elsewhere around the nation, as we mentioned earlier n the south a lot of rain, heavy rain in southern texas and portions of louisian
8:34 am
grorm, washington. a chill start to your sunday. 50's across the region. last night's harvest moon will be replaced by lots of >> thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by ray san bran extra. we know that we can pretty decent on the recession from things like the gdp or the cpi. how about the diy? more and more people are going the do-it-yourself route this year. and that has hit the hair care business pretty hard. here's stephanie sy. >> reporter: exposed roots, all together, less plump. signs of what might be called recession hair. >> i haven't had a haircut in probably a year, because, although, i love the cute little
8:35 am
haircuts, i know that it's costly to keep those up. >> reporter: since the great depression, u.s. hair care has grown from modest beginnings to a $60 billion industry. but, its best days may be numbered. >> the boom years for salon was really in the '50s and the '90s i think that the days of the $600 haircut are numbered. >> reporter: instead, many americans are going back to homemade hair. it's been replaced by the buzz cut. >> 12/a pop. you give a tip, around $15. every ten days. it could be a car payment. >> reporter: middle and high-end salons are feeling the pinch. a recent nationwide survey, more than 70% reported a drop-off in customer spending.
8:36 am
in connecticut, seats outnumber clients. anbusiness is down as many as 20%. >> either getting laid off or completely losing their job. they would go from a four-week appoint to six-week. from there, it went to cutting back on their services. >> reporter: the sales of at-homing coloe coloring kits a. >> i started dying my hair at home probably two years ago. i have gone back to my natural color. with that, it was easy for me to color my own roots. it's like a ten-minute process and a lot less expensive. >> reporter: shearing costs is one matter. his first foray into home hair led to mohawk. the good news is, those are in these days. for "good morning america," stephanie sy, monroe, connecticut. for more uncommon
8:37 am
indicators. we're joined by brian lehr. good to see you. >> nice to be here. >> this is a great headline in yesterday's wall street journal. the economic confidence rebounds. things are going to get better here. but your listeners have a much more grassroots indicator to look at. >> last fall, when things were really getting bad, we saw that the media kept using the same few economic indicators. the dow jones, there's so much going on at the human level. let's turn to our best surrogate reporters, our listeners. >> we start with dining out. you see this kind of advertising now. >> dining out. a lot of restaurants have gone out of business due to the recession. the free wine with dinner sign. a hot dog store, $1 hot dog. restaurants are very community-minded people.
8:38 am
i mean, they're in business, but they also care about setting up a social hub. >> if those discounts disappear, that's a good sign. this is for eagle-eye commuters. >> billboards. labor day weekend, we had a story posted about going from new york to pittsburgh and noticing a lot of empty billboards along the way. if you think billboards are ugly when they have advertisements, just imagine how dreary it is when billboards say rent this space. >> college library and libraries are key in so many ways. one of the first posts that we got was from a librarian, people were coming in, maybe not able to afford internet service anymore, going to job boards to look for work.
8:39 am
now we have a post from someone going to the beach. people reading library books on the beach. another sign that things aren't back yet, just this week, someone posted a story, how students are coming, instead of buying books, ask if they can take textbooks out of the libraries. >> this came from the washington post, underwear sales as an indicator. if you look at the chart, they believe, when it comes to consumer confidence, guys will stretch the boxer or brief line a lot longer when things are tough. but, it's coming back slowly. >> i read that story and i think it tells us something that is only about men's underwear. women are still buying their underwear. men, let's face it, we are slobs. >> thanks so much for sharing this insight.
8:40 am
we appreciate it. we'll be right back. coming up on "good morning america" -- let it roll. the tough and glamorous world of roller derby is back on screen. and at your local rink. we'll meet the real women who call it the best combination of sex and violence. our weekend window takes you to the coast of canada, where some of the world's tallest living things grow in an ancient rainforest. is it true? are there really going to be cranberries? yep, i can see the boxes, and there's definitely yogurty clusters in there too! i think this is a 24-hour store. introducing kellogg's® raisin bran extra! with cranberries, almonds and yogurty clusters, it's raisin bran with so much extra. ♪ raisin bran extra! it's a mouthful of awesome! while i was building my friendships, it's raisin bran with so much extra. my family, while i was building my life, my high cholesterol was contributing to plaque buildup in my arteries.
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♪ the evolution of ♪ we are the roller derby the evolution of roller derby in hollywoodright? raquel welch to drew barrymore. movie out this weekend, "whip it" and the craze is back again. we decided to meet some real-life roller girls. to find out what keeps them spinning. >> let's get ready to rumble! let's hair it for the skaters, everybody. >> i love hitting girls on roller skates. >> she needs some help. oh, no, she doesn't. >> you fall in love with it. getting out aggression. being tough but sexy at the same time. >> take down victimizer.
8:44 am
>> where can you find this many powerful women in one place? >> we have secretaries, lawyers, nurses, the sport actually w started in the '30s. >> that carnival of free-wheeling speed and free falling mayhem, the roller derby is back in the big town. >> in the depression, there was sort of this revival of relay races on skates, they would start fighting and the crowd would go crazy. >> they don't like each other. >> it remained popular in the '50s, '60s and '70s. in the '70s it started becoming thee yatry call. it's about the sport, being female and all it encompasses. the makeup room. we have three makeup artists in there. >> it's a nice dichotomy, being
8:45 am
able to be feminine and then being on the track, letting out aggression. >> down on the infield. >> i started out in derby and i couldn't make it through two practices. i kept with it, and i lost 65.4 pounds. roller derby has saved my life. >> i just want to tell you -- >> put some skates on. >> i think drew barrymore really captured the spirit of it. take everything it takes to be female, be tough, strong, beautiful and be recognized as athletes. as well as women. >> tell me the tms again. the whip it is -- >> whip it is, when you grab your teammate and you propel them. and there's the jammer. >> tries to block you. throw an elbow. >> you did this? >> elegantly violent. yes, a long time ago. robin roberts and i did it. >> what was your name? >> i was proud mary.
8:46 am
>> i saw drew barrymore goes as bashlee simpson. >> we'll be right back, everybody. veggies in your house? with ragu, you can give your ki veggies they'll actually eat. ragu has more than a full serving of veggies in every half-cup. so give them a good start .with all natural ragu. feed our kids well. new aveeno nourish plus. active naturals wheat formulas proven to target and help repair damage in just three washes. - building shiny, strong... - hair with life. announcer: new aveeno nourish plus.
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on the west coast of vancouver island in canada, rivers flow from snowcap mountains down to sea in an ancient rainforest. this morning, our weekend window opens in high definition to clayoquot sound, in british columbia. >> you feel very humbled and very small in a place like this,
8:50 am
because you're amidst such greatness. this is the traditional territory of the first nations, which is where my grandmother comes from. because of the steep mountain valleys, there's nothing like this. we have a massive river that comes through. >> i have been out here, now, for 15 years. i'm here with my wife of 36 years. our two grown sons, daughters in law and grandchildren. and we came here to a create a new life for ourselves. clayoquot sound, is about a million acres, and we just really are fortunate to own 500 acres surrounded by million acres of wilderness. >> if you go up these valleys, there's a lot of very spiritual
8:51 am
pools, freshwater pools, water falls. you're connected to the river and you're connected to the ocean. you're very lucky, you're surrounded by giants, giant trees, giant mountains, giant river, giant ocean, it's all here. >> we have features here in the forest that you don't see in a lot of places anymore. we have lycian, and it only grows in places where the air is almost pure. oxygen. huge amounts of oxygen. spiritually, i don't think that there's a place on the planet that i can go and be closer to what we're really about. this is a cathedral for me and i'm thankful for where i am. for me and i'm thankful for where i am.
8:52 am
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8:56 am
mostly, we hope that brett favre loses on monday night football -- >> hey, don't be that way. >> good morning. it is 8:56. in the news, passengers of buses heads up. route changes go into effect today. it is last day to use the smithsonian national mall loop. it will resoom in the spring next year. there are changes from the woodly park and adams morgan mcpherson square route route. the president and mrs. obama celebrated their first wedding anniversary since moving into the white house. they celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary. they married in 1992 in chicago.
8:57 am
now let's get a check of the forecast with dave. good morning, dave. >> good morning. it is a magnificent morning here in the nation's capital. here is a live shot from our tower. take you out to maryland. 56 degrees. we were in the 40's. things are improving. yesterday we made it up to 77 at reagan national airport. today high pressure is building in. we should be right where we should be. seasonal average is 73. keep in mind it will be breezy out there, winds out of the west 10-15-mile-per-hour. looking ahead to the week, what a perfect october week we have. temperatures around the 70-degree mark. lots of sunshine today and tomorrow. late tuesday, rain coming our way. clouds on wednesday and high pressure thursday and friday and by saturday a little bit of rain coming and temperatures dropping down into the 60's. with the cooler temperatures, the levers are beginning to change all a-- leaves are beginning to change all across
8:58 am
the region. >> starting to feel a lot like fall. thank you for watching. more and more,t of the day. the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet, at home and on the go, is no longer a luxury. it's how our children access education. it's how we find jobs, discover information, and connect with family and friends. it's the spark that drives innovation, creates investment, and builds a stronger economy. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any otherompany in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, er the next five years.
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adoption by all americans, er the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. >> this week on "inside washington,"


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