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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  May 24, 2010 12:05am-12:35am EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute more harsh words tonight for b.p.. interior secretary ken salazar accused the oil company of missing the deadline after deadline in cleaning up the massive oil leak in the gulf, and the blame continues from both sides of the i will. the interior secretary turned up the heat. >> we will push them out of the way appropriately, and we will move forward to make sure that everything is being done to protect the people. >> republicans and democrats share the frustration.
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>> we want to help make sure that the appropriate steps are being taken. >> they need to clean up and pay for the consequences. >> it has soiled more than 50 miles of the louisiana shore line, raising anger among residents who first believed the b.p. promises that the oil would stay offshore. >> this was exactly what we told them was going to happen, and they kept saying no. >> we know that there is more oil coming. >> we are all united in the same result. we want to stop polluting the ocean. >> this will not stop the 6 million gallons of toxic crude. more gushes into the gulf waters every minute. b.p. now says that it's syphoning effort is capturing less oil than before. they say that fixing it will
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not happen before tuesday. and more hearings on the oil spill. they will look at the implications. meanwhile, more fallout. interior secretary ken salazar has until friday. they will talk about the safety of offshore drilling. and members of congress plan to take a trip to west virginia to investigate the coal mining accident. 29 miners died after an explosion at the upper big branch mine. they will take testimony from family members of the victims of that blast. federal and state regulators are investigating the explosion, which was the first -- worst accident in 40 years at a mine. we talked to a reporter from the politico about the political fallout from this oil spill. thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you,
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caroline. >> let's start with the gulf. top officials are heading down tomorrow. is this a pr move? are they actually gathering information they can use? >> at this point, the obama administration spent more than one month. they want to appear on top of this oil spill. this is coming up all along the coastline of the louisiana area, and late last week, two prominent democrats strongly criticized the obama administration for their handling of the b.p. oil spill, so this is really an effort to show the people down there and the american people that they are trying to deal with the issues. >> and also, they are criticizing the president. un-american? anti-business? >> he has a boost to the head of b.p.. all of the criticism there.
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-- he has a boot. we will see how that is playing in kentucky. for rand paul, that is just one of the gaffes recently. he does not want to make any more of those kinds of groups. -- goofs. >> we have seen others criticize. >> we have. he believes government should not have a role. the republicans are rallying behind rand paul, and they do not seem to mind comments like that. >> another disaster, a hearing begins in west virginia regarding the 29 men. what will become of this? >> well, this is the house labor committee. what we have already said we
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would see is the regulatory authority for the mine health and safety administration, and what we will hear tomorrow is the west virginia governor. a lot of the families talking about how lacks the regulation was and how bad the working conditions were, and i think as a result, you'll see more going towards cleaning up the backlog. >> it is unusual for a hearing like this not to be held in washington korea why is it being held so close to the mines? >> because it is important to show that this is the biggest mining disaster in 40 years, they take it seriously, they want to hear directly from the people who have lost loved ones, and this is not just something else to talk about on capitol hill. >> two major disasters, a lot of people affected by this, and we have politicians being politicians. >> as always. >> thank you so much.
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and albemarle county judge will determine whether or not to on seal records related to a killing of a university of virginia lacrosse player who was murdered in an off-campus apartment earlier this month -- an albermarle county judge. the records in this case had been sealed. expect delays on part of the orange line for part of the memorial day weekend. metro will be shutting some down between east falls church and west falls church. they are starting on construction that will eventually connect the new rail line with the old, and it will close again the first two weekends in june. at the naval academy, time for graduation. coming up, a look at who will be taking the podium. i am kris van cleave.
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can you see it? in afghanistan. i am steve rudin indeed belfort furniture weather center. some scattered showers and now, but we could have some patchy fog for the rush-hour commute3q
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this is unlike any car you've ever seen before. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise
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of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road. the space shuttle atlantis is scheduled to land in florida
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around 8:0045 wednesday morning. they were delivering fresh batteries and other equipment to the international space station. nasa has just two shuttle missions planned -- around 8:45 wednesday morning. a tradition for plebes to grease the monument at the naval academy. they were saying this could be the last korea they believe the sea trials -- would be the last. they believe that the sea trials are a better way to encourage teamworker. graduating classes are dressed on a rotating basis. last year, president obama spoke at the naval academy. honoring employees with a
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private concert by stevie wonder. the d.c. fire department's and employees are being invited to the show. here is the week ahead. may 25327, the nationals will be in san francisco. then they will take on the padres from may 28 through 30. d.c. united welcomes one of the best teams in the war -- may 25 through 27, the nationals will be in san francisco. d.c. united welcomes one of the best teams in the world. and coming up on "washington weekly," it was an
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emotional day at the university of virginia as the honored a slain a classmate,
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so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at checking the day's top stories, a bittersweet commencement address for uva, graduating with out one of their own, yeardley love, who was killed.
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her ex-boyfriend sits in a jail cell, charged with her murder. she was awarded a diploma posthumously. one bridge is going to be close to partially tomorrow. and is the moment that millions of viewers have been anticipating an treading -- dreading. they were waiting for the finale of the castaways of "lost." they were watching the final episode, and in just about 10 minutes, jimmy kimmel will be on. a very busy sunday in the weather center. a lot of rain. fairfax county. cloudy skies for the overnight. pennsylvania avenue, it is quiet.
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the wind will diminish. some patchy fog will develop. if you spot on our weatherbug network, the rainfall total is set to 0. that is because we are on a 24- hour cycle. -- a few spots on our weatherbug network. sandy spring, md., looking at 66 degrees with about 1.5 inches of rain yesterday. 74 degrees was the high at reagan national. over two inches of rain fell at dulles international the deficit for the area is still about four inches below where we should be year to date. -- dulles international. the deficit for the area is still below where we should be. 83 degrees in minneapolis. 73 in cincinnati. this warmer air will eventually make its way to our area.
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tuesday and into wednesday, it will feel a lot like some are around here. -- a lot like summer around here. this will eventually dissipate during the day tomorrow. clouds and the forecast. a few showers, but nothing that is going to amount to a whole lot -- clouds in the forecast. temperatures in the 60's. just off to the west of us, ohio, michigan, they could be looking at record-setting warmth. isolated showers, temperatures in the upper 50's to low were 60's. tomorrow, temperatures in the 60's -- upper 50's to lower 60's. here is our extended outlook. i promised warmer air and sunshine, and you are going to
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get it. back to the mid 80's. a cold front on thursday and then a slight chance for a shower or two on friday -- a cool front on thursday. at this point, it looks quiet. that is a change. we will keep you updated. >> we will be listening. all right, thanks, steve. coming up, one wrong step in afghanistan could mean the difference between life or deat -thanks for coming back out. -sure. i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on demand per month. ah, standard. gotcha. a certain somebody says "thank you." tell him "he's welcome," but it's still standard. he's happy to be back with his friends. is he? [ male announcer ] call now and get fios tv, internet, and phone for just $99.99 a month guaranteed for two years! this is beyond cable. this is fios.
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last week, the deadliest day in months in afghanistan. 18 people died, including five americans and one canadian soldier. it is a deadly reminder of what has become the biggest danger to troops in afghanistan, improvised explosive devices or ied's. kris van cleave learned what they're doing to help protect them. >> welcome to counter ied training. something that will save your lives. >> he arrived in afghanistan for
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his very first appointment. these soldiers are seeing that death could be one wrong step away. >> you are not going to see it. >> this terrain is based on dummy ied's. >> it is right to the right of the sergeants' foot, right there. so when this explodes, it takes both of us out. >> you know more about insurgent ied's than this man. >> very thin. you can hardly see the wire, right? that is why they like to use it. >> these are the afghan insurgents' number one weapon of choice, wounding more than 1800.
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>> oh, no. >> something as simple as an alarm clock. >> does this save lives? >> absolutely. it does. >> the key is situational awareness. like here, there is an ied. >> there is just a wire sticking out of the ground. >> for these soldiers, this is
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the last chance. after this, it is the real thing. >> it is game on. >> the private first class, with so much waiting for him, this game of life and death is one he has no intention of messing up. kris van cleave, abc7 news. >> and to read more about his trip to afghanistan, just towed more to our website. it is under the keywords " more to our website. it is under the keywords " outside of the ♪ ♪
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umbrellas at the bus stop >> yes, nothing like what we had on sunday. a bit warmer on tuesday. the big difference will be the sunshine, and by wednesday, mid 80's. it is looking ok for the upcoming holiday weekend. >> ok, we hope that turns into amazing. thanks for watching. "good morning
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