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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 24, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us. we begin with breaking news out of stafford county where a police hunt put at least six schools on lockdown this morning. if mike is live with the latest at north stafford high school where the lockdown, we understand, has just been lifted. >> a suspect is in custody. the situation seems to be winding down. we see several sheriff's deputies leaving the scene, wrapping up the investigation at least on campus. this school, as well as park
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ridge elementary, were locked down, the last two schools to have the lockdown lifted. it is because at 8:38 this morning the sheriff's office received a report about a suspicious man with a gun in the library parking lot near the elementary school. shortly after that every source officer, who happens to the sheriff's deputy, spotted a man behind a high school and would he questioned the deputy said the man became irate and then assaulted him, leaving minor injuries. the suspect then reportedly ran into the woods behind high school and at 9:50 a.m. this morning, canine units found the man. officials this morning said they believe this is the same person, the suspect they were looking for, the same person reported in the call at 8:38 this morning with a gun but official to acknowledge at this point they did not find a gun -- did not find a gun on his person and although there were searching the woods they were not able at this point to find a gun in the woods.
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we don't know if he is a student at the school or a local resident. we do know he is in custody and at the very least he will likely be charged with assaulting a law-enforcement officer. live from stafford county, abc 7 news. >> keep us posted. meanwhile, police in fairfax county are stepping up their search for two accused killers. this morning officers were out in force along compton wrote in centreville near the scene of a brutal murder that happen one week ago. gail? >> they took the investigation from here to that location on compton road where at 10:43 a.m. last monday morning, jose -- was gunned down by two men who apparently were trying to commit a home invasion at a centreville home. the family was home at the time and date credited jose of rose dollars for saving their lives. -- jose rose dollars for sitting
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their lives. police have been stopping cars on company road hoping people traveling this morning were traveling at half last monday to give them any clues, any information, about exactly what happened. they have composite images of the suspect. you can see they want people to take a very close look at this. police say, this is critical, and the search for these suspects is certainly not just limited to centreville. >> typically when you do an investigation you start and a new branch out. it can be anywhere now. so, we do hope anyone with information about this truck will give the police a call. >> the truck looks like this one. an older model white toyota pickup truck with almost blacked out windows on the passenger and driver's side. it was also somewhat beat up and had a short bed. investigators say it is something pretty distinctive, that, along with the composite
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pictures of the suspects, they hope they will get information that will lead them to an arrest in this case. reporting live from fairfax virginia, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. it burglary at lake ridge middle school compromised personal affirmation of thousands of students. it is from drive containing the personal and formation of students was stolen -- a somewhat dry containing personal information of students including names of parents, gardlin, phone number is, even student bus numbers and walker status. a meeting will be held tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the middle school to give parents more details. a shooting shut down part of the baltimore washington parkway for some time. the shots were fired southbound lanes at 198. police found one person with a gunshot wound. that person, though, has non- life threatening injuries. the road was reopened just before 5:00 this morning and know of arrests were made.
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in pedestrian is in critical condition after being struck by a car in hyattsville last night. it happened at 10:00 p.m. on university boulevard. investigators said the pedestrian stepped in front of the car. the car tried to stop but could not in time. police say the incident is under investigation this weekend's rain made for traffic troubles today. the d.c. department of transportation is continuing alain re-striping on chain bridge and traffic is limited to one lane each direction. tempore rebels will be placed on the bridge until the weather improves and the work can be completed finally. the weather is also blamed for putting a tree down on a car in the district. it happened in northwest d.c. police had to remove the trade and clear the road, however, no one was hurt. a little bit more drizzle and gray skies. adam caskey has a look at the first forecast on monday.
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well the rain be sticking around? i see a little sunshine. >> the clouds thin periodically but i think we are all sick of the great in the skies. we woke up this morning to a few sprinkles but not as much in terms of showers today. is going to be another day or so before we break the weather pattern. taking a live look from abc 7 weather center -- now let us look at the weather but not work and look at the time lapse from chesapeake beach, looking eastward. you see something of the cloud periodically, little glimpses of sunshine from time to time. a few peaks of sun here and there throughout the afternoon but definitely not bright baby blue skies. highs in the low to mid 70's and you can't rule out isolated showers. big changes thursday. memo we will see you then. thank you so much. 7 is on your side with news of a skimming scheme.
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some patrons of the northwest washington cheesecake factory restaurant fell victim. documents show employees nicole ward allegedly skimmed credit- card numbers as part of this fraud wing. ward was working with two other individuals. the numbers were sold to others who used them to purchase gives carte and merchandise. >> it is pretty scary because anybody can use it and it can be disbursed quickly. >> court documents show more than $100,000 of stolen credit activity. this comes a month after police said a scanning device was found on a rock bill bucco be a cash machine. a similar case also reported in alexandria back in march. police in annapolis stepping up patrols. officers have increased their presence from bus stops and sidewalks near dates middle school where two middle school girls say a suspicious man approached the van and tried to lure them into his car. these were two separate incidents. the children escaped unharmed
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and police are now searching but the suspects. leaders and louisiana are mounting their own efforts now to try to stop the spread of all oil along the shoreline. it comes as a face-off is brewing between oil giant bp and the federal government. courtney robinson reports, it is day 35 cents the oil started spreading. >> you can see -- >> the oil made its way into the louisiana marshes. >> like peanut butter. >> a thick layer of toxic crude, fishermen and state leaders are saying is destroying the coast, hitting critical breeding grounds and hitting wild life. >> the idea is on our own we will move forward, even absent approval for that -- we will move forward. >> the governor said the state will dredge sand to build barriers that do hope to slow the spread. also blasting bp and the federal government for not doing enough to stop this bill that has millions of dollars -- millions
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of gallons of oil in the water despite cleanup efforts along the coast more than a month after the leak began. the federal government said it could soon take over. and if they are not doing what they are supposed to, we will puts them out of the way. >> by mid week bp plans a different, riskier attempt using cement and mud. still, after many trials and failures, louisiana residents say it might be too little, too late. >> they should be doing everything they can and i don't feel they are. >> homeland security secretary jan at the polish heritage -- napolitano and interior secretary salazar will lead a delegation to check on bp's progress. a moment on -- of silence was held at the university of virginia commencement ceremonies and a slain woman's lacrosse player was given a posthumous degree. >> awarding pots -- 's must degree of bachelor of arts --
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posthumus agreed. >> she was awarded a bachelor's degree in politics and governor -- government. her cousin accepted the diploma >> we -- >> we are remembering all of the class made to pass this year and definitely it was good to have a moment of silence to remember them. >> she was found beaten to death in her charlottesville apartment early this month and her ex- boyfriend has been charged with first-degree murder. uva officials want a better system to find out whether students are bused off campus. of it whenever told of his 2008 arrest on public intoxication and resisting arrest. the arresting officer's report say that he threatened to kill her. coming up -- >> somebody beat us both to the punch.
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>> it was the ending we have all been waiting for. was it the one fans were hoping for? big reaction to the "lost" finale. plus, lawmakers asked for answers after the deadliest mining disaster in decades. will change is becoming? a terrifying ride in russia -- a bridge starts pitching and rolling and causes -- and a drizzle still coming down a little bit out there.
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>> a special congressional hearing is going on in west virginia on the upper big branch mine disaster. labor secretary promised
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accountability and a thorough investigation into that april 5 explosion. relatives of the 29 who died in that april 5 explosion will also speak. the secretary defended the investigation by the mine safety and health administration and said the process will allow for unprecedented public -- participation secretary of state held riklis as the u.s. support to action taken by south korea against the north. >> we are working hard to avoid an escalation. the ledger rent and provocation -- this is a highly precarious situation that the north koreans have caused in other regions. >> today the south suspended trade with north korea appeared last week it accused the north of torpedoing and sinking one of the ship and dr. prius said that
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was -- accusation was tantamount to a declaration of war. secretary clinton will visit south korea coming up wednesday. residents in south dakota are checking the damage after a series of tornadoes ripped across the state. in one. a twister knocked down power lines and destroyed homes and farm buildings. officials say multiple tornadoes touched down saturday night in the north-central part of that state. some scary sights and sounds out of russia. this bridge was shut down after -- look at that -- it started swaying dangerously. cars were not actually travelling across it when the movement started. it is still not clear what is making the bridge roll and pitch. can you imagine? >> i am surprised it has not snapped.
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it is scary sitting on the key bridge in high traffic and you stop because of a light and you feel it coming up and down. i know it is good and for the bridge because it needs to blacks. >> but it is a little unnerving. let us talk about the weather said to listen. we have a week ahead of us that looks a lot like summer. >> right now, anything from that but it will look a lot more like summer. right now it looks great and dreary. here is the time lapse from about sunrise to the current time. you can see a lot of cloud cover. it does been periodically and there are a few holes in the clouds. otherwise, locally, we are gray. look at rainfall accumulation -- chantilly, over 4 inches. a few readings and ashburn around 3 1/2 inches.
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frederick, 3 inches of rain, almost three and a 10th of an inch. about 70 across the board. let us go to the graph. notice buffalo from the east to the west. we still have the onshore flow from the ocean, so clouds are moving from the east than going west. we see a few holes but not too many. but it will be a generally cloudy day. an interesting situation going on. minneapolis, 82, reagan national, only 69. chicago, 84, memphis, 87. right now with the heat pump over the nation, the midsection, right of the mississippi river. the hot air will mark up and over into eastern canada and then by wednesday, into thursday, that warm air will push southward on to our region so it is actually going to be a role reversal, sort of a
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backward weather pattern will get into wednesday and thursday. our hot air will actually come from the north, rather than the south. partial sunshine by tomorrow afternoon, near 80 degrees. then well into the '80s, the upper 80's by wednesday and thursday with the northerly wind -- kind of odd to say -- increasing heat and humidity. but a unique situation. >> ok, sounds good. you liked "lost cause " but you did not see the finale. are you going to? we will talk about. six years in the making. millions finally learned the fate of the castaways. did the end of all looked up to the hype? we will see how fans are reacting today. >> as long as you are watching, why don't you join us? >> after six years and 120 episodes, suspense and surprise finally came to an and for fans
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of the hit show "lost." >> i lost a lot. >> john wyck made sure to tune in. he said the close of the two and a half hour from now, he still wanted more from the characters. >> for me it was a bit of a letdown in that capacity. >> while some were pleased but and and celebration of six years. >> the story line #twists and turns left some winning more. >> who is a reality is the ultimate reality? how did everyone did in the time line? >> katie says she is going to have to watch it at least two more times before she can make a ruling. >> it made sense. i have not decided whether i'm in love with it or not. >> abc 7 is. >> have to watch it two more times. a big investment. coming up, have you heard about this? the duchess of york caught up in a tabloid scandal. we will tell you how the palace
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>> five months after the death of actors brittany murphy, her husband has been found dead. screen writer simon monjack was found dead in the home he shared with murphy. the preliminary cause of death appears to be natural. britney murphy died of pneumonia complicated by an iron deficiency, anemia, and multiple drug intoxication barrett
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that is of your sarah ferguson no stranger to tabloid headlines, but this time she may only have ourselves to blame after she was caught on camera in a sting. the duchess is caught on tape accepting cash from a reporter posing as a businessman who was willing to pay for access to her former husband prince andrew. >> fergie has since progressed to a deep regret, saying she committed a serious lapse of judgment. last night the palace took the highly unusual step of issuing a statement on behalf of prince andrew categorically denying any knowledge of fergie's actions. if you are traveling this summer get ready to pay up. airlines are increasing what you will pay for nearly every flight by dropping a surcharge for
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flying on peak travel days. ranging contend dollars to $30. the average round-trip fare right now is 10% higher than last summer. on the main airlines, the only day without a surcharge of this summer will be july 4.
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>> we will show one local family
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how to cut the fat out of the budget and how you can, too. surprising saving to be just know how. one hour, $500. join us at 5:00. >> 1 google rise takes parking your car to a whole new level. -- one new go rise. automated parking system. the driver parks his car on a palette and four lasers on a car make sure it is parked correctly and the driver leaves and the system takes the car automatically to the nearest and the space. on the way down, the car is turned around and back into the spot. there are only three garages like this in the world. that is a lot better than driving in circles looking for a spot, isn't it? >> i wonder what the condo fees are there. >> there you go. >> some changes later this week. wednesday, thursday. mid to upper 80's at that point
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