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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 24, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> i wonder what just happened. >> coming up, the "lost" finale. local fans at a viewing party marked the television >. tough talk from the white house over the slow cleanup along the gulf coast. >> if you like to the weekend, i don't think you'll like some changes on the way. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good morning, washington. 6:00 on this monday. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. great to have you joining us on a monday morning. the time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. let's begin with a meteorologist adam caskey. >> today will be just like
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yesterday. similar weather pattern, easterly onshore flow from the atlantic. some drizzle, and a few showers, peaks of afternoon sunshine. it's 54 degrees in warrenton, 53 in huntingtown. along the fauquier and prince william county line its foggy. today's forecast shows morning clouds and drizzle give way to some afternoon sunshine, flies in the low 70's. warming to almo-- highs in the'. >> river road just inside the beltway there is a crash. one direction of river road is closed. '95 looks pretty good in springfield. northbound getting out of woodbridge toward the beltway, there is volume. vre trains 300 and 302 on the
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fredericksburg line have indefinite delays. there's an issue in fredericksburg. brunswick train 870 is 15 minutes late. have good news and bad news for drivers. to the wilson bridge project was supposed to be a nightmare this weekend, but construction crews finished 36 hours early and a highway is back open normally. but the chain bridge in northwest d.c., crews were unable to finish their work because of the weather. they did remove concrete barriers and sealed the deck, but could not put down the pavement markings. they have placed a temporary barrels and traffic is only moving in one lane in each direction until the weather improves and they can get back to do the a striping. american legion bridge, wilson street bridge, memorial bridge are good options. >> thank you.
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breaking news, park police investigating an overnight shooting along the bw parkway that happened around 11:30 last night south of 198 in laurell. akram was found with two people inside, one of them with a gunshot wound. if the road was shut down while police investigated. we turn to our other top story, the crisis on the gulf coast. there is a face-off brewing between bp and the federal government over the ongoing cleanup efforts. this comes as the louisiana state leaders are announcing their own efforts to stop the spread of oil along the shoreline. if courtney robinson is in a satellite center with more on how they're trying to take matters into their own hands. >> good morning. if state leaders are blasting bp and the federal government for not doing enough to stop the leak more than a month after the deepwater horizon explosion. bp says their latest move is not working as well as they hoped.
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they have another plan for mid- week. this comes as the white house anis sending three cabinet secretaries. the government will have to take over if certain improvements are not made. millions of gallons are polluting the gulf. 60 miles of louisiana shore land tessin this washed ashore. wildlife is vulnerable and the marshlands are getting affected. residents say it is too little, too late. an investigation by the associated press shows the cementing process has been blamed for more than 30 incidents since 1978. courtney robinson reporting, abc 7 news. looking at stories making news today, congress will look into last month's deadly mine explosion in west virginia. house committee will hold a hearing in beckley, west
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virginia near the upper big branch mine where 29 were killed and april 5 explosion. gov. johannssen and relatives of victims will testify. -- gov. joe mansin. in the case of robert wone, someone testified about two knives that she was shown, including one found at the murder scene. prosecutors say the defendants planted to the knife and that its size made it impossible for it to be used in the killing. but a person's is either night could've made the stab wounds. -- eithe knife. -- either knife. yeardley love was
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remembered. she would receive your diploma yesterday. she was the university of virginia student stabbed by her ex-boyfriend. >>she was awarded a posthumous bachelor's degree in politics and government. a cousin accepted the deployment. officials at the school what a better system to tell them when students are arrested off campus. there were never told about george huguely's 2008 arrest in lexington, virginia on charges of intoxication and resisting arrest. he threatened to kill the arresting officer and a probation officer. anne arundel county police are trying to determine the cause of death of a baby boy. saturday morning police were called to launch on edge rock. they found a baby dead. they are conducting interviews. a pedestrian was struck by a car in hindsville last night
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around 10:00 p.m. on university blvd.. investigators say the pedestrian stepped in front of a car. the car tried to stop but ended up hitting the pedestrian. -- in hyattsville. the incident is under investigation > in los angeles, the husband of the late actress brittany murphy has been found dead. the screenwriter named amare stoudemisimon monjack was found. it points to natural causes. brittany murphy died in december after going into cardiac arrest. still ahead, the finale that a lot of folks are talking about. we will check out what some die- hard "lost" fans are saying the day after. gas prices drop ahead of a holiday weekends. we will look at some of the reasons. -e( music playing )e of the - we know technology can make you more connected.
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>> 6:00 then on this monday morning. welcome back. i am adam caskey in arlington, near rosslyn outside our studio. gray skies still. cloud cover in place with the easterly onshore flow. a few sprinkles year and there. super doppler 7 radar shows a few isolated areas of rain around northern virginia. between the planes and warrington and notes of front royal and south of dulles airport, a few isolated sprinkles a few sprinkles this afternoon. high temperatures in a low 70's.
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we're in the low 30's right now. a few peaks of sunshine today. a more summerlike weather pattern will take place wednesday and thursday with high temperatures near 90 with a few isolated thunderstorms friday afternoon in the middle of the week. on 95 there's heavy traffic getting out of woodbridge, on and off in springfield. headlights heading toward the bottom left. no accidents on 95. 66 is in pretty good shape. 270 will take you over there. road inside the beltway, outbound lanes blocked by a crash. on the rails, vre trans 303 hundred two, indefinite delays on the frederick line. you may want to alter your plans.
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>> thank you. gas prices are down. aaa reports the national average price for regular is down 7 cents from a week ago. it follows another drop in the price of crude. in d.c. the average price is $2.93 a gallon. in maryland, $2.80. if to $71 cents in virginia. it is 64 degrees in rosslyn. -- $2.71 in virginia. >> airline prices are soaring as we head into the summer months. >> the television event of the decade. how is it going to end? we will ask some loyal fans how is it going to end? we will ask some loyal fans boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate.
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>> ander growing in louisiana as oil from the blown out oil well is reaching critical marshlands. it is affecting breeding grounds and wildlife. the tourism industry is devastated. louisiana's governor wants to build sand barriers to stop it. at the university of virginia there was a commencement that was bittersweet. there was a moment of silence in memory of yeardley love. she was awarded a posthumous degree in politics and government. human error could be to blame for saturday's plane crash in southern india that left 158 dead. eight people survived. there aviation minister says the weather and other factors looked normal force a touchdown and landing. if the flight was arriving from dubai when it crashed. 6:15 on this monday. six years in the making, millions of "lost" fans finally
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learned the fate of the castaways on a mysterious island. did the mysterious and alli live up to the hype? >> the television event of the decade. how is it going to end? >> six years in the making. twists, turns, suspense, and questions for six years. finally it has saved the best for last. its final episode will answer all those questions. >> i am excited, but there's a little disappointment. because i know it's going to be over and i won't be able to watch it anymore. >> it was a packed house at the public are in northwest as 100 people gathered at a watch party to benefit if the leukemia and lymphoma society. >> kind of lost. like losing a friend. >> be delayed a flight to new york to watch this with his friends, a moment he's been waiting a long time for.
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>> i've been looking forward to it for months, added circled on my calendar. >> his girlfriend says there's a benefit to the shows ending. >> will have our nights back. >> at least one of the stars is happy with the finality. >> i think it wraps up really well. >> will you not feel lost for the first time in six years? >> i will be found, yes. >> chris van cleve reporting. >> if you missed that, watch it any time by logging on to our website,, keyword: lost. 6:16 on this monday, for traffic and weather. >> jim, any major problems? >> starting to get issues on the beltway, an accident on the outer loop near the interchange of route 355.
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that is slowing traffic. outbound river road is closed before the beltway. rt is on the scene dealing with a crash. slow traffic on the beltway begins before connecticut avenue. the crash reported near the interchange at 355. 95 has had a traffic out of woodbridge. more delays through landmarked. you can see dark gray clouds today, a gloomy start. patchy drizzle, patchy fog and sprinkles. impressive rainfall on weekends. over 3 inches off in ashburn, chantilly as well. just over four inches at freedom i heights. temperatures will rise another 10 degrees this afternoon.
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currently in the low to mid 60's. there are few sprinkles outside, isolated. warrington, in that area and until especially. east to west is where it's pushing. that is the onshore flow. we've been dealing with that all weekend and again today and through the first half of tomorrow. that's east to west slope from the atlantic pushes the clouds overhead. bill leanne g -- it will be it billowy gray. we will have the atmosphere is stabilizing and a few isolated showers later today. if i temperature of 73. five degrees below average. if tomorrow we will start like today with morning clouds and a little drizzle.
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more sunshine by tomorrow afternoon than today. it will be a transitional day. the sunshine tomorrow will mark the beginning of a weather pattern shift. by wednesday and thursday it will be like summer with highs in the upper 80's. fiore 80 tomorrow. near 90 by wednesday and thursday. one of the unique things that's happening on wednesday and thursday, the warm air is coming from canada and not from the south. it is barking up and around and coming back. interesting. >> i guess that is a sign summers on the way. thank you. some economists see good things on the economy horizon. they're predicting the economy will grow to jusover 2% and unemployment will drop 9.4% by the end of the year.
6:20 am
8.5% by the end of 2011. that contrasts sharply with the pessimistic opinion of many other economists. a summer trip could have you digging deeper if you plan to travel by plane. but there's good news on the home sales front. jeremy hubbard has those stories and more. >> good morning. an upbeat housing market. new numbers out this morning are expected to show big home sales boost in april. sales of palms were up by more than 5% compared to the previous month. -- sales of houses were up. millions of people took a vantage of the first-time homeowners tax credit off before it expired. if last week's mortgage applications fell to the lowest level in 13 years. a surprise jump in mortgage rates could get buyers back into the market. mortgage rates could go as low as 4.5% by this summer. if that would be the year's lowest level and close to a 50-
6:21 am
year low. international investors are putting their money into the u.s. instead of europe. if the federal garmin is trying to ban baby cribs with drop down sides. the chairperson of the consumer product safety commission is pledging to ban the sale and manufacture of them. is blamed for the death of 32 infants and toddlers since 2000. many big retailers have stopped selling them but they are still widely available online. airlines have added extra fees on peak travel days. surcharges run from $10 up to $30 for each one with a domestic flight. most flights from june 10 through august 22 have surcharges. however, there are none on the fourth of july when relatively few people fly. the fourth shrek movie is tops at the box office. it was the number-one movie this weekend. he had a midlife crisis. it earned $71.3 million.
6:22 am
iron man was in second place with 26.6 million. robin hood was third with $18.7 million. if that is your "money scope report." i am jeremy hubbard. >> 64 degrees outside, 6:22. >> a new study on this summer. today on "oprah," julia roberts discusses motherhood, today at 4 logon abc 7.
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>> welcome back. we have some disturbing news about children and guns. a new study finds children in america's most rural areas are just as likely to be killed by guns as kids in the biggest cities. murders involving guns are more common in cities. researchers say gun suicide and accidental shooting is more common among children in rural areas. the nation's largest pediatricians' group is relaxing its stance against swimming lessons for toddlers. they are less likely to drown is the reason. it is fine to enroll children as young as 1 year olds in classes, they say. in the past, the group said swimming classes might give parents and toddlers a false
6:26 am
sense of security. >> the federal government maple popular type of credit from the market because of the danger to children. >> at least 32 infants have been strangled in drop-side cribs over the last 10 years. if that has prompted a new york senator to introduce a bill banning the manufacture, sale, and use of drop-side cribs. >> no day care center, no child care provider, no hospital will be able to have drop-side cribs, because we cannot tolerate one more death because of this faulty technology. >> more than 7 million of these have been recalled in the past five years. but the industry insists that the one still on a market right now are safe. 6:26 is the time on this monday. we still have another half-hour. >> coming up, a skimming scheme at a local restaurant has customers double checking their bill. >> oil is still gushing into the gulf. anger is growing over slow
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responses.] i will tell you what officials plan to do next. a dark starts today, gray skies. looking at the district, it is a little damp outside. ♪ ♪ go ahead, get started ♪ this'll never last ♪ not with the wind in your hair like that ♪ ♪ no, no, 'cause i could never see how someone ♪ ♪ as soft and sweet as you could ever be with me ♪ [ male announcer ] low-mileage lease for qualified lessees... the cadillac cts sports sedan. visit your cadillac dealer for this attractive offer. ♪
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♪ live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> straight ahead on this monday, the gulf coast crisis, the white house and bp face off over who should be handling the cleanup. good morning, washington. its is may 24, i am alison starling. >> i am doug mcelway.
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not to adam caskey. >> there are few sprinkles. we have a few isolated sprinkles especially in northern fauquier county. nothing to wash out your morning. still ok for biking to work. the pavement is dry. you might hit some drizzle, but that would be it. it looks a lot like the past couple mornings, but not as wet. it is 63 in huntingtown. a few peaks of sunshine this afternoon. today will be just like yesterday. you cannot rule out a brief passing shower by the afternoon. sunshine will be limited. 73 degrees expected. warming up later this week. we have a lot of heavy traffic getting from college park through silver spring. two accidents between connecticut avenue and 355 there is this one where the right lanes are blocked. close to rockville, the left lane is blocked.
6:32 am
the vre fredericksburg train, significant delays of 15 or 20 minutes. plans for extra time. back to mike at the chain bridge. >> good morning. crews were supposed to wrap up on the chain bridge this weekend's opening of all three lanes of traffic, but that has not happened. it's not raining, but they got a lot of rain this weekend. even this morning we've seen some showers off moving through this area. vdot was unable to complete their work on the chain bridge because of the weather. they removed concrete barriers, but they could not do the pavement markings. crews have placed a temporary barriers on the bridge. if traffic will be moving in one lane in each direction. until the weather improves, vdot will not able to do the s triping. they hope to finish this part of
6:33 am
the work by mid-week. the entire process should wrap up by august. you are encouraged to use alternative routes in the meantime. our top story this morning, the crisis along the gulf coast. there's a trace of brewing between bp and the federal government over the ongoing cleanup efforts. if this comes after louisiana's governor bobby jindal is criticizing the bp and the government for their response. courtney robinson is looking at how they are taking matters into their own hands. >> louisiana state leaders are asking to dredge sand from the sea floor and built 80 miles of levees to reinforce barrier islands in hopes of slowing the spread of oil into the marshlands. frustration and anger are mounting towards bp and the federal government. as crews worked to clean up oil washing ashore, dozens of miles of louisiana coast are coated with an oil sheen.
6:34 am
wildlife and beaches threatens. beaches already closed. >> i don't feel they are doing everything they can. >> many are frustrated with bp and its efforts to try to stop the oil spill. if their latest move was a straw inserted into the well to siphon off the oil, but it's now or moving on a half it was days ago. >> we are united in wanting the same results. we want to stop polluting the ocean and if we want to kill this oilwell. >> 6 million gallons polluting the waters of the gulf. more of that expected to come ashore. the government is selling bp they will take over if attempts to stop the oil leak keeps failing. as part of a new approach, midweek bp plans to use of risky top kill method, shooting jum k into the oilwell to stop it. if now some stories making news today.
6:35 am
congress will look into last month's deadly mine explosion in west virginia. the house committee will hold a hearing in west virginia in beckley near the upper big branch mine where 29 miners were killed in the april 5 explosion. the west virginia governor and relatives of the victims are scheduled to testify. the a conspiracy trial in the robert wone murder case enters its second week today. this week prosecutors play portions of video tape statements the defendants made. the defense attorneys sought to suppress that. when a police officer arrived, dylan ward started to explain what happened, but joseph price gave dylan ward an intense look and then dylan ward became quiet. opposed casino in anne arundel county, lawyers are battling over whether to put it next to a mall. the company wanting to build
6:36 am
casinos as a petition drive has fake signatures and should be thrown out. at the university of virginia it was an emotional commencement ceremony following the murder of a student. the graduating seniors observed a moment of silence yesterday if in memory of yeardley love. she was murdered may 3 for allegedly by fellow classmate vanek or friend george huguely. she was awarded a' missed bachelor's degree. a cousin accepted to the diploma. of following a developing story from asia. secretary clinton is urging china to work with the u.s. to coordinate a response to the sinking of the south korean warship. north korea is being blamed for the incident that killed 46. the white house says president obama's supports south korea oppose the president and his response to the attack. still ahead, get lost. we will look back at the six- year journey that ended with a big 2.5 our finale.
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smart. so smart. >> we are at friendships se academy, all of the tigers.
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[roaring] good morning, washington. >> the tigers roaring. >> they are. >> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> is it going to be different from the weekend on this monday? >> a little different. not as rainy as the weekend. in rosslyn some folks are biking to work. don't worry about the morning clouds. we just have a few pockets of drizzle. the pavement is dry. it's not going to be a wet day. if we have accused by the showers or sprinkles in chantilly. north of warrenton and north of front royal. moving east to west. kind of backwards. low to mid 60's right now. 66 at dulles airport. low to mid 70's this afternoon
6:41 am
with a brief isolated showers later today. if warming up by wednesday and thursday. abreu 80's by then. a lot of sunshine and maybe some afternoon storms for the end of the week. >> the beltway at montgomery county has heavy traffic getting from college park 3 zobrist kring and bethesda. the accidents are two, after conn and close to the 270 interchange. the left lane is what close to 355 and 270. hyattstown is back on the brakes again try to get from montgomery village into rockville. there are delays on the vre fredericksburg train 300, 45 minutes late. 302 is for the minutes late. 304 is late. 870 on the marc system is
6:42 am
running late as well. former president clinton was involved in a fender bender on the weekend. he was writing in the secret service and when it was hit while it was merging onto the highway. he was on his way to deliver a speech at yale university. he did deliver the speech as scheduled. 6:42, 64 degrees outside. mike allen has an exclusive inside look at the white house. rianne carter live in northwest. some unsuspecting diners may have paid for more than
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, want to learn how to save $500 an hour? one local family learns how to cut the fat out of their budget and you'll see how you can as well. surprising savings you can find if you just know how. join us at 5:00. welcome back. drivers will have one lane in each direction at the kaine bridge. crews were unable to finish their work because of all the rain this past weekend. officials are hoping to have the work completed by mid week. anger growing in louisiana as oil is reaching critical marshlands in the gulf. it has soaked wildlife and it's affecting breeding grounds. louisiana's governor wants to build sand barriers to stop it from causing any further damage. the duchess of york is embroiled in scandal. sarah ferguson was caught on
6:46 am
tape offering a tabloid reporter posing as a businessman access to her ex-husband prince andrew in exchange for money. her spokesperson said the duchess is devastated and regrets the embarrassment. "lost" ended its six-year run last night. the finally wrapped up some loose ends while maintaining some of the mystery. if you missed the final episode, what is it any time. go to a skimming scheme at a local restaurant could have people taking a close look at their next bank statement. three similar issues like that in the past several months. how can you keep your money states? brianne carter has more on the story. >> good morning. this case allegedly happened at the cheesecake factory in northwest. an employee used a device to get the credit card numbers.
6:47 am
unsuspecting diners may have paid for more than their food. according to court documents, while working at this restaurant in northwest, of nicole ward skimmed credit card numbers from 10 customers. then sold the number as part of a fraud ring. she was working with two other individuals who maintained every credit-card number captured. orakzai don't know how they would do that. >> it is pretty scary. anybody can use it and it can be disbursed quickly. >> this was a month after scanning device was found on a wachovia test machine in rockville. they steal your debit card numbers. a similar case was reported in alexandria in march. another case was reported in march of 2009 as local -- at some local popular eateries.
6:48 am
the obama administration is losing patience with the bp cleanup along the gulf coast. >> mike allen has an exclusive look at it. exclusive information. >> the white house will go on the offensive against bp. they will say that they are busy trying to protect the citizens. the white house knows they will be under more scrutiny. diane sawyer is doing will news from down there. there will be more and more news as the oil comes ashore. that allen will be with robert gibbs today in the white house briefing to give reporters information on what the administration is doing and why the federal government cannot take over. -- thatd allen will be with
6:49 am
robert gibbs. >> they're trying to take as a twisted into their own hands in louisiana. thank you. >> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> adam caskey is standing by to tell us when the rain will end. >> just a few sprinkles outside right now. not much rainfall. from ruston down to chantilly, all the way down to 50 approaching dulles airport, there's an onshore flow with light sprinkles. this will not change until wednesday. today will be a lot like yesterday with the moist onshore flow from the atlantic. alexandria is 66, 62 in frederick. 64 degrees in temple hill. it is a mild starts today. highs in the low to mid 70's. temperatures not moving much.
6:50 am
let's get a wider view. i mentioned the moist onshore flow. clouds are moving from the east to the west. that is helping to cause those low clubs that we have early this morning. circulation to our south because in that flow from the east to the west. -- low clouds that we have. today, morning clouds and drizzle. may be an isolated sprinkle. even this afternoon we cannot allow an isolated shower. high temperatures in the low to mid 70's. i expect some afternoon sunshine, like yesterday. a few breaks in the cloud cover from time to time. morning clouds tomorrow, partial afternoon sunshine. highs near 80 degrees. continuing to warm up on wednesday and thursday, up 80's with sunshine.
6:51 am
this whether pattern, a hot air will come from canada. that's a backwards weather pattern for the middle of the workweek. we will cooldown with a cold front by the weekend with high temperatures in the low to mid 70's next week. wednesday and thursday with warmer temperatures, isolated thunderstorms possible. more on the forecast coming up later. the beltway at montgomery county, big delays from college park to a zobrist ring. the accident that was west of connecticut avenue is out of the way. there's another crash at the interchange at 355 blocking the left side. let's look at new hampshire ave. jammed solid coming out of college park. theirs was a crash reported at meadowbrook road in germantown near the great seneca highway. traffic is going toward 270 of
6:52 am
the bottom of the screen. on the rails there are big delays on the vre fredericksburg line, 15-45 minutes late. we will be back with more right after this. we will be back with more right after this.
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>> it could be the end of an era for a naval academy tradition. today members of the freshman class will climb to the top of the monument and replace a pact with the midshipmen at. the academy superintendent recently said this year's climb could be the last. he says safety is a concern and that sea trials are a better way for them to develop teamwork. we will see what happens. >> in short the old folks will pay to see that tradition go by the wayside. a last look at traffic and weather together. >> know the town is jammed solid getting from college park to zobrist bring. a number of accidents have been moved off to the shoulder. we got a report of an accident on a total amount at hunter road blocking one lane. let's look at rainfall
6:56 am
totals. chantilly had over four inches of rain. >> i got four inches in my basement. >> in ashburn as well. in frederick, over 3 inches. temperatures are in the mid 60's right now. highs today will be in the low to mid 70's. a few peaks of sunshine this afternoon with isolated sprinkles. if improvement by mid-week. the upper 80's to near 90 wednesday and thursday with a few thunderstorms. the warm air is not coming from the south like it normally does. it is coming from canada. it is going to head into new england and push south into our area. it's kind of exciting for meteorologists. i don't think i have seen that weather pattern. >> or refresh in week? >> air coming from the north. >> you have me confused. >> not a bad looking week.
6:57 am
>> you have me confused. >> not a bad looking week. >>
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