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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 5, 2010 5:00am-5:27am EDT

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that's what's making news in america this >> >> moments away, investigators learn new details about the death of a lacrosse star at the university of virginia. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good morning, washington. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. we are glad you are joining us on this wednesday morning. it is a little less humid today. >> a lot more refreshen. the humidity is a way down. you can open the windows and get fresh air. let's look at temperatures. 54 degrees in frederick, 55 in gaithersburg, 50 in a plata.
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it will feel like spring today. the humidity is gone for the foreseeable future. it is cinco de michaeayo. >> overnight construction is being taken care of. we are giving you the green light on 95 between fredericksburg and baltimore. a nice run on the greenway and 270. headlights are southbound on the way to i-495 . now to allison and doug. >> was still shocked student body will gather tonight at the university of virginia to remember the life of yeardley love, murdered monday in an act of domestic violence. tonight's service comes as we learn disturbing details about the suspect, the export friend
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and fellow student george huguely. brianne carter has the latest. >> at the university of virginia, students are still in shock over the death of fellow student yeardley love. >> we are shocked and we are morning. >> 22-year-old george huguely made his first court appearance tuesday. according to documents, this lacrosse player told police that they broke up and during the course of the art -- altercation, he shook love and her head repeatedly it all. according to the girl's friends, he reportedly made the death threats. >> we are trying to learn about the days that preceded her death and to chase down some other leads and pieces of information that i've come to our attention. >> the campus community will gather for a vigil to mourn the death of yeardley love. >> this has lbeen unexpected.
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we don't know what to do about it. >> it's the time for our community to come together. we had a memorial last friday and we had no idea we would have another tragedy like this so soon. >> love and george huguely played lacrosse at the school. the teams will participate in the ncaa tournament. this will be part of the healing process for the student athletes. >> now to the latest on the attempted car bombing in times square. new details emerged about the man accused of plotting the attack. faisal shahzad has reportedly admitted to investigators tried to set off a car bomb. he told authorities he received training in pakistan. officials say that he was arrested as he was about to leave on a flight to dubai. the faces several charges including attempting to use a
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weapon of mass destruction. there are reports that oil from the sunken rig in the gulf of mexico has started washing ashore in louisiana. an executive from the companies as both were dispatched to look for oil on a small louisiana island. officials say the weather has improved enough to allow crews to lay out more containment equipment. they hope to burn some of the oil off as well. investigators are trying to piece together a serious accident in gaithersburg last night. if this happened at about 11:00 p.m. near gain preserve road. the roads were closed several hours while police investigated the crash. one person is dead after pedestrian accident that happened about 8:30 last night near central ave. police say a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle. if the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the vehicle involved stayed at the scene. the victim's name has not been released. because of the accident this
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morning is under investigation. three teenagers charged in the murder of d.c. principal brian betts have been ordered held without bond. alante saunders, sharif lancaster, and deontra gray appeared in court yesterday. they invitemet through a sexualy oriented chat line. all three were caught using his credit card just hours after he was murdered. >> the metro red line is having schedule adjustment. the red line schedule has not been altered since 2004. the schedule has not allowed for more congestion. by july there will be longer trains but fewer of them. there will be slightly longer wait times but less congestion. the organization is r responsible for overseeing metro safety is responding to a
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federal audit that questioned its effectiveness. the committee outlined plans to strengthen its oversight through additional funding, staff, and training. still ahead, a warning for drivers before you hit the streets. why today is not the date to be breaking the rules. >> also, an update on the story , the philadelphia phillies fan tasered after taking to the field. video went viral and there are new questions about the officers' use of force. another warm day is all the way.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> happy wednesday. eight minutes after 5 on this comfortable wednesday morning. your live in cleveland park. it's a comfortable start to the day, much better than the past couple mornings. you will feel the difference when you step out. absolutely no wind. high pressure directly overhead. not even a breeze this morning. you don't need it. 57 degrees in northwest. dewpoint of 50. humidity is down and it feels
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good. let's look at other conditions. you'll notice the general trend being around 50. 49 walkersville. 49 at arlington. 56 at falls church. calm wind pretty much everywhere. today's forecast, a lot of sunshine, a few clouds. high temperatures in the low 80's with allied southerly wind at 5-10. not much will change tomorrow. there's a slight chance of a late day thundershower tomorrow afternoon. that will be few and far between. comfortable for the rest of the week and cooling into the weekend. >> comfortable right now as far as travel around the beltway. nothing major to report on the way to the beltway or into the district. 95 in virginia, we are giving you the travel times in your favor, but heavier volume
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between fredericksburg and springfield. nothing complicated on 66. a little slowdown expected in centreville. we will go to the geico camera of the beltway in montgomery, looks gorgeous at new hampshire ave. i am alison starling. --alison and doug. >> thank you. the teenager who on to the field in philadelphia, an officer used a taser to stop the young man. the police chief feels the officer acted appropriately. others have questioned this type of this force in a non-violent situation. what a photograph. >> if that's incredible. a moment like that. a little cooler temperatures out there this morning, 59 degrees.
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>> f. coming up, keeping tabs on your children through social networks. if more parents are now signing up, according to a new study. >> good morning, i am courtney robinson in arlington. it is usually the fastest way to get into the city, but this morning you might want to count how many people are in your vehicle. i will have the details on an hov
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>> you are watching abc 7's good morning washington. with doug mcelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, and lisa baden with traffic. this is good morning washington, on your side. >> in our top stories at 5:14, we are learning more about the murder of a university of virginia lacrosse player. 22-year-old george huguely of chevy chase told police that he
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kicked in the woman's bedroom door and grabbed her by the neck and started choking her. he repeatedly a jury against a wall. he's charged with the death of your glove. the lawyer says it was an accident. we'll learn more about the man accused of trying to stuff a car bomb in times square. faisal shahzad reportedly admitted to investigators he tried to set off the device and had received training in pakistan of a terrorist camp. he was arrested as he tried to leave the country for dubai. the faces a number of charges. president obama declared part of tennessee major disaster areas as they have had record flooding. large sections of downtown nashville, including the country music hall of fame are under several feet of water. the water is beginning to recede. it blamed for 17 deaths in tennessee. >> today is not the dead push your luck in hov lane -- it's not the day.
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police will be out in full force along several major area highways. courtney robinson is live in arlington with a warning for all new drivers out there. good morning. >> good morning du. we usually see them do this every so often. for some drivers they can use the hov lane. for other drivers, when they see you out there so low, it's not the day. >> i had two offenders. but officers say they catch you often. violating high occupancy vehicle lanes intended to ease congestion. it's a faster ride to work for those carpooling. >> they pose a great danger to themselves when you're driving
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secure 70 miles an hour. we see that all the time. >> virginia and maryland say law-abiding citizens are the ones writing you out. when the pullover violators, they give every excuse in the book. today officers will be out cracking down, reminding drivers that if you don't apply to hov rules, don't use those lanes. you'll see officers on the lookout on 66, the alito road, 95, on 395 right here, and in maryland on 270 and rte. 50. >> good advice. thank you. 5:17. let's get you traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> is that impeding traffic? >> not yet. you'll keep an eye on it. let's give you a peak of traffic in the hov and the main line.
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headlights northbound. moving in an orderly fashion all the way to the pentagon. now to brian van de graaff. >> the humidity is down. temperatures down as well. numbers in the 50's. in wallington, 48. 35 and winchester. -- 45 in winchester. its 50 in leesburg. it's not just the temperatures. the air is a lot drier and the humidity is down. it will be a comfortable start to the day. the next couple days will feel a lot better than the last couple days because of the change in the pattern. the weekend will stay fairly comfortable. by the weekend we will see the potential for some colder air. temperatures will be dropping into the 60's by sunday. we still have a light southerly wind that will bring milder air. it will still be in the low 80's today. but the air is not quite as
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moist, meaning temperatures are comfortable. this is still well above average, but it will feel nicer. 82 degrees this afternoon. with the lights of the wind. the average is 72. tonight will be comfortable in the 50's. looking beyond, isolated chance of a shower tomorrow. friday looks pretty nice as well. the best chance of rain is early saturday morning. it moves out quickly. temperatures dropping back through low 70's on saturday. mother's day and early next week, mid 60's. a dose of rushing air. maybe we can give the air conditioner and a rush. -- a rest. >> thank you. making friends with mom and dad. and google branches out into books now.
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in "tech bytes" vinita nair as those stores. >> google is ready to get into the electronic book business. it plans to begin selling digital books in late june or july, putting it in direct competition with amazon, apple, 4 and barnes & noble. google addition will allow you to read books from a web browser, meaning you can use any device to access your books. microsoft is releasing a couple of consumer focused mobile devices. they will be available exclusively on verizon and are targeted for people doing a lot of social networking. the device comes with great software. >> some of the features that i like the best are the loop, which is a screen that shows your latest social networking updates. another great feature is this thing called the studio. any photograph or video you ever captured on it immediately gets sent out to the studio, which is a web based repository where
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you can store all the photos and videos without doing anything. >> you can read the full review all street journal website. a growing number of parents are keeping tabs on their kids through social networking sites. a new survey finds half of parents are friends with their teenagers on facebook and other website. they say it's a good way to learn about their teenagers. you can start the greatest science-fiction trilogy of all time. jim jab at added clips from the first three star wars movies. you can upload a picture of you and your friends and play the roles in funny two-minute recaps of the film. it's an honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of empire strikes back. for information on all these stories, log on to the technology page of i'm vinita nair and those are your "tech bytes". >> 60 degrees outside.
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>> has hernandez discovered the fountain of youth or just having a good defense? the veteran looking really solid, coming up in sports. >> today on oprah, the makeover crew is back in action. carson kressley and tim gunn will work their magic.
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>> good morning, washington.
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the nationals beat atlanta a 6-3 last night. livan hernandez gadsden. planks and defense. -- livan hernandez gets the win. and there's the catch of the night with bernadino. this was the monster shot. adam the bottom of the six. upper deck. 11 hit washinton. they win it 6-3. if steven strasbourg has gone a step closer to washington. the overall draft pick has been updated to aaa syracuse. >> i think we will get him. he's going to get five in the next spot. >> five starts in syracuse. strasbourg will be in
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washington. there's a look acente a comfortw humidity afternoon. be gorgeobu can ited t the weekend?


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